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My Canadian Pharmacy Reviews: A 2,3-Star Rating Is a Sign of Unreliability

Self-Introduction of My-CanadianPharmacy.com

logoMy-CanadianPharmacy.com is an online pharmacy located in Canada in 1999. Being on the pharmaceutical market for almost 20 years, this online pharmacy is able to provide people with high-quality medications, worked out delivery system and overall outstanding service. The main goal of this service is to ensure access to medications for all people. My-CanadianPharmacy.com has certificates from CIPA, PharmacyChecker and American Pharmacy Association but we are going to check this eCommerce website for all aspects which may become a hindrance for people who desire to arrange an order of medications online.

Diversity of Assortment on My-CanadianPharmacy.com

When looking at this online pharmacy, you will see a “rainbow” of drug categories available. It becomes possible to find medication in almost 21 drug categories. They are: men’s health; pain relief; antibiotics; women’s health; antidepressants; mental health/epilepsy; anxiety/sleep aid; blood pressure/heart; cholesterol; anti-allergic/asthma; weight loss; skin care; eye care; stomach; antidiabetic; antiviral; cancer; stop smoking; general health; vitamins/herbal supplements; pets.

Each category contains a raw number of drugs devoted to eliminating any kind of symptoms of this or that disorder. Each category looks in the following way:

drug categoriesThe most popular drugs or best-sellers are:

  • Viagra;
  • Cialis;
  • Cialis + Viagra Powerpack;
  • Viagra Super Active+;
  • Levitra;
  • Pink Female Viagra;
  • Viagra Super Force;
  • Viagra Professional;
  • Cialis Super Active+;
  • Cialis Professional;
  • Viagra Soft Tabs;
  • Cialis Soft Tabs.

We cannot even count how much items there are in My-Canadianpharmacy.com but we are sure many people will find the medication able to deprive you of any symptoms. As you can see, the most popular drug category is men’s health. This group is comprised of medications oriented to treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. As to compare and estimate the diversity of assortment to this online service, we may fairly give 5 points. Great job!

Price Policy on My-Canadianpharmacy.com

Price is the most attractive aspect when going shopping online. As a result, as lower, the price is, the most attracted the customer is as well. This online pharmacy price for one Viagra pill is $0.77 but in case if you are going to buy 360 pills of Viagra 50 mg. This online pharmacy seems to be a wholesale supplier. It means the more you buy the more you save.

viagra price

As to speak about Cialis price, you will see that it becomes possible to pay $ 1.43 for Cialis pill in dosage 2,5 mg in a package with 80 pills. As you can guess, the price is leveled up if you decrease the number of pills or increase the dosage. People may be attracted by a possibility to save money but we cannot believe that someone has a desire to buy 80 pills of Cialis especially for the first time.

cialis price

In general, the prices on My-Canadianpharmacy.com are not overvalued. Moreover, there is an opportunity to get a 10-% discount off for any medication you have a demand in.

10 off

As a result, we are happy to give 4 points for this unit. One point is held back because not all people are ready to buy such a great number of pills. It is necessary to provide an opportunity to buy less number of pills for a low price as well.

Shipping Options

At the moment, My-Canadianpharmacy.com offers two main shipping options:

  • Regular Airmail delivery (10 – 21 days) for $15.00;
  • Express Courier delivery via USPS (8 – 14 days) – for $25.00.

As you can see, the first shipping option takes much more time but its fee is lesser. But the second type of delivery option is available only for people living in the United States. But Regular Airmail is able to deliver drugs almost to any country of the world. It implies the international delivery is offered.

There is an additional option which makes it possible to get free delivery. If your total is over or equal to $ 200.00 – Free Regular Airmail delivery is guaranteed. If – over $ 300.00 – Express Courier System will deliver a parcel to you.

delivery options

Moreover, this online pharmacy offers free delivery insurance. If you order for over $ 200.00, delivery insurance will be free, if less – you have to pay $ 4.95 for getting this option.

Delivery options in this online store seem to be convenient. Unfortunately, they have no free options without any requirements but the chance to get a free delivery is possible. Our mark for this unit is 4 points.

