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StoreSea.net Review: Low Trust Rating – 2,4 Stars (Now Closed)

StoreSea.net Self-Introduction


Store Sea is a top-selling online pharmacy with the main aim to provide the best quality prescription drugs at affordable prices. Being based in Mubai, India, Storesea.net was founded in 2009. Before they were and still are a conventional Indian pharmacy with the assortment of genuine, high-quality brand and generic drugs. Storesea main objection is to offer outstanding service and high-quality medications at reasonable prices because they buy directly from the manufacturers.

This pharmacy online is the largest online pharmacy. Customers, as www.storesea.net reviews claim, prefer this pharmacy with the aim to buy drugs to save money as much as possible. They have a team of friendly and polite experts who are ready to help and support customers 24/7. This review about storesea.net is devoted to understanding whether it is admissible to make orders via this online pharmacy. We are going to estimate whether storesea.net is legal and certified.

Assortment on Store Sea

Really speaking, assortment on this online pharmacy is organized in the following ways:

  • complete list of products;
  • list of categories;
  • list of best-sellers.

List of categories looks in the following way:

list of categories

A total amount of categories is 16. The total amount of medications available on Store Sea is 175 among which 78 – best-sellers. It seems so odd that more than half of medications are considered to be best-sellers.

List of best-sellers is arranged in an inconvenient way. Medications are not subdivided at all showing medications from different categories in a mass. There is no alphabetic arrangement.

list of best-sellers

When entering complete product list, you will find the same mass as in best-sellers. This online pharmacy tries to improve performance offering customers to sort by this or that point but it turns out that this option is not working.

sort by

There is one more option to find medications you need exactly to use the search bar. You will find all drugs having the name you enter in it.

search bar

The search bar is working on the level to provide customers with medication they are really in search for. There are so many ways to find required medications but they are unfulfilled.

In general, the assortment is diverse, there are various categories with medications but we should stress out that Store Sea declares that they specialize in generic drugs selling but in online pharmacy description we find out that they also sell brand drugs. But we do not find brand drugs available in the assortment of this online pharmacy. The overall score for this unit is 3 points.

Prices on StoreSea.net

StoreSea.net affirms that they sell the cheapest drugs and their prices are the most affordable in comparison with other online pharmacies. We are going to compare prices for generic Viagra. Generic Viagra price per item is $0,38. This price is really lower and more affordable. But we do not live in a fairytale when we add to cart generic Viagra, we were not able to find this price – the lowest price in the shopping cart is $0,81. This price is a little bit overvalued. This aspect may push customers not to buy medications via this online service.

Viagra price

As you can see there is a difference between false and true price – $0,43. There are online pharmacies in which you may buy one generic Viagra pill for $0,43. This misinformation may be considered as fraud, customers are usually attracted by such a low price but in reality, they are cheated.

The same picture is with Cialis and other medications. So that, we come to a conclusion that this online pharmacy believes this is the most admissible way to draw customers’ attention. We cannot apprehend this joke and get only 2 points for this unit. Of course, prices are low but site administration should think first before misinforming its clients.

Shipping Options

There are two main shipping options on storesea.net:

  1. EMS Speed Post (10-12 Business days) – $22.00;
  2. Free Shipping – $0.00.

This online pharmacy also provides customers with free EMS Speed Post delivery in case if the total amount of your order is equal to or over $250.

shipping options

When choosing a necessary drug in required dosage and amount of pills you will see whether you may receive free delivery for 10-12 days or not. But you may also choose free delivery and wait for your parcels a little more. It is the greatest advantage that Store Sea Pharmacy offers its customers free delivery. We do not find any information whether they specialize in international delivery or not but when being arranging an order we see that Store Sea delivers drugs to the following list of countries:

list of countries for delivery

We may grant for storesea.net shipping options 3 points. This mark is average and shows that this aspect is organized well to meet customers’ needs to get the order faster.

Payment Options

StoreSea pharmacy points out on front-page that they have only three payment methods:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • Bitcoin.

payment methods

Check-out stage shows us two more payment methods exactly Easy Secure Payment Method and Western Union.

payment options

Moreover when paying for your order by means of Easy Secure Payment Method, Western Union and Bitcoin, you may get additional benefits. Using Easy Secure Payment Method, you may get 10% extra pills, using Western Union, your benefit is 10% discount and using Bitcoin – 15% extra pills. Our mark for payment options on storesea.net is 4 points.

