Russian Building Blocks from Gummy Lump ♥ Toy Review

I love toys! Im so glad I have a little girl now because I have an excellent excuse to walk through the toy aisle at the store or surf the web for fun and unique toy stores. 🙂 I especially like wooden toys like building blocks, puzzles, and stacking and sorting toys but it seems like most of the stores I walk into nowadays are overrun with plastic. Its sad, but there are always places like Gummy Lump that give us a great selection of quality toys for all ages and I love that they have wooden toys galore!

I dont know about you, but my wishlist there is enormous. 😉


Thanks to Gummy Lump, I was able to review these Russian Blocks:

Does that look like fun or what? This set is said to be for ages 3+, although obviously older children (and adults *grin*) will appreciate it the most. The directions are clear and its just the right level of difficulty not too hard and not too easy. It would be a great project for parents and younger children to do together as well. The forms and shapes of these smooth blocks evoke the architecture of the vast and culturally diverse Russian Empire. The set combines domes and arches like those that the Russian Czars and Russian religious leaders used in constructing buildings in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

This Russian palace comes with step-by-step instructions for putting it together (see above in photo) and contains 55 maplewood blocks in 16 different shapes. The cool thing is that you dont have to make just the above palace you can create your own Russian landmarks if you want! I found it a lot of fun and enjoyed putting it together with my husband. Im definitely going to be saving it for my daughter when she gets older (though she can play with the blocks now), and love that I can pull it out when older children come over.

Although at $44.95 these blocks are a little pricey for me, I love that theyre

made of quality maplewood theyll last a very long time. I found them to be an excellent learning tool and fun for all ages. Im tempted to build it again and leave it on display somewhere, its beautiful!

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Disclosure: Although Gummy Lump sent me these Russian Blocks to review, it does not affect the honesty of the review. I do not review products if I feel pressured to write a positive review in spite of what I think I always write honestly.


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