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PharmacyOnline365.com Review: A Website with a Terrible Reputation

What is PharmacyOnline365?

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Pharmacyonline365.com is an online service referring customers to another website pharmacyonline365.co. This website claims to sell medications for lower prices than what can be found in city pharmacies. This site has been operating since 2012 there is no information regarding where it operates from. They claim to be the number 1 online provider of medications. They say they offer the best prices in the industry and using this website, customers can save up to10% and 25% on medical products. The pharmacy is operating purely online. The store claims that every medication available on this website is approved by the FDA. This website also offers affiliate partnerships for others to join.


The pharmacy sells a very limited number of medications from 8 drug categories.

drug categories

In its turn, each category contains a very limited number of medications: ADHD – Adderall, Modafinil, Strattera; Sleeping Aid – Ambien (Zolpidem), Lunesta (Zopiclone) 2 Mg, Restoril (Temazepam); Erectile Dysfunction – Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate), Cialis (Tadalafil), Levitra (Vardenafil); Stop Smoking – Champix Initiation Pack, Champix Continuation Pack; Weight Loss – Meridia (Sibutramine Hcl), Phentermine 37.5 Mg; Pain Relief – Ultram (Tramadol), Watson (Hydrodocodone); Anti Anxiety – Ativan (Lorezepam), Busron (Buspirone Hcl), Klonopin (Clonazepam), Valium (Diazepam), Xanax (Alprazolam); Muscle Relaxants – Soma (Carisoprodol).

The front page of the site lists the bestsellers of drugs of Pharmacyonline365:


The total number of available treatment options is 21. I think it’s a very poor assortment – not every customer will be able to find the desired medication. I give only 2 stars for this unit.


According to the website, Pharmacyonline365 tries to keep their prices as low as they can without harming service and drug quality. The medications being sold here are generics. The pharmacy did not mention where it sources these drugs but claims that all of them are approved by the FDA. The prices are ED meds are very high. Generic Viagra costs $3.43 per pill. Generic Cialis costs $3.71 per pill. Generic Levitra price is also very high – $3.88 per pill. Here is an example of how the price of Viagra changes depending on a number of pills:


I noticed that there is not much difference in the minimum and bulk prices. So I conclude that these prices are unaffordable for many customers. The store receives 1 star out of 5 for this unit.

Shipping Methods and Delivery Time

All Pharmacyonline365 orders are shipped via standard registered airmail. The store guarantees to deliver the ordered products to a customer’s house door.
They do not offer free delivery of goods. Standard International Shipping fee is $29, and delivery takes 5-7 business days to North America and Europe.


A customer will receive an email once the drugs have been shipped to him. The shipping time begins as soon as a customer receives the e-notification that his order has left the pharmacy.

The store does not take medications back after they were shipped. They will only provide you a full refund in the case when the drug came faulty, damaged, or expired. The store will only provide a refund if the complaint is received within 3 months from the date of the shipment. Considering the fact that the pharmacy offers only one shipping method which is rather expensive, I give only 1 star for this unit.

Payment Options

The pharmacy accepts Visa, Mastercard, Western Union, and Bitcoin:


They encourage customers to pay via Bitcoin or Western Union – in this case, they can get a 20% discount. The store receives 3 stars out of 5 for this unit due to a quite limited number of payment methods.

Technical Characteristics of PharmacyOnline365.com

Website’s Loading Speed

I consider website’s loading speed to be a very relevant aspect. Fast loading speed leaves a good impression and makes customers come back for more medications. I checked the speed and optimization of PharmacyOnline365.com using Google tool. You can see the results below:


You see that Google was not able to determine speed indicators of this website. Optimization of the site is also not as good as I expected. The website gets only 1,9 stars for this unit.

Mobile Version

Nearly half of the current traffic on the Internet is accounted for mobile devices. And this number tends to increase. That is why all respected websites should be adapted for mobile traffic.

Google detected that that PharmacyOnline365.com is mobile-friendly:

mobile version

The mobile version of this website looks convenient to use: there is no scrolling, all the elements are displayed correctly, the functionality works properly, navigation is adapted to the screen. Besides, it seems to load quicker.

Besides, the mobile version has a good design and easy navigation. The site is correctly displayed on popular mobile devices. These are key elements to a good mobile website. I give 5 stars for this unit.


PharmacyOnline365 claims to keep your personal information safe. They say their online ordering system is using the advanced Secured Encryption technologies and users can submit their personal and credit card data with the highest levels of technical security. The pharmacy claims that their system also protects users against credit card fraud. They claim to use 128 bit SSL encryption technology for transmitting credit card details during online transactions. After processing, they guarantee, that all sensitive customers’ details are encrypted and stored on their server, and thus cannot be viewed by others. The truth was the website is NOT using any security technologies:


This means you may not feel safe when providing your personal details to the website. Considering this, the pharmacy receives 1 star out of 5 for this unit.


Regretfully, the security level of PharmacyOnline365.com continues to be disappointing. Visiting this website, you can catch dangerous viruses since the site does not have an antivirus. This makes ordering products risky. I give 1 star and recommend the website’s developers to pay attention to this problem and provide users with the maximum security.

The Convenience of Ordering from PharmacyOnline365.com

Using this website, you can order drugs without registration. You just need to find the necessary items using one of the search tools available on the website and add them to the shopping basket. During checkout, you need to full in the required fields and process. It’s easy. The whole process takes a few minutes.

