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My Canadian Pharmacy Rx Reviews: A Risky Website With No External Reviews

What is My Canadian Pharmacy Rx?

my canadian pharmacy

My Canadian Pharmacy Rx is on online drugstore which prides itself on providing customers with legit, affordable and quality drugs. The pharmacy claims to be a first-class online service where people can learn, buy, compare and save money. They promise to offer the best deals and large discounts for customers. The website’s main page contains a detailed description of the pharmacy’s goals, but there is no information about My Canadian Pharmacy Rx location and history, which seems strange.

What Can You Buy in My Canadian Pharmacy Rx?

The store guarantees to sell only FDA approved drugs that have been tested and undergone all quality control tests. According to the website, you may feel safe when buying drugs from this store.

I noticed that most of the medications available on this website are generic analogs of the well-known branded drugs, but the pharmacy also offers some brand-name drugs.

This online pharmacy specializes in medications for men and women’s health. It sells all basic brand-name drugs like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and also have a wide range of different generic options like Viagra Super Active+. In general. Mycanadianpharmacyrx offers a lot of generic variants for ED drugs, so you can choose the one that suits your needs perfectly. The main page contains the full list of ED medications: Viagra, Cialis, Viagra Super Active+, Levitra, Viagra Super Force, Viagra Professional, Cialis Super Active+, Cialis Professional, Viagra Soft Tabs and others.

On the main page of the site, you can see some of the bestsellers:


The assortment also includes drugs for pain relief, skin care products, weight loss products, blood pressure drugs, antibiotics, eye care medications and others.

So, the store has a very good selection of drugs for erectile dysfunction. Although all other drug categories include much fewer products, I give 5 stars for this unit since the main specialty of this pharmacy is ED medications.


According to My Canadian Pharmacy Rx, the website works directly with large manufacturers without intermediaries’ services, so all the prices are determined by the producers of medications. The pharmacy only adds a shipping fee. Besides, customers may get lower prices since the store offers a good selection of generic variants instead of original drugs.

I noticed that the most beneficial offer is Generic Viagra 360 pills / 50mg for $278.64, or $0.77 per item. The best offer for Generic Cialis is 80 pills / 2.5mg for $114.48, or $1.43 per item. The cheapest Levitra option is 180 pills / 20mg for $327.24, or $1.82 per item.


As you see, you can save more if you order ED medications in bulk. The above prices are reasonable and acceptable, however, they are not the lowest on the net. For this reason, the store gets 4 stars for this unit.

Shipping policy

According to the website, My Canadian Pharmacy Rx ships internationally to be exact – to most overseas destinations using Standard Airmail Service or Express Mail Service (EMS). The first option costs $15 and the second one costs $25. But bear in mind that US customers are the only ones who may choose the express delivery. Delivery through DHL or FedEx is not available. The pharmacy offers free shipping through standard airmail service for all orders exceeding $150 and through Express Mail Service for all orders exceeding $300.

free delivery

As for delivery terms, the pharmacy promises to deliver medications within 10-21 days if you opt for Standard Airmail Service, and within 8-14 days if you opt for Express Mail Service.

I also found out that My Canadian Pharmacy Rx bears no responsibility for any delivery failure – all complaints should be referred to the delivery service chosen by the client. That’s why customers are encouraged to pay for an additional delivery insurance fee which makes $4.95.


This allows them to ensure that their orders will be reshipped if there are any problems during delivery. For all orders exceeding $200,00, customers get a free delivery insurance. This is a disappointing information since all online pharmacies reship all failed orders for free. Considering all the facts above, I give 3 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Payment Options

On MyCanadianPharmacyRx.com, customers can pay for goods using VISA, American Express, E-Check, MasterCard, and Bitcoin:


I appreciate that the store has 5 payment options, but I’d love to see more payment options available, such as QIWI, Western Union, WebMoney or bank transfer. That’s why My Canadian Pharmacy Rx gets 3 stars for this unit.

Technical Characteristics of the Website

Website’s Loading Speed

Website’s loading speed is one of the determining factors in the work of the World Wide Web resource. Any website is created for users, so posts and information in it should be accessible. Many visitors simply do not have enough patience to wait if the page is loading too slowly. The user will create a personal opinion about the website within the first few seconds. Your task of the website’s owner is to justify his expectations. Of course, website’s loading speed is far from being the only parameter for successful performance, but extremely important.

Mobile version’s loading speed is also becoming very important. Using the mobile version of the site, users expect the same speed they are accustomed to on desktop devices.

To check mycanadianpharmacyrx.com loading speed, I used PageSpeed Insights – a simple and convenient service from Google, which allows you to analyze the loading speed for both desktop and mobile devices. You can see the results below:

loading speed

Both Speed and Optimization indicators proved to be very good. I conclude that MyCanadianPharmacyRx.com does not have any loading problems that may worsen the website’s usability. The website receives 4,7 stars for this unit.

