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Online-RX.com Review: A 2,8 – Star Rating Is A Sing of Suspicious Online Pharmacy

Online-RX.com about Itself


Online-RX.com comes first into the market of high-quality medications shipping and distribution all over the world. The main aim of this online pharmacy is to provide customers with professionally produced brand and generic drugs at the most affordable prices you would never have found in local drug stores. Online rx pharmacy ships drugs internationally. In order to supply customers with a highly professional service, they focus attention on medications quality because they we collaborate with the most reputable drugs-producers and choose the licensed medications only. Therefore they follow all security and privacy standards to protect your personal information. To order a product online, you just need arrange an order on online-rx.com.

Assortment Available on online-rx.com

Online rx may boost diversity of assortment. They have 27 categories of drugs, the medications in which are organized in alphabetic way.


The most popular category is considered to be Erectile Dysfunction, containing 65 medications. There is one more category with ED Sample Pack, containing 3 ED samples. There are also search bar to find what you need. Best-sellers may also ease search for you.


We may see how diverse assortment on online-rx.com. Customers may find medications for any occasion and disease. Moreover, everything is organized in such an arrangement that it becomes possible to find what you need in no time. Front-page of online-rx.com gives the opportunity to see the price per pill immediately. And pills are so colorful that it pleases eyes. This online pharmacy specializes in the brand as well as generic medications. You may choose by yourself what to buy. The prescription is not required. Our mark for this unit is 4 points.

Prices on Online RX Pharmacy

Online RX Pharmacy administration claims they have the lowest prices on all medications. We are going to compare ED drugs, exactly generic and brand Viagra pills. Price for generic Viagra per pill is $0,27. This price is paid and seems to be attractive and affordable. online-rx.com attracts people by such a low price.

Viagra price

Brand Viagra the lowest price is $3,38. This price is three times lower in comparison with other online pharmacies. But for many people, this price seems to be attractive because they may buy brand Viagra for such an affordable price.

brand Viagra price

In general, prices on online-rx.com play a major role in attracting customers. Moreover, this online pharmacy offers customers an opportunity to change currency to see real prices in the currency you are interested in.


Common mark for this unit is 5 points. Online rx does its best to meet customers’ needs. People with different income can afford to buy generic Viagra or even its brand.

Shipping Methods

Online RX offers its customers two main shipping options:

  1. AirMail;
  2. EMS (Express Courier System).

Both types of shipping options are international and fee-based. AirMail delivery takes 2-3 business days (as mentioned on online-rx.com) but it seems that online pharmacy administration confuses something because they claim EMS takes 3-8 business days to deliver the parcel to your residence. Both delivery options are fee-based, the AirMail fee is $9,95 and EMS is $19,95. In case of Express Courier System, you may track your order while delivering.

shipping options

Online-rx.com offers its customers an opportunity to get free delivery in case of AirMail if your total amount is equal to or over $200 and in case of EMS – over $300.

free shipping

Online RX deserves 3 points for delivery options.

Payment Options

There are so many payment methods available nowadays because of e-commerce development. Online-rx.com offers customers only two of this majority:

payment options

These are the main popular payment options in the majority of online online pharmacies but there are cases when you do not have access to Visa or MasterCard. There are cases when you are able to pay for your order only with wire transfer, for example. Moreover they do not have any reference on site or FAQ page how customers may pay for their order. They get this information only on secure billing page. Our mark for payment options available on online-rx.com is 3. You’d better to enlarge list of payment options.

Technical Data

WE plan to examine online-rx.com according to several technical points which play an important role in overall score. Main technical aspects should be met to estimate Online-rx.com performance.

Google Page Speed Data

mobile and desktop indicators

Google Page Speed data is unpromising. All the indicators are colored in red and have “Poor” indicator. It means that online-rx.com has some problems with page speed loading at both versions of the website. These pages are not updated and are likely to provide users with a slow experience. You’d better update both versions and find the way out to improve its performance. If customers will have some problems with loading they won’t wait for long and leave online pharmacy in search of something better. Our common mark for Google page speed loading data is 1 point.

