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Netmeds.com Review: Highly Recommended Website for Indian Customers

Netmeds Introduction


Netmeds.com claims to be an initiative of Dadha & Company, which is one of India’s oldest and largest pharmaceutical companies, having over 100 years of experience in selling high quality prescription drugs, over the counter medication, health care products and medical equipment. This website claims to have been providing pharmaceutical service since 1914. The online pharmacy is rather new. It was created to provide the maximum outreach of FDA approved drugs in the country. They are said to be an easily accessible store selling medicines for health and wellness needs.


According to the information placed on the website, netmeds.com offers a wide range of medicines and other health related products to Indian customers.
Netmeds ensures that all their drugs are supplied from reliable manufacturers. They are proud of its first-class customer support service providing reliable drug information to the customers. They guarantee a successful online shopping experience, ease of navigation and total transactional security. The pharmacy wants its customers be assured of its legitimacy and mentions its license number: 3184/MIII/20, 3188/MIII/21, 5509/MIII/20B, 5389/MIII/21-B.

What Can You Buy Here?

Netmeds.com offers a pretty wide range of prescription and over the counter medication for all health conditions: here you can find drugs from the following categories: Acid Reducers/Acid Reflux Medications, Allergies, Anti-Depressants, Antibiotics, Asthma Medications, Cold & Flu Medications, Diabetes Medications, Ed/Impotence, Hypertension/High Blood Pressure, Osteoporosis, Skin Diseases and many others.

The featured categories include Body care, Eye Care, Facial Kit, Hair Care, Hand & Foot Care, Lip care, Men’s Need, Nail Care, Oral Care, Skin Care, Women’s Need, Blood Glucose Monitors & Strips, Food & Beverages, Fitness, Speciality, Supplements and some others.

Their main Netmeds assortment includes brand and generic prescription medicines, pet medication, and refiling of orders.

The front page draws our attention to some goods: Top-Sellers, Popular Products and Seasonal Products:

NetMeds Top Sellers

The OTC medications include wellness products, herbal products, pain relievers, diabetic care kits, baby/mother care products, vitamins, diet/fitness supplements, beauty care products and surgical supplies.

It seems that at Netmeds.com the customer can find the medicine for every health condition. The number of categories is very, very large. However, we decided to go on and check the assortment of drugs offered at some separate category, for example, Erectile Dysfunction. It turned out, that the pharmacy 26 drugs for this condition, such as Alivher, Caverta, Forzest, Manforce, Megalis, Penegra, Sildaflow, Tadact, Vasosure, Zenegra and Viagra. This is a sufficient number. Some of the drugs were available at the moment, but could be in stock and shipped in 4 to 5 days. Considering this, the pharmacy gets 5 stars for this unit of our review.

Mapleleafmeds.com Prices

Netmeds.com seels not only notable brand medications but also generic. This allows the store to provide drugs for a lower price. We decided to check the prices for brand-name Viagra and its generic analog.

NetMeds Viagra

The website indicates all prices in INR currency, so we had to convert them into USD for your convenience:

  • Price for Brand Viagra starts from $7.5 per pill;
  • Price for Generic Viagra starts from $1.2 per pill.

We can see that Netmeds prices are really low, though not the best in the Internet. I addition, the pharmacy offers numerous discounts with 10 percent off prescription medications, 15 percent off an order starting from $20 and more, 20 percent off an order starting from $50 or more, and a 5 percent discount of non-prescription products.

Considering low prices and opportunities to get good additional discounts, we estimate pricing policy of Netmeds at 5 stars out of 5.

Netmeds Shipping Policy

Netmeds.com delivers goods to any address in India. They mentions that delivery times may differ depending on the type of the product and the delivery location. Customers can check the delivery date right on the site by entering their pincode in a special bar:

NetMeds delivery

For example, the delivery to Kolkata will take only 2-3 days, as they promise. That is very short term for an online pharmacy.

All orders are shipped via EMS or courier with the shipping fee $0.75 for all orders. Netmeds.com provides a tracking number for every order which is available in a personal account of the customer.

