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PharmStore.com Review: A Website with Thousands of Customer Comments

What is Pharm Store?


Pharmstore.com is not an actual pharmacy, as indicated on the website. It is an online prescription service which refers the customers directly to affordable prescription and non-prescription drugs. With their contracted pharmacies located in Canada, United Kingdom, Mauritius, Turkey, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia, they claim to provide the first-class service and an easy access to a wide assortment of products and services. They guarantee legit business, as well as legal and authentic medications.

What Can You Buy Here?

Pharm Store offers a wide assortment of brand-name, generic, prescription, non-prescription and also pet medications:

PharmStore drugs

The online pharmacy seems to have a wide range of products for many types of ailments and diseases such as asthma, erectile dysfunction, depression, antibiotics, allergy, diabetes, mental health and many others. PharmStore Canada guarantees that all their drugs come from Canadian and abroad pharmacies. They also assure the customers that all prescription drugs meet the highest standards of the country of origin.

The human catalog shows that the company sells drugs for nearly every disease. It is difficult for a customer to leave this website without buying what they want.

For your erectile dysfunction, you can find both brand and generic products in the catalog: Brand Viagra, Brand Levitra, Brand Cialis, Generic Sildenafil, Generic Vardenafil, Generic Tadalafil, Generic Avanafil and probably some more. We can’t assess the entire Pharmstore.com ED catalog, since the drugs are not classified according to the condition they treat, but can only be found in a search bar.

ED drugs are not the products the online pharmacy specializes in. The bestsellers on Pharm Store are considered Valtrex, Ventolin HFA, Zyrtec, Evista, Premarin and other products. The only impotence drug included in this list is Brand Cialis:

PharmStore top-sellers

So, PharmStore could be the store where you can purchase all of your medications. Probably, you will not find any rare products in the catalog, but the pharmacy seems to have all common and most popular medications. For all reasons above, we give the online store 4 stars out of 5.

PharmStore.com Price Policy

PharmStore promises the lowest possible prices for medications allowing the customers to save up to 75%. We decided the check this statement and look at the prices for some ED drugs available in the online catalog. We were pleased to find out that the pharmacy offers many drug quantity options to customers:

PharmStore prices

That’s a pity that PharmStore does not indicate the price per tablet, so we spent some time on calculating the lowest possible price:

  • Starting price for Brand Viagra 25mg is $9,8 per pill;
  • Starting price for Generic Sildenafil Citrate 25mg is $0,5 per tablet;
  • Starting price for Brand Cialis 2,5mg is $5 per unit;
  • Starting price for Generic Tadalafil 2,5mg is $0,6 per unit;
  • Starting price for Brand Levitra 5mg is $7,4 per tablet;
  • Starting price for Generic Vardenafil 10mg is $0,7 per pill.

We found out that Pharm Store prices for ED products are really beneficial, it’s difficult to find better offers in other online pharmacies. Customer will benefit most of all when ordering a particular ED drug in bulk. Of course, not all customers are ready to do this, especially when visiting the store for the first time, but the retail prices for ED pills are also acceptable and within the budget.

Let’s sum up: the pharmacy offers good prices for both brand and generic products. Customers who want to find the most inexpensive drug provider will probably be happy to discover such price offers by PharmStore.com. For this reason, the pharmacy’s price policy is awarded 5 stars out of 5.

Delivery Methods and Shipping Terms

PharmStore online company ships products to Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Costa Rica, France, Japan, Hong Kong SAR China, Israel, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and El Salvador.

The delivery term, as Pharm Store explains, depends on the location of the customer. Shipping generally takes 2 – 4 weeks to arrive, but non-prescription drugs are usually delivered faster while prescription products take longer due to the verification process.

The company offers FREE Shipping on all orders within the territory of the United States.

PharmStore free shipping

To all other destinations, a starting shipping price is $19.95:

PharmStore abroad shipping

A good thing is that PharmStore.com offers reshipment when the products shipped do not reach the customer. However, the pharmacy has no return policy. Customers are advised to know exactly what they need before the order is sent to the pharmacy since orders can’t be canceled or returned.

We found no information about the delivery methods.

