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SafeForMens.com Review: Unrecommended Pharmacy with Bad Testimonials

What is SafeForMens?


SafeForMens.com is an online pharmacy which claims to sell generic medications at affordable prices. Their goal is to make drugs available to every one via the online store within few clicks. They guarantee high-quality medications that are purchased directly from manufacturers, though there is no information about these manufacturers anywhere on the website. According to the information placed on the site, customer can find here a variety of popular generic drugs and numerous discounts available at any time. They are proud of offering free delivery for every product. As they say, there are three things that make SafeForMens very popular: drug quality, huge discounts and free shipping.

What Can You Buy Here?

SafeForMens provides generic medications from such categories as Men’s Health, Women’s Health, ED Trial Packs, Weight Loss. The first two categories are suitable for the website, considering the domain name. Weight Loss category seems odd here.

ED drugs are the most numerous on the website and include some options that can not be found on other websites. All in all, the pharmacy offers 33 generic ED drugs: Generic Viagra; Kamagra; Kamagra Jelly; Generic Levitra; Generic Cialis; Generic Levitra Jelly; Generic Viagra Oral Jelly; Generic Viagra Soft Pills; Generic Cialis Soft Pills; Caverta; Zenegra; Cialis Black; Viagra Gold and some more.

The main page list the bestsellers among the ED drugs:

SafeForMens drugs

SafeForMens also sells ED Trial Packs: Generic Standard ED Pack, Oral Jelly ED Pack, Professional ED Pack, Soft Tab ED Pack and others.

Women’s Health medicines are less numerous (13 items) and include Female Viagra, Lovegra, Womenra, Levonorgestrel (Plan-B), Generic Ovral, Generic Clomid, Generic Yasmin, Generic Alesse and so on.

Weight Loss category is the least numerous (4 items) and includes Generic Xenical, Generic Alli, Orlistat and Vrikshamla.

The customers can get acquainted with all new drugs in a separate section “New Products”.

Unfortunately, SafeForMens catalog does not include drugs for every health condition, but the categories that they do offer have a wide selection of generic drugs. For this reason, the pharmacy gets 4 stars for this unit.

Pricing Policy

All medications presented in the catalog are generic, so they are supposed to be much cheaper than their brand-name versions. We decided to check SafeForMens prices to find out whether customer can save when ordering from this store:

  • Price for Generic Viagra starts from $0.79 per tablet;
  • Price for Generic Cialis starts from $1.50 per tablet;
  • Price for Generic Levitra starts from $1.37 per tablet .

No doubt the prices for Generic Viagra and Generic Cialis are not the lowest possible on the net though acceptable. The price for Generic Levitra looks beneficial. So customers can save when ordering some particular drugs from this store.

Currently, the pharmacy offers a special offer for Generic Viagra 100 mg which makes it available for $0.71 per unit:

SafeForMens Viagra price
Besides, the pharmacy offers an opportunity to save even more on all drugs using a coupon code, which we will review in another unit.

SafeForMens discount
At SafeForMens.com, you can save the maximum amount of money when ordering drugs in bulk, that is, the more you order – the less you pay. You can see how it works on the screen shot below:

SafeForMens prices

In general, we are satisfied with the prices offered in this pharmacy. SafeForMens receives 4 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Shipping Policy

This pharmacy offers completely free world-wide Airmail shipping service on each order, no matter how small. Free delivery combined with their already acceptable prices makes this store an attractive place for ordering meds from. Probably, many customers would like to take advantage of this amazing deal:

SafeForMens free shipping
Customers can also choose Express Mail International option which costs extra $20. Nothing was said about delivery terms in the FAQ section. We managed to find this information in a checkout field: the Registered Airmail takes 12-22 business days, Express Mail International takes 7-17 business days. We see that customers have to wait for at least a week to get their medicines. This delivery speed is very slow if compared to top online stores.

Besides, the pharmacy offers an opportunity to track each order by sending account login details once the order is accepted in the system.

