Review – Suspicious Pharmacy with Hidden information

Introducing Few Words about Itself is an online pharmacy store selling generic medications at affordable prices. The company claims to offer only high-quality approved medications produced by trusted manufacturers. But when you read all this information on «About us» page it is very hard to believe that such a reliable facility (as they claim) can not notice so many mistakes in the text. The style of the narration is also very strange and it is very hard to concentrate on the information when you constantly destructed by rude grammar mistakes.

The pharmacy also claims to provide best customer service on the Web and the lowest prices. Full refund and cancellation policies and delivery with no fees are also included in the list of advantages of the pharmacy. The pharmacy claims to have the main goal to improve customers health and save their money.

The Diversity of List of Medications

The pharmacy specialized on only generic medications for men’s health. That is they sell drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment. Accordingly, there is only 1 category which contains 42 items. There are presented only generics of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. For one category, this is quite a wide choice, but there is no information on the website that they sell only ED medications, so you won’t find out about it until you look in the catalog.

All the drugs are presented in the left sidebar, and also you may look at them in a table by pressing «Product» button. There all items are organized in the table according to their popularity as we think, as no alphabetic search is possible. This page doesn’t give you any information about the product or its price, so you have to go on a product page to learn more about it.assortment

The product page contains a detailed description of the drug and its use, as well as offers to choose dosage and amount of pills in a pack if you decide to buy it. Everything looks very convenient, everything is at hand in one place. But unfortunately, you have no option to compare top different drugs and choose the one you liked best, though very few pharmacies offer this option, we can’t consider this as a big drawback.

Also, there is a tab «Trial Pack» where you can find various combinations of ED meds for different occasions. It is much more profitable to buy trial packs as it allows to save money and try several medications at once.

In general, the products list is quite wide considering narrow specialization of the pharmacy, the number of products offered is large for one category and every man can find a drug for his individual situation here. Each drug is provided with a short instruction for use and available dosages. So there is no reason to lower the score of in this point – 5 stars.

Cost of Medications

The pharmacy claims to offers the most affordable and attractive prices. Since they offer only generics we will be comparing generic prices to those offered on the website. It is impossible to compare all the drugs so we take the most popular one, which are the first ones on the list: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra. You should always remember that low prices are not the only thing you should look for. And if the price is too low, don’t hurry to celebrate, think about the fact that quality medications cost expensive and the seller will have no profit giving them for almost free.

For example, generic Viagra here is available only at a dosage of 100 mg, so the price for it will be higher than for 25 mg. So, the minimal price for 1 pill of generic Viagra is $0.6 (if you take 600 pills in a pack) – surprisingly low. For this dosage, the price is even lower than the average price on the Internet for 25 mg dosage.viagra price

Generic Cialis has several dosages and several quantities in the pack. We of course will be getting the lowest possible price, that is we take the lowest dosage and the largest quantity in the pack. So it turned out that Cialis can be purchased for $0.8 – also a very low price. Besides, there is a strange thing the price for different dosages is the same, only 40 mg and 60 mg are more expensive, but 5 mg and 20 mg pills can’t cost the same. This awakes suspicion.

Finally – generic Levitra. Its minimal cost here is $0.7 – according to our data, Levitra cost in the Internet is not lower that $1. So such low price cannot but inspire doubts in the quality of the drug. And here we also come across the same price for different dosages.

So in general the pharmacy told truth about offering the lowest prices in the Internet – such prices we see for the first time. Butt at the same time so cheap medications make us doubt their quality, as there is no such thing as a very cheap quality product. But in this point, we consider only prices value and that’s why we have to admit that the pharmacy deserves 5 stars for very low prices.

Shipping Details

The website has a detailed description of its shipping policy on the special page. There you can read all statements concerning this issue, and learn policy terms for each possible problems that may appear during shipping.

When reading «About us» page, you can find the statement that the pharmacy offers free delivery, but in reality, free delivery is only possible if youк orders amount is more than $89. If you want to get free express delivery, than you order must exceed $250. So the pharmacy on purpose gives customers false information to attract their attention. Not a point in favor of the pharmacy reputation.