Payment Options

At the moment, My-Canadianpharmacy.com online store offers to pay for a loan by means of:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • eChecks;
  • Bitcoin.

payment options

On FAQ’s page, we have found one more payment option – American Express. But this icon is absent at the checkout stage when choosing the payment option. We may suppose that FAQ page was not updated for a long period of time.

Bitcoin is one more chance to save cash – 10-% if you pay for an order by means of Bitcoin.

This service online is multilingual relating to currency change. You are able to choose the following currencies:


Everything is done for customers’ convenience. It is possible to search suitable for you payment option. Our mark for this unit is 4 points.

My-CanadianPharmacy.com Technical Characteristics

Website Loading According to Google Page Speed

Google Page Speed service is an advantage to gain access to website loading percentage. It is a possibility to improve your rating by eliminating any defects. Google Page Speed service gives data relating to desktop and mobile versions.

google page speed data

As you can see, both indicators are poor and need to work. It means that there are some disorders which should be optimized to provide customers with 100-% performance. Mobile version gains only 63-% out of 100. It means that mobile version may not satisfy customers’ needs because there may appear hindrances which prevent from making an order online.

As about desktop version, the business is a little bit better – 66-%. In general, desktop version performance is optimized on the level to realize customers’ plans. Our mark for this unit technical unit is 1,5.

Mobile Version of My-CanadianPharmacy.com

Unfortunately, there is no mobile version of My-CanadianPharmacy.com. It means that customers need to utilize desktop version only to arrange an order online. It is no surprise in such a way, that Google page speed data is so low. It is better to optimize mobile version to gain more customers who prefer to make orders online by means of mobile devices. The mark for this unit is 1 point.

mobile version

Is Connection Secure?

Regretfully, the connection is absolutely insecure on My-CanadianPharmacy.com. There is a high level of danger that something wrong may happen with customers’ personal data. When arranging orders online, banking information is presented. Various hackers may gain access to the personal data which may cause various ramifications. Any eCommerce resource should provide high trust security for any customer. It means that My-CanadianPharmacy.com may involve you in severe troubles. Be attentive commanding the service of this online pharmacy. One point is deserved.

secure connection

Antivirus Presence

Unfortunately, there is no antivirus on the website. There is a danger to “catch” viruses and other online threats. It is better to avoid such eCommerce websites which cannot provide any security for customers.

Convenience of Making Orders via My-CanadianPharmacy.com

My-CanadianPharmacy.com deprives customers of the necessity to undergo registration. As a result, people may arrange an order as fast as possible. Such a hassle-free procedure reduces time spent on ordering. To find a medication you need, you may make use of:

  • Search field;
  • Most Popular Product list;
  • Product Categories;
  • All Products list;
  • Alphabetical Product list.

When pressing the order now button, you will see medication you chose at different dosages and price for it.

order now

When finding what you really need, you will be transferred to the checkout page where all the order details are given. Examining all the details you should press “Submit” button. Immediately after pressing it, in case if your credit card is accepted, you will get a confirmation e-mail. The second e-mail will be sent to you immediately after the parcel is dispatched from online pharmacy office.

shopping cart

The checkout page is comprised of information you should fill in about payment options and shipping details. In general, ordering procedure is easy and there is nothing to arrest customers from getting the required medication for treatment. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

Is My-CanadianPharmacy.com Legit and Secure?

ScamAdviser.com about My-CanadianPharmacy.com Legitimacy

My-CanadianPharmacy.com deserves 71-% of security, but this website has been threat listed. Probable website origin is France but real website location is hidden. Moreover, the owner of the website is using a service to hide its identity. As a result, we understand that this site administration uses an anonymous service which prevents from determining more detailed information about probable and real website location.

Hidden information is a sign of some suspicious business. There are cases when an online website uses anonymous services with the aim to avoid blackmailing but what is more obvious – it is an attempt to hide an illegal business.

Domain age is 3 years 34 days but this online resource popularity is unknown. It is better to get to know this website carefully if you do not want to command this service. There may appear problems which cause financial expenses.


Our mark for this unit is 2 points. Though the rating is high enough, but there is too much hidden information which should be taken in mind.

