Review: Low Prices but Poor Customer Support

What is claims to be a customer-friendly web store, which has been around since 2003. This online store is proud to provide high quality drugs that meets the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration body, or the FDA. The pharmacy sells both brand name and generic medication. According to the information on the website, SamRx fix the lowest possible prices on their medicines to fit the customer’s pocket. The pharmacy guarantees that all of its products are safe and from reliable manufacturers. also guarantees a hundred percent delivery rate and a convenient customer service.

SamRx Assortment sells both brand-name and generic medications. We can easily notice that the main medications offered by are the drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment. Unfortunately, they do not offer any brand-name potency drugs (though claim that sell branded meds as well), but have a wide choice of their generics: Generic Cialis (Tadalafil), Generic Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate), Generic Levitra (Vardenafil) and many others.

samrx drugs

Their brand-name versions are the most popular when it comes to erectile dysfunction, but they are too highly expensive so not all customers can afford these medicines. But most of SamRx generic products do not have any information on their manufacturers. Based on the products available on the catalog, we can suggest that SamRx sources its medications from India.

Apart from the drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment, also offers some other drug categories. You can buy there drugs for weight loss, quit smoking, hair loss and some other health conditions. We can say that the pharmacy has a wide range of medications – only customers interested in generic ED drugs might get some benefit by shopping from this e-store. Considering the fact, we give them 5 stars for this unit. Prices

The pharmacy claims that every their product has the lowest possible price.

lowest price

If the customer finds the same product at a lower rate, they promise to offer him the drug at a discounted price to match his needs. We decided to check whether SamRx prices are really beneficial.

  • Price for Generic Viagra starts from $$0.62 per tablet;
  • Price for Generic Cialis starts from $$1.80 per tablet;
  • Price for Generic Levitra starts from $$1.29 per tablet.

No doubt, these prices are very low if compared to other online offers. So customers can really save a lot by using this online drug store. Considering this, we give them 5 stars out of 5 for this unit of our review.

Shipping Methods and Delivery Time

SamRx claims that they always deliver products in the right mode. The pharmacy promises to ship all the orders placed at the website within 1 particular day. Each order will have a unique monitoring number provided by the shipment company, so the customers will have an opportunity to track on their medicines. The product will be packed in the discreet packaging , and nobody will recognize its contents before opening.

The store offers the following shipping methods:

  1. Regular Shipping is considered the standard one, as it delivers the order within the exact given time. Choosing this option, the customer will receive his medicine in 15-17 days. Regular Shipping price makes $ 18.00;
  2. Express EMS Shipment is the fastest express delivery. Choosing this method, the customer will get his drugs in 10-15 days. Express EMS Shipment price makes $ 25.00.

shipping offers Free Regular Shipping for bulk orders starting from $100 and Free Express EMS Shipment for bulk orders starting from $250, while some other online pharmacies offer free delivery for all orders. Free shipping

Also, the pharmacy promises to will refund or reship the medications if customers receive wrong or expired medications. However, the more important points – lost or damaged orders – were not mentioned.

If buyers use the e-checks when ordering from SamRx, they can save a few dollar.

We appreciate that the pharmacy has several shipment options, a tracking opportunity and free delivery for bulk orders, but from our point of view, the delivery prices are extremely high! The relevant drawbacks of this Internet pharmacy do not allow us give them more than 3 stars out of 5 for this unit of our review.

SamRx Payment Options

SamRx Pharmacy accepts payments made via VISA and e-checks only, so customers should make sure they are ok with these payment options available before ordering from the store.

payment options

New clients should use the e-check option in their own best interest, the company gives an additional 10% off the drug cost for new orders paid via e-checks:

special offer

The pharmacy does not accept MasterCard for some reason, so some customers will surely have troubles with placing an order here. Considering this, SamRx gets 4 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Technical Characteristics of the Website

Page Loading Speed

We analyzed the page loading speed of SamRx Pharmacy website via Google Page Speed and got the following results: Google Page

The mobile version of the website is missing some common performance optimizations that may result in a slow user experience. But the original-size version seem to be a great job! It applies most performance best practices and users should have a good experience with it. The pharmacy gets 3.3 stars for this point.

