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Reliablerxpharmacy.com Review – Unreliable Online Drugstore with Ineffective Customer Service

About Reliablerxpharmacy.com

logotypeReliableRxPharmacy.com is a drug distributor offering high-quality generic medicine at low prices. The company runs its activity since 2005 and provides quality OTC and prescription medications all over the world. All medications sold in the pharmacy are identical copies of original drugs, the same in effect and composition. The main goal of the company is to make best-quality meds affordable to all people, but the company bears responsibility for their activity, so the pharmacy requires prescription for buying most of the drugs in the catalog.

Products in the Catalog

The catalog on the website is very diverse. All medications are divided into 55 categories. Each categories contain several items at different price so that each customer, regardless of income, could find necessary medications.assortment

All the categories can be found in a special tab on the front page. They are organized alphabetically which facilitates searching process. Besides you can find medications by using special search bar which allows searching by brand name and by generic name.

Inside categories medications are presented in a table, the customer can choose how many items can be viewed on the page, which is very convenient. Also each category has short description of the problem it is devoted to in the top and bottom of the page. Product page has detailed instruction for use and offers customer to choose necessary dosage of the drug.

Also the website offers a very convenient and useful function – you can compare several drugs and choose the one that suits you best. This function allows to save a lot of time for choosing medications. Many people face their problems for the first time, so they do not know which mediation will be better. This function solves their problem – they can quickly see the difference between medications.compare products

If you have some suggestions about work of the website, or want to complain on some problem appears on the website, you may use suggestion box. All your ideas will be considered by the administration and may help to improve the work of the service. Also there is a product request form, if you can find necessary medication, this form will help you contact the support group and solve the problem in no time. These are undoubtedly useful functions offered by the website.

The pharmacy specializes in generic medications, but strangely, on the website, you can find information that they provide medications by Pfizer and GSK. As we know these are the companies that produce branded medications for erectile dysfunction and other diseases. So the company either sells branded medications by these companies or lies to customers about manufacturers.

Considering every positive thing that is a presence at this point we can say that the pharmacy has worked out its catalog very well. And the variety of products is also impressive – here you can get medication for treatment of almost any possible disease. That’s why we gladly give 5 stars for this issue.

Price Policy

The company assures its customer to offer the lowest prices for quality generics. We looked trough the catalog and found out that the prices are really low, but not the lowest. The pharmacy offers free pills to each pack you choose, but there were no free samples, cost for 1 pill would be too high for a generic. It is important to know that these free samples are just for making the offer more attractive. In reality you just buy a pack of pills at a price they are sold in most online stores.

We took three the most popular medications for erectile dysfunction treatment – Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. As the pharmacy sells only generics, we would consider this fact and look for medications containing active substances of these drugs – Sildenafil, Vardenafil, Tadalafil. So it turns out that generic Viagra 25 mg (Suhara) cots here $0.8 per pill minimal. Levitra 20 mg is available for $1.3 (Lofatra) and Cialis 5 mg – $0.75 (Modula) at special offer. As we can see, the prices for these generic are a little too high than in other pharmacies, but this difference is not significant, and we can safely say that the company offers affordable prices, but not the lowest possible.prices

It is clear that the company tries to attract more customers by make such special offers as free samples, but if you calculate the price for the quantity without these free pill, it turns out that prices are too high. That’s why we advise not to get caught by such «pretty image» and check everything really careful not to spend more money that you could in another place.

For this point, we can give 4 stars for low prices. Still, the facts said above doesn’t allow us to give the highest score.

Shipping Options

There is no clear information on the website about shipping options. The «FAQ» section provides information about shipping fee, which depends on amount and size of your order. «Terms and Conditions» also explain how orders will be sent, but there is no clear list of methods that are used.

From the details given there, we can conclude that there is regular shipping method used most often. But we have n idea how many methods are there. The information provided in this section only explains methods of delivery for different types of addresses. Checkout procedure also doesn’t have such step as choosing a delivery method.shipping options

On the front page, you can find a banner telling that now the pharmacy offers a flat rate for shipping – $12. But still, an absence of clear information is a great disadvantage which will create problems for many customers.

For this point, we can give only 2 stars, as there is no list of shipping options, no courier delivery and no opportunity to get free delivery.

Payment Details

There is no information devoted to payment options. No section contains any reminder about how you can pay for your order. The only way to know is to proceed to checkout. There you can see that it offers several methods to pay for your order:

  • Credit card;
  • eChecks;
  • wire transfer;
  • money order.

payment optionsThese are the most convenient ways for most customers, and those who don’t want to disclose their credit card number may use another option. This is very convenient.