After you place your order, it will be reviewed and filled by a PharmacyOnline365 pharmacist. Once approved, the order will be shipped on the following working day.

In general, the whole process in easy and convenient. I give 5 stars for this unit.

Is Pharmacy Online 365 Legit?

Website’s Rating on ScamAdviser.com

Scamadviser said that this website was operating from Panama and owned by Russian Federation that means that this pharmacy is fake. PharmacyOnline365.com has a 0% trust rating. The website is considered “high-risk”, and therefore customers are advised to stay away from this company.

scam adviser

The website is also using a service to hide its location. The domain age is over 5 years. Pharmacy Online 365 receives 1 stars for this unit because there is a confusion with its actual location and no proof that it’s legitimate.

Do We Need a Prescription?

Here you can buy medications without prescriptions, as the pharmacy mentions that their country does not require them to ask for prescriptions from customers. That’s suspicious because all other trusted pharmacies require prescriptions unless this store is operating illegally and does not follow laws regulation pharmaceutical business. I give 1 star for this unit.

Checking the Website’s Status on LegitScript.com

LegitScript defined Pharmacy Online 365 as a rogue Internet pharmacy – this is the worst trust-status a drugstore can receive:

legit script

This means that the online pharmacy does not meet Legit Script verification standards of web pharmacies. There was no detailed explanation of this status. For this reason, I give 1 star for this unit.

PharmacyOnline365.com Reviews

Reviews on the Pharmacy’s Website

I decided to find out what clients say about Pharmacy Online 365 service and drug quality. Unfortunately, the site doesn’t have any client reviews. This is too bad because every customer would like to learn about previous customers’ experience with this store. There was not even a feedback form where customers can leave their comments. For this reason, the online store gets 1 stars for this unit.

PharmacyOnline365 Reviews on Third-Party Websites

I found some reviews on other websites. Regretfully, all of them were negative. Look at some examples below:


There is one more review from a client who is very disappointed with the services of PharmacyOnline365. He said that he ordered drugs for treating ADHD, took 3 pills and was “very disappointed” because they made him “sleepy and dizzy”. He contacted the pharmacy immediately and sent a photo of what he had received. After he did this, the pharmacy responded that it had sent his information to the laboratory for tests and they would call him soon. The customer had been waiting for 3 weeks and they had not replied. He said his experience was“horrible”:

bad review

Another user ordered from this pharmacy Lipitor and did not receive the order 8 weeks later, even, even after they said they had resent the goods. He recommends other people not to buy products from this website.

The last customer made an order over 3 weeks ago. He paid for the order immediately with his credit card. The package was shipped on the next day and stuck in Chicago. He had contacted the customer support many times. Every time they answered that the package had to go through customs and he just had to wait. He was sorry that he had not read reviews about this store before he ordered drugs. He thinks he was robbed. I do not know whether he finally received his medications or not.

Because these Pharmacy Online 365 complaints were obtained from third-party review websites, they are 100% authentic. This means that this pharmacy is bad and does not meet the expectations of its clients. I give 1 star for this unit.

PharmacyOnline365.com Coupon Codes

As for the discounts, the pharmacy is currently offering a 10% discount on all your orders. The code MAY10 can be used during checkout. They offer this coupon code until the end of May 2018 only. 10% is a good discount but I am not sure whether you can benefit from it knowing that this pharmacy is not able to deliver medications properly.

coupon code

The store also offers a 20% discount on all medications available on the site if you use Bitcoin or the Western Union to pay for your order:


Although I doubt that these offers really help save money, still, they seem good and I give 5 stars for this unit.

Customer Support

Contact Information

The company completely lacks any information about its origin. They only offer Pharmacy Online 365 contact numbers for US and UK and email address:

contact details

The company did not mention its actual address but it might be located in Panama and relate to Russian Federation (ScamAdviser results).

Since the actual location of Pharmacy Online 365 remained uncertain, I give 3 stars for this unit.

How Can We Get a Consultation Here?

For contacting the pharmacy, US customers can call at 1 888 474 8078 and the UK customers can call at 0161 884 0495. Or they can forward their queries to the pharmacy’s email address listed on the website. The customer care department claims to operate 365 days a year. Another way of contacting the store is to fill out an offline contact form and one of their representatives will call you back the same day. I used PharmacyOnline365 email address to figure out where they are operating from and whether they sell generic drugs. I never received an answer to my questions. Since the customer support was useless, the store receives 1 star for this unit.


PharmacyOnline365.com is an average website which was not attractive to me. There is absolutely nothing that can make me order medications from this pharmacy. What concerns me a lot is too high prices for drugs and a minimal number of medications to choose from. The delivery is also expensive – $29 is a high fee and other drugstores only ask $10-$15 on the average. ScamAdviser detected this store is located in Panama and may be related to Russian Federation which is a high-risk country. The website had only a few third-party reviews and they all are negative. It’s quite a shame that this pharmacy is not able to deliver drugs. Therefore, this website is not the safest choice for ordering medications. I will give Pharmacy Online 365 a rating of 2 stars out of 5 and would ask you to avoid this store as it seems to be a spam. Instead, you should search for better companies with a good reputation, operating for a quite long time, and having low prices.