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Pharmacy2u.co.uk Review: UK Pharmacy with Proper Legitimacy and Enormous Number of Reviews

Self-Introduction of Pharmacy2u.co.uk


Pharmacy2U is one of the largest UK services managing to supply customers with medication with NHS repeat prescriptions. This company was found in 1999. Hundreds of thousands of patients have already decided on this service and 93% of them rate it as either ‘excellent’ or ‘good’. NHS repeat prescription service helps customers save almost £147 per year. Such a combination of online pharmacy and NHS repeat prescription service contributes to the company growth acquiring the trustworthy reputation. Moreover, Pharmacy2u.co.uk has certificates of the following companies: General Pharmaceutical Council, MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency), Care Quality Commission and LegitScript.com. They are all legit and valid.

Assortment Diversity

This online pharmacy offers 8 drug categories: medicines, health&well-being, mothers&baby, toiletries, beauty&skincare, for men, more and special offer. The following drug categories are comprised of the raw of subcategories. Medicines category is comprised of drugs for allergy&hayfever, coughs, colds and flu, ear care, worms, stomach and digestion and others specified on the screen below.

drug categories

Health&well-being contains slimming products, stop smoking, women’s health, men’s health, sexual well being, health food and drunks and many others also defined on the screen below.


The next category includes mothers&baby products. Mothers may find a product for themselves and their babies. The products from the screen are added in this category. It is the most useful category because mothers with small children are always busy to visit drugstores and stand in long queues.


Toiletries category provides an access to the beauty care products and items for every day hygienes. You may buy deodorants, shampoo, conditioners and many other products.


Other drug categories contain products and medications for acne treatment, anti-aging, organic facial skin care products, men’s hair loss, beard grooming, facewasher, shampoo and conditioners.

For finding the right product, the customer should press the button “Pharmacy”. The categories are specified there with available products in each section. We cannot calculate the overall number of items but it is enough to satisfy all customers’ needs and wishes. The assortment is diverse containing medical and non-medical products. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

Prices Affordability

When choosing this or that drug category, you are automatically transferred to another online pharmacy which domain is chemistdirect.co.uk. The prices on that website are specified in US Dolar. But this pharmacy specializes in the UK shipping. It is not convenient for customers to convey one currency to another.

Though it is inconvenient we have to examine the price policy offered. In fact, in the section on sexual health, we have found only Viagra Connect as the means for erectile dysfunction treatment. This Viagra is 50 mg and the package contains 36 pills.

viagra price

The fee per a pill is $5.58. We may give only suppositions about the etiology of this Viagra Connect. If it is a brand the price is affordable lower in comparison with some other online pharmacies. If generic the price is overestimated considerably because the majority of online pharmacies offers Sildenafil (generic Viagra) for the price lower than $1.00.

So that, if not considering that price is specified in dollar not pound sterling (as ершу is the UK-based online store) the price is reasonable, not overestimated. Men may afford to buy this ED drug if it is affordable to convert one currency into another.

Our mark for this unit is 3 points.

Shipping Options

Pharmacy2u.co.uk provides the delivery with the United Kingdom only. The fee for delivery depends on the type of a prescription you have. If you order drug by means of NHS Prescriptions, there is no express delivery. Royal Mail Tracked 24 hr (RM24) and Royal Mail Tracked 48 hr (RM48) are available for free.

free delivery

If you have a private prescription and if you order is over £40.00, express delivery and royal mail tracked 24 hr are available. There is royal mail tracked 48 hr (RM48). If you have a private prescription and your order is under £40.00, the express delivery fee is £6.25. Royal Mail Tracked 24 hr (RM24) fee is £3.45. There is no delivery within 48 hours.

If you make use of online doctor orders express delivery fee is £6.25. You should pay £3.45 if your order is delivered by Royal Mail Tracked 24 hr (RM24).