In general, we appreciate that PharmStore offers a free delivery option for the US customers. But all other clients will not benefit from ordering in this store, as it sets too expensive prices for abroad delivery. Besides, we suggest the delivery can take too long. For all these reasons, the pharmacy gets 3 stars out of 5 for this unit.

PharmStore.com Payment Options

Pharm Store payment methods are limited to Credit Cards, Wire Transfer, E-Check and International Money Order:

PharmStore payment options

Customers are encouraged to pay using electronic check – in this case, they will automatically get 5% off. We score the pharmacy 4 stars for this unit of our review since many online pharmacies offer more payment options available.

Technical Characteristics of the Website

Checking PharmStore Website Loading Speed

Page loading speed is one of the main technical indicators of the website’s functioning. Saying “page loading speed”, we mean not the speed itself, but the time required for the website page to be fully downloaded in the user’s browser. Loading speed directly affects the ratio of ordinary users, can improve or worsen usability and behavioral factors. The first situations – the pages are loaded quickly. In this case, visitors do not experience discomfort when viewing the website, they can quickly move from one page to another and use all available functionality without any problems. As a result, the total number of visited pages increases. The second situation – the pages are loaded slowly. In this case, visitors experience discomfort due to a long waiting for loading. This is tiresome, and users just leave the site

We can find out how fast pharmstore.com pages are loaded in several ways. For this time, we decided to use Google Page Speed Tool:

PharmStore google page speed

It turned out that the mobile version of the website has poor page loading speed. The desktop indicators are better but still require optimization.

PharmStore has to improve these indicators to make a customer visit their site over and over again. But for now, the company gets 1,9 stars for this unit.

Mobile Version

Pharmstore.com has a mobile website version, which is a big advantage since nowadays many customers prefer to visit online stores from their smartphones or tablets. The mobile version seems to be adapted for mobile devices and underwent some changes. The main page still contains the key information, including drug categories, search line, FAQ and Contact Us sections. The main page also contains some secondary information which could have been transferred to other pages.

We noticed a problem when we did scroll from right to left. The website’s page moves a bit. And users do not want the page to move horizontally. Besides, the customer needs to scroll down the whole page to finally get into his personal account. Due to these gaps, the online pharmacy gets 3 stars for this item.

Secure Connection

PharmStore boasts of the secure processes which ensure the safety of the customers’ personal information and details.

In fact, the website uses a 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption provided by GeoTrust:

PharmStore secure connection

That means, customers’ personal data (login/password, credit card info) are protected and probably won’t be stolen by the third parties. However, this encryption provides the minimum security level. For the maximum protection, other websites use a 256-bit SSL encryption. Besides, we found no information about the owner of the website in the browser address bar. For these reasons, we give 3 stars for this unit of our review. PharmStore.com has to improve the security level to deserve a better score.

Protection from Viruses

For a better level of security, the website uses Norton antivirus:

PharmStore antivirus

This means the website’s identity, reputation, experience, and ability to honor their sales terms have been verified. Norton monitors PharmStore.com on every transaction and provides users with Identity Theft Protection and Purchase Guarantee. We appreciate that the online pharmacy takes care of its clients’ protection and score 5 stars for this unit.

The Convenience of Ordering from PharmStore

Pharmstore.com website seems user-friendly. The website has separate sections for new customers who would like to get acquainted with the ordering process, new customers who want to create a personal account, and existing customers who want to sing in:

PharmStore registration

This means that customers have to pass a registration to place on order here. The store offers no option for shopping as a guest. We could not ignore the fact that new users have to provide too many personal information during registration including Human or Pet, Salutation, Birth Date, Gender, Height, Weight, Are you a smoker, City, State/Province, Country, Zip/Postal Code. This takes too much time to fill in all these fields. Why does the pharmacy need to know all these data?

As for positive sides, we like that all products are divided into Prescription Drugs, Non-prescription Drugs and Pet Meds, which allows to orient in the assortment better:

PharmStore drugs

Choosing the necessary drug category, the users can use a Drug Search Bar to find the desired medication as quickly as possible:

PharmStore search bar

They can also search for the drug by letter:

PharmStore search by letter

We also appreciate that the website has a separate section “New customer ordering information”, which explains how to order medications from Pharmstore.com. We found out that clients can place an order in 3 ways:

  1. Order Online on the website;
  2. Call the customer service center at 1-800-281-8347
  3. Fax an order to toll-free numbers 1-866-454-2734 or 1-204-818-8995.

