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Pharm-Store.com Review: A Scam Website Which Cannot Be Trusted

What is Pharm-Store?

logoPharm-Store.com is another online pharmacy which claims to sell high-quality cheap medications. According to the website, the store has been operating since 2001 and until now is providing people with effective drugs at an international level. They say they have served over one million customers over time. The main goals of Pharm-Store are to supply genuine brand and generic drugs at the lowest prices customers would never have found in their city pharmacies. They claim to cooperate with the most reliable drug manufacturers and the professional pharmacists only. The store guarantees the highest security level and up-to-date privacy standards to protect clients’ personal information. The pharmacy promises to do its best to provide professional and quick service in order to gain popularity.


What Can You Buy in Pharm-Store?

Pharm-store has a wide assortment of drugs. The pharmacy ensures that all products available on the website are safe, effective, and FDA-approved. The main page presents a large list of drug categories for various medical conditions:


The store sells both brand and generic drugs and seems to specialize in erectile dysfunction pills. Customers can also buy here medications for heart disease, allergies, antibiotics, anxiety, asthma, birth control, depression, diabetes, fungal infections, weight loss, skin care, hair loss, and many other common medical conditions.

Pharm-store has the richest selection of both original and generic pills for erectile dysfunction – more than 50 items available! Besides popular Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, you can buy here such ED drugs as Sildalis, Silagra, Dapoxetine, Super Viagra, Super Cialis, Kamagra, Kamagra Polo, Suhagra, Caverta, Avana, Viagra Jelly, Super Avana, Top Avana, Tadapox, Viagra Soft, and so on. You can check the bestsellers of the pharmacy (which is also one of the categories in the list). Just like we expected, most bestsellers are drugs for male potency:


All other drug categories also include numerous options for your choice. For this reason, I give this pharmacy 5 stars for its unique assortment of erectile dysfunction pills and a very good selection of drugs for other medical concerns.


The pharmacy sells many generic drugs that are supposed to become a good cheaper alternative to expensive original medications. The store guarantees the lowest possible prices available on the net:


Since erectile dysfunction pills are most popular and numerous on this website, I decided to check their prices. Indeed, Pharm-store offers VERY cheap options for impotence treatment —for example, generic Viagra is sold for a starting price of $0.27 per pill, generic Cialis is sold for at least $0.68 per pill, and generic Levitra is sold for at least $1 per pill. The pharmacy offers numerous amounts and dosages of pills, so customers can choose the most suitable variant.

Look at the prices for generic Viagra 25 mg:


Brand Viagra is also very cheap – only $2.56 per pill, brand Cialis is available for only $3.72 per pill, and brand Levitra is sold for at least $3.71 per pill.

In addition, the store draws customers’ attention to special offer advertised on the main page which seems beneficial. You can buy Viagra 100 mg (10 pills) and Cialis 100 mg (10 pills) for only $46.16:


So, the prices, as promised were really cheap. I would even say they are suspiciously cheap. Of course, online pharmacies offer lower prices than regular city drugstores, but the difference must be within the limits! No other online pharmacy offer such prices for ED medications, so I do not know for which reason for SUCH LOW prices. Are they really high-quality? Since this unit made me suspect that something is wrong, I give 4 stars for this unit.

Shipping policy

Pharm-store offers two shipping methods:

  1. EMS option with a delivery time of 5 to 10 business days, this option costs $19.95 and has tracking. EMS option is not available in all countries (the list of countries is not mentioned);
  2. Regular shipping option with a delivery time of 2 to 4 weeks, this option costs $9.95 and doesn’t have tracking. Regular shipping is available to all countries.

The store advertises free shipping for consumers with orders exceeding $200. Those with orders exceeding $200 also get an additional 10% OFF on their final order amount.


In case your order was damaged during transportation or did not arrive at all, you can ask for a full refund or order reshipment. For this, you need to contact the pharmacy calling at phone numbers specified on the main page (+1-718-487-9792 or +44-20-3239-7092).


We appreciate that the store has two shipping options and the opportunity to get a free delivery. However, I cannot score this pharmacy 5 stars for this unit since many other online pharmacies offer much lower delivery fees or ship drugs for free to all destinations regardless of the final order amount. 3 stars is a reasonable score for this unit.

Payment Options

On Pharm-store, can pay for medications using VISA and MasterCard credit cards:


Regretfully, there are no other payment options such as American Express, E-Check, Bitcoin, QIWI, bank transfer, Western Union, or WebMoney. The store receives only 1 star due to too limited payment options available.

Technical Characteristics of Pharm-Store.com

Website’s Loading Speed

Loading speed is a relevant aspect of an online resource. Visitors expect a quick loading of all pages. If the pages are loaded too slowly, customers will not wait until it’s completely loaded. The user will decide whether he wants to order drugs from this website within the first few seconds. Of course, loading speed Is not the only factor which is important for customers, still it should be optimized.