Checking the Mobile Version

SamRx offers a mobile version of the website, which is rated at 5 stars. The main page contains only the most important information, all the secondary text is placed to other pages, the icons are enlarged, the customers can easily find the medicine they are looking for. The text is readable and organized in such a manner that we can easily click on the necessary drug name. We found no errors in the mobile version and it looks pretty good. Obviously, customers will not have any troubles when visiting the website from their mobile devices.

Secure Connection Availability

The pharmacy assures that customers can feel secure in giving SamRx personal details and information, as the website uses a 256-bit encryption, varified by GeoTrust Inc. Such encryptoin prevents unwanted access to the customers’ files and is considered a good solution for data encryption, though not the best one.

secure connection

We give 4 stars out of 5 for this unit, as the maximum security requires the presence of the Expanded Verification Certificate.

Checking Antivirus on the Website

In addition to a 256-bit encryption, has McAfee SECURE antivirus, which means the customers are protected from viruses, spyware, malware and other online threats when using this website. This makes ordering in this online pharmacy more secure. SamRx could be considered a safe place to purchase medication from.


However,  the online pharmacy does not provide the clickable badges for Valid Verification Information. They should take some measures to fix this drawback in order to attract more customers on their website. We give 4 star for this unit due to poor organization of customers’ security.

Convenience of ordering from SamRx Pharmacy

Ordering meds from SamRx Pharmacy, you can search for the necessary drug using a Search Bar or Drug Categories.

search bardrug categories

Before customers start placing an order, they have to register or log in (if they have already purchased the medication from this site). Customers’ calls are welcomed anytime.


If customers enter the name of some drug, they will see all variations available. For example, if we enter “Viagra” in the Search Line, we will see all generics with Sildenafil active ingredient, and this is very convenient: Placing orders

Besides, SamRx gives an opportunity to perfectly orient when choosing the medicine: The pharmacy indicates the price per unit, which can save a lot of time in looking for the lowest variant of the medication; here you can also learn prices for new and old customers ,the information about delivery rates. See the example: Placing orders2

But has some drawbacks we can’t neglect: we found no subdivision on prescription drugs and OTC medicine. Considering this, the pharmacy gets only 4 stars out of 5 for this unit. Legitimacy

Website Rating at ScamAdvisor

We checked the reputation on to see if it is indeed a reliable website.

scamadviser reported that this pharmacy has only 44% rating out of 100% and warned that the e-store is a suspicious one. The website seems to be based in the United States, but may also somehow relate to China. The domain age of the website seems to be 7 years, not 14, as it was indicated on the website. Scam Adviser says that the pharmacy “might be unsafe” for purchases as it was associated with malware reports. Besides, is unpopular with customers and has the “rarely visited” status. We found no positive information regarding legitimacy on this report, which is really an alarming fact. So, the pharmacy gets 3 stars for this item, since its rating is even below the average level.

Prescription Request

The majority items offered in the catalog require a valid prescription.


However, It was not clear for us whether they are actually asking for these prescriptions, but, according to the information placed on the website, the support team will contact the customer over phone or email when prescriptions are required for some types of meds. This looks strange a little bit, as other prescription-based pharmacies ask to submit a prescription at once, when placing a new order. Due to this uncertainty, we give SamRx Pharmacy only 4 stars stars out of 5.

Checking Website using LegitScript

SamRx is rated as a ROGUE pharmacy by Legit Script – the worst status an online drugstore can have at this pharmacy checker. Legit Script

The company does not meet some verification standards of Internet pharmacies. We did not manage to find a detailed explanation about this alarming status. For this reason, we can estimate SamRx legitimacy at 1 point. Reviews

Customer Reviews on SamRx website

The website has its own testimonial section. There are a few customers reviews available but they didn’t have dates, so we can’t say for sure whether the pharmacy is still operating. Besides It was expected that on-site testimonials would be purely positive: Reviews

All of the customers are very happy with services provided, low prices, quick delivery and high quality of the drugs. They consider SamRx a safe place to order medication from and advise everyone doing it.

