R24x.com Review – Quality Medications Supplier with Controversial Reputation

About R24x.com

logotypeR24x.com is a pharmacy providing branded medications and their generics produced by reliable Indian corporations. The pharmacy claims to run its activity completely legally and abide all laws. Only highly professional specialist are employed in this company, so you will get qualified help and best-quality medications at once. There is little information about the company itself on the website, but it clearly states its policies and philosophy. From information taken on «About us» page, we can conclude that the facility is reputable and trustworthy.

Variety of Choice of Products

The pharmacy offers not a very wide range of products. There are only 3 categories on the website containing 56 items in general, and we can see that the main specialization of the pharmacy is erectile dysfunction treatment. The majority of the medications are presented in «erectile dysfunction» category. Also you can find here medications for men’s and women’s health, but in these categories there are only few items presented.assortment

Each category besides products list contains also some description of the disease it is devoted to and some interesting facts related to these subject. In our opinion the list itself looks unattractive and could have been organized better. Page of the products also contains information about the drug, instruction for use and some interesting details. Also here you can choose necessary dosage and add the item to your cart.

The pharmacy mainly engaged in selling generic drugs, but also provides some branded medications. The pharmacy claims to provide only quality FDA-approved medications and that each item has quality certificates, which are put into your order package. If this is true, that you can be really sure that you buy effective and save medication at much lower price.

In general the products list is fine and has a choice of different preparations at different prices. All products are certified and approved, which means they are safe. We can give R24x.com 4 stars in this point, for quality drugs, but not a wide choice of them.

Cost of Medications at R24x.com

The pharmacy doesn’t claim to offer the lowest prices in the Internet, but their prices are very attractive and allow saving a great deal of money. Of course you can find a lower price, if you look in the Internet, but considering the fact that the quality of these products can be proved by certificates, the price is fair. Besides this price is not much higher than in other online pharmacies, it is in the range of average cost of these pills.

As the main direction of this pharmacy is erectile dysfunction, we will review prices for the most popular medications in this area. So, branded Viagra by «Pfizer» costs here $6.96 per pill minimally. Levitra and Cialis are available at a cost of $7.93 and $3.89 accordingly. With generics the situation is different. Their price is much lower, but effectiveness and safety is the same. Viagra price is $0.59 per pill, Cialis – $0.97 and Levitra – $1.29. remember that these prices are the lowest possible – for the lowest dosage and maximal amount in the pack. If you choose other options, the price will be different.prices

Also the pharmacy now offers FREE pills in addition to your order. For you choice there are 4 pills of Viagra Soft or 2 pills of Cialis Soft. This means that you get more pills at the same price, and can try other types of the medication to decide whether you like it or now with no charge.

So for this point we can also give R24x.com 4 stars for very attractive prices and free pills as a bonus for clients. Still prices are not the lowest we could find, so we hope that the company will come up with come special discount at the prices will be even lower.

Delivery of Orders

The company provides only 2 variant of shipment, though it performs delivery all over the world. These options are:

  • Courier Service;
  • Standard International Airmail.

shipping optionsIn the first case you will get you order much faster – in 5 – 9 days, but this method is more expensive. The second variant is cheaper but takes at average about 3 weeks to deliver the parcel. Also orders sent by Courier Service can be tracked throughout its way to destination, while Standard Airmail doesn’t provides such opportunity. You also may additionally choose insurance, for additional charge, to secure you order in case of order damage or loss.

Also you need to note that branded medication are only sent by Courier Service and the parcel must be checked before you get it, so your permission is necessary. Orders that contain 90 pills or more will be sent in different packages and will arrive at different time. Please, note this fact to avoid worries in future.

So, in general shipping service is fine in this pharmacy, but you won’t get free shipping in any case, so this is a big disadvantage for the company, but in other thing, everything is quite satisfactory. That’s why we will give R24x.com 3 stars in this point.

Payment Option at R24x.com

There is no special section describing payment options but on the «FAQ» page you can find information about how to pay for you medications. It is stated that there only 3 methods are available:

  • Credit card;
  • Western Union;
  • MoneyGram.

payment optionsBut when you are already on the «Checkout» page, you can see that you also can use Bitcoin option or JCB. A confusing fact, especially considering that if you are not informed about some methods, you may not be ready to use them.payment options

We think, that information in «FAQ» was not renewed for a long time, that’s why it contains not all methods available. But in general quantity of options allows many people choose whichever they like, not limiting them to using only one or two methods. For this point we can give R24x.com 3.5 stars.