Page loading speed of a mobile version is also relevant today. More and more people use mobile devices for ordering drugs online so they expect the same good speed of loading pages.

I checked Pharm-store.com loading speed using PageSpeed Insights from Google, which allows users to analyze the desktop and mobile loading speed. See the results below:


As you see, the loading speed of a mobile and desktop version is unavailable, and Optimization indicators need further development. I conclude that this website may have serious loading problems that may affect its usability. For this reason, Pharm-store receives only 1,6 stars for this unit.

Mobile Version

I think a website’s mobile version is relevant for online businesses since the popularity of smartphones and tablets is constantly growing. Customers refuse computers and order medications using a smartphone. A poor mobile version will surely make customers refuse this pharmacy and reduce the profitability of this online business. A good mobile version should download quickly and be convenient to use.

I tried to check Pharm-store.com mobile version with the help of Google, but, unfortunately, the page could not be reached. It was mentioned that this may be due to the fact that the page is unavailable or blocked by robots.txt:


However, I noticed that Pharm-store.com does have a mobile version, which seems to be good. The content is optimized for a mobile audience, the text is large, clickable and readable, the pages do not require scrolling. However, due to the Google analysis results, I give this website only 4 stars out of 5 for its mobile version.

Personal Data Protection

The store guarantees to use the latest SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and up-to-date security encryption technologies that give customers an absolute security. According to Pharm-store, its clients’ personal data is well protected. In fact, it turned out that Pharm-store.com website does not use any security encryption technologies, which means that personal details, passwords, and logins entered on this website could be compromised:


However, when I proceed to checkout, I was transferred to secure-bills.net – an online service which is used for safe payment online. This page uses a 256-SSL encryption, which makes your personal information inaccessible to third-parties. A secure connection is verified by COMODO CA Limited:


I’d recommend Pharm-store use an SSL encryption on its website too. So far, I give 4 stars out of 5 for this unit since this online service protects customers’ date only on a checkout page.

Checking Antivirus

The checkout page of Pharm-store has 2 icons: “McAfee SECURE” and “Hacker free site”. However, they are not clickable, which means that Pharm-store com is probably a risky website which has no antivirus protection:


The website’s owner should take some measures and make this website safer for use. For now, I give this online pharmacy 1 star out of 5 since its antivirus security looks confusing.

Convenience of ordering from Pharm-Store.com

I decided to check whether Pharm-Store.com is a convenient site for use.

I like that clients do NOT need to register on the website to start an ordering procedure. I think this will allow save time and buy drugs as soon as possible.

You can find the necessary drugs by name using a search bar on the front page, by letter, or by using a catalog of drugs. I would choose the third option – this way I can see a full list of similar medications that treat the same medical condition.


An ordering process seems fast and easy. You find the desired medication, choose the quantity and dosage, add it to the shopping cart, click on the checkout button. After that, you will be transferred to the secure billing page secure-bills.net where you’ll have to fill in the required fields.

I like that users have the opportunity to choose the currency and language: the website offers 5 languages: English, Deutsch, Francais, Italiano, Espanol:


I noticed that the store indicated the price per pills, savings, and the price per pack, which helps us compare prices and find the most advantageous offer:


Another advantage is that you can see all generic analogs and others names of the drug you choose. So you can find a cheaper variant and save money! Look how it works for Viagra with active ingredient Sildenafil:


New customers can find all the necessary information in an FAQ section. There were no questions that remained unclear.

Pharm-Store receives 5 stars for its convenience. Let’s resume what I liked: no registration, 3 ways of searching for drugs, an opportunity to choose a language and a currency, a price per pills and per pack.

Is Pharm-Store.com Legit?

Rating on ScamAdviser.com

Before buying medications online, I recommend you check their reputation and background on ScamAdviser.com – a reliable verification service. It turned out that Scam Adviser does not trust Pharm-Store.com and gives it a 0%-trust rating. Below you will find a detailed analysis:


ScamAdviser revealed some suspicious aspects about Pharm-Store. This store seems to work either from the Netherlands or Germany (according to the website’s information, they are located in the USA or the United Kingdom). In any way, they seem to lie about Pharm-Store location. According to ScamAdviser, this website is rarely visited.and the domain age is 2 years only, although the store claims to have been working since 2001. In addition, this website has been listed as a ROGUE pharmacy on other verification websites, has malware reports and too many suspicious websites on one server. For all these reasons, I have to give 1 star for this unit and suggest that you check Pharm-Store address before ordering meds online.

Do We Need a Prescription?

On Pharm-Store.com, customers do need prescriptions for medications, but the pharmacy recommends them to consult doctors first buying any drug from this website. Such a policy does not seem responsible, which frustrates me. The thing is that Pharm-Store sells potent drugs that may become dangerous when used incorrectly. Only a doctor can determine whether you need a certain medication or not. For this reason, I give 1 star for a non-prescription policy.

