Review: Genuine Pharmacy with Delayed Delivery

What is Northwest Pharmacy?

Northwest PharmacyNorthwest Pharmacy is a Canada based online drugstore which offers generic and branded drugs and food supplements to its customers worldwide. They claim to be a leading online pharmacy website that provides thousands of prescription and over the counter medications at savings of up to 80%. They only work with trusted and reputable international pharmacies, giving customers access to authentic cheap drugs every day. The company is approved by several trusted third party organizations such as TRUSTe. Northwest Pharmacy pharmacy claims to be the most independently five-star rated online pharmacy in the world. According to the website, thousands of people rely on this store to provide the drugs and health care products and regularly order from Northwest Pharmacy today.

Northwest Pharmacy online

What Can You Buy Here?

Customers can find a wide selection of products on The drugs available on the website are categorized under Prescriptive and Non-Prescriptive medications. The also offers a wide assortment of pet medications, both prescription and over-the-counter. Drugs available here are sourced from affiliates and suppliers based in Singapore, Europe, Turkey, Canada, Mauritius and the United States. The pharmacy mentions that brand name drugs may have been manufactured outside of the USA or Europe.

Here you can buy drugs from many categories such as Asthma and Respiratory Conditions Medications, Erectile Dysfunction Drugs, Cancer Drugs, Diabetes Medications and Supplies, Osteoporosis Medications, Skin Care Products, Smoking Cessation Drugs, Weight Loss Medications , Vitamin and Mineral Supplements and many others.

The main page indicates top 25 bestsellers:

Northwest Pharmacy bestsellers

The human NorthWest Pharmacy catalog sells drugs for nearly every disease.

Most categories contain many items, however we could find a small selection of erectile dysfunction meds in the Prescription section:

Northwest Pharmacy ED

Obviously, ED drugs are not something this pharmacy specializes in. However, here we can see the most popular ED medications and their generics: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Stendra.

The company mentions that a customer is not able to find a drug that he was searching for, he can call NorthWest Pharmacy at 1-866-539-5330, and possible the drug will be listed on the website soon.

So, this online pharmacy can be the store where customers can buy all of the needed medications. Probably, you will not find rare and specific drugs in the catalog, but NorthWest Pharmacy offers all common and popular drugs for any disease. For these reasons, we give this online store 4 stars out of 5 for this unit. Prices

NorthWest Pharmacy guarantees the lowest possible prices allowing the customers to save up to 80%. Clients will also get satisfaction guarantee on every order. NorthWest Pharmacy only charges the cost of the product and a flat shipping rate (unless the order qualifies for free shipping). In addition, the store will beat a competitor’s price.

We decided the check the prices for the most popular ED drugs available in the catalog. The pharmacy offered many Viagra pills options to its customers:

Northwest Pharmacy Viagra

Regretfully, NorthWest Pharmacy does not show the price per pill, so we had to calculate it. Let’s check the prices for Viagra (Sildenafil) 25 mg, Cialis (Tadalafil) 2.5 mg and Levitra 10 mg:

  • Brand Viagra (25mg) for $16 per pill;
  • Brand Cialis (2.5mg) for $5.3 per pill;
  • Brand Levitra (10mg) for $17.9 per pill;
  • Generic Viagra (25mg) for $2.7 per pill;
  • Generic Cialis (2.5mg) for $1.1 per pill;
  • Generic Levitra (10mg) for $2.9 per pill.

It turned out that NorthWest Pharmacy is not able to offer the lowest prices on ED medications. However, deals for Cialis are really beneficial – it’s difficult to find better offers on the net. An important thing: customers will benefit most of all when ordering a particular medication in bulk. But not all customers are ready to buy 100 pills of Viagra in an online store, especially when they are doing this for the first time.

Let’s sum up: NorthWest Pharmacy offers good prices for some particular drugs only. Customers can however try to beat down the price offered. So far, the pharmacy’s price policy receives 3 stars out of 5. Shipping

The company ships the orders through international postal mail and charges a single flat rate of $9.99 for every order, regardless of the number of items:

Northwest Pharmacy delivery

Once the order is placed, customers have to wait for 3 days needed for order processing and then additional 8 to 18 business days for the order to be delivered.

Additionally, from time to time, NorthWest Pharmacy has specials on certain products for which shipping is free.

