Review: 3,2 Rating – In Favor or Against Making Orders? Self-Introduction

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Planet drugs direct is Canadian online pharmacy approved by CIPA (Canadian International Pharmacy Association). Site administration claims that they are not online pharmacy but online prescription referral service which offers customers instant access to affordable prescription and non-prescription drugs. But we are going to examine whether is safe and legit, whether there are special offers and coupon codes on
Planet drugs direct announces that they are the cheapest online pharmacy selling drugs internationally. Let’s understand everything about

Assortment on

All the assortment of this online pharmacy is subdivided into two groups:

  1. prescription drugs;
  2. non-prescription drugs (over the counter drugs).

Drugs inside these two groups are organized according to alphabetic search. It is rather difficult to estimate the real number of medications sold on the website but looking through them we find a decent amount of medications. The most popular medications sold on are:

  • Lexapro;
  • Avodart;
  • Prilosec;
  • Effexor;
  • Flomax;
  • Zetia;
  • Diovan HCT;
  • Levitra;
  • Cymbalta;
  • Astepro;
  • Abilify;
  • Namenda.


Medications are also divided into the brand and generic medications. You may see generics chosen by you medications in a check-out stage of ordering. But when looking at a list of medications you cannot see whether it is brand or generic – it is one drawback here – 4 points. You may also buy medications for pets on Planet drugs direct.

Prices on

As claims they are the cheapest online pharmacy. But we may easily check it on Viagra price. One pill of brand Viagra 25 mg costs $14,5. This price is $2 high in comparison with other online pharmacies. One pill of generic Viagra 25 mg costs $2,9 – sky high price. There are pharmacies where you may buy generic Viagra 25 mg per $0,41.
There is one drawback here – you cannot change currency and see prices only in USD. It is sometimes inconvenient to reduce to another currency. Our mark for this unit is 2 points.

Shipping Options

Planet drugs direct contracted online stores also deliver parcels to:

  • Australia;
  • Brazil;
  • Switzerland;
  • Chile;
  • China;
  • Costa Rica;
  • Spain;
  • France;
  • United Kingdom;
  • Hong Kong SAR China;
  • Israel;
  • Italy;
  • Japan;
  • Mexico;
  • New Zealand;
  • Philippines;
  • Romania;
  • Singapore;
  • El Salvador.

But you should remember, in the event that your parcel(s) is confiscated by customs office or regulatory authorities, contracted pharmacies of will propose to re-send the parcels. If you are lived in a country not listed above, please come contact with Planet drugs direct customer service to file down your order.
Its average time of shipping is nearly 14 – 28 days. If there appear any delays in the process of delivering and time of shipping exceeds 28 days, you may contact with online pharmacy support group by chat or call to discuss further options.
We find out that shipping in the United States is free but to all other destinations shipping fee is $19,95. This price is too high – in general, the average charge for shipping is $10. There is no reference to what kind of service they use – Regular Airmail or Express Courier System. Our mark is gathered with an account of price and shipping method that’s why our mark is 3 points.

Payment Options on

On check-out, we find payment methods. They include:

  • Electronic Check – Preferred method;
  • Check or International Money Order via mail;
  • Credit Card;
  • Wire Transfer.

They accept only American Express but Visa or MasterCard. Sometimes it is absolutely inconvenient. Moreover, this information is given only in a check-out stage. It gives us the right to level down the mark – 3 points.

Technical Statistical Data

Technical component is a component part of website successful operation. will be examined according to the following aspects: google page speed loading, mobile version and antivirus presence, secure connection and convenience of making orders via this online pharmacy.

Google Page Speed

Google page speed analyzes how fast website and its mobile version are loading. mobile version has indicator lower than average – 63% out of 100%. It is colored in red and has “Poor” indicator.
The desktop version is operating better in comparison with mobile one – 80% and has “Need Work” indicator. It means that loading speed of desktop and mobile version has something to work with.
Our average mark is 2,1.


Mobile Version of

Mobile version is present and operating well. There are no noticeable drawbacks, there is no scrolling. You may easily make an order using a mobile version of – Planet Drugs Direct. Our mark for the mobile version is 5 points.

Secure Connection

secure connectionsecure connection

Planet Drugs Direct protects customers’ personal data at transactions using COMODO CA limited. 128-bit key encrypts your personal data. But there are more effective methods of protection – 256 key bit, for example. Of course, it is better than none but for this deserves only 3 points.

Antivirus Presence

There are two antiviruses on Planet Drugs Direct:

  • McAfee;
  • Norton.


They both protect customers personal data from viruses which may contribute to unlegalized access to personal data. This unit helps to gain 5 points.