The pharmacy offers FREE Delivery on orders starting from $15 or more, when customers use the promo code NETMEDS15.

An undisputed advantage of Netmeds.com is that they offer a possibility to use Cash on Delivery (COD) – a payment method by which the customer can pay the complete order amount in cash when the courier delivers it to his delivery address. This option is a rarity in these times, and it significantly improves the reputation of the pharmacy, and customers can be know for sure that they will receive the ordered items. COD costs an additional $0.75, but this amount is not so high. It’s much more important that you will save your nerves.

Another point is that customers can get a full refund if thee received defective, damaged or expired products, or if they products were lost.

Netmeds.com seems to have a very responsible approach to delivery of its goods. For this reason, the pharmacy gets 5 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Netmeds.com Payment Options

Netmeds.com offers the following options for payment:

  • Credit/debit card;
  • Net banking;
  • Cash on Delivery (COD);
  • Netmeds e-Wallet.

NetMeds payment methods

So, every customer is supposed to find the most suitable payment option for himself. The variety of Netmeds payment methods available is estimated at 5 stars out of 5.

Technical Characteristics of the Website

Checking Page Loading Time

The technical characteristics of the website are also very important, as customers expect to get not only high quality and cheap drugs, but also a fast user experience. We checked Netmeds.com page loading speed using Google Page Speed. Surprisingly, the online service provided the disappointing data:

NetMeds Google Speed

These numbers are considered very low and indicate that the website needs fixing: optimize images, minify JavaScript, minify CSS and some other changes.

We suggest this is a big disadvantage of the website: it’s loading too slowly. Some customers may be tired of waiting and won’t return to the store to buy drugs again and many can also warn their friends that they had a negative experience. For this reason, we give Netmeds only 1 star out of 5 for this point of our review.

Mobile Version

Unlike other online pharmacies, Netmeds.com offers a great option – a mobile app, which can be downloaded on smartphones for free. With it, customers can easily read and navigate the site from iPhone or Android, and can place their orders with just a few taps.

NetMeds Mobile App

Using the app, customers can enjoy the same functionality of the site as if they were using the browser on their computer. The mobile app is intuitive and easy.

Mobile users can get benefits from special offers and discounts – they are offered a 15% discount on prescription and 5% on OTC medicines. The pharmacy also offers other promotions exclusively for those who use smartphones to place orders.

So, a separate mobile app seems a very attractive option for customers. We appreciate Netmeds’ attempts to do online shopping as pleasant as possible. For this reason, the website gets 5 stars for this unit.

Encrypted Connection on the Website

Netmeds.com assures that customers’ privacy and security are very important to them. They promise to do everything possible to protect the users’ personal information (name, address, email address, credit card information). However, they do not use an encrypted connection on the website. They do not provide even the minimal level of protection when customers place an order.

security of the website

That is, information users run risk while sending information through the website. We give 1 star for this unit of our review, since online customers need at least the minimal encryption when placing orders online.

Checking Antivirus

In addition, Netmeds does not pay any attention to antivirus protection, which is supposed to maximize the security of digital transactions. Thus, the customers can catch viruses or worms when visiting Netmeds website.

For some reasons, the online pharmacy does not take care of its customers’ safety – and that is a big disadvantage. Considering this, we give only 1 star for this unit of our review.

Convenience of Placing Orders at mapleleafmeds.com

We’d like to say some words to the design of the NetMeds website – the color scheme is very pleasant to the eyes. The bold black text attracts the customers’ attention in a few seconds. The website introduces a huge search bar and an option to upload a valid prescription.

The top section of NetMeds site contains a phone number of customer service, a tracking order online option, an app option and the registration field. The big search bar allow the consumer to find the required medication very quickly.

NetMeds Search Bar

Visitors can surf the site without having an account, but customers need to pass registration. On the one hand, the shopper will have to spend some time on this procedure, but on the other hand, the pharmacy should know the personal details of each customers, as it sell serious prescription medications.

