Review: a 2,8-Star Rating – Insecurity For Ordering

Self-Presentation of

logo is online pharmacy specializing in generic medications sale. All medications sold are FDA-approved and undergone all quality tests. This online store starts to operate in 2000. Online pharmacy administration claims they provide cheap generic drugs, which is one of the main advantages of experts carry out constantly selection of the best and reliable pharmaceutical companies to supply you with the high-quality brand and generic medications. Online pharmacy announces they have the lowest prices on generic medications because they do not spend money on research, clinical trials and advertising. But let’s start to analyze performance, usability and legitimacy. We are going to carry out thorough verification.

Is Assortment Diverse on

As it turns out this online pharmacy specializes in men’s health drugs. There is a list of medications: generic and brand available in sidebar:


The main popular drugs there are:

  • Viagra – Brand/Generic;
  • Cialis – Brand/Generic;
  • Levitra – Brand/Generic.

There is the list of best-sellers including also medications for erectile dysfunction treatment. This list is comprised of regular, soft, jelly forms. Medications are presented with price:

best-sellers on

There is one more possibility to find what you need exactly “Browse by letter” option. Each alphabet letter coincides with medication:

browse by letter

This method has its disadvantage: the majority of letters are empty because there is no medication sold in this category. Each “letter” category contains two or more medications.

One more opportunity to find required medication for your health condition improvement is a search bar. This is, sometimes, the most effective and convenient method of medications searching.


There are so many ways of how to find this or that medication but there is no possibility to estimate the diversity of assortment because there is no complete list of categories or medications. We understand from mentioned above facts that possesses the most popular ED drugs. But sometimes, people have a necessity to see the complete list of medications available. It gives us a right to level down the mark for 1 point. Assortment diversity unit deserves 4 points.

Prices on claims they have the lowest prices on brand and generic medications. As it turns out, a price for one brand Viagra pill is $7,00. This price is considerably lower in comparison with other online pharmacies. It becomes clear that men may buy brand Viagra at an attractively low price.

price on brand Viagra states price on one generic Viagra pill. This price is higher a little in comparison with other online stores. One generic Viagra pill costs $0,59. Average generic price for one Viagra pill is $0,40. But to tell you the truth, it is not the highest price ever met in the Internet.

price for Viagra generic

We come to a conclusion that you may afford to buy Viagra: generic or brand. It seems more attractive too but brand Viagra for such a low price. This unit deserves 4 points. We believe, prices may attract people from all over the world to buy medications for erectile dysfunction treatment.

Shipping Options Available offers two main shipping options:

  • By Standard International Airmail without your order tracking;
  • By Express International Mail with the order tracking. Besides, you can also find it in your account area. In a case when they deliver parcels into Canada and some European countries, the package is not tracked. However, delivery time is like Express Mail.

shipping options

It is noticed that delivery time is usually similar for all orders. But this online pharmacy is not responsible for delivery delay happening as the result of customs inspections, celebrations and natural disasters.

Standard International Airmail delivery will take 14-21 days, Express International Mail takes 5-9 working days. It means that paying $30 for delivery you will get your parcel faster with tracking it.

check the status

At this time they have no possibility to get delivery free. We estimate this unit for 3 points.

Payment Options

FAQ section gives information that you pay for your order only by means of credit cards. But when you are at the check-out stage there was revealed another information. You may pay for your orders by means of :

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • American Express;
  • JCB;
  • Bitcoin.

payment options

This information may make people confused about how to pay for your order. We may guess that information in FAQ section was not updated but people are desirable to see common information for this or that option. We are going to get 3,5 points.

Technical Data

To get high marks for this great unit, should meet main requirements of page speed loading, secure connection, antivirus presence, mobile version functionality and convenience of making orders. Each point will be estimated fairly.

2.1. Google Page Speed Loading Statistics

mobile and desktop versions

As you can see, mobile and desktop versions of have average indicators. The desktop version is organized better than mobile version but it shows that page speed loading in both versions is higher than average. If site administration examines the list of drawbacks, there is an opportunity to improve these indicators. Our common for both statistical data mark is 3,1.

Mobile Version of

There is a mobile version of but there is one noticeable drawback in it – there is scrolling especially on check-out stage. But you may carry out ordering procedure on a smartphone. Moreover, you may choose various types of smartphones. They are adjusted to all of them but with a little scrolling. We may get for this unit 4 points.

Is Ordering Secure on

security connection

It is secure to make orders via because all transactions are protected by GeoTrust using 128-bit server encrypting your personal data. But we should underline that there is a more effective method to protect customers’ personal data from unlegalized access – 256-bit server. We also notice one more peculiarity exactly there is no secure connection on the front page of Our common mark for secure connection and transactions on this online pharmacy is 3 points.

Is Antivirus Present?

We do not find any evidence of antivirus presence but when you are in shopping cart antiviruses seem to be present. But they are not clickable and we have the suspicion that they are made just pro forma. Maybe we are mistaken but we cannot give the highest mark for this unit. 3 points are an appropriate mark for antivirus availability.

How to Make an Order on

This online pharmacy doesn’t require mandatory registration. It shortens the time for people who are a desire to place an order via They do not have registration form so that you should not waste time while making orders.