We like that SafeForMens provide 30 days money back policy if goods are damaged, incomplete or undelivered.

SafeForMens refund
So, the pharmacy has 2 delivery methods available, free Registered Airmail shipping for all orders, tracking option. However, delivery speed could have been faster. 4 stars out of 5 is a reasonable score for this unit.

SafeForMens Payment Options

On SafeForMens.com, customers can pay for their orders via credit cards of Mastercard Visa and E-Check.

SafeForMens payment options

Though these are the most popular payment methods, we have to give the pharmacy only 3 stars for this unit, since many other companies offer much more payment options.

Technical Characteristics of SafeForMens.com

Page Loading Speed

Website loading speed is the determining factor in the work of the World Wide Web resource. Page loading speed affects not only the attitude of users to the website, but also the positions of the site in the search engines. After all, a fast-loading website is user-friendly and optimized for viewing by users who may have different Internet speeds. Website owners know that fast-loading websites attract more users.

If we talk about simple user: nobody likes to wait for the end of a slow website loading, everyone likes speed. The faster the pages are loaded, the more comfortable the user feels on the website and the more pages he will view. And when the web page is loaded for a long time, most users close it without waiting for the download, return to the search engine and open a more “smart” website.

We checked SafeForMens.com loading speed using Google Page Speed. The results were frustrating:

SafeForMens page speed
These indicators are far from perfect and indicate that the website needs optimization. The owner of the website has to improve these indicators if he wants to attract more users and make them return for more. We give canadianviagras.com only 1,2 stars for this unit.

Checking SafeForMens Mobile Version

SafeForMens.com has a mobile-friendly website version, which is a big deal, since many customers visit online stores from their smartphones or tablets – and online pharmacies are not an exception. The mobile version is organized in a good design pattern. The main page contains the most important information, including coupon code availability, bestsellers, info about free shipping, FAQ section, menu. Interface element and images are enlarged, the secondary information is transferred to other pages. We found no errors in functioning of the mobile version. The ordering process in the same and may be even more convenient, so SafeForMens.com gets 5 stars for this item.

Does SafeForMens.com Use a Secure Connection?

On the internet, there is always the risk of loosing your personal information. This applies to personal correspondence, banking data, telephones, credit card details. A secure Internet connection can minimize the loss of such valuable information.

Unfortunately, SafeForMens.com site does not use a secure connection. The information that you share with this website may be accessible to outsiders. Our browser does not recommend entering passwords, credit cards details and other personal information on this site.

SafeForMens secure connection

We were disappointed with this discovery, as the website guaranteed secure transactions. The pharmacy gets 1 star out of 5. For some reason, the website’s owner does not care of its customers’ security. But who wants to lose personal data when ordering drugs online?

Checking Antivirus

To continue our previous unit, SafeForMens.com does not use any antivirus program, which may confuse some customers. Lack of antivirus makes this website even more risky. Users can not only lose their personal data, but catch viruses and worms. The pharmacy should definitely do something to eliminate this drawback. We give 1 star out of 5 for this unit.

Convenience of Using SafeForMens Website

Customers don’t need to register to order drugs from the website. Many customers will appreciate it, since they do not want to register on some websites.Many users try to avoid websites that require registration, especially if they visit these sites irregularly, for example, to order a drug only once.

Right on the front page, customers can browse the full drug assortment and select the drugs that will be most suitable to them.

SafeForMens assortment
SafeForMens.com accepts only orders placed on the website. Unfortunately, the company does not accept orders by e-mail or over the phone.

The pharmacy provides an instruction for every product it sells, so users can get acquainted with indications, contraindications and side effects right on the website.

The ordering process seems quite easy. To place an order, users need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Search for the drugs using a Search Bar or Drug Categories;
  2. Choose the dosage and amount of tablets;
  3. Click “Purchase” button;
  4. Provide the personal information, which is required (such as name and shipping address);
  5. Select shipping method;
  6. Provide payment details.

The website also offers to answer the medical questionnaire, which is optional.

