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Onlineantibiotics.net Review – Untrustworthy Pharmacy with No Reviews

Onlineantibiotics.net Introducing Itself

logotypeOnlineantibiotics.net is an online pharmacy selling generic antibiotics all over the world. The pharmacy claims to provide only checked best quality medication at low prices which allow you to save up to 75% on your medication. The medications are produced by FDA and WHO-approved reliable manufacturers and generics are as effective and safe as original branded medications. It is claimed that this pharmacy is top rated among customers buying antibiotics online.

Assortment Diversity

The pharmacy specializes only in generic antibiotics, so the catalog is not very wide. There are 42 items, all of which are antibiotics accordingly. This is not the widest list that can be found on the Web, but still there is a variety of choice. There is no special page for product list or any categories. All the drugs are listed in the right sidebar, under the search bar, which we consider useless as all the items are not numerous and can be looked through in 1 – 2 minutes. All items are organized alphabetically to facilitate the searching process to customers.

It can be quite uncomfortable for the user to choose their products from the front page, as all the names are written in small print. Besides it is much easier to compare drugs when they are placed in some type of table or list, containing more information than price.assortment

Though there is a table with bestsellers of the pharmacy, where you can count 16 most popular items. Besides, each product page contains a very detailed description of the drug and instruction for its use. Also here you may choose necessary dosage and proceed directly to the «Checkout» page, which appears to be on another server.

No information about prescription requirement is found on this page, but considering everything else said in this point we can give 3 stars to Onlineantibiotics.net for not having a very wide choice and inconvenient organization of the catalog.

Prices for Antibiotics

On the website you can find information that the prices here are the lowest in the Internet. The pharmacy claims to offer you the ability to save up to 75% on your medications. As we know, all pharmacies claim that, so it is necessary to look in the Internet for other offers, to compare prices and choose the most attractive. Also often the price depends on the quantity and strength, so consider this when doing your research.

We decided to compare prices for the most popular antibiotics in the Internet, and it turned out the prices are really very low, but not the lowest. Some online pharmacies offer more affordable prices, but in comparison to them, prices in Onlineantibiotics.net are not much higher. So, Cipro here costs $0.75, Zithromax – $0.53, Erythromycin – $0.56 and Ampicillin – $0.43. All prices are considered per pill. We remind that these prices are taken for the lowest dosage and maximum amount of pills in the pack, that is the lowest possible price on this website. Of course if you choose bigger dosage or lesser amount the price will be higher.prices

Do not forget that this company offers only generics, that’s why the prices are so low. Original branded drugs cost several times higher, so do not be confused if the price seems too low for you. But in general, we can say that prices here are a little bit higher than can be found in the Internet, but for many people, it is a great opportunity to save a large amount of money than if they bought the same drugs in regular pharmacy. So in this point Onlineantibiotics.net deserves 4 stars.

Delivery Options

The pharmacy offers 2 options of delivery:

  • EMS delivery (Express with Online Tracking);
  • Standard (Registered AirMail delivery).

EMS delivery is a faster way to get your order – the deadline is 14 days. Usually the parcel reaches its destination in 5 – 9 days. Also you have an opportunity to track your order as soon as your order is dispatched. This is an Express Mail Service delivery and accordingly will cost more money than regular delivery.

Standard delivery is a cheaper option, but it takes more time to be delivered. Such orders are usually delivered in 14 – 21 days, but deadline for this option is 30 days. Choosing this method you have no opportunity to track your order, and your parcel will be put in your mailbox.shipping options

Orders are packed in non-transparent packages, so you can not be afraid that anybody will know about the contents. All orders placed on the website are shipped within 2 days. Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday are processed on Monday, and you will get a notification letter on your e-mail. Also too large orders (more 120 pills) will be sent in 2 different parcels and may not be delivered on the same day, as well as generic and brand name medications. As it is said on the website, that they perform delivery to most countries of the world, but you should contact the support group to make sure that your country is on the list.

Two methods of delivery is a very small choice and there is no free delivery for all orders, so it is quite frustrating than you have no opportunity of courier delivery and that you will have to pay for shipment anyway. Though there is an offer of free delivery for orders more than $200. So for this point we give Onlineantibiotics.net 3 stars.

Ways to Pay for Orders

There is no special page for payment options, and nothing about it mentions in the «Policy» page. The only information on this subject is provided on the «FAQ» page in 1 short sentence. Among payment options there are only 3 ways:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • eChecks.

Also, there are more types of credit card that are accepted by the company, but this information becomes evident only at the «Checkout» page. An inconvenient option.payment options

Not a wide choice considering that the pharmacy provides service for patients all over the world. Though there is opportunity to choose another currency other than US dollars or Euro. There are 6 different currencies on the website.