NetMeds did everything to simplify navigation on the website by dividing all medicines available on categories (such as diabetes, personal care, baby and mother, ED drugs, household and others).

NetMeds Categories

Also, they categorize products according to whether they are prescription or over the counter. There is also an opportunity to search for the medications by name or manufacturer and an alphabetical search:

NetMeds Search2

Most of NetMeds products available on the website can be ordered hasslefree. The situation change slightly for customers who need prescription drugs, as they will have to submit a valid prescription. They can upload it easily using the online form.

NetMeds Prescription

New customers are even offered to watch an instructional video which explain what a valid prescription is:

NetMeds VideoAll in all, to process the order quickly, the pharmacy asks for the following details from customers:

  • Billing/shipping information;
  • Prescription (when required);
  • Payment details.

If customers have some difficulties with placing an order, they can contact customer support or learn more about NetMeds medications by reading their descriptions.

So, we can say for sure, Netmeds.com is quite easy and convenient for all user. For this reason, the pharmacy gets 5 stars out of 5. Well done!

Is Netmeds.com Legitimate?

Checking Netmeds Reputation on ScamAdviser

We checked the rating of Netmeds.com using ScamAdvisor.com, and the received data improved the reputation of the store thousandfold. The online pharmacy has the maximum trust rating – 100% out of 100!


ScamAdviser claims that the site looks safe to use. The owner of the website is India, though the website is located in the USA and might somehow relate Singapore. The domain age is 13 years, popular among customers and has never been treat-listed.

For unimpeachable reputation on ScamAdviser, Netmeds gets 5 stars for this point of our review.

Prescription Request

The pharmacy offers both prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Netmeds seems very strict in terms of safety and asks customers to upload their valid prescriptions when placing an online order. Only items marked with the symbol “RX” require a prescription from a Registered Medical Practitioner. The customers can see whether they require for prescription or not, as soon as they select the product:


Customers can upload a total of 4 prescriptions in one order. However, they can upload the remaining prescriptions in a new order. The pharmacy gets 5 stars for a responsible approach to selling medicines online.

Checking Netmeds Status on LegitScript

LegitScript has not included Netmeds in its base, but it does not mean that the pharmacy should alert the customers. Perhaps, the reason is that the website is relatively new. So we can’t say for sure whether the online pharmacy meets LegitScript Internet Pharmacy verification standards or not. Basing on the above analysis, we give the e-store 4 stars out of 5. If you find Netmeds.com in LegitScript base later, feel free to leave your comments below.

Netmeds.com Reviews

Customers’ On-Site Reviews

The website invites users to read what their customers say about Netmeds. The customer review section contains 28 comments. All netmeds.com reviews are divided into 4 sections according to the issue the visitor would like to point out: Customer Service, Delivery of Orders, Easy to Shop, Our Offers. The customers shared purely positive experience.

NetMeds reviews

Unfortunately, we can’t 100% rely on these testimonials, as they can be left on the website directly – they should be sent to the website administration first. For these reasons, we may suggest that negative feedback has no chance to appear on the website. Another problem is that the reviews have no date. Netmeds.com gets 3 stars for this unit.

Netmeds.com Reviews on independent Websites

We checked independent websites and forums for netmeds.com reviews, and we found a great number of both positive and negative reviews about the store on different websites and medical forums.

Many local customers seem to trust Netmeds online pharmacy, as the company has been operating around for a century. Their services are called cost-effective and their numerous promotions have attracted many customers:

NetMeds reviews2

Most complaints relate to occasional delays in delivery, wrong products and some nonexistent discounts. Besides, in some cases the pharmacy would not give a refund and never answer the customer:

NetMeds reviews3

Read all netmeds.com reviews at http://trustedcompany.com/in/netmeds.com-reviews.

The situation was the same when we read the testimonials on another websites: customers shared both negative and positive experience. What is unique about this pharmacy: its representative gave feedback to all comments: again both negative and positive ones.

