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PolarMeds.com Review: An Average Website Which Seems Unpopular

What is PolarMeds.com?

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Polarmeds.com is actually is not a pharmacy but an international prescription service that connects potential customers with real pharmacies in Canada. They claim to be accredited by the CIPA. The website started in 2003 and looks like websites from the 90s. They claim that their pharmacy does not have all drugs that are available in the world. However, they do have the majority of drugs available in the U.S. and Canada.

What Can You Buy Here?

Polar Meds claims that all the drugs available on the website are FDA approved. The site has no drug categories and customers have to search for the necessary items using the search bar. According to the website, Polar Meds has over 2000 RX and over-the-counter drugs in the store, so it seems that they have a pretty good database of drugs available.

I noticed that the pharmacy sells medications for erectile dysfunction, weight loss, women’s health, pain relief, skin care, and various chronic diseases.

The front page lists the bestsellers of the pharmacy:


Although they sell both original and generic drugs, Polar Meds seems to encourage customers to buy generic products by providing a detailed explanation about the safety and quality of generic drugs, and their benefits over original medications.

The store sells all basic drugs for the treatment of ED. They have branded drugs and generic alternatives as well. Customers may order branded Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra and their generics (Sildenafil, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil). The options are not as numerous as those offered by other online pharmacies but ED tablets are not the specialization of the store.

Since I could not find out the exact number of drugs available on the website, I give 4 stars for this unit.


Prices for the drugs seems average. They have provided generic versions that are much cheaper, so you can buy more items for the same price. Here are the priced for basic ED pills:


You can order generic Viagra from $0.32 to $3.33 per pill depending on the strength and quantity; you can order generic Cialis from $0.67 to $3.26 pe pills, and Levitra from $1.05 to $3.71 per pill.

The prices are very beneficial. If you order pills in bulk, they will be more expensive. Along with Polar Meds price list, customers are also informed by the pharmacy about the general description of the product, its dosage, interactions, side effects, and other details. I give 5 stars for this unit.

Shipping policy

Polar Meds process order up to 3 days and deliver them within up to 3 weeks. All orders are verified by a licensed Canadian Doctor and dispensed by a licensed Canadian Pharmacist.

They mention that delivery can be sometimes delayed by customs or holidays so they recommend customers to be ready to wait up to 4 weeks. If the ordered medications do not arrive within 3 weeks, you can call at 1-800-784-2309 and ask to reship your order or ask for a full refund.

The pharmacy ships both prescription and non-prescription drugs in the same package box and charges one shipping fee.
You should know that this store does not accept returns once they have shipped the medications. But they will accept RX drugs if they were damaged or lost during transportation.

Polar Meds charges the average $10 or $20 charge depending on the delivery speed. You can choose between a cheap but slow shipping option or an expensive but faster shipping option.

I give 2 stars for this unit since the pharmacy gave no information about exact delivery terms and did not offer a free delivery of goods.

Payment Options

The online pharmacy accepts Personal Checks, Certified Checks, Bank Money Orders and International Money Orders. They do not charge any tax on purchases.
Regretfully, they do not accept credit cards, which is very inconvenient. For this reason, the store receives 2 stars.

Technical Characteristics of PolarMeds.com

 Loading Speed

Analyzing the website’s loading speed will help us determine how quickly PolarMeds.com pages are loading. If the loading speed is too slow, customers may leave the website and search for faster websites selling medications. See the results below:


Regretfully, the speed indicators are unavailable so there is a risk that customers may have problems when using this pharmacy. Optimization is perfect but lack of speed indicators makes me score only 2.3 stars for this unit.

Mobile Version

Modern websites must have a good mobile version because too many people buy medications using their smartphones or tablets. Lack of mobile version will make shipping experience worse or may even become the reason why customers prefer other online pharmacies.

Regretfully, PolarMeds.com does not have a mobile version:

mobile version

The site’s mobile version looks like a small-scale computer version but all elements are tiny, the test is not readable, the links are too close together and it’s nearly impossible to click on the necessary medication. Since the store is not adapted for mobile users, I give 1 star for this unit.

Personal Data Protection

According to Polar Meds, they meet the privacy standards and guarantee that personal information of customers is protected by appropriate means. They claim to responsible for all personal information users submit to this website and promise that they never disclose this information to third parties. In fact, these promises proved to be empty because the website’s connection is not secure and can be viewed by others:


I recommend PolarMeds.com’s owner to provide at least the minimal encryption for personal data security. For now, I give 1 star out of 5 for this unit.

Checking Antivirus

Unfortunately, the website does not use antivirus programs which makes Polar Meds not a safe place to buy drugs from. Users risk getting dangerous viruses and malware programs on their computers. Bear in mind this fact when you decide to place an order through this website. 1 star out of 5.

The Convenience of PolarMeds.com

There are two ways to place an order through this online intermediatory service. For faster processing, customers can order medications online. If you do not like to buy drugs online, you can also order by mail.

For ordering online, you need first find the desired medications and add them to your shopping cart by clicking the «Add to Cart button». Then you may proceed to checkout and go through a series of questions. If you order an RX drug, you will also need to mail or fax a prescription from your doctor to the pharmacy.
If you decide to order drugs online, you will have to first register on the website or log in if you have an account already:


If you decide to use mail order, you will need to fill out a Patient Order Form and Prescription Request Form. Polar Meds contracted pharmacies will fill your prescription and allow the licensed physician to review it. They promise that all details will be kept strictly confidential. All new orders must come with an original prescription.

The pharmacy needs up to 3 business days for order processing which is a very long time in my opinion. You need to be ready to wait for the whole month for your medications to be delivered. And only a few customers are ready to wait for so long.