Unfortunately, there is no special offer for some particular method of payment – most online pharmacies provide some discount for e-Check payment, for example. But a variety of options allow us giving 3 stars to the pharmacy at this point.

Technical Characteristics

Google Page Speed Test

Check out by developers.google.com shows very poor results. Both mobile and desktop are in a very bad state, indicator are very low, which means that the website can’t function normally without any logs or errors. Besides speed of page loading is low which annoys many customers. There are lots of measures that should be undertaken to improve the situation – this service offers some suggestions for website owners, to facilitate the process. Until all the issues are fixed we cannot give the score higher than 1 star.desktopmobile

Mobile Version

The pharmacy has a version of the website for mobile phones but it is very poorly arranged. It is very slow, with lots of underworked issues. The text about pharmacy on the front page is cut, so you can’t read it all. Buttons in the bottom of the page are not working. The ordering process is the same, but again each page is loading very slowly.

In general, the interface is the same and the website is adjusted to the screen for mobile phone – everything is readable, pictures are clearly seen. For this point, we can give 2.5 stars.

Secure Shopping

Every customer desires to find a place on the internet where he can buy necessary medications safely. It is very important to know that none of your data will be stolen on the website while you enjoy shopping. That is why there is such thing on the Internet as a secure connection. This option protects customers data from unauthorized access and theft. To make sure if the website you are using provides secure shopping just check its URL. If it starts with https:// instead of http://, this means that the company uses special data encryption and you are safe making purchases here.https protocol

As we can see ReliableRxPharmacy.com is one of such pharmacies. Your information is secured here and there is nothing to worry about. If you still have doubts, read the details of the safety certificate, which is a free access on any website.certificatecertificate

ReliableRxPharmacy.com uses 256-bit encryption which is the highest possible level of protection, but information about the certificate owner is hidden which negatively affect the whole picture. Also, the pharmacy uses a Comodo SSL certificate to secure online transactions. This should be accounted as a plus to pharmacy reliability. That’s why we give the pharmacy 4 stars at this point for providing protection to all customers on each page of the website.comodo

Antivirus Protection

The pharmacy also provides antivirus protection, which is a great advantage. It uses McAfee antivirus to protect users from any malware. If customers do not have their own antivirus protection they can be calm about the safety of their devices while they are staying on this website. You also can read all the details by clicking the icon on the bottom of the front page. That’s why at this point we give ReliableRxPharmacy.com 5 stars.antivirus

How to Order

To place an order it will take you 5 minutes only. Everything is really so simple and fast. There is no need to register on the website, which is great as it saves you time and additional effort. Besides not all customer want to provide their e-mail addresses and phone numbers, because many companies after that send to send their news and offers. Which is why most clients appreciate the possibility to leave orders as guests.

After you have chosen all necessary medications, you have to fill in necessary details about you address, medical history and payment, you submit your order. No prescription is required to make a purchase, which also saves you a lot of time on going to doctors, sending a copy and the original to the pharmacy.ordering

If you want to cancel your order after payment you need to contact the support group to get a refund. If your order wasn’t paid it is considered as canceled. In the «Cancellation Policy» section you may find necessary information about cancellation and how to get a refund.

In general, the process is not time-consuming and doesn’t require much effort, so it will fair to give them 5 stars at this point. Most pharmacies require many additional steps to place the orders, but this one makes everything simple and effortless.

Is ReliableRxPharmacy.com Legit?

Reliability Check Out

Check out for the reliability of the website gives us very frustrating results. According to ScamAdviser.com, the pharmacy has very low trust rating – 0%. Though there are lots of visitors there and Alexa.com rates it as a popular website, there are many flaws that cannot be ignored by us.

First, website location is doubtful – it is claimed to be based in the United States, but can also be in Barbados. There is a malware report for this website, though it has antivirus and other protection, which means that the protection is fake and you are not safe on this website. Although domain age is quite impressive – more than 12 years. But the fact that this website can’t be trusted overshadows every positive moment here.scamadviser

There is no mail address on the website, so we can’t check if the address indicated in the report is real. So, considering everything said above, we give 1.5 stars at this point.

Is Prescription Mandatory?

In the «FAQ» section it is said that Rx medications require a prescription for buying them. As we know all ED medications should be sold on prescription. But when we tried to order some Cialis generic no prescription was required from us. This means that the pharmacy provides false information to its customers to look legal and reliable.

Although you are required to provide some medical information about yourself, this doesn’t mean that prescription should not be provided. That’s why we can’t give a high score to the pharmacy at this point. The company is leading irresponsible activity not asking to prove that medication is really necessary and the person won’t engage in self-medication. 1 star is our score for the absence of prescription requirement.

