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PremiumRXdrugs.com Review: 2,6 Stars – High Risk for Ordering

Premiumrxdrugs.com about Itself

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premiumrxdrugs.com is proved to be Indian Online Pharmacy. This online store is generic drugs distributors, providing generic drugs all around the world. They claim they offer the best services and high quality generics. The products they offer are produced by various leading pharmaceutical companies like:

  • Cipla;
  • Sun Pharma;
  • Ajanta Pharma;
  • Intas Pharma;
  • Torrent Pharma;
  • Pfizer;
  • GSK.

premiumrxdrugs.com Mission

premiumrxdrugs.com mission is to ensure that all people gain access to high-quality caregivers at any time of day and night by means of present-day practices at affordable price. They are directed to provide accessibility of the best healthcare and pharmaceutical products in a highly customer-oriented environment and ensure that they strive for as many lives as possible for better health and recovery. They have a desire to offer quality pharmaceutical health care at affordable price for all.

Assortment of premiumrxdrugs.com

premiumrxdrugs.com has 54 drug categories.

list of categories on www.premiumrxdrugs.com

Each category contains certain number of medications. For example, men’s health category is comprised of 39 preparations available. You may find everything you need if we speak about generic medications. There are no brand medications at all on premiumrxdrugs.com. All categories are arranged like drop-down menu and organized in alphabetic way. You may easily find drugs on premiumrxdrugs.com front page. Search bar is one more opportunity to find medications you need. But nearby the search bar there is one more field where you may find brand medications. When you click on it you will see what kind of its generics is available on premiumrxdrugs.com. For all these components, we decide to grand 5 points for premiumrxdrugs.com.

Are Prices Affordable on www.premiumrxdrugs.com?

Prices play the major role in customer’s choice to order medications via this or that online pharmacy. As we wrote above www.premiumrxdrugs.com specializes in generic selling. Price on generics is considerably lower in comparison with brand medications. For example, the price for generic Viagra per one pill is $1,5. This price is overestimated, there are online pharmacies where you will find generic Viagra cheaper. For one generic Levitra pill, you will pay $1,5 but there is fascinating bonus here – you pay only for 50 pills, another 50 you will get free of charge. You may also compare two medications according to various parameters:

  • price;
  • manufacturer;
  • active components.

compare products

We see that prices on www.premiumrxdrugs.com are too high. Indian generics in the majority of other online pharmacies cost less. Our mark for this unit is 2,5 points.

Shipping Options

Really speaking, we do not find any exact information relating to shipping options except charge and estimated shipping time. They declare that shipping will take 2-3 weeks but there is no definite information about methods of shipping methods. The delivery fee is $10. But this information is little bit rushed because we do not find answers to the questions of exact shipping time and methods of delivery. Unfortunately, this information doesn’t allow us granting high mark, so only 2 points are deserved by www.premiumrxdrugs.com.

Payment Options Available on Premium Rx Drugs

Premium Rx Drugs accepts Visa and eChecks/Money orders. For larger orders (more than $1,000 USD) they offer wire transfer. You may get 10-% discount if you pay for your order by means of eChecks, wire transfer, money order and epayworx. But there is no information about that they accept Epayworx. Here appropriate mark is 3,5.

payment options

Technical Characteristics of www.premiumrxdrugs.com

Each website should meet main technical requirements to become user-friendly. We are going to examine www.premiumrxdrugs.com according to the following aspects:

  • page speed loading according to https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/;
  • mobile version presence and functionality;
  • secure connection;
  • antivirus presence;
  • convenience of making orders.

Each unit will be estimated in accordance with this criteria.

Page Speed Loading according to google.com/speed/pagespeed/

mobile and desktop version of premium rx drugs

As you can see the indicators could not be worse. Both indicators are colored in red and have a status “Poor”. It means this online pharmacy should get on with its own performance. There is a lot of things to be changed, try to analyze this aspect and find the way out. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

Mobile Version of www.premiumrxdrugs.com

We examine mobile version of premiumrxdrugs.com/ carefully and find no drawbacks. Everything is organized on the level. Page size may be changed depending on what kind of mobile phone you have. This mobile version has only one but not visual drawback – page speed loading is too slow. It takes some time to go from one page to another. It was mentioned above that https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/ provides us with too low indicators that’s why it allows us to level down to 4 points.