Unfortunately, the drugs are not classified according to the health condition they treat. This means, the customer should know exactly which medication he wants to order before he visits the website – this may confuse him.

Another positive aspect is that when the customers enter the drug name in a search bar, they see its brand-name and generic versions. But we got upset when we found no photos or images of the products Pharm Store Canada sells. We consider it a drawback since all users want a clear demonstration of the product.

PharmStore Viagra

Inexperienced customers can read the instructions for the products right on the website and find the necessary information in the FAQ section.

The ordering process at Pharmstore.com can be considered simple, but we have to reduce the score due to the necessary registration, no possibility to choose the currency and language, and no subdivision of drugs according to the illness they are designed for. We give PharmStore 3 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Is PharmStore.com Legitimate?

Checking PharmStore Rating on ScamAdviser

Scam Adviser gave the Pharmstore.com website a 0% safe rating out of 100. Even though the website has lots of visitors, it is given a threat listed status, since was detected for malware reports.

PharmStore scamadviserPharmStore scamadviser2

ScamAdviser determined the website location as the Netherlands and the owner country – Barbados. In any way, Pharmstore.com has nothing to do with Canada. The domain age is 13 years, which is a good sign – the website was not banned during this term. However, ScamAdviser advises reviewing the analysis’ results carefully before taking any risks. For all the reasons above, the online pharmacy gets 1 star for this unit.

Do We Need a Prescription?

The company’s assortment has both prescription and OTC medications. Pharm Store is stringent with prescriptions before customers can purchase their drugs. They require a valid Rx from a medical practitioner licensed to practice in the customer’s area of residence, written in English. Customers can fax, email or mail their prescriptions to the pharmacy for their orders to be processed.

PharmStore RX

They explain that they value the health of their clients and that is why they are strict with prescriptions. The pharmacy can only supply customers with up to a 3-month supply of drugs. Prescription requirement indicates that PharmStore has a very responsible approach to selling medications online. We give 5 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Checking PharmStore using Legit Script

Pharmstore.com was awarded a ROGUE status by Legit Script, as it does not meet some online pharmacy verification standards:

PharmStore Legit Script

Such status may indicate that the pharmacy violates the laws and regulations when dispensing prescription drugs or is not appropriately licensed. For this reason, we give the company only 1 star for this unit.

Company Verification

The company promises that it has been certified by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) and Pharmacy Checker, and even shows badges to support that.  And really, we have found out that Pharmstore.com is an active CIPA member, which means that the company dispenses drugs through licensed pharmacies, requires a prescription, provides an address and phone number on the website, guarantees the privacy of customers’ personal/medical information. Also, CIPA membership means the users can be calm when sending their financial information online.

PharmStore CIPA

We also made sure the pharmacy is included in the list of secure websites on PharmacyChecker.com. Pharmacy Checker has verified that PharmStore is licensed with the appropriate licensing body.

PharmStore verification

For all these reasons above, the online pharmacy gets 5 stars for this unit.

PharmStore.com Reviews

Customer On-Site Reviews

The website contains no separate customer reviews page where clients could share their experience with the company’s service.

Instead, PharmStore.com refers the customers to https://www.canadapharmacyreviews.com/reviews/pharmstore.com where they can read numerous customers’ testimonials. This indicates that the company somehow takes care of its clients, so we give the online store 2 stars out of 5 for this unit.

PharmStore.com Reviews on Outside Websites

Since we found no PharmStore.com reviews on the website itself, we decided to search for any on independent websites and forums. We were surprised to find out that PharmStore has gained an excellent reputation from many customers over years. Pharmacychecker.com website contains 7,439 users’ comments to date and this amount is constantly increasing. Pharmacy Checker has given the pharmacy an overall rating of 4,7 out 5. There is a good number of PharmStore.com testimonials in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2016.

PharmStore rating

According to customer reviews on Pharmacychecker.com, the online pharmacy got five stars 5,947 times (!!!), 4-star reviews on 1,213 occasions and 1-3 stars – 240 times.

