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My Creative Endeavors

This was a very enjoyable weekend for me when it comes to crafting, how about you? Emma was semi-sick (meaning yucky runny nose but no fever) and very high-maintenance, but at the end of the day when she went to bed (7:30 every night, yay for that!) I took out my watercolors, made myself some hot chocolate with a candy cane in it (hey, its Christmas!), and started working on a new project

A Recipe Scrapbook/Journal!

This is my first one, and I was initially inspired by this awesome site, Red Velvet Art. They dont have them anymore, but I came across a collage pregnancy journal they designed that I absolutely loved! It was simple and personal and oh-so-cute. I thought, I could do that! and thats where the madness started. 😉 I proceeded to work on my recipe journal and had SO much fun with it. I know Im going to be doing this often. Its a lot more rewarding for me to draw my own illustrations than to buy scrapbook notions and stickers and much cheaper. 🙂

Okay, so enough talk heres what Ive done so far:

What I really like about these is that theyre not perfect, but thats okay!

How I Did It:

I had an empty scrapbook that was just waiting to be filled some day. So I grabbed my scrapbook stash and started creating! It was really easy because all of the paper I have is already pre-cut to fit perfectly inside the clear envelopes in the bound book. You could use a binder, a journal, whatever you wanted to glue recipe cards, recipes from magazines, photos and pictures you like, etc into your recipe book. So yeah, easy peasy! And this would be fun for a young person to do with a regular journal, too. Im thinking a prayer journal is going to be next.

Here are a couple of online inspirations and tutorials for you to check out:

Recipe Scrapbooking How and Why?
(from Blissfully Domestic)

Digital Scrapbooking Recipes

Recipe Scrapbook Pages (so cute!)
(from Kevin and Amanda)

You can have some fun with any theme, not just recipes!

Inspired Gift Idea: Make a themed journal kit for someone in your family and give it to them for Christmas!

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