We also appreciate that the website specifies the price per unit, which can save a lot of time with no need to calculate the minimal price:

SafeForMens price per unit

Unfortunately, customers can NOT choose the language and currency on the website, which is strange, since the pharmacy claims to ship products worldwide.

In general, the ordering process is very easy at SafeForMens.com. The pharmacy gets 4 stars for this unit considering the gaps mention above.

SafeForMens.com Legitimacy

Website’s Rating on ScamAdviser

ScamAdviser is a quick way to check whether the website is fake, fraudulent or a scam. We decided to check SafeForMens reputation using this online service. Surprisingly, ScamAdviser gave a 61% trust rating to the pharmacy’s website, which is a good indicator:

SafeForMens scamadviserSafeForMens scamadviser2
ScamAdviser is skeptical about the actual location of the pharmacy. The website seems to be located in the USA but also can relate to Russian Federation – a high risk country, according to ScamAdviser. Perhaps, that is the reason why SafeForMens.com is not given a 100% trust rating. The online service is not sure, since the website is using an anonymous service which prevents from identifying the website’s owner. The website is rarely visited but being constantly refreshed. The website is being constantly refreshed. ScamAdviser suggest that the website has been operating since 2014. Considering this truth revealed, Scam Adviser asks customers to be careful when ordering products from this pharmacy. For this reason, we give the company 3.5 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Do We Need a Prescription?

SafeForMens.com sells medications that should be prescribed by a doctor. The website has a special section “OTC Products”, where we can find all over-the-counter medications available on the website: Generic Viagra, Generic Cialis, Generic Levitra, Generic Viagra Soft Tablets, Kamagra, Generic Standard ED Pack, Female Viagra.

SafeForMens OTC products
Obviously, all other drugs require a valid prescription. Though it’s not specified anywhere on the site.

This subdivision on OTC and Prescription Drugs looks strange. The products that refer to OTC drugs are just the most common and popular ED drugs. We do not know the reason why the pharmacy asks NO prescription for these items, but do asks for a prescription for all other products, which contain the same active substances. Probably, for some reason, the pharmacy encourages customers to order these exactly products in this way.

We suggest that the pharmacy does not asks for prescriptions, as there is no field on the website where users can upload their prescriptions. Even when we proceeded to checkout, there was not a single mention about prescriptions. This makes us doubt the pharmacy’s responsibility towards its clients. For this reason, the pharmacy gets only 2 stars for this unit.

Checking Website’s Status on LegitScript

LegitScript is an online service which verifies and monitors online pharmacies. This is the only service recognised by NABP, so we decided to check what LegitScript says about SafeForMens.com:

SafeForMens LegitScript

Unfortunately, the website was given a ROGUE status, since it does not correspond to LegitScript online pharmacy verification standards. We suggest the frustrating status can be given due to the fact that LegitScript maintains the database of prescription-only drugs. We have to give 1 star out of 5 for this unit, as the online service question SafeForMens.com legitimacy.

SafeForMens Site Reviews

SafeForMens.com Reviews on the Website

Customer reviews often have a decisive influence on the choice of consumers. Reviews also influence decisions about ordering a particular product and have a significant impact on buyers’ behavior. Therefore, clients are interested not only in positive but also negative reviews.

Regretfully, we found no SafeForMens.com customer reviews on the website. The website does not even have a special section where customers can describe their experience with the pharmacy and its services. Since there is no reviews, users have to order drug at their own risk. We failed to assess the pharmacy’s reliability basing on users’ testimonials. The company should pay more attention to their customers – probably, they have something to say and share experience. SafeForMens receives 1 star out of 5 stars for this unit.

Looking for SafeForMens.com Site Reviews on the Net

Unfortunately, SafeForMens.com has a poor reputation on independent sites. We found many negative testimonials on trustpilot.com, which is an alarming signal.

