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PharmaExpressRx.com Review: Questionable Online Pharmacy with Competitive Prices

What is PharmaExpressRx?


PharmaExpressRX is an online pharmacy that sells generics and brand name drugs. According to the information placed on the website, their referral service based in Switzerland with most of the drugs manufactured by the USA licensed pharmaceutical companies that comply with Good Manufacturing Practice standards. The pharmacy lets customers know that all their products are approved by the FDA, WHO, and MCA. They guarantee the lowest prices on medications on the net and free shipping worldwide. PharmaExpressRX focuses on medications for erectile dysfunction and sexual health but also sells some medicines from other health categories.

What Can You Buy Here?

Most drugs presented on the website are generic, although there are some brand-name manufacturers. The company mentioned on its FAQ section, that all their products are strictly regulated by the FDA and the WHO and are produced by GMP-compliant manufacturers like Reddy’s, Merck, Eli Lily, Novartis, Aventis, Bayer, Cipla, Dr., GlaxoSmithKline, Ranbaxy and some others.

Pharmaexpressrx.com does not have many drug categories on the site – they only sell medications from the following categories: Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Antibiotics, Allergy, Muscle Relaxants, Weight Loss, Pain Relief, Hair Loss, Smoking Cessation, and OTC medications.

Erectile dysfunction drugs are the most numerous on the website. All of them are generics: Generic Viagra, Generic Viagra Soft Tabs, Snovitra Professional, Generic Viagra Oral Jelly. Kamagra Pro. Sildenafil, Citrate Chewable, Viagra Professional, Kamagra, Sildenafil Softgel Capsule, Kamagra Oral Jelly, Tadalis, Tadalis Soft tabs, Tadalis Oral Jelly, Kamagra Fizz, Apcalis, Apcalis Jelly, Generic Levitra, Silvitra, Super P Force, Snovitra Power, Cialis 40 mg.

The best-sellers among erectile dysfunction drugs are placed on the main page, so the customers can see what items are in a great demand:

PharmaExpressRX bestsellers

The ED drugs assortment is rather large, unlike other drug categories that contain only 1-3 medications. Considering the fact that they specialize in ED drugs, we give the online pharmacy 4 stars out of 5.

PharmaExpressRx Prices

Pharmaexpressrx.com guarantees the lowest prices on the internet. They even offer “the Low Price Challenge”: if the customer finds a lower price for any drug presented in the catalog somewhere on the net they will sell this medication to him at that low discounted price. Actually, we can hardly find cheaper prices for medications on the Internet.

PharmaExpressRX prices

  • Generic Viagra is offered for only $0.58 per tablet which is less than its retail price;
  • Generic Levitra costs only $1.60 per tablet which can be considered a low price if compared to other online pharmacies;
  • Generic Propecia is offered for only $0.36 per pill;
  • Generic Zyban starting price is $0.60;
  • Generic Kamagra costs only $0.99 per pill.

The prices for these generic drugs depended on their dosage. As we can see, the prices are really very competitive! Of course, we found some a bit lower prices on the net, but it turned out that they didn’t include delivery cost and some other things. No doubt, PharmaExpressRx offers good prices for generic products. For this reason, the company receives 5 stars for this unit of our review.

Delivery Methods

The online pharmacy claims that it ships their products all over the world FREE of charge, especially to Europe and the USA – the information indicated on their website. However, looking through the FAQ section, we found out that they do not ship to Sweden. The reason was not indicated.

What disappointed us, even more, is the fact that they offer free delivery not for all orders, even though it was advertised otherwise.:

PharmaExpressRX deliveryIt turned out that free delivery is possible only for orders exceeding $250. For all orders below this amount, they charge $18 for the registered post (which takes up to 21 days) and $25 for the EMS express shipment (which takes up to 15 days). Considering these fees, the final price for the medication can be not so cheap.

The company promises to give full refunds to customers who never received their ordered medicines, or to those who received damaged or wrong products instead. We think, 3 stars out of 5 is a reasonable rating for PharmaExpressRx shipping policy.

PharmaExpressRx Payment Options

The only payment methods they accept are Visa and E-checks with giving an additional 10% discount for customers who use the latter method.

PharmaExpressRX payment methods

Other online pharmacies offer much more payment options, so PharmaExpressRx gets only 3 stars for this unit of our review.

Technical Characteristics of the Website

Checking Website Loading Speed

Technical characteristics of the online pharmacy are of great importance to us, as this also affects customers’ positive experience with the website. When we checked the page loading speed of PharmaExpressRx website, we found out that a desktop is optimized well and requires only insignificant fixes. A mobile version rating is lower though above the average level, and requires more optimization:

PharmaExpressRX google page

For this reason, we give PharmaExpressRx 3 stars out of 5 for this unit of our review.