Customers should bear in mind that not all products they order will be shipped from Canada.

Before the order is shipped, the pharmacy verifies and reviews the customer’s medical information, prescription, payment, availability of stock.

Northwest pharmacy offers a refund policy – in case if a customer is not satisfied with the order, he can return the unopened product within 14 days and receive a refund. But if the package has been opened, the opened product should be sent to the store within 14 days and a credit of 50% of the value of the drug will be added to the customer’s account.

Except a refund policy, we found no aspects that would make NorthWest Pharmacy delivery attractive to customers: no free delivery, only one shipping method, too slow order processing and, as a result, a delayed delivery. For all these reasons, the pharmacy gets 2 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Payment Options

North West Pharmacy accepts Personal Checks only, which can be sent to the store by fax or email for fast electronic processing or by mail for physical processing. The company explains why they prefer this payment option: orders paid by check are shipped without any additional delay because the pharmacy verifies the funds and bill checks electronically.

Northwest Pharmacy payment

North West Pharmacy doesn’t accept Visa or Mastercard. We score 1 star for this unit, since other online pharmacies have much more payment options available.

Technical Characteristics of the Website

Checking Loading Speed

Page loading speed is one of the most important technical indicators of the website’s operating. “Page loading speed” means the time required for the page to be downloaded in the browser. Loading speed influences the ratio of customers, can improve or reduce usability. When pages are loaded quickly, users do not experience discomfort, can quickly move from one page to another and use all functionality with no problems. But when the pages are loaded too slowly, users experience discomfort since they have to wait long. Many users will prefer leave the website.

We decided to check how fast pages are loaded using Google PageSpeed Tool:

Northwest Pharmacy google page

It turned out that mobile version has low page loading speed. The desktop loading speed is better but still requires optimization.

The website’s owner needs to improve these indicators to attract more customers and make them return. But for now, the website gets 1,6 stars for this unit. Mobile Version has a mobile website version, which is a good aspect, since modern people prefer to buy things using their smartphones or tablets, and medication is not an exception. The website is adapted for mobile devices and looks a bit different way. The main page on the mobile website contains the same key information, including a link to a personal account, products, search bar, FAQ and Contact Us sections. All secondary information have been transferred to other pages.

In addition, the website has successfully passed a Mobile-Friendly Test by Google:

Northwest Pharmacy mobile version

We noticed no errors in functioning, there is no scrolling. For these reason, the website gets 5 stars for this unit.

Checking Secure Connection uses a 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption provided by COMODO CA Limited:

Northwest Pharmacy connection

That means that users’ personal data (such as login / password, banking information) are protected and won’t be stolen. However, this encryption level provides only the minimal security. For better protection, other online stores use a 256-bit SSL encryption. Besides, we could see no information about the website’s owner in the address bar of our browser. For all these reasons, we grant 3 stars for this unit. NorthWest Pharmacy needs to improve the security level to deserve a better grade.

Protection from Viruses

For better security, uses Norton antivirus:


This means, the website’s identity, experience and ability to do business have been verified. The antivirus program monitors this website on every transaction and provides customers with Identity Theft Protection and Shopping Guarantee. We like that NorthWest Pharmacy takes care of customers’ protection and give it 5 stars for this unit.

Convenience of Ordering from North West Pharmacy

At NorthWest Pharmacy, customers can place an order by the following 3 easy ways:

  1. Order Online at using the search field or drug categories and add items to a shopping cart. Once all necessary products have been added to the shopping cart, customers may check out. For prescription drugs, customers will have to to fax, email or mail their prescription;
  2. Order By Phone by calling 1-866-539-5330 and speaking with a live person. North West Pharmacy call center is open 7 days a week. They promise their specialists are always happy to help customers in placing their orders;
  3. Order By Fax or Mail by downloading and printing the order form.

In general, the website looks user-friendly. The website separated prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs and pet medications which allows users to orient in the assortment better:

NorthWest Pharmacy products

Before placing an order, all customers are required to register or log in into North West Pharmacy personal account. The website offers no option for shopping as a guest. However, customers do not need to fill in many personal details – only the basic information.