Of course these options are the most popular ones, but what about those people who do not want to disclose their credit card details in the Internet. For such clients Wire Bank Transfer would be a solution, but there is no such option here. So for such a small choice and absence of detailed information about payment we can give Onlineantibiotics.net only 3 stars.

Technical Characteristics of Onlineantibiotics.net

Google Page Speed Check Out

Results of the test by developers.google.com are not inspiring at all. Both indicators are really low, although desktop version is at an acceptable level. There are many flaws in the work of the website that need to be fixed and before this website can be called well-working there is lots to be done.desktopmobile

So considering such low results we can give Onlineantibiotics.net a high score. We advise the administration to work on the website performance and eliminate all the flaws that slow down its work, but for now – only 2.1 stars.

Mobile Version

The website has a mobile version, which is already a good sign. Everything looks attractive, and the products list is much more attractive that in desktop version, all products are presented on the front page with large icons. The version works without any visible errors. Everything is well organized and the website in general looks very user-friendly.

There is a special option to switch to desktop version even if you are visiting the website from the mobile phone. This is probably done in case you are uncomfortable with using adapted version on the website. The same option is present in desktop version (switch to mobile site). But when you go to desktop version from your device, there are lots of logs come up. So it is more convenient to use mobile version on you phone.

For this point we can give 5 stars to Onlineantibiotics.net for well worked though mobile version of the website.

Secure Connection

All people want to be sure of their safety when it come to making purchases online and disclosing their sensitive data. Today it is very easy to get caught by some frauds, so it is very important to make 100% sure that the procedure is secure. That’s why most reliable websites use secure connection, to protect their clients from their data theft. Always check any website for secure connection – near URL there must be green lock indicating that the connection is secure.https protocol

Onlineantibiotics.net doesn’t provide protection on the website, but the transactions are secure. The thing is that checkout procedure appears on other server. The website warns its customers about it. All pages that require entering personal data and payment procedure are protected with SSL encryption. You can find detailed information about the certificate of security on the website.certificatecertificate

As we can see, the company uses 256-bit encryption, which is the highest possible level on protection of your data. But information about certificate owner is hidden, so there is no way to check its reliability. But in general information provided here is satisfactory to make sure of security of transactions.

Besides there is information that these pages are protected via GeoTrust – a very reliable program for data protection in the Internet during purchases. This can add some point in favor of the pharmacy reputation as reliable website.geotrust

So considering everything said in this point we can give Onlineantibiotics.net 3.5 stars for providing secure connection not on the entire website, but only «Checkout» page.

Antivirus Protection

The website provides antivirus protection only when placing your order and making payment. That is if you are not proceeding to checkout, you are not protected on viruses. It is really good that payment procedure here is well protected and you can be sure of the security of your data. The website uses «McAfee» antivirus – a popular and reliable service.antivirus

But still it is frustrating that the rest of the website is unprotected, so when you are choosing the drug of reading some article on this website, there is a chance to get you device «infected». So we hope that customers will think about additional measures of protection such as antivirus on their own devices, but for this point we give Onlineantibiotics.net only 3 stars.

Making Orders

Making orders is as simple as possible on this website. There is no registration or prescription list required. This means that to make an orders you don’t have to waste your time on additional steps.

All you need to do is to choose necessary products, dosage and quantity and put them into your cart. After that you can proceed to checkout. Note that you can choose delivery method before you go to checkout. At the «Checkout» page you fill in necessary data, and submit your order. That’s all that it takes – 5 minutes of your time and you get necessary products at very attractive price.ordering

We can say that such process pleases most customer, as there are no problems that may arise with making order. We find the procedure easy and quick, which cannot but earn 5 stars to Onlineantibiotics.net in this point.

Is Onlineantibiotics.net Legit?

Reliability of the Website

According to ScamAdviser.com the website has not very high reliability rate. Besides it has some negative feedback about its work, and has been reported as untrustworthy. Other websites give it low reliability. Such facts give us quite clear image of the website reputation. Although the report shows that the pharmacy has 64% of safety, which is not bad. The domain age is more than 3 years, though its life expectancy was claimed 365 days (usually fraudulent companies do that).scamadviser

The website doesn’t provide any contact details except for phone numbers, so we can’t check if the address indicated in the report is the same as they claim their official address. The website’s origin is claimed to be German, but ScamAdviser.com shows us that it may also be based in Switzerland. Also not a point in favor of the pharmacy. We would advise you to check everything very carefully before buying from this facility or choose another pharmacy. The website’s reputation is very low according to this report and it can be very dangerous to entrust your data to it. That’s why we give 2 point to Onlineantibiotics.net for this point.

Prescription Requirement

Prescription is not required in this pharmacy. Though we all know that any antibiotic requires doctor’s prescription to buy it, this company doesn’t bother to make sure that people do not engage in self-medication, as it may be very dangerous. Here you can chose any medication, any dosage and quantity and order in few clicks.