Technical Characteristics of R24x.com

Google Page Speed

Results of test for page speed on the website are not inspiring. Mobile version shows very low results and needs to be improved in the nearest time. Its indicator is 58, which is lower than acceptable level. Desktop version is not much better but at least in the «yellow zone». Its figure is 69. Both versions require work and problems with them need to be fixed. The developers.google.com website gives some suggestions on how to improve the results and performance of the website, so the administration should look through these recommendations and take measures. For now our score to R24x.com is 1.4 stars for such low indicators.desktopmobile

Mobile Version of R24x.com

The pharmacy provides version for mobile phone, so that you could make orders not only from your computer, but also from other devices. Basically, this version is an adapted for smaller screen desktop version. Anyway, the website looks normal, and it can used, though there are some flaw here and there, the articles are readable, and ordering procedure is the same. So in general we can estimate this point for 4 stars, advising the administration to work on the mobile version and improve it for more comfortable use.

Secure Purchases

For providing secure shopping most reliable website use special secure connection to guarantee customers protection from data theft. Every person wants to be maximally protected and know that entrusting sensitive data is safe to this or that website. That’s why when placing orders it is necessary check the website for reliability. This can be easily dine, just look at the address of the website – is it stars with https:// than it can be trusted. Also green lock near the address indicated safety of the website.https protocol

Unfortunately R24x.com provides protection only on the «Checkout» page. In particular, the website sends you to another server that provides safe checkout. But when you are on the website, secure connection is not provided. We would prefer to use website that offers secure connection in all its pages, and we advise you do the same.

Still, the most vulnerable data is protected and you may not be afraid for you credit card and other data. To know more details about safety read the certificate of this secure connection.certificatecertificate

As you can see the website uses 128-bit encryption which is not the highest level of protection. Besides information about certificate owner is hidden so it is impossible to check its reliability. That’s why we give 2.5 stars to the pharmacy for this point.

Antivirus Protection at R24x.com

The website claims to provide antivirus protection during ordering procedure. But we didn’t manage to find any sign of antivirus on both the website itself and server for secure checkout. Though they claim to use such services as McAfee and WebSafe. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any proof of their words, so we can’t confirm that using this website is safe for your device. We strongly advise to acquire your own antivirus to protect yourself from some malware. And this point earn only 1 star to R24x.com website.

How to Order

Placing orders is very simple on the website. First of all, you don’t need to register though you have such opportunity is you want. By creating account you have you data saved on the website, and next time you will not have to fill them in again. But if you want to save your time, you can just place your order as a guest.

The process itself is easy and quick. You choose necessary products, put them into your cart and proceed to checkout. For further actions you will be sent to another server that provided safe and protected checkout using SSL connection and data encryption. There you fill in necessary data about shipping address, payment and submit your order.ordering

No information about prescription requirement is given here. On the website it is claimed that is you order prescription medications you have to present a valid prescription, but ordering pills for erectile dysfunction (which are supposed to be sold on prescription) we were not asked to provide Rx. Absence of necessity to spend your time on going to doctor and send them a prescription saves a lot of time, that’s why we consider this a positive side for ordering.

Also if your order will be lost or damaged the company guarantees full refund or resend the order. So you may be calm about medications you ordered – no one will charge you for damaged goods or not delivered parcel.

So in general the procedure is easy and fast, it allows you saving precious time, and get medications in 5 – 10 time. No additional necessary steps are required on the website, that’s why we give it 5 stars for this point.

Is R24x.com Legit?

Checking Reliability of the Website

We decided to check reliability of the website on Scamadviser.com. This service is one of the main programs to quickly check is the website can be trusted. So the results we obtained turned out not very good. The pharmacy is connected with some countries that are considered high risk, that’s the main reason the website got lower rating. Besides the owner of the company uses special program to hide information about it, which is another minus in reputation of the pharmacy. But on the other hand, safety rate of the pharmacy is – 52% and the domain age is more than 4 years. This facts raise overall rate of the pharmacy.scamadviser

The pharmacy doesn’t provide its official address on the website so we can’t compare it with the one in the report, but the whole picture of the website credibility is not so bad. We believe that 3 is a fair score for R24x.com in this point.

Prescription Demand on the Website

There information on the website that prescription medications are sold here only after you provide a prescription written by a licensed doctor. But when we tried to order Viagra, which is supposed to be a Rx drug, no prescription was required. May be the prescription is asked after you place an order but as practice shows, this almost never happens. Besides why would they ask your credit card number if they are not sure that you have a prescription.

Also, how would they check that prescription written be a licensed doctor, and not by yourself or that the prescription is valid. This fact is confusing and we can’t be sure that the pharmacy take responsibility for selling drugs to anyone who wants. So because we didn’t get any proof that they actually require a prescription, R24x.com gets 1 star in this point.