NorthWest Pharmacy registration

We like that all products are divided into prescription and OTC, so customers can easy understand which product requires prescription by a corresponding label “OTC” or “RX”:

NorthWest Pharmacy OTC and RX

Users can easily find the desired medication using a Drug Search Bar available on the website:

NorthWest Pharmacy search

We also appreciate that all products are classified according to the health condition they treat:

NorthWest Pharmacy categories

Another positive aspect is that when you enter the product name in the search bar, you can see both brand and generic versions at the same time. This allows to compare prices quickly:

NorthWest Pharmacy generics

We got a little upset when we found no images of the drugs North West Pharmacy sells. All customers want a representative demonstration of the medication.

There are some things that may seem inconvenient to some customers. For orders over $1,000 or for final sale medications, the store will require their Order Forms to be completed even if the customers placed the order over the phone.

They also want customers to know that from time to time, North West Pharmacy may also request some additional documents, including government issued photo ID or a driver’s license. Customers will have to send these documents by fax, email, or mail.

The ordering process at seems simple, but we have to give only 3 stars for this unit, since customers can’t avoid registration, there is no possibility to choose currency, no product photos, and additional documents may be requested.

Is Legitimate?

Checking North West Pharmacy Rating on ScamAdviser

Scam Adviser gave a 83% safe rating out of 100, which is good indicator. Even though the website has lots of visitors and has good reviews detected, it has been listed as a ROGUE pharmacy on some sources:

NorthWest Pharmacy legitimacy

According to Scam Advisor, the website is being operated from the USA, but the service is skeptical about the website origin – could be 80% Canada and 20% the United States. The domain age is relevant to trust this company – about 12 years. Besides, the website is popular by Alexa. For all the reasons above, the online pharmacy gets 4 stars for this unit.

Do We Need a Prescription?

For prescription item(s), North West Pharmacy requires valid prescriptions written by a licensed doctor for prescription items. The company cannot process any Rx orders without a prescription. All items that require prescription are marked with an “Rx” symbol. The customers will be notified immediately if the pharmacy requires anything more than just a prescription.

All of these ED drugs are marked with an «Rx» symbol which means they require prescription at the time of purchase:

NorthWest Pharmacy RX drugs

Because the company is located in Canada, it is unable to transfer prescriptions from US pharmacies. However, a customer can ask his doctor’ to directly fax North West Pharmacy a new prescription to save himself a visit to the doctor. The pharmacy says most doctors are happy to do so. If necessary, the pharmacy can also contact your doctor and ask him to fax a new prescription. The pharmacy wants customers to know that prescriptions are valid and usable only within a year from the date the prescription was written. Thus, if a prescription is received by the store more than 4 months after it was written, North West Pharmacy will need to contact the prescribing physician to verify that there have not been any changes to the drug strength or dosing.

Obviously, the pharmacy is very strict with prescriptions, which indicates that North West Pharmacy has a very responsible approach to selling drugs. We give them 5 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Checking North West Pharmacy using Legit Script

As indicated in ScamAdviser analysis, has a “ROGUE” status at Legit Script – the pharmacy does not meet Legit Script online pharmacy verification standards:

NorthWest Pharmacy legit script

This status may indicate that North West Pharmacy violates the laws and regulations when dispensing prescription medications or is not properly licensed. For this reason, we can give this pharmacy only 1 star for this unit.

North West Pharmacy Certificates

North West Pharmacy is a certified member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and the International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia (IPABC), which means that the drugs available here are FDA approved. Customers can easily check whether these certifications are true or not by just clicking the icons that are present on the website’s main page. It would take them to the pages of these online certifications.

NorthWest Pharmacy certificates

Besides, CIPA membership means that the pharmacy dispenses pharmaceutical products through licensed pharmacies, requires a valid prescription, provides contact information on the website, guarantees privacy of users’ personal and medical information. Thus, customers can feel calm when sending their personal information online.

For these certificates, North West Pharmacy receives 5 stars. Reviews

Customer On-Site Reviews

There are no customer reviews on the website itself. Instead, encourages customers to read over 250,000 reviews on We will do this in the next unit of our review.