Such delivery methods will attract customers from the UK to command this service. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

Payment Options

Pharmacy2U offers the following payment options: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

payment options

There are no options like wire transfer, money orders or eChecks for paying for an order. Our mark for this unit is 2 points.

Technical Characteristics

Google Page Speed about the Website Loading

Google Page Speed data is average. There is a suspicion of some problems with the website loading. Both speed indicators are average. The optimization data of the mobile version is good – 93 out of 100. The optimization of desktop version is medium – 69 out of 100. In fact, this data is not unsatisfactory. It meets the requirements specified by Google.com.

desktop and mobile versions

There is a small chance of improper website loading. When commanding and surfing this website we have observed some delay in the website performance. Our mark for this unit is 4.3 calculated by means of the special formula.

Mobile Version

mobile version

Pharmacy2u.co.uk has a mobile version. It has all the necessary function for a proper performance of the main function – to provide an access to the meds and other goods. The mobile version has defined the goods like a pop-up menu. Choose the necessary category and find everything you need to complete an order. There is no scrolling, there is no unreadable text – nothing will prevent you from ordering meds online. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

Is the Connection Secure?

The connection is secure. All the pages are protected by SSL-protocol verified by GoDaddy.com, Inc. The owner pharmacy information is hidden. This aspect plays the main role in giving the overall score. The connection is encrypted by a 256-bit key. This key is confirmed to be the most effective in ensuring the protection of the customers’ personal data. The unlegalized access to the data is absolutely impossible. Unfortunately, we cannot get the highest mark for this unit because there is a hidden information in this summary. Our mark s 4 points.

secure connection

Antivirus Presence

This website has no antivirus. The antivirus should prove the secure connection deprived of viruses and other threats. In fact, people may catch any kind of viruses spread on the Internet resources. As a result, our mark for this unit is 1 point.

How to Make an Order?

The main aspect in completing an order from pharmacy2u.co.uk is the creation of login and password. The registration requires the filling in of some personal information.


When you have undergone the registration you have to enter a postal code by means of which your hospital will be found.

After that, you have to choose the medication you need. After you press the “Buy Now” button you are transferred to another website – chemistdirect.co.uk. This website is one more online pharmacy from which you will complete your order.

The prescription is required but there are several means of how to get it. You may use the service of NHS, you may obtain the private prescription or use the online doctor to undergo the examination at the end of which you will get a diagnosis and a corresponding treatment.

In general, the ordering procedure is not convenient. You should spend too much time trying to complete an order. Our mark for this unit is 2 points.

Is Pharmacy2u.co.uk Legit and Safe?

ScamAdviser.com about the Website Safety

According to ScamAdviser.com, the security rate is 73%. The company owner is located in the United Kingdom. The website is located in the United Kingdom. But there is a suspicion of the probable website’s location in the Netherlands. Since that the website is threat-listed.

The company owner is Pharmacy 2U Ltd. The owner address is 1 Hawthorn Park. The city is Leeds. The domain age is 19 years, 73 days. It has lots of visitors during all this period of time. Last refreshed data is August 12, 2018.

The server has 2 other websites registered in the Netherlands. This country is included in the list of threat countries. Moreover, this website is suspected of the blackmail.


The absence of the hidden information is a sign of getting a high mark for the security rating. Our mark for this unit is 3.5 points.

Prescription Request

Pharmacy2u.co.uk requires a prescription which should be sent to the customer support group. There are three options by means of which you may get a prescription and complete an order:

  • NSH prescription;
  • online doctor who will prescribe you a treatment in accordance with your health condition;
  • private prescription.


The delivery fee depends on the type of prescription you use. If you have a private prescription you may fax it or send via email. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

LegitScript.com about the Website Legitimacy

Pharmacy2u.co.uk is probationary certified. This website has met the requirements of LegitScript.com for legitimacy, safety and transparency but there were the previous non-compliance of LegitScript.com requirements. As a result, previously there have been appeared problems with the legitimacy. But in fact, right now Pharmacy2u.co.uk is legit and secure for arranging orders. Our mark for this unit is 4 points.