This fact doesn’t make level of pharmacy reliability higher. On the contrary, we wouldn’t advise you to trust a company that sells prescription medication without asking to see the prescription itself. Well, at least, they do not claim to require one in their description. For this point – 1 star for such an irresponsible attitude.

Onlineantibiotics.net Legitimacy

We checked the website on legitimacy via www.legitscript.com and it turned out that the website is listed as rogue company. Apparently the company doesn’t meet this website requirements and according to the previous check out by ScamAdviser.com, we can see why. Legitimacy of the company is questionable, because if such report on the website exists it means that the company leads unlawful, unsafe or deceptive practices.. So again be cautious and check everything twice before using Onlineantibiotics.net services. For this point we give it only 1 stars.legitimacy

Onlineantibiotics.net Reviews

Comments on the Website

The website has no comment page, so no reviews of their customers are available. It looks like the company doesn’t have any customers at all, or their customers are so unsatisfied that leave no comments. But we guess that even if their clients wanted to leave a feedback, there is no such opportunity. If a company has nothing to hide, that there is no need to prevent people from leaving comments.

Positive comments would have improved reputation of the pharmacy, but probably their work is so bad, that there would be no positive reviews at all. We cannot estimate reliability of the website, as there are no messages from real people about it. Considering the information we have got before, about reliability and legitimacy of the website, there is no surprise that there no comments on the website itself. So this point brings Onlineantibiotics.net services 1 star.

Comments on Other Websites

As well as with testimonials on the website, there are no comments in the Internet on other websites. Really, there is an opinion that this website leads no activity at all, because no comments in the internet appear. Although we managed to find 1 comment about their activity. It is negative, just as we expected. Some customer claimed that they are fraudulent company selling chalk-filled pills. Not a very good review, and considering that no other comment are found in the Internet, we would advise you to use another service to buy antibiotics.comment

We are very frustrated with such results of our research. And most people would be of the same opinion. We would not trust some website, that has no proof of their successful activity, so for your own good, find another pharmacy. This point can only be estimated in 1 star.

Onlineantibiotics.net Coupon Code

There are no coupon codes of banners with discount offers on the website. The website doesn’t provide any coupon code, though during checkout you have a field where you need to insert the code. The only special offer you get is 10% discount for all new customers. But you won’t find this information elsewhere but when proceeding to checkout.discount code

Also you can consider as a special offer a free delivery for orders more than $200. A doubtful offers, but we can review it as a discount, which prices for medications are already low, and free delivery is offered not in all online pharmacies.

No other information was found in the Internet. No other website have any information about coupon codes of this pharmacy. This is a very frustrating fact, as customer always expect some pleasant surprise and discount when they shop online. That’s why we can give Onlineantibiotics.net only 3 stars for this point.

Support Service on Onlineantibiotics.net

Contact Details

There is a special page devoted to contact details, but there you won’t find anything except for contact form. No address or e-mail. In case you want to contact them or visit their office, you won’t have such an opportunity. However, in the right sidebar you can find their phone numbers, so apparently you can get consultation by phone if you manage to get to them.

So the only way to contact is filling in the contact form, which for some clients is an inconvenient option. After you send them a message, you get a automatic reply that your e-mail was received (as they say on this page).contact information

We believe that this information is not enough, they even do not provide any details about hours of operating, so you don’t know when to call them or expect their answer. So we will give 2.5 star for this point to the pharmacy, and advise them to correct this situation as soon as possible.

Customer Support

Luckily, the pharmacy provide live chat option, so you can get instant answer to your question. Most customers appreciate such opportunity, as they don’t have to waste their time waiting for an answer on their e-mail.

So we decided to ask a simple question about documents proving quality of medication and see how fast they will answer. We were surprised with how quick their support service works – we got answer in no time, which means that their customer service works effectively and fast. Though the way they attribute the customer seems a little strange, and we found out that no certificates can be provided to the customer. It seems that the support group doesn’t know how to deal with such requests, so their answers were no informative at all. So the information they gave us was useless.support service

So for this point we can give Onlineantibiotics.net 4 stars, as their customer service operates on very fast but provides little necessary information.

To Sum Up…

Well, summing up everything we analyzed in this review, we cannot say that we are happy with the results. The pharmacy seems reputable and reliable, information on their website puts them in very favorable light, but when you begin to check the details it turns out that the picture is not so attractive as you thought.

The pharmacy offers quite a wide choice of antibiotics at very low prices with delivery to many countries of the world. Everything on the website is easy and simple. You don’t need to register or send them a prescription – ordering takes you 10 minutes maximum. But when it comes to reliability, you can see that this company is not one of those that can be trusted. Low ratings in different services and no real people comments at all in the Internet. All this facts point us that this company has a great chance to be a fraudulent one. That why we advise you to find another, more reliable, place to buy medication and not risk you money and health. That’s why Onlineantibiotics.net gets 2.7 out of 5 stars in the rating.