Mobile Version

Pharmaexpressrx.com has not made the website mobile-friendly. It’s not very convenient to order their drugs from mobile devices. The website pages look tiny on the mobile screen, and a user can try luck for a long time before they manage to click on the necessary item. The mobile version is just a small version of the original website size. The text is almost invisible on smartphones. Considering this, the pharmacy gets only 1 star for this unit.

Customers’ Data Protection

Pharmaexpressrx.com does not have a secure encryption to protect its customers’ data. This means attackers can replace the HTTP content of the page you are visiting to steal your account information, gain access to your account, receive your sensitive data, change the content of the page, or attempt to install malicious software on your computer. A gray lock with an orange triangle means that the browser does not block unsafe passive content. Attackers can manipulate some parts of a page, for example, by displaying misleading or unwanted content, but they are unable to steal your personal data from the site.

secure connection

Our browser indicated that the connection on the website is only partially encrypted and does not exclude audition. There was a message in the browser window that the web page contains mixed content and the information is partially displayed, either completely blocked and not displayed at all. This security level is considered insufficient, so the website gets 2 stars for this point of our review, as users need much stronger encryption when making any online payment. Therefore, we do not recommend to share personal information here, such as, for example, logins and passwords, addresses, credit card details and so on.

Protection from Viruses

The website uses McAfee antivirus protection, that covers all your transactions, prevents unwanted pop-ups from appearing when browsing, keeps your personal data safe from hackers and thieves, keeps malicious programs from attacking you online.

PharmaExpressRx antivirus

This is a big advantage, as trusted online stores usually use such like programs. Customers can feel safe when surfing pharmaexpressrx.com. Considering this, the pharmacy receives 5 stars for this unit of our review.

The Convenience of Ordering from PharmaExpressRx

PharmaExpressRx website has a user-friendly interface, all products are listed according to their indications, clearly labeled, and have a detailed description and instructions for use that can give the right amount of knowledge for new users. There is a separate section devoted to special offers and discounts which explains the terms of free delivery and ED trial pack offers, as well as bonuses for new and regular customers.

We like the option of a fast 3-easy-steps order. If you know exactly what medicine you wish to buy, you may just select the drug and place an order.

PharmaExpressRx ordering

So, we conclude it’s very easy to use the website. Pharmaexpressrx.com couldn’t make it more convenient. 5 stars for this unit.

Is PharmaExpressRx Legitimate?

Checking Website Reputation via ScamAdviser

Regretfully, Scam Adviser rated pharmaexpressrx.com 0% safe:


The report from Scam Adviser indicates that this website has malware reports and a Rogue listing, which is typical of bad service. However, the website is often visited, and the domain age was impressive – the pharmacy has been operating for over 13 years.

According to Scam Adviser, the website is probably operated from the USA but can somehow relate to China. The website uses an anonymous service – a tool which prevents users from identifying the site owner, which seems very suspicious. Reliable online pharmacies, on the contrary, strive to provide a detailed information about their business and stay as transparent as possible.

Basing on the poor website reputation on Scam Adviser, we give it 1 star for this item.

Prescription Request

According to the information given on the website, most PharmaExpressRx drugs are available without a prescription, but they may require a legitimate prescription for some drugs. In this case, a customer will have to provide prescription after placing an order via email or fax. The pharmacy explains that this process is completely legal. They even have posted several news to prove this fact.

PharmaExpressRx prescription

However, the numerous customer reviews indicate that the company does not actually require a prescription for any of its drugs.

The pharmacy does not seem to have a professional approach to selling serious drugs online. It bears no responsibility for the dosages the customer is going to take. All they can advise is to consult a physician.

We think the online pharmacy deserves 2 stars for this item since the thing with prescription remains unclear.

Checking Website Status via LegitScript

Pharmaexpressrx.com is rated as «Rogue» at Legit Script, as it does not meet Legit Script verification standards. Besides, the service detected deceptive online activities:

PharmaExpressRx Legit Script

This rating spoils the website reputation and puts its legibility under a question. The pharmacy looks a risky site to buy medicines. For this reason, it gets only 1 star out of 5 for this item of our review.

Pharmaexpressrx.com Reviews

Customer Reviews on the Website

PharmaExpressRx offers to read several reviews from their customers on their site. Of course, these testimonials are placed here by the administration of the website and are purely positive:

PharmaExpressRx reviews

The customers left positive feedback about Generic Viagra, thanked the company for very low prices, professional customer support team, high quality of all drugs available, the convenience of ordering. Unfortunately, these testimonials contain no dates, so we can say so sure how long ago they were placed here.

We highly suspect these testimonials of being not genuine and left by the website’s owner. For this reason, we give pharmaexpressrx.com 3 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Pharmaexpressrx.com Reviews on Outside Websites

Customer reviews we found on independent websites threw a new light on PharmaExpressRx. Most reviews from trustpilot.com were written by customers who were not satisfied with the service provided. The customers had issues with losing their money and never receiving a medication.