Mobile Version of Online Rx

Mobile version is present on Online Rx. It has no noticeable drawbacks but there are some problems with adaptation and page loading. It takes some time for the page to load. Everything is organized in the way to make use of mobile version. Our mark for the mobile version is 4 points. Improve speed loading and mark will be improved as well.

Is Connection Secure on Online-rx.com?

secure connection

All the transactions and connections after you put the button “Checkout” are protected. This online pharmacy commands the service of Comodo CA Limited. They take advantage of a 256-bit server. This server is directed to encrypt your personal data. You may be sure that checkout page is the most secure page on Online-rx.com. But we remember that secure connection should be observed on all pages. People should be sure that your personal data during registration will be protected and encrypted. Our overall mark is 3 points.

Antivirus Presence

Online-rx.com is supplied with antivirus on checkout page but we cannot check its veracity.

These tags are clickable and we are not able to provide people with correct information whether this online pharmacy is protected by antivirus or not. We have the right to get 1 point to online-rx.com for such an attempt to deceive people.

Convenience of Making Orders

It is rather easy to make order via online-rx.com. You do not need to register and send prescription. All the ordering procedure is carried out in several steps:

  • you should choose medication you want;
  • add it to shopping cart;
  • put the button “Checkout”;
  • fill in personal data;
  • complete the order.

shopping cart

Everything seems so simple as ABC. People of different ages may command this service and order medications necessary for their health state improvement. People won’t waste time to register and fill in all personal data. Such an easy service attracts a lot of people worldwide because sometimes people are afraid to store their personal data in such online services. This unit is estimated at 5 points because easy service is a guarantee of fast service.

Is Online-rx.com Legit and Safe?

It is necessary to get to know more about online pharmacy before making orders online. It is logical to ask the question whether this online pharmacy is legit and secure. People are afraid nowadays of being cheated and deceived because there are so many online swindlers. We are going to know everything about Online Rx Pharmacy legitimacy and security.

ScamAdviser.com Data about Online rx Security


ScamAdviser.com believes that online-rx.com is low trust and is not safe for use. 0% of security makes people be sure this online pharmacy is trustable and reliable. There are so many disadvantages in Online rx security. Domain age is 360 days, domain age is too little. This security service doubts about website location. The website is located in the Netherlands but it may be Australia based. The contact address is hidden and there is no contact information on the website itself.

This online pharmacy has very few visitors which assure us they do not bear responsibility for its actions. Website speed is average but we remember that they have some problems according to Google page speed data. 0% is played the most significant role for us to estimate its security. Our mark is 1 point.

Prescription Request

Online-rx.com doesn’t require a prescription. You may think that it eases all the procedure, you should not waste time sending them a prescription and even visit a doctor to get this prescription. But in reality, you may buy fake medications which are easily sold without a prescription.

no prescription

This online pharmacy sells medications over the counter which legally should be sold only with prescription list. This action is not justifiable because human health may be damaged because of counterfeit medications. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

LegitScript.com about Online-rx.com Legitimacy

It turns out that Online-rx.com has been not yet included in database of legitscript.com. Probably it happens because domain age of this online pharmacy is 360 days. Our mark for this unit is 4 points but dear readers, if you find something about online-rx.com, could you leave us a comment below. We will be glad to change situation to obtain justice.

Certificates of Quality


Online-rx.com claims they have CIPA, MIPA, PharmacyChecker.com and FDA approval but in fact these tags are just visual labels. These tags are not clickable and there is no evidence that this online pharmacy really has these certificates of quality. We you click on CIPA for example, you should be referred to another website with this certificate available but in reality you get nothing. So that, we cannot manage to estimate faithfulness of these certificates. Our mark for this unit is 2 points.

Reviews about http //online-rx.com

Every review left on http //online-rx.com will help people make choice whether this online is worth ordering. We are going to search and find reviews if they exist and estimate them.