Legitimacy of the Pharmacy

According to www.legitscript.com this pharmacy is included in the list of rogue organizations. This happens because the company doesn’t meet standards of this website for legitimacy. There are no particular details specifying why the pharmacy got these status, but we know that if such report for the pharmacy is present on www.legitscript.com than somebody filed for this company as being untrustworthy. So we recommend to check every detail before you entrust your data to this pharmacy. Our score to R24x.com for this point is 1.legitimacy

R24x.com Reviews

Reviews on R24x.com

Unfortunately R24x.com doesn’t provide page with customers reviews. We cannot read people opinion about its work and medications quality. This situation seems a little strange, because each reliable website provide opportunity for customers to leave feedback, especially if their work is so good as they claim. In our opinion the pharmacy may have some problems with service or products, that’s why they do not allow unsatisfied customer to speak out. But it may also be that the administration simply didn’t pay much attention to this issue and didn’t give time to create a special page for reviews.

Anyway, absence of testimonials on the website is a great disadvantage and doesn’t allow to estimate work of the website in full. People’s opinion and experiences are one of the main proof of good or bad work of the company. That’s why – 1 star in this point.

Other Website’s Reviews

Sadly, but as well as with the previous point, there are no customer’s reviews about this pharmacy in the Internet. Everything looks like people either do not buy from this pharmacy, or have no desire to share their experience because of bad work of the service. This doesn’t allow us to see the picture from customers point of view and give objective estimation to the pharmacy. Besides, there are some websites that give negative reviews to the pharmacy in general.

So we have no other choice but to give R24x.com only 1 star for this point. We hope that in future reviews will appear on different forums and it will be easier for people to decide whether to trust this pharmacy or not.

R24x.com Coupon Code

On the website there is no special coupon code that you can apply when placing your order. But the pharmacy provides a special offer for all customers – FREE samples to every order for your choice. You can get 4 pills of Viagra Soft or 2 pills of Cialis Soft. This may be quite an attractive offer for many clients, besides it is always pleasant to get some free staff.free samples

Besides there is a special section for discount policy. There you can find information on how to get a discount and how much can you save. Also there is provided a table with all discounts they offer according to which the more often you re-order, the bigger discount you get. Also a very attractive offer, but unfortunately you don’t get a discount for your first buy.discount system

Also we looked for some coupon codes in the Internet and found the website – http://www.mmodm.com, which offers several coupon codes. Coupons here are provided by other customers so they can be not true. None of the coupons turned valid though it is written that they are valid till June. So these coupon are useless to us.coupon codes

Considering everything observed in this point we can give the pharmacy 3.5 stars, for providing system of discounts but absence of valid coupon codes and discount for the first buy.

R24x.com Support Service

Contact Details on the Website

There is a special page devoted to contact details for customer to get in contact with the support group. The pharmacy doesn’t provide any address to send them a mail. However, there are 3 phone numbers for residents of different countries and toll free number for USA residents. Also there is e-mail where you can send your request, but it is more convenient to use contact form provided on this page.contact information

Sadly, but there is live chat for instant communication. But you can call the support group instead and have a live conversation. Operating hours are indicated above the contact form. So in general you can tell that necessary information is provided. We will give R24x.com 3.5 stars for absence of official address.

Answering the Request

As it was said there is no live chat to get instant answers, which is very inconvenient. You will have to wait for the answer for some time, and you probably may not get satisfactory answer in the first letter, so you will have to wait for several letters which can take quite a lot of time.

We decided to contact the support group via contact form because it is our only choice in this situation. We filled in necessary details and typed our inquiry. All we have to do is wait.support service

After waiting for some time we didn’t get any confirmation letter that our request was at least received and processed. Having waited for 24 hours we still didn’t get any answer which allows us conclude that the support group works very slow and ineffective. Most customer will not wait for so long and simply buy from another facility. So for this point we can give the pharmacy only 1 star.

To Sum Up…

Summing up everything we analyzed before it should be said that this pharmacy is quite fine to work with. It has low prices and quality drugs. A huge advantage of the pharmacy is that they provide documents proving quality of the products with each order. But there are also lots of flaws that spoil the reputation ant overall score of the pharmacy in our review.

The pharmacy needs to work on the support group service and create a page for customers reviews. Also technical indicators are quite low, so it is necessary to take measures to fix them. But in general the pharmacy can be a great business and sell quality medications to greater number of people. But for now we give 2.4 out of 5 star rating to the pharmacy and would advise you to wait for better score before buying from this pharmacy.