So the company offers 3 methods of delivery:

  • Regular shipment;
  • EMS shipment;
  • EMS Express shipment.

shipping optionsIf your orders is less than $89 than you will have to pay an additional fee for delivery, that is: $12, $18 and $25 accordingly. Quite a large addition to your amount of order. We think that absence of FREE delivery to all clients is a serious drawback.

Besides, there is no option of courier delivery, for customers who want or need to get medications as soon as possible. So those patients that need some medication in few days will have to use some other online service or go to the regular pharmacy and spend much more money. This means that the pharmacy loses its potential customers and as a result profit.

In general shipping options are very few and we are frustrated that there is no free delivery option, that’s why we give 3 stars in this point.

Payment Variants

The pharmacy accepts only 1 payment method – by credit card. This information is stated in the «FAQ» section. No other information is given elsewhere – there is no special section for this question details. On the top of the front page, you can see icons of available payment methods – credit card types. They include:

  • MasterCard;
  • Maestro;
  • Visa;
  • Visa Debit;
  • Discover;
  • American Express;
  • MoneyGram;
  • Western Union.

You can say that there are options for each customers, because in out world everyone has a credit card.payment options

But the preference is given to Western Union. There is a special offer for customers. If you use this particular type of credit card you get an additional discount, that’s why people most probably prefer Western Union card if they have it.

Still, absence of other methods of payment prevents many people from buying medications here. There are a lot of people who do not have a credit card or do not want do disclose its data in the Internet. It would be much more convenient to add some other payment options on the website. However, the administration claims that you can be provided other options, but for that, you need to contact them by phone and discuss the possibility. Also, it is necessary to create a page with terms of payment policy, many people will have troubles figuring out which methods are available here. So considering everything above we can give 3.5 stars.

Technical Issues of

Google Page Speed Test

Google page speed test gives us very disappointed results – poor performance in the mobile version and a little bit better in the desktop. Such figures can’t earn high score to the pharmacy. There are many flaws that require to be fixed in the nearest time, lots of work needs to be done in both versions.desktopmobile

If the administration pays attention to a technical side of the website and take all necessary measures and keeps to recommendations, than the performance of the website will become significantly better and we will see completely different, positive picture. But now everything is very sad, and the pharmacy gets 1.8 stars in this point.

Mobile Version

The website provides a mobile version of the website, but it is very poorly arranged. There are lots of mistakes in the design, the website is not completely adapted to the small screen of the phone. Here and there you can find small flaws that irritate and spoil opinion about the website.

Still, the website is at least minimally adapted for mobile phones so customers may use the website from their devices. But we think that all drawback and poorly worked through issues must be eliminated to allow people enjoy quality service of the mobile version and make more orders on the website. For now, we give 3 stars.

Secure Connection

Everyone wants to be sure that his data are safely protected when shopping online. That’s why people first of all check the website for the presence of security policy and other safety measures. If you don’t want you money to be stolen by some frauds you take this question very seriously. That’s why in the Internet for websites there is such option as a secure connection. To make sure that it is present on the website, look at the URL of the website in the upper left corner. If near it you see the green lock and «Secure», than you are protected from your data theft.https protocol

On the main page of, we see information that transactions here are 100% SSL secured. But the pharmacy doesn’t provide a secure connection on all pages of the website, only on «Checkout» pages. When you proceed to placing your order, data you enter on these pages will be protected. And you can learn all the details of security certificate at any time.certificatecertificate

As we see the website uses 256-bit encryption – this is the highest level of protection, which give credit to the pharmacy. However information about an owner of this certificate is hidden, so we can’t check its reliability. Though you can be sure that the website took measures to provide safe and comfortable shopping for you. That’s why we give 4 stars for this point.

Antivirus Program

Unfortunately, the website doesn’t provide any antivirus protection for clients. This means that the customers can get some malware on their devises if they do not have additional protection. It is very dangerous to disclose your sensitive data to websites that do not protect you from attacks of such malware programs.