Reviews on Online-rx.com

There are reviews (separate page) on Online-Rx. They are written by customers but we have some doubts. We are going to confirm our point of view. All the reviews are positive and show that Online-Rx is an ideal online pharmacy. But we cannot understand from where these reviews appear on Online-rx.com. There is no form where customers may leave a comment. There is the greatest possibility that these reviews are fabricated because we found out that these reviews are not original. They are already met on the Internet. Our mark for reviews on Online-Rx is 2.

Reviews about Online-rx.com on Third Parties Recourses

We do not find any reviews about Online-rx.com on third parties recourses. It is probable that customers who order medications via this online service do not exist at all. It is very odd that there is no evidence on the Internet of Online-rx high performance. Everything we can do for this online store is to recommend them to ask people leave comments not to misinform other people who try to make a choice. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

Online-Rx Coupon Code

We have found Online-Rx Coupon Code in the Internet but on online pharmacy itself.


Valid code to get the discount is QZ-7678. You will get a 10-% discount which will help you save money while making orders online via Online-Rx. Of course, search makes you waste time a little but you won’t be disappointing. We examine this code is actual and valid. There is no period of time during which this Online-Rx coupon code will be valid but you may now receive 10% discount.

There is one more opportunity to save money exactly to make use of special offer: Viagra + Cialis just for $46,16.

special offer

This price is attractive and affordable – 20 pills of 100 mg dosage for erectile function improvement. Take a chance to buy “happy pills”.

You may also get free delivery if you order total amount is over $200. Everything seems so attractive on Online-Rx. Only one prevents us from granting the highest point – absence of coupon code on front page or even on site in general. Our mark for this unit is 4.

Customer Support Service

“Contact Us” Section

Online-rx.com provides customers with phone numbers only. It is possible to come in contact with them if you have some questions or problems with order.

phone numbers

They do not offer customers complete contact information. They do not provide them with addresses – only telephone numbers and contact form.

contact form

ScamAdviser.com doubts about company location and it is one more munis for Online Rx pharmacy. We cannot estimate credibility and actuality of this online pharmacy. Our mark for this unit is 2 points.

Customer Support Service

customer support service

We ask the question of online-rx coupon code available on this online pharmacy. We found on third parties recourse coupon code but were not sure that it is valid. We check it and it really works but support group sends us another coupon code the validity of which we cannot examine now. But we should point out that we get a response from Online-Rx support service in 12 hours. We get the answer to our question that’s why we can get 4 points for this unit.

Conclusion: Is A 2,8 – Star Rating A Sing of Suspicious Online Pharmacy?

Online-rx.com has a 2,8-star rating. This rating seems to be average but really speaking we have some problems with getting the highest mark to every unit. We get high points for assortment, prices, the convenience of making orders via online-rx.com. LegitScript.com doesn’t contain in its database such an online pharmacy at online-rx.com. It happens probably because this online pharmacy is comparatively young – domain age according to ScamAdviser.com is 360 days. Customer support service is working normally but we should wait for 12 hours to get the response. But the answer was relevant to question asked. As the greatest advantage, we may stress out Online-RX coupon code which provides customers with an opportunity to get a 10-% discount. There is some kind of confusion because we find the discount coupon on third parties recourse but promo code is valid. Customer support service provides us with another promo code but we cannot check it on practice.

There is no contact information except telephone numbers. ScamAdviser.com gives 0% of security. Such an absence of security elbows people aside from ordering via this online pharmacy. They also have certificates of quality and antiviruses but they are just tags which are not clickable. We cannot estimate its faithfulness. There are reviews on Online-RX but there is probability they are written by site administration itself because there is no form for customers to leave a comment. There are no reviews about online-rx.com on third parties recourses. It also proves our perception of Online – RX Pharmacy.

So that we believe that prices are not always an indicator of online pharmacy reliability and security. Be attentive and grapple with all aspects of online pharmacy to make a choice whether to buy medications or not.