Checking Pharm-Store.com Status on LegitScript

LegitScript does not trust Pharm-Store either. The store has a “Rogue” status since it failed to meet some online pharmacy verification standards established by Legit Script:


I did not find further details. I think this online pharmacy was given a rogue due to its non-prescription policy. Such a poor status might also mean that the company violates the laws that regulate pharmaceutical business. For this reason, Pharm-Store receives 1 star.


According to the information placed on the website, Pharm-Store.com is accredited by many organizations like CIPA, MIPA, PharmacyChecker, and so on. The problem is that all these emblems are not clickable which undermines my trust. They all seem pure pictures the pharmacy placed on the front page to improve its reputation in a customer’s eye:


The store receives 1 star out of 5 for this unit.

Pharm-Store.com Reviews

Customer On-Site Reviews

Customer reviews are reliable markers of a pharmacy’s performance and drugstores with good reviews are usually those which can be trusted. Pharm-Store.com has its own testimonial page which seems to contain fake customer reviews. I looked through this page and found only positive comments that are not dated and obviously written by the website’s owner. Or at least these reviews were filtered. Look at some comments from “satisfied customers” below:


One more client said that Pharm-Store had good customer service, cheap prices, and effective drugs.

Samuel from France liked the fast delivery and the regular updates for his order by the pharmacy.
Erica from Germany wrote Pharm-Store products are cheap and good.

Andy from Ireland stated that the delivery was very fast—he received his order from the store hassle free.

Mark from France said he received his order after 10 days. He also pointed out a hassle-free ordering process and high-quality drugs.

See all Pharm-Store.com reviews on http://pharm-store.com/testimonials.

The pharmacy provided no evidence that these testimonials were genuine and written by real customers, I give 2 stars for this unit.

Pharm-Store Reviews on Third-Party Websites

Since I did not trust on-site testimonials, I decided to I check customer reviews on independent websites. Regretfully, I found only 2 reviews which were negative. John from Washington ordered medications 3 weeks ago and still did not received them. One user ordered Cialis which proved to be a low-quality and “not up to standard” product. Read the full reviews below:

bad reviewreview

Negative customer reviews mean that this website cannot be really trusted.  I give Pharm-Store only 1 star for this unit.

Pharm-Store.com Coupon Codes

This online store does offer any coupon codes which would have allowed you saving on meds. They are only offering free shipping on all orders exceeding $200. They also have 2 generic ED pills bonuses (you can choose Viagra, Cialis or Levitra).


You can also order pills in large quantities. The more pills you order – the larger discount you get, So Pharm-Store.com offers no coupon codes but you can get free shipping on orders over $200, bonus ED pills, discounts for large orders. For this reason, the pharmacy gets 2 stars out of 5.

Customer Support Service

Contact Information

Unfortunately, the Contact Us section contains neither legal address nor email address of Pharm-Store, and this is a bad sign. A legitimate online pharmacy must have a legal address and more ways of communication. For some reason, this store remains anonymous. From the specified phone numbers, I can suggest that the store is located either in the USA or the UK, but ScamAdviser claims that the company is located either in the Netherlands or Germany.

So the only available contact information is 2 phone numbers:


Hiding an important contact information means that the pharmacy cannot be 100% trusted. 2 phone numbers are too limited contact information, from my opinion. So I give this store only 2 stars for this unit.

Trying to Get a Consultation

You can reach the representatives of Pharm-Store via 2 methods: calling by a phone number or by filling in a contact form and wait for an email feedback. The pharmacy also mentioned that their customer support service is speaking only English so customers need to make sure they know this language. I found no information about Pharm-Store operating hours.

I suggest customers will have difficulty reaching customer support department of this company. They have too much work to be done to provide clients with fast answers to all queries. Now, this online pharmacy receives 1 star due to its bad customer care department.


At the first sight, Pharm-Store.com seems a perfect pharmacy for your pharmaceutical needs: they claim to have been working since 2001 and served over one million consumers. They offer a good selection of medications for different conditions (especially, erectile dysfunction) and you can find all that you need in one place. But what attracts customers most is very low prices on medications. Besides, the pharmacy offers free ED pills and free shipping on orders over $200. However, even with all these aspects, using Pharm-Store is still not a good idea since this store seems fake and unreliable. First of all, all prices are TOO low (they seem to act like a bait). LegitScript said that this pharmacy is ROGUE, ScamAdviser gave it 0% of trust, there is a confusion with the pharmacy’s location, I found no positive customer reviews on the net – all these aspects prove that we cannot trust this website. I conclude that the risk of losing money when using Pharm-Store.com is very high. Pharmstore.com rating is 2.2 stars out of 5.