We advise to avoid using such stores or at least make sure that there is no threat for you on them. Install antivirus on you devices to be on the safe side, because you never know what can happen. You should be the one who thinks about your safety first of all. For this point, we give 1 star for not providing a necessary level of protection to customers.

Placing Orders

When it comes to shopping process everyone wants it to be as simple and easy as possible. Creating an account and sending prescription always takes time, and many people consider it inconvenient. Fortunately, doesn’t ask to undergo all this complicated procedures. You can proceed to checkout as Guest.

So the procedure is the following: after you chose all necessary products, you proceed to checkout; choose to checkout as Guest and enter your data necessary for delivery; pick the method of shipping and remember that orders over $89 are delivered for FREE; then chose a payment option. All you need next is to confirm your order, enter credit card details and wait for a confirmation letter. Everything look simple and quick.orderingordering

On the website you can find information that they require a prescription for some drugs, in the «Prescription Policy» section there are even methods listed by means of which you can send the prescription to them. But as we know all medications for ED treatment should be sold under prescription, but no inquiry for Rx was send to us. This means that even though they say they require a prescription, you don’t have to waste you time on going to doctor for it and then sending it.

Also re company offers the possibility to cancel your order during 24 hours after it was a place and full refund if your orders has never come. So you may not fear to loose your money if your order is lost or stolen.

Everything said above allows us to give 5 stars for this point and be sure that you won’t waste you time for unnecessary procedures when your place orders.

Is Legit?

Check out for Credibility shows us a very controversial picture of the website’s reliability. Safety percentage is quite high – 67%, but the company hides its location and information about the owner, which is usually a sigh of fraudulent websites. There are very few visitors and comments. The domain age is also small, a little bit more than 1 year. Of course, any young business needs time to gain reputation, but the website’s expectancy is too low, which usually is used by scam companies.scamadviser

The pharmacy doesn’t give its address on the website, so we can’t check if it is the same as in the report. In general, this picture is not inspiring much trust, but it also may turn out that as any new business the website has some issues which in future will be eliminated. But for now we can’t give a high score for such report to in this point – 3 stars is all it can get.

Prescription Requirement

There is information on the website about the prescription requirement, and even instruction how to send it. But in reality, nothing is asked from you when you place an order. It of course can be the case when a prescription is required after you confirmed your order, but this happen very rare. If a prescription is not required during the procedure, it will probably not be required later.

This fact disappoint us greatly. First of all, the company claims false facts about itself to be more attractive for clients and in spire more trust. Second, any person can get any medication he wants here and engage in self-medication which is fraught with dangerous consequences.

So for this point, we give 1 star for being so irresponsible about customers health and providing false information.

Legitimacy Issue turned out to be listed as a rouge company. According to the report by, somebody filed a report on this company as not legit that’s why it is included in the list. Such news are very frustrating as it means that you can’t trust this company. It is better to chose another pharmacy to be on the safe side, because you never know whom to trust.legitimacy

The details and criteria of approval process are not known to us but the fast is that the pharmacy is rouge. That’s why this point earns only 1 star to the pharmacy. We hope that in future the situation will change and it will be safe to buy medication at Reviews

Testimonials on the Website

On the website, you can find a page with testimonials of other customers. There are several comments, but not many. All of them are very positive, claiming that the pharmacy is the best in the Internet and provides excellent service. No negative reviews at all which looks suspicious. Besides, there is no option to leave a comment yourself, so the question is – where did these messages get from?comments

Everything looks unreal and it seems that the administration wrote these comments itself to make the pharmacy look good, as if all its clients are satisfied with their orders and work of the company. We would advise to seek for other testimonials in the Web to make completely sure that the pharmacy is really a good one and provides a very good service.

For this point, we will give 3.5 stars, for a too small amount of comments on the website and absence of opportunity to leave your own comment.