One user wrote that the pharmacy posted a wrong drug to him and provided no explanation, so he advises staying away from this store:

PharmaExpressRx review2

Another user from trustpilot.com suspects PharmaExpressRx intended to get his checking account number, and does not trust the online company:

PharmaExpressRx review3

The third user rated the pharmacy as “awful”, as they lied about the order shipping information twice:

PharmaExpressRx review3

In addition, we found numerous pharmaexpressrx.com complaints at www.complaintsboard.com. One of the customers gave the company a low score for shipping wrong drugs to him, and the online pharmacy did not offer any resolution to this mistake.

One customer from the USA was also very disappointed with the service. He said he never received his order and never got a refund. He wrote he would never use the website again, as they stole his money:

PharmaExpressRx review4

If you want to read all complaints about the services of the pharmacy, follow https://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/pharmaexpressrxcom-ohio-c194897.html#comments.

However, we found some positive customer reviews that which proves that the pharmacy used to be popular and had a good reputation.

One user from trustpilot.com rated the pharmacy “trusted and reliable”:

PharmaExpressRx review5

Another customer ordered the product for weight loss, and it proved very effective. He thanks the pharmacy for low prices and high quality of the product:

PharmaExpressRx review8

One more customer wrote that Generic Viagra from this pharmacy is the most affordable and effective medication he had ever tried, and the service was amazing:

PharmaExpressRx review7We found out that pharmaexpressrx.com customer reviews were mostly positive in 2009 – 2010. But reviews in 2015 and 2016 are all mostly complaints of how the site tried to get credit card details from its customers.

The online pharmacy needs to do so much better if they want to regain their reputation. Until then, according to the outside reviews, they a serious risk for the financial transaction. For now, we can give them only 3 stars out of 5.

Pharmaexpressrx.com Coupon Code

We found no pharmaexpressrx.com discount codes or coupons available on the net. Probably, the pharmacy lacks discounts because their prices are already very low.

However, the website offers some additional options to save. Here are the most popular current deals:

  • Free Shipping. The company offers free shipping all over the world for all orders starting from $100. All orders exceeding $250 will be also shipped free of charge with the express shipping:PharmaExpressRx free shipping
  • Discounts for Regular Customers. The pharmacy expresses its gratitude to returning customers by offering 10% discount on all their orders;
  • ED Trial Packs. At the moment, the company offers ED trial packs with a different combination at a discounted price:PharmaExpressRx Trial Pack
  • Free 20 Sildenafil Citrate pills on every order:PharmaExpressRx free pills

Though there is no coupon code, the pharmacy offers many attractive discounts. Considering this, we give them 4 stars for this unit.

PharmaExpressRx Customer Support Service

Contact information

The website provides the following contact information: different emails (for different nature of questions), postal address (for some reason, it was in Seychelles) and, three telephone numbers:

pharmaexpressrx.com contacts

No matter how hard we tried we found no information about the legal address of the pharmacy. This fact proved Scam Adviser conclusion that the owner of the site hides its location for some reason. For this reason, we give them 4 stars for this unit.

Trying to Get an Online Consultation

Customers can reach the customer support service through toll-free phone number available 24/7, using the Contact form or Live Chat. We chose the last option but found out Live Chat was offline.

PharmaExpressRx live chat

We left a message in an offline mode, and pharmacy promised to answer it as in the shortest time. However, they failed to keep their word. The inbox was empty even the next day. Tired of waiting, we have to give PharmaExpressRx 1 star out of 5 for poor organized customer support service.


At the first glance, PharmaExpressRx seems a perfect place to order generic medications. All drugs are approved, the prices on the lowest on the net, the website’s design are beautiful and easy to use with all the necessary drug information available. In addition, they offer good options, such as free shipping worldwide, ED trial packs, and refund policy. The assortment of some categories is not wide, but people looking for ED drugs will not be disappointed.

But why are we still skeptical about the pharmacy? The safety websites Scam Adviser and Legit Script gave PharmaExpressRx 0% trust rating, which means they might not operate legally. We were also disappointed with the fact that the online feedback is getting worse and worse, which, we suggest, shouldn’t be ignored despite positive testimonials from trustpilot.com. In all recent reviews, the customers report a financial loss and PharmaExpressRx attempts to get their credit card information.

There is also confusion as to where PharmaExpressRx is actually located. According to the information placed on the site, they are based in Switzerland, however, their mailing address is in Seychelles, and Scam Adviser detected that they were located in the USA and might also relate to China. Also, we cannot neglect a fact that the online pharmacy does not actually ask for a valid prescription. We still suggest that customers could use PharmaExpressRx to buy ED drugs because of their affordable prices. But they need to be very careful, especially when providing credit card details.

With the overwhelming evidence that PharmaExpressRw.com is a potentially dangerous website, we can only rate them with 2,9 stars out of 5.