We would believe these reviews, but it’s no clear how they appeared on the site, as customers do not have an ability to leave the feedback. So these comments are baseless and can’t be considered 100% reliable with regards to evaluating SamRx Pharmacy. So, the e-store gets only 4 stars for this unit. Reviews on Third-Party Websites

Screening the net in search for Reviews, we managed to find only several positive reviews left on two websites. They gave a 5-star rating to the pharmacy, but again – can’t be considered reliable, because all of them were written by first-time users, who never wrote any other reviews about anything.

David Smith is satisfied with the services provided by SamRx Pharmacy, drug quality. Low prices are also appreciated. He says that the e-store work better than any other local pharmacies. Besides, they delivered his order even earlier than it was expected. Review2

Some other customers also seem to be happy to buy from SamRx. They also mention a prompt delivery and an easy ordering process. Review4

However, there was was one negative comment among these not numerous testimonials. Two months ago, one user wrote that SamRx was a fraud and customers should stay away from it. These negative review comes from the person who has used the website more than once. This negative feedback is making us nervous, as it does not reassure the users concerning safety. Review5

So, the pharmacy receives only 3 points for this point, as there are very few great customer reviews on the net, which came from first time users and can’t be trusted. Coupon Codes and Special Offers

The pharmacy has some cost-mitigating offers for its customers who want to save a bit in cost.

The company offers FREE 20 Sildenafil citrate tablets on every purchase: Special Offer

New customers are encouraged to pay via e-checks, as the pharmacy will give them a 10% discount on their orders if they use e-checks instead of credit cards:

special offer

For old customers, the discounts are even more interesting (20% for using an e-check and 10% for using a credit card). These discounts will probably inspire clients to return to the shop. Special offer1

Besides, the pharmacy guarantees 10% discount on all order for repeat customers:

10% off order

In addition, we found some occasional codes on other independent sites, but can’t say for sure whether they are actual or not:

  • YOURWLKM is a code which allows customers to save 15% from any purchase made on;
  • GV2hY2NP is a code which allows clients to save 5% from any medication ordered on the site;
  • Sx29032NP is a code which allows clients to save 10% from any drug purchased at the site;
  • givemeten is a code allows clients to save 10% from any product which costs $50 or more.

If these coupon codes are working, then they provide an opportunity to make a beneficial order. These discounts could be better than those offered on other websites. The pharmacy gains 5 stars out of 5 for this unit.

SamRx Customer Support

Contact information

No matter how hard we tried to find the address of the pharmacy anywhere on the website, we could not see this information. The e-store provides only toll free number, 5 e-mail addresses for different issues, and the mailing address.


The customers should refer their letters to Larnaca, Cyprus. But, as you remember, ScamAdviser indicated that the website is probably operating from the United States. Lack of their actual address makes us think that the pharmacy hides its location for some reason. The pharmacy can’t be called 100% transparent and this may shake the confidence to its customers. The pharmacy gets 4 stars due to incomplete information provided.

Customer Support

To get information about some issues, customers can use the live chat tool, but as the website’s support is offline in some cases (like during our visit), users can contact a company representative using email/contact option. For faster response, customers may also use the toll free number indicated on

customer support

We decided to reach a SamRx representative using a contact form offered on the website and made an enquiry about SamRx payment options. They promised to answer our question very soon, but failed to do so. We waited for 24 hours but never received the feedback. For this reason, we can give SamRx Pharmacy only 1 star out of 5 for poor organized customer support.

Conclusion could be a good webstore to purchase your medication from. The pharmacy offers acceptable prices for generic medicines and impressive discounts. SamRx seems smart enough to take care of regular customers and made the website convenient to use.

However, we still find this pharmacy risky. The on-site reviews are unreliable and seem to be fabrications from the drugstore. The legitimacy of the store is also under a question, as ScamAdviser and LegitSpript are disappointed with the pharmacy and claim that it might be unsafe for use. Customer support is also on a zero level, so 3.6 stars out of 5 is a reasonable award for this online pharmacy. If you don’t want to take the risk, you’d better search for other more reliable online pharmacies with actual address, reviews from independent review websites.