Review – Overpriced Products from Unreliable Stores about Itself is an online drugstore that offers its clients to buy medications from all over the world at affordable prices. The administration of the pharmacy claims that their high-quality products will help people improve their health and save a considerable amount of money on their medications, which are 80 – 90% cheaper than in regular pharmacy. The pharmacy legally sells prescription and non-prescription drugs performing international shipping to many countries of the world.

The Range of Medications

The product list at is very wide and has lots of medications for various diseases. All medicaments are put in categories according to their usage. There are about 55 categories of products on the website and each category may contain more than 10 – 20 items. Such division facilitates searching process if we speak about the non-prescription drug. You may look through all the categories and choose necessary medication from the list.

Also in case you know exactly which medication you are looking for, you can simply use the search bar and quickly check the presence of necessary meds in the store, in case you don’t find them you can look for analogs in the catalog, and maybe find something even better or cheaper.assortment

All categories can be found on the front page on the left sidebar. You don’t need to look for products list on other pages of the website, which is a great advantage. Visiting product page you may find short information about the drug you intend to buy: its usage, side effects, contraindications, etc. If you choose to buy prescription drugs, it is claimed that you must present a prescription from your doctor, otherwise, you won’t be able to make a purchase.

In general, the catalogue is organized very convenient and makes the searching process easy and quick, all categories contain relevant products and no trouble in finding necessary products do not arise. This allow us to give 5 stars to the pharmacy in this point.

Cost of Products

When you look at the prices, you may see a great difference to the same drugs cost at your local pharmacy. But still, on the Internet, there are drugstores that offer prices 2 – 3 times lower that On its websit,e it is stated that the prices are the most affordable and attractive, though there are more attractive prices in the internet. Howeve,r the price indeed is 80 percent lower than in regular pharmacies.

So, generic Viagra here costs $1.15 per pill (25 mg) – which is the lowest possible on this website. As we know this is quite a high price, considering that you can find generic Viagra at a price of less than $0.5 per pill. The same situation is with generics of Cialis and Levitra. Their price is of course low, but not the lowest possible to find in the Internet ($1.85 and $1.10 respectively). No branded medications in this category were found to compare prices.viagra price

So, the prices are really very attractive and affordable, but still, they can be much lower, that is why we give 3.5 stars in this point.

Shipping Options at

The pharmacy provides only 1 shipping option – EMS service. There is no opportunity to get a faster delivery be a courier, for example. The delivery takes at average 7 – 21 days, which is quite a long time, especially if you need to get your medications as soon as possible for emergency situations.shipping options

But the delivery is FREE for all customers to any destination, which is a great advantage, since many online stores require payment for delivery and in cases of international delivery the fee can be very high. Also if you don’t get your order within 21 days, the company guarantees to reship your order or refund.

For some countries there is an available function of tracking the order, that is you can see where your order is and how it is being delivered, but these countries are not numerous:

  • Australia;
  • China;
  • Japan;
  • Malaysia;
  • Singapore;
  • Thailand;
  • UK;
  • The USA.

Considering that there is only 1 way to get you order delivered, and though it is free, it takes a long time, can get only 3 points in this issue.

Variants of Payment offers only 2 options for paying for the order: Visa and MasterCard credit cards. Also, there is a list of methods they do not accept:

  • Discover Card;
  • American Express;
  • Diners and other not listed cards.

These methods are not used because of processing fees sometimes are too great and it is not feasible to apply them.

Actually, there is no special page describing payment options, all you have is 1 – 2 sentences in the «FAQ» section, which besides are quite confusing, because you may think that there may be other ways to pay besides credit cards, but there is no information about them. This is quite inconvenient for many customers, because such information should be at quick access. Many people want to learn first of all about payment, when they visit some online pharmacy for the first time.payment options

The only way to see additional options is when you are going to make an order and at payment section, you are offered to chose how to pay, there you can see that not only credit card but also E-checks and other similar methods are accepted.

So in general payment options are very few, but convenient for most clients, but still, those patient who do not have a credit card or want to use other means for payment can’t make orders here. This fact doesn’t allow giving a high score to, that’s why – only 3.5 stars for this point.