Other Websites Comments

After searching through the Internet for some other comments of real people we found only 2 of them on This website is considered a reliable one, so we trust the opinion of people leaving comments there. And it turns out that these comments are positive. Though they are not numerous, but real people are greatly satisfied with the service and

Still, it seems that the amount of comments is too small, though there are no negative ones. To estimate the whole picture it is necessary to compare several sources and lots of people’s opinions. For now, all we have is 2 positive comments. This doesn’t allow giving a high score as adequate evaluation is not possible. That’s why for now we give 3.5 stars for this point, hoping that in future there will be more comments both positive and negative, to see the real picture. Coupon Code

The pharmacy doesn’t offer any coupon code to get a discount. But there is a special section on the website – «Offer». There you can find all special offers of the company and even get a discount for yourself.dicount

First of all the pharmacy offers 10% discount to all returning customers – that is if you make an order for the second time, you can get 10% off. Also, there is and the option of getting 10% additional extra free pill if you use PayPal as payment methods. Before this moment we didn’t even know that there I such payment option, and now it turns out that by using it you can get a discount. Very confusing, to be honest. Looks like the company deliberately hid this information to avoid loss of extra money.

Another option is to use Western Union or MoneyGram as a method of payment, which will bring you 20% free pills. For those who have this credit card, it will be a pleasant bonus. The prices are already very low, and you can a discount by using your credit card with no efforts at all. And the last offer is already known to you – free delivery for orders over $89 and free express delivery for orders over $250. This is not a very tempting offer, like free delivery for all orders, but still, it is pleasant to know that you can avoid the shipping fee.

But let’s return to the main idea of this point – the presence of coupon code. There is none. But we found one in the Internet. It provide 10% discount on promo code, but it is not clear where to enter this code, as there is no field for the coupon code on the code

Considering everything we analyzed in this point it is safe to say that the pharmacy has several attractive special offers for customers. Besides low prices you can save more money and get free delivery, that’s why we give 4 stars for this point. Support Service

Contact Details

For contacting the support group you have a special contact form in «Contact us» section. But this is all you have. There is no telephone number, no mailing address provided for customers. Their e-mail is for some reason written on the top of the main page, to on this page as it should be.

The pharmacy offers to send them a prescription only by e-mail, no fax or regular mail options. This is very inconvenient and suspicious. All legal pharmacy give their official and mailing address, as well as phone numbers.

It turns out that customer can’t have a live talk to some manager and get a qualified consultation. Also, there is no live chat option, so to get an answer you have to wait for some time. In general, this issue is very poorly worked through by the administration. They should fix this problem, but now we estimate for 2.5 points.

Customers Support

As the only way to come in contact with the support group is to send a request via a contact form, that’s what we did. Too bad that there is no chat for an instant answer, and we have to wait for some time. We decided to ask a question about delivery, as the website doesn’t provide a list of countries to which it performs the form

After we have sent a message we instantly got a confirmation that our request is being processed and answered in the nearest time. This is probably an automated message, so no need to be satisfied before they really service

After waiting for several hours we finally got a response. The work of the support group is slow but still, you can get an answer to your inquiry if you have time to wait for it. The customers who want to get information as fast as possible may probably want to go to another website but in general time of waiting is acceptable in our opinion.


We advise the pharmacy to improve work of the website in general and the work of the support group in particular, maybe create a live chat for instant connection with customers. This point ears only 3 stars to the pharmacy for an absence of instant help to the customer.

To Sum Up… is a suspicious pharmacy in our opinion. It has many drawbacks in its work. The interface of the website is not user-friendly at all and it is unattractive, the same can be said about its mobile version. Technical indicators are low, and reliability of the website is questionable – all websites checking online store report low level of trust on this website. Besides all text on the website are written on a strange language, as if some not English-speaking student was writing it – with mistakes, misprints, without knowing simple grammar rules.

And although prices here are very low and attractive and range of products is very wide, we cannot close our eye to poorly organized service. The support group work is slow, there is no contact information and not enough comments. By the way, National Association of Boards of Pharmacy included this pharmacy in the list of not recommended website. But if we sum all positive and negative points of the pharmacy work we get not very high result, which is not surprising, as the reputation of the pharmacy leaves much to be desired. We believe that 2.9 out of 5 star rating is a fair score for