Verification Standards

Pharmacy2u has the following verification certificates:

  • MHRA with the company number: C35323
  • Care Quality Commission;
  • Pharmacy Regulation with the company number: 9010146.


All the certificates are valid. They confirm the online pharmacy status. This information proves the trustworthy status of this UK-based online store. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

Reviews about Pharmacy2u.co.uk

Reviews on Pharmacy2u.co.uk

Pharmacy2u.co.uk has 15 reviews left by customers. The customers are greatly satisfied with the performance of this online pharmacy. We do not strive to believe these reviews 100% because there is no feedback form by means of which customers may leave reviews. Moreover, the reviews are published without dates.


Hence, there are 2 video reviews left by Keira Radice and Brian Bilverstone who describe the ordering process via Pharmacy2u. They explain in-depth from what they suffer and how this online service helps them cope with their health issues. These reviews look feasible. We cannot examine whether these reviews are unique or not. The data when they left is also unknown.

video review

Such reviews deserve 4 points.

Foreign Reviews about Pharmacy2u.co.uk

TrustPilot.com is a source of reviews about Pharmacy2u.co.uk. The overall rating is 4 stars out of 5. The number of reviews is enormous 68.165. 79% is excellent reviews. The bad reviews count 3%. All the reviews are “fresh”. People leave a feedback even several hours ago. It means that this website is really popular among UK customers.

trustpilot statistics

You may read a lot of reviews about Pharmacy2u there on TrustPilot.com. We provide you some bad review for you to understand better that this online service is not perfect. According to this customer, this service is a slow one. Read some information about this service and make a decision whether this pharmacy suits you.


As a result, our mark for this unit is 5 points.

Discount Code on Pharmacy2u.co.uk

We have not found any information about discount code available on pharmacy2u.co.uk. It means that the customer is not eligible to reduce expenses and get the promo code. We have used a contact form to find the answer whether this service provides any discount.

Unfortunately, the answer is not given yet. The only known way to save money is free delivery within the UK if you use NHS prescription. At the moment, the overall rating is 1 point.

Customer Support Service

“Contact Us” Section

The contact information is ample. All the data is given. The physical address is 1 Hawthorn Park, Leeds, LS14 1PQ. The phone number is 0113 265 0222. The facility is located Unit 4b, Victoria Industrial Park, Victoria Road, Leeds, LS14 2LA.

The operation hours are Mon-Fri: 8.00 am – 5.30 pm and Sat: 8.30 am – 1 pm. If you have any questions you are welcome to use a phone number or a contact form by means of which we have tried to contact a customer care department.

contact information

We will provide you with a screen with all the given contact information. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

Customer Support Service

We have used a contact form to find the answer to our question about a possible discount. Unfortunately, the response was not given within 48 hours. We are prone to believe this customer care department doesn’t perform its functions on the appropriate level. As a result, our mark for this unit is 1 point.

contact form

Conclusion: UK Pharmacy with Proper Legitimacy and Enormous Number of Reviews

Pharmacy2u.co.uk is a legit UK based online pharmacy working with NHS prescriptions, online doctor or private prescription. This online service after choosing the medication will transfer you to another online pharmacy – chemistdirect.co.uk.

In general, the assortment is diverse. The prices are affordable. The only inconvenience is that the transferred service is working with dollar when Pharmacy2u prices are specified in pound sterling.

The technical data is satisfactory. The legitimacy is proper. LegitScript.com gives probationary certification. ScamAdviser.com estimates the security rate for 71%.

There are a lot of reviews about Pharmacy2u. The reviews are posted on the website itself and on TrustPilot.com. They are informative confirming the status of this online pharmacy,

According to various aspects, this online pharmacy is very popular among UK customers. They do not ensure an international shipping that’s why if you live in the United Kingdom you are welcome to buy meds from this service. We may recommend this online service. Still, have questions? You are welcome to call them and grapple with all the aspects left unanswered.