Many customers express their gratitude to Netmeds.com for creating a mobile app. Users find this option very convenient and professional:

NetMeds reviews4

The majority of complaints was about poor services on the pharmacy. One customer was angry that he had to call customer support “a million times” in order to get a refund for order cancellation. Another user failed to order the medication he needed, as it was out of stock for a long time. Netmeds managers solved his issue very soon and informed the customer that the drug would be available in the catalog the next day:

NetMeds reviews5

We appreciate that Netmeds.com never left a single complaint without attention, excused for the inconvenience the customer had to suffer and promised to do all possible to work on this issue and improve its service.

The abundance of customers’ reviews on the Net and Netmeds’ care about them allow us give them 5 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Netmeds.com Coupon Code

In addition to low prices, customers can enjoy netmeds.com coupon code. Netmeds makes customers buy and come back again. They have a good proposal which can help me save money: you can get a 15 % discount on all products if you use the coupon code placed below. The pharmacy put this information on the website itself, so we did not have to explore the Net, as we usually do, in order to find at least some discounts:

NetMeds Coupon Code

Besides, they offer other attractive options to save:

  • Users can get a 15 % discount on prescription drugs using a code NETMEDS15;
  • extra 5% on all full pre-paid orders;
  • flat 10% on prescription drugs using a code NETMEDS10;
  • up to 10% OFF on some OTC products with no minimum order value;
  • 10% OFF when paying with MobiKwik.

NetMeds OffersNetMeds Offers2

Surprisingly, Netmeds offer some more opportunities to save money:

  1. A Reward Points Program – users automatically get points on their purchases. As soon as they have enough points, they can use them to order some items for free;
  2. Netmeds offers $1 OFF your order when you refer your friends to them, with a maximum of 25 Referral rewards.

NetMeds Offers3

Netmeds.com provided the abundance of saving opportunities to the customers. Due to this, customer will be pleased to always return to buy more items. For this reason, we grant them 5 stars out of 5!

Netmeds Customer Support Service

Contact information

No matter how we tried, we could not find any address on the website. All we found was phone number 1800-103-0304. However, the pharmacy provided this information at the first request:

NetMeds contact

Google also indicated the location of the company, which suggests that Netmeds.com is rather transparent.

NetMeds address

We pharmacy gets 4.5 stars for this unit, since it took us some time to find the address of the company.

Trying to Get a Consultation

Netmeds is very “proud in employing professional doctors and pharmacists”. According to the information placed on the site, their customer service does their best to assist the customers.

On the website, we found several ways to contact the representatives of Netmeds.com – phone number 1800-103-0304, email cs@netmeds.com, contact form. Using them, the customers can send their questions to the pharmacists working for the pharmacy. Their Call Centre support is available from Monday to Saturday from 09:00 am to 09:00 pm. We were happy to discover that the website had a live chat. We decided to use this option and find out how many days the company delivers goods to Kolkata. Netmeds representative answered in a minute informing us that the delivery would take 2-3 days. He was very polite and explained that delivery term may very slightly depending on the type of the product we offer:

NetMeds customer supports

In general, we were very satisfied with the answer and the whole customer service. For this reason, Netmeds receives 5 stars for their customer support.

What is the Conclusion?

Netmeds can be considered a truly reliable online pharmacy, which created an impression that it puts the customers’ interest on the first place. Netmeds has a perfect reputation on ScamAdviser and provides customers with quick and easy access to a large assortment of medicine. The various payment options they offer are also appreciated. We like the fact that the pharmacy has many generic drugs in the catalog, as many customers have to pay too much on brand-name drugs that do exactly the same thing. What we also like about this pharmacy is that they have a responsible approach to selling medicines and won’t sell a prescription drug without a valid prescription. The negative reviews we came across indicated that sometimes they have problems, especially with the delivery. But the prevailing positive comments have improved the situation. They persuaded us that the pharmacy is real and popular among customers.  Their only drawbacks are that they don’t have international delivery and only ship to Indian cities, so many customers will have to look for other providers that meet their criteria. Overall, we think Netmeds.com is a great place to order meds from and a legitimate option for Indian customers, so they deserve a review score of 4.1 stars out of 5.