Secure Connection or Not?

https-protocol on https://www.premiumrxdrugs.com/

They use GeoTrust service as encryption data server. But premiumrxdrugs.com/ possesses 128-bit key encryption. There are more secure protection services such as 256 bit directed to provide absolute security during transactions on any kind of websites and online services. Of course, it is better than nothing but www.premiumrxdrugs.com may improve its security for making customers assure they are protected during all the transactions period. It is not attractive when your personal data will be disclosed or traded. Our mark here is 3 points.


Is There Antivirus on www.premiumrxdrugs.com?

Unfortunately, there is no antivirus on Premium Rx Drugs. It plays an important role for customers to have secure connection while making orders. Only 1 point is deserved for this unit by premiumrxdrugs.com.

Convenience of Making Orders via premiumrxdrugs.com

Really speaking, premiumrxdrugs.com, as a mandatory requirement, offers its customers to register. We have undergone all the procedure but come across with some difficulties. We come to a conclusion that there are some problems with site loading because registration takes 20-30 minutes (it is terrible). Then, we find out that this online pharmacy doesn’t accept phone number given by us:

premiumrxdrugs registration

We change phone numbers several times but waste too much time – 30 minutes and stop registration procedure as a result. But it turned out we, for a wonder, undergo registration procedure receiving e-mail confirmation letter.

Really speaking all the procedure of registration is too long and meaningless. We do not get any kind of additional information after registration was complete. Summing it all up, we get only 1 point for convenience of making orders online via premiumrxdrugs.com.

Is premiumrxdrugs Safe and Legal?

Before making orders it is preferable to get to know more about premiumrxdrugs whether it is safe and legal. We are going to grapple with this by means of scamadviser.com, legitscript.com and also we will get to know whether prescription is required for buying medications online via premiumrxdrugs.com.

Is premiumrxdrugs Safe according to scamadviser.com?

scamadviser.com gives 67% of security for premiumrxdrugs. It declares it has a small chance of risk. But this online service doubts about website location. 52% speaks for the United States of America, 48% for India. But this online pharmacy doesn’t provide customers with contact address on site itself so that we cannot estimate this aspect essentially. scamadviser.com points out that www.premiumrxdrugs.com has lots of visitors. This domain exists for 12 years, 190 days which makes it secure in sight of scamadviser. We cannot find any evidence to the fact that this online pharmacy really is located in India because they have American phone number exactly in Los Angeles. Our mark for scamadviser.com data is 3 points. It is up to you to decide whether it is safe to buy via premiumrxdrugs.

scamadviser.com about Premium Rx Drugs

Is it Mandatory to Have Prescription for Ordering Online?

To tell you the truth, we cannot reach the phase when it will be necessary to present prescription list because again come across with site shutdown when we cannot get ahead because phone number seems to be unsuitable for site administration. This online pharmacy claims they require prescription list for any kind of medications. We are not able to evaluate this point but we may give them average mark – 3 points for only that they claim they require prescription.

Legitscript.com about www.premiumrxdrugs.com

legitscript about pharmacy rx drugs

www.premiumrxdrugs.com status on legitscript.com is “ROUGH”. It implies that this online pharmacy carries out something illegal. This is a definition of “Rough” pharmacy given on legitscript.com:

“An Internet pharmacy is rogue if it qualifies as unapproved and:

The sale, prescribing or dispensing of prescription or other drugs reasonably appears to intentionally or knowingly violate, facilitate the violation of, or offer to facilitate the violation of applicable laws or regulations, defined as the laws and regulations where the drugs are dispensed from or where they are offered to be shipped to; does not adhere to accepted standards of medical and/or pharmacy practice, including standards of safety; and/or engages in fraudulent or deceptive business practices.”

Customers should be attentive while ordering via Premium Rx Drugs. Our mark for this unit is 1 point. You should better cope with your responsibilities and provide customers with the best service ever.

Reviews about www.premiumrxdrugs.com

This online pharmacy should have reviews on site itself and foreign recourses to make us sure about its legality.