NorthWest Pharmacy on-site reviews

This means that the company somehow takes care of its customers, so we give this store 2 stars for this unit. Reviews on Outside Websites

Since we found no reviews on its website, we decided to search for any testimonials on third-party websites and medical forums. We were happy to find many reviews on an independent consumer review sites. Most of them were positive and written by repeat customers. They mentioned the reasons they prefer this pharmacy: high quality drugs, low prices, great services. However, some of them say that NorthWest Pharmacy has one drawback – a slow delivery, so they advise using this pharmacy if you have some extra time:

NorthWest Pharmacy reviews

However, we managed to find some NorthWest Pharmacy complaints 2017. One user says the pharmacy is unbelievably slow in order processing: it took them two weeks to process his order, though he needed his asthma medication promptly:

NorthWest Pharmacy reviews 2

One more customers is completely disappointed with the pharmacy, since they stored his ID address and offered a high price when he returned. He order from NorthWest Pharmacy for several years but know he will have to search for another drug supplier:

NorthWest Pharmacy reviews 3

As advertised by the pharmacy, we checked NorthWest Pharmacy reviews on This website contains a huge number of testimonials (over 258k) which makes them the leaders in comparison to other pharmacies that are posting fake reviews on their websites:

NorthWest Pharmacy reviews 4

We found many reviews 2017, new reviews are posted on the website every day. We reviewed a few of them to see what experiences customers had with this pharmacy and we could see that the reviews are mostly positive. Most customers would recommend NorthWest Pharmacy to others, would order from it again, are completely satisfied with prices and product quality.

Recent reviews indicate that this online store is making their customers happy. For years, the drugstore received many positive comments:

NorthWest Pharmacy reviews 5

However, some of the customers are not happy with payment options, costly and slow delivery, and customer care level. However, every customer finally received his order:

NorthWest Pharmacy reviews 6

A large number of testimonials indicate that NorthWest Pharmacy is a very popular store of generic medicines. It seems that the pharmacy is legitimate and has a good reputation on independent review websites. A small amount of negative reviews only proves that all comments are written by real customers, Besides there is no store with 100% satisfied customers. For this reason, NorthWest Pharmacy deserves 5 stars out of 5 for this unit. Coupon Code

Most online pharmacies offer some kind of discounts, coupon codes, free bonus pills, or free shipping on orders exceeding a certain amount. offers free shipping on orders reaching a certain amount. We see that orders exceeding $300 are shipped for free:

NorthWest Pharmacy offers

In addition, we found 3 current coupons that allow to save up to 70% on medications or get free shipping on all orders exceeding $200:

NorthWest Pharmacy coupon codes

The website subscribers can receive special deals via email.

Considering all the facts above, we give the online pharmacy 5 stars for this unit.

Customer Support Service Contact Information

NorthWest Pharmacy lists the following contact information on the website: mailing address, USA toll free phone number , USA toll free fax number, email address:

NorthWest Pharmacy contacts

The operating hours are also indicated on the website: 5:00am to 8:00pm Monday – Friday and 6:00am to 3:00pm Saturday – Sunday.

However, for some reason, NorthWest Pharmacy did not mention its legal address. Lack of this information can alert potential customers. The online pharmacy claims to operate from Canada but there is no proof of this fact. The pharmacy gets 4 stars for this unit.

Ways to Get a Consultation

At, customers can use the following ways to get in touch with the customer care department:

  1. Email:;
  2. Phone: USA 1-866-539-5330 and Canada: 1-604-539-5330.

Regretfully, no live chat is available on the website, so we sent a query to the provided email address. We wanted to find out why they offer free delivery for brand Cialis 20 mg 12 pills, but no free delivery for brand Cialis 20 mg 32 pills. The reply came in a few hours: it turned out that the free shipping promotions are determined by their marketing department:

customer support

NorthWest pharmacy offers a good and quite speedy customer support service, as it is a very relevant aspect of any online business. The company gets 4 stars out of 5 since they have no Live Chat for instant messaging on the website.

Conclusion seems legitimate and selling quality brand and generic drugs (however, some ED drugs were not available on stock). Most medications are marked «RX» and are available only through doctor’s prescription, which proves Northwest Pharmacy’s professionalism and legitimacy. The pharmacy has a very good reputation at independent pharmacy review websites with a small number of complaints. But most customers are happy with the products and services; however, most clients agree that the pharmacy has a delayed delivery time. We rate this pharmacy 3.4 stars out of 5 and we suggest looking for more online pharmacies with quicker delivery and lower prices.