One of the users shares his bad experience with SafeForMens in 2016. He says the only reason to use this store is if you want to lose your money. He calls the pharmacy a scam which intends to steal your money:

SafeForMens review1
Another customer who used the pharmacy in 2017 was also disappointed with them: they sent him a low standard Viagra with no marking on it. The medication proved to ineffective, besides the tracking number didn’t work. He recommends to stay away from SafeForMens:

SafeForMens review2

One more reviewer from 2017 writes that the company has changed their name several times – they liquidated assets and started a new business. He says SafeForMens has many lawsuits filed against them:

SafeForMens review3

The user with a nickname Mep1280 writes something out of the ordinary: he tested the drugs SafeForMens sent to him and found dangerous substances contained in rat poison:

SafeForMens review4

We found only 1 positive comment about SafeForMens.com services on trustpilit.com. Alastair Griffiths seems to be the only satisfied customer in this variety of complaints. He wrote that the pharmacy has a excellent service and he had no problems with it. He received his order in 9 days and the effect was wonderful:

SafeForMens review5

We can’t 100% rely on this comment, since it was left in 2014 – the year when the pharmacy started operating (according to ScamAdviser). The previous reviews testify that the pharmacy’s services have greatly changed in 2017. The truth about SafeForMens.com made us upset. Customer reviews indicate that this pharmacy sells fake medications of unknown origin and can be trusted. Do you want to pose threat to your health by ordering drugs that contain dangerous ingredients? 1 star out of 5 is a reasonable score for this unit.

SafeForMens.com Coupon Code

Once we entered the website, we saw an advertisement of SafeForMens.com Coupon Code (with a mistake in a word “Coupon”), which allows customer to save 10% for all orders. Nothing was said about Coupon Code expiration date. Using this code, customers can buy products at a very attractive price:

SafeForMens coupon codeIn addition to coupon code, SafeForMens has some other options to save:

  • Free Registered Airmail shipping for all orders;SafeForMens free shipping
  • ED Generic Trial Pack at a 10% discounted price.SafeForMens ED pack
  • Discounts for ordering drugs in bulk: 5% discount for all orders under $150, 10% discount – for all orders starting from $150:

SafeForMens discounts

The presence of Coupon Code, free delivery and special offers allows us to give SafeForMens 5 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Customer Support Service

SafeForMens Contacts

The website does not contain registration data and legal address. This should alert the customer. Any online store must be registered and have a legal address where buyers can apply. This information should be presented on the site without fail. Even more, there are no SafeForMens phone numbers available on the website. A good store always provides several contacts so that the buyer can easily communicate on any issue. Hiding such data is a sign that safeformens.com hides information about itself. How you can report to law enforcement about fraud, if the website has disappeared, and you do not know the address, the name, or even the phone number of the company which you make a complaint to? Who to look for if you can not provide any contact information for scammers? The online store gets 1 star for this unit.

How Fast Is SafeForMens Customer Support Service?

There is no Live Chat option for instant messaging on the website, no email, no phone number. Instead, there is only a contact form where you need to enter your question and wait for the manager from customer support service to answer.

SafeForMens contact form

We decided to check the speed of customer support and asked them to specify the exact delivery time if we place an order right now. We waited for three hours but the reply did not come. Customers are not ready to wait for eternity, they will just go to another website with an instant messaging. We give SafeForMens 1 star out of 5 due to low standard customer support service.


SafeForMens.com may not have every single medication that all customers are looking for. However, the store has a wide selection of generic drugs for men’s health and all time running discounts, that may interest some customers. In addition, the pharmacy offers medium prices and free shipping on all orders.

Despite all these positive aspects, SafeForMens.com has proven as a disappointment to us. The website lacks too many essential information and aspects that are required for an online pharmacy to be listed as a reliable one. The company hides its actual location and does not have secure connection, which means customers’ credit card data could easily stolen. Besides, the store has serious trust issues and is not recommended by Legit Script. ScamAdviser had also not been sure about SafeForMens legitimacy. What ruined our trust completely is negative SafeForMens reviews 2017. We give the pharmacy 2.5. stars out of 5 and request the users to beware of such pharmacies and avoid contacting them for buying drugs online.