Site administration described the procedure of how to make an order via this online service:

  • click the button “Buy now” if you have decided what product to order;
  • check the amount of the drugs specified;
  • click “Checkout”;
  • specify the necessary required information;
  • when you check your data click “Submit transaction”;
  • you will receive the order confirmation on your e-mail. If not, ask our support team to send it again. You can download this message from your account section.
  • this online pharmacy accepts only the orders specified on the website. We cannot accept your orders by phone or e-mails.

Following this step-by-step instruction, you will arrange an order fast. Collecting all the data, we come to a conclusion that deserves 5 points for ordering procedure convenience.

shopping cart

Is Secure and Legit? about

It is a logical question whether is secure and legit. People should be sure that this online pharmacy is legal and official. We are going to examine this unit according to three parameters: data, prescription request and data about website legitimacy.
3.1. about Security

According to, has low trusting rate and is not secure for use. Only 28% of security is definite indication of the high risk of being cheated while making an order. There is also the supposition that company owner hides online pharmacy location. Website location is Germany but company owner may locate in Ukraine, Great Britain, France. If this online service doubts company owner location, it means that there is a possibility, your personal data will be stolen. We cannot compare address because site administration has no address in “contact us” section.

Domain age is 1 Years, 346 Days and for this period of time, they have few numbers of visitors. You cannot be sure you will be protected or even delivered medications when ordering via Our point for data is 2.

Is Prescription Mandatory? doesn’t underline clearly whether they require a prescription or not. They point out that if the country you get delivery in, medications are required a prescription, then they will require a prescription as well. But if this medication in your country is sold over the counter, they will sell it in the same way. This agenda seems to be affordable for both parties but there is a hesitation whether they really require a prescription. We try to order Viagra: brand and generic but won’t be asked prescription. So we make a conclusion that they do not require a prescription at all. All the medications are sold over the counter. This aspect lets us get 1 point for the prescription request. about

Is legit? We are able to find the answer by means of – online service estimating legitimacy of online services. says to us that has “ROUGH” status. It implies that this online pharmacy may be involved in some illegal affairs. This online pharmacy administration may break your rights for being anonymous while making orders. They have no reviews as it is pointed out. There is the greatest possibility that your rights will be violated. “Rough” status allows us to get only 1 point.

Reviews about

Each online service should have reviews to make customers sure they are operated on the level to meet customers’ needs. We are going to grapple with this issue estimating reviews on and reviews about on foreign recourses.

Reviews on

There are no reviews on There is no separate page devoted to testimonials. We cannot estimate fairly about a number of satisfied and unsatisfied customers. Reviews play an important role in making choice whether this online pharmacy is reliable for ordering or not. When they see no reviews on, they may decide it is not suitable for them to arrange orders. Our mark for this unit is 1.

Reviews about on Foreign Recourses

There are no reviews about on foreign recourses found. We try to find any evidence of performance but fail. It becomes impossible to estimate this online pharmacy performance taking into account that there are no reviews on itself. As you can guess, our mark here is 1 point. Coupon Code

There is no coupon code available on but there is the cumulative discount system:

discount table

It means you are able to get the discount if you order two or more times. You will get the discount 5% and more. You do not need to search for a coupon code, a discount will be accounted by itself.

There is one more opportunity to make shopping affordable – free sample pills. Each order is accompanied with free pills.


It means that there are two main methods on by means of which you may get profit while making orders online. Our mark for coupon code is 4 points. There is no coupon code on but there are other opportunities to save money.

“Contact Us” Information

Each online service, a trading one should have addresses and phone numbers. People should be sure they may come in contact with support group or site administration to cope with questionable issues.

“Contact Us” Section gives to customers only phone numbers and e-mail.

phone numbers

Customers have an opportunity to come in contact with support group by means of live chat. But we remember that (only service examining security) doubts about website and company owner location. Of course, one call is possible to cope with all problems but it doesn’t help be sure of online pharmacy security. This unit deserves 3 points.

Customer Support Service possesses Life Chat with immediate response from customer support service. We ask the questions but we do not get relative answer.

support group

Getting the immediate response is great but getting no relative answer is bad. 3,5 points are for this unit.

Conclusion: a 2,9 – Star Rating – Insecurity for Orders deserves a 2,8 – star rating according to all the units explained above. What makes us doubt its credibility is the absence of reviews on and foreign recourses. We are not able to estimate the number of satisfied and unsatisfied customers. One more point for insecurity status is data from and – they both give disappointing indicators 29-% and “Rough” respectively. hesitates also owner company location and there is no address on site itself. This online pharmacy claims they offer prescription and non-prescription drugs but they do not require a prescription when we have been ordering. Customer support service is working immediately but we do not get any relative response. Our questions were not answered.

There are also advantages making us believe this online pharmacy may be reliable. They have diverse assortment specializing in erectile dysfunction treatment. Their prices for brand medications are affordable but on generics – a little bit overestimated. The procedure for making orders is simple and convenient. protects its customers by means of GeoTrust and 128-key encryption service. There is the greatest possibility to save money by means of cumulative discount system.

You have everything you need to make an order but think properly about this online pharmacy. It is up to you to decide whether it is suitable for you or not. Make choice by yourself but we advise you be attentive.