Prescription Request

It turns out My-CanadianPharmacy.com is an online pharmacy asking no prescription. But they sell drugs which are sold only with doctor’s prescription. It means that people may get medications of poor quality or banned drugs for sale worldwide or in their country. My-CanadianPharmacy.com explains this fact as an opportunity to reduce time and efforts spent. But remember: “Absence of prescription request may be a sign of illegal business.” In any case, you have to consult a doctor. Our mark for this unit is 1 point. It is prohibited to sell drugs without prescription which are intended for it.

LegitScript.com about My-CanadianPharmacy.com

Rough online pharmacy is suspected of carrying out illegal business, it doesn’t matter online or not. Reviewed My-CanadianPharmacy.com has the same status – “Rough“. This pharmacy doesn’t meet requirements put forward by Legitscript.com administration. It is better to avoid cooperation with this online pharmacy website because you may gain unpleasant experience. My-CanadianPharmacy.com deserves only 1 point. Try to improve your status to gain mark leveled up.


Standards Certificates

My-CanadianPharmacy.com claims they have standards certificates of the following organizations:

  • CIPA certifications;
  • American Pharmacists Associations;
  • PharmacyCheker.com.

standards certificates

But we cannot confirm their authenticity because through it is clickable but it transfers us on the same website front-page. They take efforts to attract people attention by these icons but in general, they deceive them. This online pharmacy has no standards certificates that’s why our mark is 1 point.

Reviews about My-CanadianPharmacy.com

Reviews on My-CanadianPharmacy.com

There are reviews on My-CanadianPharmacy.com but they explain how this or that preparation helps them in disorder overcoming. There is no word about online pharmacy performance at all. All the reviews are deprived of date as a result, we cannot estimate when they were left by customers. Unfortunately, there is no separate page with reviews about My-CanadianPharmacy.com. We were not able to find by what way these reviews appear on the website, there is no contact form or feedback form. All the reviews seem to be fake and written by website staff. Our mark for such inaccurate work is 1 point.


Reviews on the Foreign Resources about My-CanadianPharmacy.com

Having surfed the Internet we have failed in finding any review left about My-CanadianPharmacy.com performance. Regretfully, it seems people make no orders via this website which causes absence of reviews. In general, in our modern time, it seems strange that there is no word about company existing from 1999 which carries out its business via the Internet. We cannot give anything more than 1 point for this unit.

Discount Code on My-CanadianPharmacy.com

We do not find a discount coupon or its code, but front-page of the website contains information that every customer will get a chance of a 10-% discount. The price is presented with the account of this discount. Moreover, if you pay for an order with Bitcoin, you are able to get more 10-% to any order. There are also special offers such as an opportunity to get free delivery or free pills samples. We are satisfied by this unit that’s why our mark for it is 5.

10 off

Customer Support Service

“Contact Us” Page

“Contact Us” page is comprised of addresses of:

  • main officemain office
  • ICS International Certified Stocksinternational certified stock
  • international ordersinternational orders

Unfortunately, there is no phone number by means of which any customer may contact support group as fast as possible. Such an absence gives us a right to level down a mark to 3 points.

Customer Support Service

Customer Support Service helps people find answers to all bothering questions by means of the contact form. “Contact us” page is supplied with a link to contact form which may be used by all My-canadianpharmacy.com customers. But unfortunately, we failed in getting the response from this customer support service. You may try one more time but we will estimate this point as totally inadmissible. Our mark is 1 point.

contact form

Conclusion: A 2,3-Star Rating Is a Sign of Unreliability

My-CanadianPharmacy.com is an online pharmacy selling medications without prescription with the international delivery.

In general, the strongest points are:

  • assortment;
  • shipping options;
  • payment options;
  • prices.

The weakest points are:

  • technical data: antivirus, mobile version, speed loading;
  • reviews: on the website as well as on foreign resources;
  • customer support service.

My-CanadianPharmacy.com offers customers an opportunity to get a 10-% discount off. Moreover, the way you pay for an order may also influence whether you save money or not. If you use Bitcoin, you may get 10-% as well.

As to speak about legitimacy, we may also refer it to the weak point. Though ScamAdviser.com gives 71-% of security rating, this website looks threat with a list of hidden information. Legitscript.com gives as well “Rough” status to My-CanadianPharmacy.com. If you decide to command its service, it is better to gain in-depth information about this pharmacy store and its level of trustability.