Reviews on www.premiumrxdrugs.com

www.premiumrxdrugs.com reviews

There are reviews on www.premiumrxdrugs.com itself. They are predominantly positive and have 5 stars rating. It is implied that they are all written by satisfied customers who arrange orders via this online service. Of course, our mark here is 5 because we estimate presence or absence of reviews on website. But we have something more to say: all the reviews are positive and it predicates these reviews on www.premiumrxdrugs.com may be fake. They are original but there is some hesitation.

Reviews about www.premiumrxdrugs.com on Foreign Recourses

reviews on foreign recourses

There are a lot of reviews on https://uk.trustpilot.com what makes us believe that this online pharmacy is well-known and reliable for ordering. Of course, they are, as well, predominantly positive but they are left on foreign recourse so that they cannot be written by www.premiumrxdrugs.com administration. Everything you need is to examine this website carefully and be sure it is safe to order via Premium Rx Drugs. Our mark is 5 points for reviews on foreign recourses about premiumrxdrugs.com.

premiumrxdrugs.com Coupon Code

There is no coupon code on premiumrxdrugs.com on site itself and foreign recourses. We are surfing the Internet but find nothing. But they provide customers with an opportunity to save money if they pay for their orders by means of eChecks, wire transfer, money order or epayworx.

coupon of Premium Rx Drugs

It is better than nothing. You are able to save 10% off by means of this special offer. There is one more opportunity to save money if you invite your friends to make orders via premiumrxdrugs.com. It is some kind of coupon but total sum of your should be over $40. So that premium rx drugs has no coupon but provides customers with various opportunities to save money as much as possible. Our mark here is 2 points.

Customer Support Service

Each online service should have contact information presented for customers to give possibility to find all the answers when customers have a desire to come in contact with support group. Let’s see what kind of “contact us” section and customer support service premiumrxdrugs.com/ has.

“Contact Us” Section

“Contact Us” section is comprised of contact form for customers to leave their questions. But there are no address or mail address. There is no possibility to get to know factual address of Premium Rx Drugs.

There is only telephone number: telephone numbers on https://www.premiumrxdrugs.com/

Support group is online from Monday to Friday 8.00 AM to 3.30 PM (PST). This information is given on website front page. It was also mentioned above that scamadviser.com doubts about company location. It may be the United States or India based. There are so many discrepancies in this case. Our mark for “Contact Us” section is 2,5.

Customer Support Service

Our mark for customer support service on premiumrxdrugs.com/ is 1 and we are going to explain to you why. We are waiting for 48 hours for the response to our question. We ask the question about shipping options but has no reply. They have no live chat but contact form only with no response. It is necessary to be more attentive for customers and try to meet all their needs. Sometimes people cannot find the answer on site itself that’s why they ask the questions. While support group is answering, customers will choose another online pharmacy.

Conclusion: 2,7 Stars – High Risk of Making Orders via premiumrxdrugs.com

premiumrxdrugs.com (Premium Rx Drugs) deserves 2,7 star rating. This indicator is less than average. There are something to strive for. We get this estimation valuing each point and calculate arithmetical mean.

This online pharmacy is good at:

  • range of medications available;
  • mobile version is made on the level to be comfortable for use;
  • protecting customers by means of https-protocol and Geotrust;
  • reviews about www.premiumrxdrugs.com on site itself and foreign recourses.

But there are so many drawbacks. First of all, prices on generics are overestimated. There are online pharmacies where you may find meds considerably cheaper. Site administration claims they require prescription but we cannot achieve this stage and check everything because site has some problems with phone numbers of customers. There is no contact information and scamadviser.com believes this site to hide its factual location (It may be the United States or India based). From contact information they provide customers only with telephone number and fax. We get no response from customer support service during 48 hours.

Technical indications relating to page speed loading is tremendous, poor for both mobile and desktop version. Registration takes too much time, with technical problems again. Online service – legitscript.com files status “Rough” for premiumrxdrugs.com.

You should not be surprised after reading this review and seeing the final result – 2,6 for such a “questionable” online pharmacy is enough. Site itself looks pretty well and user-friendly but there are things for improvement that’s why if site administration works hard and does its best, the estimation may be changed.