Technical Characteristics of

Page Speed Evaluation

Speed of loading page is very poor according to Both mobile and desktop indicators are very low, which is really lowers the whole opinion about the website and in this point in particular. The test shows many disadvantages in the work of the site and the administration should certainly apply lots of measures to improve the situation.


There is a lot of work to be done and at the moment gets 1 star in this point. Mobile Version has a very well worked out mobile version. No flaws were noticed when checking the website, the text is quite readable, the interface is acceptable. Though the text could be bigger so that it is better seen and read. Ordering procedure is not changed and appears the same as the desktop version. No troubles or errors appear.

In general, the mobile version looks exactly like a desktop but adjusted for the phone screen. So in this point, gets 4 stars.

Data Protection via Secure Connection

All people are concerned about their data when making purchases online. Nobody want to face theft and unauthorized usage of their private details, so it is very dangerous to disclose these detail to the website, that doesn’t take any responsibility for protecting them. You put yourself at great risk relying on such companies.

To check is the website has a secure connection you need to look at the upper left corner of the browser, where URL-address is contained. If there is an indicator that the website is secure, you can be calm or even check the certificate information to be on the safe side and have no worries.httpes protocol

As we can see didn’t take measures to protect their clients, while their surfing the website. The secure connection only is provided on the payment page, which is still good, since details on credit card number and the like are protected.certificate

The pharmacy uses 256-bit encryption as it is said on the website. But when we tried to find information about the certificate, there appeared an error not allowing to do that. It is very suspicious, and doesn’t earns trust. So since there is no prove that there is really a secure connection for your data, and browsers (Mozilla, Google Chrome) do not even allow to log in as the website is insecure, we give 2.5 stars to the pharmacy in this

Antivirus Protection on website doesn’t provide any antivirus protection on the website, which means that while visiting it you may «catch» some virus on your computer. We only hope that most visitor usually have antivirus on their computers, which will protect them anyway from anything like that. Still those who don’t have antivirus are at risk of getting some program, which in the worst cases can steal data and other personal details and lead to problems with computer functioning. That’s why we give 1 star to the website in this point.

Simplicity of Ordering Procedure

Ordering process is easy and simple, you won’t need any instructions. The website doesn’t have any special «How to order» page, since we think that such instruction would be unnecessary as everything is very clear. Through there is a section devoted to «How to Re-order» instruction. There are several methods to reorder, and even a special offer with a discount for reordering.

About ordering – it is all very simple. After you chose all necessary products you add it to cart and press «Checkout». To continue this process you need to log in or create a new account, but everything here is standard and after providing all necessary information you can proceed to shipping details and then payment. This is where troubles begin.ordering

There no clear note of Visa and Mastercard acceptance, for those who are familiar with this system there won’t be any problems, but what is a person decided to order online for the first time or elderly people who do not get along very well with the Internet? About prescription requirement, there is not much to say. The website claims to sell prescription drugs only on prescription but after you chose delivery and indicated other details there appears no inquiry. Of course, there may be an option that they ask for a prescription after the payment, but this would be very strange and we can’t check is this is the case.
So according to everything said above, we come to the conclusion that deserved only 2.5 points in this issue.

Is Legit?

Reliability of

We checked via and got the following results. The website is considered unsafe, though safety results are quite impressive – 63%. It is very often visited and the domain age is 6 years – this is quite impressive and reliable.scamadviser

But the company location is unclear, it is claim to be American but also could be located in Barbados. Also, there are some negative reports on this website by other reliable services in the Internet, which gives us a sad picture. The address on the website and in the report do not coincide, which is a big drawback. If we sum all this facts it turns out that we can’t give a high score – only 2 stars.

Does Require Prescription?

According to information on the website, you must provide a prescription for obtaining Rx drugs. But throughout the whole ordering procedure it was never required, usually, after you fill in necessary details and chose delivery, before you pay support group asks to provide a prescription, but here we didn’t see anything of that. It should be again said that there is a possibility that after the payment you will be required prescription, but we don’t think this will happen.