Checking Mobile Version

I think that a mobile version is necessary for all online stores and businesses since the activity among users of smartphones and tablets is growing. People refuse stationary computers in favor of tablets and smartphones. The unwillingness of the website’s owner to create a mobile version leads to loss of customers and reduces the profitability of the business. I know that many popular resources prefer a mobile version since it has a number of advantages: a quick download and convenience for the user.

I analyzed MyCanadianPharmacyRx.com mobile version using Google tool. The online service claims that the website is mobile-friendly:


I noticed that the content is arranged into one column, the text is readable and all the elements are of sufficient size to be clicked with a finger. But I also noticed a serious drawback: the product page requires scrolling, which is inconvenient. For this reason, I give only 3 stars for this unit.

Personal Data Protection

As soon as I entered MyCanadianPharmacyRx.com, I noticed that its main page does not use a secure connection that could have protected personal data of any client.

not secure

This means that the information you share with this site may be accessible to outsiders. In most browsers, when you go to a secure site, you see an icon in the form of a green lock in the address bar. This means the site is having an SSL certificate. Fortunately, it turned out that the product and checkout pages DO have a secure connection verified by GeoTrust Inc.:


I’d recommend My Canadian Pharmacy Rx’s owner to use a special SSL certificate on all of its pages. I recommend such security measures because of the likelihood that users’ data transmitted via mycanadianpharmacyrx.com can be intercepted at any time by hackers or other network members. So far, I give 4 stars for this unit since the website uses a secure protection only on the product and checkout pages.

Checking Antivirus

Regretfully, MyCanadianPharmacyRx.com does not use any antivirus program which makes me doubt the safety of customers’ personal details. I conclude that this is a risky website for sharing your personal data. The website’s owner needs to make MyCanadianPharmacyRx a safer place. So far, its security looks confusing, and I have to give only 1 star for this unit.

Convenience of ordering from this website

I decided to check the convenience of ordering products through MyCanadianPharmacyRx.com.

I noticed that customers do NOT need to create a personal account to buy medications from this website. I think it’s a real advantage since it allows people to save time. I know that other online drugstores may require registration where users need to type in too many personal details.

I also appreciate that all products are classified by the diseases or condition they are intended for. This helps users orient on the website better:


For the convenience of customers, the pharmacy offers to use a search bar available on the main page of the website. This helps you find the needed drug in a few seconds.

In general, ordering process on Big-online-pharmacy.org seems easy and does not require much time. You just need to take the following the simple steps:

  1. Find the necessary medication by using a search bar or drug categories;
  2. Select the dosage and the number of pills;
  3. Add the product to the virtual shopping cart;
  4. Proceed to “Checkout”;
  5. Fill out the fields required;
  6. Click a “Submit” button.

For newcomers, there is a special section “How to order” which described an ordering process in detail. Customers can choose the necessary currency: the website offers 4 options: US dollars, euro, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, English pound, Switzerland francs:


I also like that My Canadian Pharmacy Rx indicates the price per item, the cheapest drug option, free delivery (if available) and the opportunity to get free bonus pills. This helps you save time looking for the most beneficial offer:

price per item

The website also has an FAQ, News and Delivery pages where you can find the most important information.

Obviously, the website’s design has been recently changed since customers have an opportunity to “use an old website’s design” by clicking a corresponding button. I see no need in this because a new version looks much better.

old design

The pharmacy receives 5 stars for this unit since I found many positive aspects: no need to register, an easy search for drugs, an opportunity to choose a currency, a price per unit. This store has done its best to simplify the ordering process.

Is MyCanadianPharmacyRx.com Legit?

Rating on ScamAdviser.com

Before ordering drugs through online pharmacies, I recommend you checking their trust ratings using ScamAdviser. According to this online service, MyCanadianPharmacyRx is risky and can be 69% trusted. Look at the detailed ScamAdviser analysis below:

scam adviser

ScamAdviser revealed some confusing facts about this pharmacy: My Canadian Pharmacy Rx seems to be located in France but owned by Russian Federation (a high-risk country). In any way, it has nothing to do with Canada (as stated by the website’s owner). According to the analysis, this site is rarely visited. ScamAdviser detected that the domain age is only 1,5 years, although the pharmacy claims to have been operating since 2009. I have to give 3 stars for this unit due to the confusing website’s origin and little experience.

I recommend you consider this information carefully and check the legal address of My Canadian Pharmacy Rx before buying drugs online.

Do You Need a Prescription?

Though the pharmacy is named My Canadian Pharmacy Rx, I found no information about prescription requirements on the website. I was not asked to provide a valid prescription from a doctor even when I was ready to submit an order. Obviously, the store does not have a prescription policy, which is frustrating. This store sells serious drugs that can damage health when used incorrectly. Only a doctor should decide on the necessity of their use.
The pharmacy does not offer any online consultations for its customers but promises to arrange online consultations with doctors, when necessary. But I can’t consider it a responsible approach. For this reason, I give only 1 star for this unit.

Checking MyCanadianPharmacyRx.com using LegitScript

LegitScript was also skeptical about MyCanadianPharmacyRx.com legitimacy. The pharmacy was given a “Rogue” status since it failed to meet virtual pharmacy LegitScript verification standards:


I was all information I managed to find about this store. There was no detailed description below, but I think My Canadian Pharmacy Rx was given such a poor status since it does not require prescriptions. A “rogue” status might also testify that the pharmacy violates the laws regulating pharmaceutical activity. Considering this, this store gets only 1 star for this unit.