We looked through some of the website’s pages. Almost all reviews were stunning. Customers appreciated the highest quality of drugs, the polite customer support service, low prices, fast delivery and a wide assortment. Many customers have been using this website for years and never had any problems:

PharmStore review

PharmStore.com reviews 2017 were also great:

PharmStore review2

Pharmstore.com even replied to some of the comments, which is really nice of the online company to do so:

PharmStore review3

So, most of the customers had a positive experience with the pharmacy, and only a few of them were dissatisfied with late delivery of their orders:

PharmStore review4

The pharmacy’s representative took the time to answer this complaint: they promised to forward this review to their Loyalty Team so they could look into it and follow up with the customer.

One more user from Pharmacychecker.com said he had found a cheaper local pharmacy to buy his prescriptions from:

PharmStore review5

PharmStore promised to continue working hard to offer customers better savings on their medication needs.

Recent reviews from other independent website indicate that the online store is making their customers happy every day. For years, PharmStore Canada received many great user comments:

PharmStore review6PharmStore review7

Only a few customers were upset with the services the pharmacy provided. Again, customers were dissatisfied with late delivery of their products. According to the reviews, one customer had to wait for 6 weeks an another – for 4 weeks. The company certainly needs to work on their delivery terms:

PharmStore review8PharmStore review9

The numerous positive PharmStore reviews posted on different websites testify that the pharmacy provides good services. It was rather hard to find any Pharmstore.com complaints since the positive comments outnumber them. For this reason, the online pharmacy deserves 5 stars out of 5 for this unit.

PharmStore.com Coupon Code

We found no current PharmStore coupon codes. However, the company offers a 5% discount for customers if they use eCheck21, International money order, Cashiers Check or Personal Check. The special offers are advertised on the main page:

PharmStore special offer

Besides, the pharmacy asks to catch up with them not to miss occasional coupons and promotional codes.

A customer can also save $20 if he refers his friend to the pharmacy. Considering all these special offers and discounts, we give the online company 3 stars for this unit.

Customer Support Service

PharmStore Contact Information

The pharmacy provided some of its contact information (including mailing address, several toll-free phone numbers, toll-free fax number).

PharmStore contact information

However, for some reason, the website did not mention PharmStore address. This should alert the buyer. Reliable stores do not hide this information. The online pharmacy claims to operate from Canada but there is no confirmation of this fact. The pharmacy gets 4 stars for this unit.

Ways to Get a Consultation at PharmStore.com

PharmStore claims to have a team of pleasant and knowledgeable customer service personnel who are always ready to offer you professional services.

The website has a Live Chat for instant messaging, but when we wanted to start a conversation, the Chat simply did not let us in. Obviously, customers can’t get a speedy reply on PharmStore.com.

PharmStore Live Chat

However, the pharmacy offered some other ways to reach their customer support service: email info@pharmstore.com and several phone numbers indicated in the previous unit. According to the information placed on the website, the pharmacy operates Monday – Friday 7:00 am – 8:00 pm, Saturday 7:30 am – 5:30 pm and Sunday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm. We decided to try luck again and use email option to find out whether they offer express delivery since we did not find this information on the website. We waited for 24 hours but the answer did not come.

PharmStore has to improve its customer support service, as it is a very important aspect of their business. Otherwise, clients will find another online pharmacy with more speedy feedback. The company gets 1 star out of 5 for their customer support quality.


Pharmstore.com offers great savings for both prescription and OTC products. And US customers won’t have to worry about any additional fees because the pharmacy ships the medications free of charge. Having been in business for thirteen years, Pharm Store has an additional trust in their business already. The pharmacy is CIPA verified and has received numerous positive reviews from customers over years. This confirms that PharmStore provides a good service selling quality medications at the lowest possible prices. The pharmacy also makes time to read what its clients think about the services provided and even replies to them – it is a big advantage. But the company seems to have a weak side – sometimes they have problems with delivery of medications on time. It was confusing to us that ScamAdviser and Legit Script reports were against Pharmstore.com. The online verification services consider the website suspicious, and customers have to decide what to do with the information. We would rate this online prescription service not lower than 3,2 stars out of 5. Customers may have a good experience with the store though there is a definite risk.