ReliableRxPharmacy.com Legitimacy

According to legitscript.com ReliableRxPharmacy.com is a rogue organization. It doesn’t meet requirements of the website that’s why it has got such status. The pharmacy leads some illegal activity and has problems with legitimacy. Presence of such report for the pharmacy on this pharmacy means that someone has filed for it. So we can’t consider the pharmacy as legit service and give it more than 1 star for this point. Try to avoid such services on the Internet, as you may run into scammers.legitimacy

Reliablerxpharmacy.com Reviews

Reviews on the Website

The website provides a separate section for customers’ testimonials. There are 22 comments from a satisfied customer, which praise pharmacy. It seems very strange that there are no unsatisfied customers, as there always are. Such picture looks unrealistic and we have a suspicion that either the pharmacy wrote them by itself or negative comments are not published on the website. We cannot see the true situations of the work of the service.testimonials

Besides there is no opportunity to leave a comment on the website, there is no form for this. How did these comments get here? The situation is very suspicious, that’s why we give 4 stars for this point.

Comments on the Internet

As we looked on the Internet for other comments from customers, at first it seemed that there are none. But then we managed to find a forum for a discussion of this pharmacy. Surprisingly there were positive comments about work of this service. No specifics, but the quality of drugs and service are high according to customers’ reviews.comments

Unfortunately, there were no testimonials about reliablerxpharmacy on Reddit – a very popular website for people reviews about different things. But we guess that presence of only positive opinions of customers on other websites on the Internet earns 5 stars to the pharmacy in this point.

www.reliablerxpharmacy.com Coupon Code

On the website, you can find an «Offers Zone» section you may find a list of drugs that are sold with discount. Also in the bottom of the page, you may find information on how to use coupon codes on the website. But there is no promo codes offered on the website. It is said that they send information about their special offers and discount coupons on customers’ e-mails, so it turns out that unregistered customers not subscribed to their newsletter have no opportunity to get a discount. This is very strange and frustrating.offers zone

There is a banner on the main page informing us about stock clearance and discounts up to 60%. This link contains medications with lowered prices on them, as well as «Offers Zone» Of course this is very attractive, but still this is not a discount code that may give any customer additional discount.special offer

On the Internet, we also didn’t find any valid coupon codes for this pharmacy. There only was information about free delivery for orders over $150, but we doubt that this is true. As we know from the website itself, there is a fixed rate for delivery – $12.

So for this point, we only can give 3 stars for the absence of actual discount coupon code that may grant a discount to each customer.

Customers Support

Contact Info

There are 2 sections with contact details on the website. The first one is put in the head menu «Contact» – there you may find a contact form on the right to communicate with the support group. On the left, there is information about telephone numbers, fax and operational hours. Here it should be noted that each point has a small icon so the whole interface of the page looks very attractive and funny.contact information

The second page has almost the same information but with much less attractive interface. Beside there you don’t see contact form at once, you have to press «New support ticket» to open the contact form. This page can be found in the bottom menu, so we guess that this one is not so important.

Besides there are phone and fax numbers with operating hours in the header, so you always can see how to call the support group and when. This is very convenient – not to look for a special section to find this information. So for this point, we give 3 stars, as there is still no mail or e-mail address, as well as live chat.

Live Chat Service

As it was said above there is no live chat option, so we can’t have a live conversation with the support group. The only option we have (besides calling them) is to use the contact form.

We filled in the required field and asked about certificates of origin to medication since they claim to sell «Pfizer» medications. Also, we asked to specify which medications they are. After we submitted the request all we have to do is wait for the answer.contact form

There is no confirmation letter that the request is processed. The only notification appears on the page of contact form after you send the request. After 24 hours we got a response but it didn’t satisfy us. It seems that some robot is answering the requests, so we didn’t actually get an answer to our question. This means that the support group works very slowly and ineffectively. Most customers do not have so much time to wait for the answer, besides this answer doesn’t clarify anything, so they look for another service with helpful support group.response

This point bring only 3 star. We advise the administration to revise work of the support group and improve this service not to loose potential customers in future.

To Sum Up…

Having analyzed each point we came to the conclusion that ReliableRxPharmacy.com is not a reliable service. There are many drawbacks in the service so even though there some great advantages, we can’t give them a high score.

Of course, there is a great choice of products on the website and prices are very attractive, but technical indicators are very poor. The website is working very slowly and this annoys most people when they use the website. Legitimacy results are also very low and the pharmacy can’t be trusted according to all services we used to check the pharmacy.

The support group also works slowly. No help for customers is provided during 24 hours period. So considering all this we consider a fair score to the pharmacy 3.1 our of a 5 star rating. We hope that in future the situation will change.