MyCanadianPharmacyRx.com Reviews

Customer On-Site Reviews

The website has its own testimonial page with comments from customers. I looked through this page and found a huge amount positive customer reviews and just a few negative comments. Most users rated MyCanadianPharmacyRx 4 or 5 stars, so I suspect these testimonials were filtered. Look at some reviews from happy customers below:


According to one customer from 2015, he admires the pharmacy’s good service. He was able to receive the ordered medication and they proved really effective. He was very satisfied this the services and promised to return for more drugs.

Another user rated the store 5 stars for its cheap ED medications. Nothing was said about their effectiveness.

One more customer gave My Canadian Pharmacy Rx 4 stars due to some delivery issues. But, fortunately, the problems were resolved very quickly by the customer support.

A customer from 2016 also rated the pharmacy 4 for its low prices. He didn’t write anything about the quality of the received products.

It seems to me that these testimonials are doubtful because some customers wrote that they have been ordering drugs via My Canadian Pharmacy Rx since 2011, but the ScamAdviser analysis revealed that the domain was only registered in 2015.

Since I found no 100% proof that these reviews were not filtered and written by real clients of the pharmacy, I give 4 stars for this unit.

My Canadian Pharmacy Rx Reviews on Third-Party Websites

I found no My Canadian Pharmacy Rx reviews on third-party websites so I think there’s a certain chance that all those on-site reviews could be composed by the pharmacy’s owner for its marketing needs.

Lack of external testimonials is a bad sign. I hoped to find at least several comments from clients of this pharmacy that would have thrown light on the real performance of the pharmacy. I have to give the company only 1 star for this unit.

My Canadian Pharmacy Rx Coupons

The website offers various bonuses and free gifts to its customers. One of them is listed on the front page of the site. The store offers to purchase an Erection Pack (Viagra 10 pills and Cialis 10 pills) for only $67.46.


In addition, the pharmacy offers 4 free ED pills of the clients’ choice for all orders.

free pills

Besides, orders exceeding $150 are shipped for free via Regular Airmail, and all orders exceeding $300 are sent for free via Express Courier shipping:


We found no My Canadian Pharmacy Rx coupons available anywhere on the net but I’d love to find them because many online pharmacies offer coupon codes that allow saving good money for every order.

Thus, the only customers who can get benefit from My Canadian Pharmacy Rx are those who want to buy ED medications in bulk. Considering this, the store receives only 2 stars for this unit.

Customer Support Service

Contact Information

Regretfully, I found neither legal address nor mailing address of My Canadian Pharmacy Rx, and this disappointed me. For some reason, the pharmacy preferred to remain anonymous. From the domain name, I can suggest that the store is located in Canada, but the ScamAdviser results disproved this suggestion saying that the company is owned by Russian Federation.

I found only My Canadian Pharmacy Rx phone number and email address, which is not enough for a customer who wants to be fully informed about the seller:


Hiding a legal address means that the store hides some information about itself. I give this online pharmacy only 2 stars, as the contact page should be more informative.

Trying to Get a Consultation

My Canadian Pharmacy Rx guarantees customers to provide a 24/7 customer support through phone +1-631-371-3659 and email support@mycanadianpharmacyrx.com. Regretfully, you won’t be able to check your order status online or talk to the manages via live chat and this may significantly worsen your shopping experience. The website offers a feedback form only.

The FAQ section informs customers that the online pharmacy can arrange for a web chat or a phone call from a licensed doctor who will give answers to any questions. However, I did not find any further explanation of how to do this. Probably, I should write or call the pharmacy’s customer support at first, and this is not very convenient.

I used email to send an inquiry asking to specify how I can check my order status. The response did not come within the expected time and I was too tired and could not wait any longer.

Obviously, Mycanadianpharmacyrx.com has problems regarding the quality of its customer support. They should work on it to provide a quick response to all customers’ queries. So far, this store receives 1 star for this unit.


Mycanadianpharmacyrx.com claims to be a Canadian drugstore, but I found no proof confirming its location. I think this company is not the best choice for buying drugs online since it looks like a scam. The pharmacy does not comply with pharmaceutical laws and requirements, sells potent drugs without a prescription, has a rough status on LegitScript. I am not very sure whether My Canadian Pharmacy Rx it legit or fake, so I cannot recommend this store to you. Yes, the online pharmacy has attractive prices and some good deals and yet I would not take the risks of ordering drugs from this website. Another aspect which keeps me from using this pharmacy is lack of customer reviews from any reputable review for the site, I can’t recommend for others to order from Mycanadianpharmacyrx.com. I can just give 2 out of 5 for it, due to its lack of external customer reviews. Although there are many positive testimonials on the pharmacy’s website, I can’t 100% trust them. So I rate this online pharmacy 2,8 stars out of 5 and conclude that ordering from this source is risky.