So it turns out that the pharmacy doesn’t care about patients safety and sell any drugs, prescription and non-prescription, to anyone who wishes to buy them. The administration lies to its customers about their activity, to attract more clients and gain trust, but when it comes to proving facts, we can see that this company is not a reliable one. That is why we grant 1 star in this point. Legitimacy considers as a rouge website. The reasons for that are unknown, the only thing we know is that it doesn’t meet requirements. We can’t say that this result is surprising according to results of the test on other website presented above. So for this point, the pharmacy get 1 star of the rating.legitimacy Reviews

Feedback on the Website

On the website you can find a special section for customers’ testimonials, also there is a widget on the main page, providing quick access to testimonials page and showing comments one after another. When you go to the comments page you can see lots of feedback. They start only from 2013, but still quite a large amount of people reviews about the service.comments

All comments are of positive nature and it seems that no troubles in the work of the service ever appear. Is would provide more trust is at least some of the messages were describing some problems that appeared with the order or service, because as we noticed there is not an ideal online service. Besides after we checked, it turned out that some comments are just taken from other websites – this fact cover all other positive issues in this point. This proves that the website is unreliable and administration just wrote or copied other websites testimonials to look good in the eyes of customers. That’s why we give 1.5 stars to the pharmacy in this point.

Comments on Other Websites

After a long search in the Internet for any positive or negative comments on service, we could only find few of them concerning the service. No reliable forums have any discussions or opinions about this website. The comments we found on in the discussion are positive, but still, this is to little to estimate real work of the pharmacy and people’s attitude to it.commentscomments

So because of the absence of comments in the Internet that reflect the real situation with the service we come to the conclusion that the website has a small number of clients or people are not satisfied with their work and do not want to leave any comments. Besides on the forum, there is information that the pharmacy really doesn’t require the prescription, though they say they do. This also is a drawback. So for this point, we give only 2 stars. Coupon Code

On the main page of the website, you may find information about special offers and discount coupons. The pharmacy offers 5% off for all orders and 10% off for all re-orders. Besides as it was said before, they offer free shipping to any destination. These are quite attractive offers for those who want to save more coupon

It is a great advantage that you may quickly find discount codes on the website, but these are not all their offers. If you look in the Internet, there are special websites presenting discounts for a different website. We found which shows us all the range of possible discounts and benefits you can get from using coupon

According to this website, you can save up to 80% (!) buying drugs here. Whether this is true or not – we cannot confirm, but still, it is a very attractive offer, isn’t it?

Summing up all said above, and the possibility to save a great deal of money we can confidently give 4 stars to Customers Support Service

Contact Us Info

To contact one of the managers of the support group you can visit «Contact Us» page and find all necessary details. Here is all necessary information to contact the pharmacy: address, phone, fax. Also, there is a form for mailing to the support group – if you have any troubles you are welcome to use it. Just fill in your name and e-mail and a message, there is no need to disclose you phone number.

On this page, you can find information about operating hours of the call center. Very convenient to make sure that you are calling them on the right time. But the fastest way to get answers to your questions is live information

In general, the website provides full and complete information about contact details, which allows giving it 5 stars in this point.

Customer Service

On the website, you can use the live chat option to promptly and easily contact support group and ask all bothering questions. We tried to contact managers and they answered very fact. Though you need to wait for a few seconds to get a reply, but this a OK.

Managers answer quickly and shortly, what we liked the most, they do not try to persuade you to buy something else if they don’t have what you are looking for. Many customers do not like it. So, we asked if they sell original Viagra – the answer was that they specialize in generics. But there is one confusing moment – the manager seemed to write with mistakes. Through it simply could be a service

In general, the support group on work on the level and if you have any troubles you will be immediately helped and consulted. That’s why the pharmacy rightfully gets 5 stars.

To Sum Up…

Concluding everything that we found out about, it should be said that the service is managed quite ok. Everything is simple and clear. However, there were many drawbacks that lower general score of the pharmacy in this rating.

We think that the website could be organized better and interface could be more attractive and user-friendly (this especially concerns mobile version). Also, the administration claims that this website is not a pharmacy, but if they sell drugs on this very website without redirecting to another pharmacy, we can surely say that they ARE an online pharmacy. This fact confuses a little, especially those who came to such store for the first time.

But there are some very positive moments. We very appreciates work of the support group – fast and effective – not all online pharmacies can show such performance. Also very attractive special offers, which allows saving even more money.

So, summing up all the good and bad sides of pharmacy, we can give them 2.6 out of 5 star rating.