What I do not like about this website is that there are no drug categories on the front page: you can only search for the desired drug by name or alphabet:

drug search

Fortunately, Polar Meds has made the distinction between original and generic drugs clear, so there was no confusion for the origin of drugs sold in the pharmacy, unlike in many other websites today, which do not indicate if a drug is generic or brand-name.

The pharmacy claims to be an international but does not provide an opportunity to select the desired currency and language.

The things I figured out about Polar Meds website: registration is compulsory, no drug categories, no drug list, no opportunity to change language and currency, several ways to order drugs. Considering this, the store receives 2 stars for this unit.

Is PolarMeds.com Legit?

The Rating on ScamAdviser.com

In order to discover more information for this online matching service, I tried using ScamAdviser to assess the domain:

scam adviser

According to the Scam Adviser, Polar Meds is a threat listed website from either the United States or Canada. Its domain age is almost 15 years, which is longer than most of the current online pharmacies. Overall, the company was only given a 61% rating because it has malware online reports and is rarely visited. I give 3,5 stars for this unit.

Do We Need a Prescription?

Polar Meds require a valid prescription from a licensed physician for RX drugs available on the website. All RX products are marked with a corresponding icon:


Customers are not only required to send their RX online – the pharmacy requested the clients to mail their prescriptions before their orders are processed. Customers may order only a maximum of a 3-month drug supply. Your doctor does not have to know that you are getting your Rx filled by a foreign company. Your doctor can also fill in and fax in the patient questionnaire to the pharmacy but this is not a requirement. All of the necessary medical details can be sent by a patient himself.

Today, most online pharmacies allow people to buy any drug freely regardless of whether it’s Rx or not. This store seems to have a responsible approach to selling meds, so I give them 5 stars for this unit.

Checking the Status on LegitScript

Legit Script said it did not have any information about polarmeds.com in its database of online pharmacies so I can’t say for sure whether this store meets Internet pharmacy verification standards or not. If you ever notice that this website in Legit Script database, please leave a comment below this review. So far, the website receives 4 starts for this unit.


I noticed that Polar Meds Rx is CIPA-accredited. This icon is active and this means that this website is regulated by the government, dispenses drugs through a licensed pharmacy, requires an Rx, provides a valid address and phone number on its website, guarantees the privacy of customers’ personal information, and secures financial information you submit online.


For a CIPA membership, the store receives 5 stars.

PolarMeds.com Reviews

Customer On-Site Reviews

Regretfully, I did not find any PolarMed reviews from former buyers on its official website. There is no feedback form where clients could leave their comments, complaints, and wishes. Of course, the website looks legit but I cannot be 100% sure of its reliability and safety without reading testimonials from previous clients. The store provided no evidence that customers used its services and were satisfied so I give 1 star for this unit.

Polar Meds Reviews on Third-Party Websites

Although Polar Meds website has been operating since 2003, the store did not have reviews from its customers earlier than 2016 on independent websites. The pharmacy only had 3 testimonials on the web. 2 of them are positive (dated 2016 and 2017) and 1 is a complaint (not dated).


According to Lavergne Z, he had been using the services of Polarmeds.com for 4 years and he was grateful to this company for helping him save thousands of dollars on his medications. He also said this store was “very professional” and he recommended this website to his friends.

Linda H said that this website gave good prices for medications and excellent customer service for its customers. She only was dissatisfied with the three-week average delivery time and recommended other customers to order drugs in advance.

The only Polar Meds complaint was left by Patrick F. Fitzgerald. He stated that his card was hacked within 1 minute of submitting his banking information to the website. Someone tried to use it in London and later in Japan. He concluded that this was not a secure website.


3 reviews are just not enough to assess the pharmacy’s reputation. It seems strange that the store received only a few comments over 15 years. This means that PolarMeds is an unpopular online company and the services provided are not as good as you can expect, so I give 2 stars for this unit.

PolarMeds.com Coupon Codes

I found numerous promotions for PolarMeds on one of the third-party websites. These discounts seem to be a good opportunity to save money on your medications. The most popular special offers are placed below: customers can save $15 on the first order (no code needed), get $15 off on the first order over $75 by using a “RDIG111 ” coupon code, purchase Viagra 100mg 32 tabs for only $123 by using a “07-17290-h84101” coupon code, and some more.

coupon codes

I was not able to check whether these deals were working. I just have to hope that they are and give 5 stars for this unit.

Customer Support

Contact Information

Fortunately, the Contact Us section is informative. They specified a mailing address, phone number, fax number, and 2 emails.


Regretfully, they did not mention whether their legal address coincided with a mailing one. I’m not sure that this company is located in Canada (according to ScamAdviser analysis). It’s most likely to operate from the USA. Since the physical address of this store was hidden, I give only 4 stars for this unit.

Trying to Get a Consultation

Customers can contact a PolarMeds representative by calling toll-free phone number 1-800-784-2309 or emailing at one of the 2 email addresses specified. Regretfully, there was no live chat on the site so I had to reach a manager via email. I was interested in whether the pharmacy provided an express delivery of meds. I waited for a day but nobody responded. I think this store should improve its customer service, otherwise, they may easily lose potential customers. I give only 1 star for this unit.


Polar Meds is just another website with acceptable prices and an average assortment. There is nothing special about this company except the fact that they are offering beneficial deals and seem legit. This website is 15-year old but it seems unpopular because it has only a few reviews from previous customers. I’m not quite satisfied with the website’s security measures and customer care department. Besides, I’m skeptical about the pharmacy’s location – they claim to operate from Canada but ScamAdviser thinks otherwise. I think you’d better look for other online pharmacies for ordering medications. My rating is 2.8 out of 5.