Convenience of Making Orders on

The main component of making orders convenience is registration presence or absence. In our exact case, requires registration asking everything except credit card number. They ask main medical information about your allergies, what medication you take and what diseases you have. It takes approximately 10 minutes to get Only registered customers may arrange an order that’s why you cannot avoid this procedure. Of course, it takes some time to register and in most cases, it is very inconvenient.
There is one more aspect here – you cannot get to know before ordering what shipping and payment options this online pharmacy possesses. They accept only American Express (credit card) but you will know it only after a check-out stage. All these allow us leveling down the mark to 1 point.

Is Legit?

Before ordering via this or that online pharmacy, you should be sure this online pharmacy is legal. We ask the same question whether is legit and safe. Let’s find the answer to them. Data about affirms that is low trust and may not be safe for use. This online service hesitates about online pharmacy location. The site is probably Netherlands based, but most likely from the United States of America. Planet Drugs Direct has 0% of security labeling as high-risk website. Regardless of domain age (16 years 188 days), doesn’t recommend people to make orders. Moreover, website speed is slow what complicates ordering procedure.
So we come to a conclusion that we can grant only 1 point for scamadviser data relating to about Planet Drug Store

Prescription Request on sells prescription and non-prescription drugs so that it means that you may be not required to send a prescription list to Planet Drugs Direct. After you undergo payment stage, you will see prescription stage when you should send your prescription list. It is rather inconvenient but it helps customers be sure that this online pharmacy exactly is legal and safe. Presence of prescription and non-prescription drugs makes us give 5 points for about Planet Drugs Direct

Unfortunately, Planet Drugs Direct has “Rough” status. It means that violates applicable laws of regulations. You should be attentive while making orders via We give only 1 point for this aspect.


Certificates of Quality

Planet Drug Store is certified online pharmacy specializing in prescription and non-prescription drugs sale. is proved by CIPA and


This online pharmacy meets all the requirements of Certified Canadian International Pharmacy and is verification program directed to confirm the status of Planet Drug Store as an online pharmacy.

This aspect deserves 5 points because it helps people trust in reliability and security of online pharmacies. Read this information properly and make orders via

Reviews about

Each website should contain reviews for customers to make choice to order easily. We are going to find reviews on itself and on third-parties recourses.

Reviews on

There is no separate page with testimonials left by customers. You may leave a comment only on This criterion is left uncomprehended. We should estimate the presence of reviews on itself but they are absent – 1 point.

Reviews about on Foreign Recourses

All the reviews about are available on Here you may leave a comment, read reviews and see the real picture of performance. Of course, the majority of reviews are positive but there are negative as well.
There are also responses to negative reviews from administration.


There are also reviews about on Positive reviews predominate but there is one negative. We believe that these reviews help you decide whether it is secure to make orders of drugs via Planet Drugs Direct. This aspect deserves 5 points.

review on foreign recourses Coupon Code coupon code is available on front page of this online pharmacy. Ordering for the first time on planet drugs direct coupon code will count towards automatically. There is also one more special offer known as you like Planet Drugs Direct on Facebook will be sent coupon code. It is very pleasant to have an opportunity to save money while making orders online. for coupon code deserves 5 points regardless of the fact that there is only 5%-discount. It is better than nothing.



Customer Support Service

“Contact Us” Information on

“Contact Us” section contains:

  • mailing address;
  • phone;
  • fax;
  • e-mail.

According to contact information given by, this online pharmacy is located: PO Box 302 Stn Main, Winnipeg, MB R3C 2H6, Canada but really (online service examining websites’ security) insists on other website location – the United States of America. It also plays an important role in customers’ security.

There is toll phone number: 1-888-791-3784 and international number: 1-204-789-4150. Fax is also available as toll and international. It seems that you can easily come in contact with site administration or support group. Our mark here is 4 because there is suspicion on online pharmacy location.

contact us

Customer Support Service – Live Chat

live chat

Planet Drugs Direct answers to my question. We ask them how much it will cost to ship medications to Indonesia. They answer us in 15 hours. Of course, we have to wait this time to get the answer that’s why our mark here is 3,5.

Conclusion: 3,2 Stars – In Favor or Against Making Orders via

Really speaking, Planet Drugs Direct ( leaves ambivalent feeling, from one point of view this online pharmacy is rather trustable but from the other – absolutely unreliable. From positive moments we may call:

  • antivirus presence;
  • coupon code;
  • presence of reviews on foreign recourses;
  • prescription and non-prescription drugs;
  • worked out the mobile version.

But there are “disastrous” things about Planet Drugs Direct, for example, prices are overestimated. Delivery is free only in the USA but chargeable in other countries – $19,95 (average price for shipping is $10). There are no reviews on itself. hesitates in this online pharmacy security – 0% of trustability. LegitScript considers this online pharmacy to be “Rough”. There is mandatory request to register on the website to arrange an order.

Everything seems to be against and rating 3 stars for them is a considerable high mark. It is up to customers to decide whether it is suitable for them to make orders via Planet Drugs Direct.