Technical Indications

We are going to examine Store Sea Pharmacy according to several points. All the technical aspects will be checked and estimated. We estimate page speed loading, presence of antivirus and mobile version, secure connection and transactions and convenience of making orders.

Google Page Speed Data

mobile and desktop data

Technical data according to Google Page Speed is high and seems Store Sea works hard to achieve the best results. Mobile version is missing some common performance optimizations that may become a result of slow user experience. Google Page Speed provides the main methods for performance improvement. But in general, mobile version can be used for ordering.

The desktop version of storesea.net has status “Good” and colored in green. It means that this indicator is higher than average – 87% out of 100%. This page applies most performance best practices and should provide a good user experience.

This data allows us to get storesea.net 3 points. They have done the greatest job.

Mobile Version of storesea.net

Examining mobile version of storesea.net, at first sight, we do not find any drawbacks. All the types of gadgets have no problems with page loading or interface organization except iPad. When choosing iPad, we find some interface disarrangement. There is two much empty space in shopping cart. There is no strict position of every element on page. But if estimating mobile version in general, our mark will be 4 points because in the majority of cases there are no noticeable disadvantages.

Secure Connection and Transactions on Store Sea Pharmacy

secure connection

All the connections and transactions on storesea.net are protected by COMODO CA Limited certificate. Your data is encrypted by 128-bit key. It means that you may feel secure while making orders online. During all the ordering procedure you are protected by this certificate. It implies that Store Sea Pharmacy cares about its customers and doesn’t allow to get unlegalized access. Remember, storesea.net administration doesn’t trade or disclose customers’ personal data. Our mark for this unit is 3 points because there are more effective methods of carrying out secure connections and transactions.

Antivirus Presence

Unfortunately, there is evidence of antivirus presence on storesea.net. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you will “catch” the viruses but forewarned, forearmed. Customers should know they are protected from all sides. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

Convenience of Making Orders

Storesea online pharmacy claims they have the option to register with the only one aim is to ease ordering procedure for customers. They believe it will help customers save time because having registered customers do not need to fill in billing address, telephone numbers and delivery and payment options. But when you are on check-out stage, you may arrange an order choosing whether you have a desire to register or be just a guest to undergo check-out.


We spend 10 minutes to arrange an order because there are 6 steps to complete it. You have to fill in billing details including personal details and addresses:

billing details

The third step includes delivery details. It means that you should fill in an address to which your parcel will be delivered. The fourth step is comprised of data of delivery methods and payment option selection.

Without registration you may arrange an order faster. Really speaking you are not asked some extraordinary information. They do not require you to provide your credit card number or something like that. We may give 5 points for convenience of making orders via storesea.net because it is really comfortable without registration.

Is www.storesea.net Secure and Legal?

It is obvious to find as much as possible information about online pharmacy before making an order of medications. We are going to find out whether www.storesea.net is secure and legal, whether they require prescription for drugs or not. Each point will be estimated

ScamAdviser.com Statistics

scamadviser data

ScamAdviser.com Statistics shows us that www.storesea.net gets only 9% of security but having a lot of visitors. This online pharmacy has low trust rating and maybe not safe for use. This security service hesitates about company owner location. It is probable Seychelles based but they may carry out its activity from the Russian Federation as well. We cannot compare actual address and address given by ScamAdvaiser because Store Sea pharmacy administration doesn’t provide any contact information except contact form for customers.

Domain age is 2 years, 298 days. It is enough to get some reputation but we may see that this reputation on storesea.net is low trust. Phone number is from Moscow. We cannot believe in these contradictory facts. Our common mark is 2 points.

Prescription Request

Storesea.net points out that they sell prescription drugs but it turns out that they do not require any prescription during various stages of ordering procedure. It is a discrepancy because online pharmacy declairs prescription drugs but they turn around to be non-prescription. Some people may be happy not to waste time to send prescription but in the majority of cases drugs they sell should be prescribed by qualified doctor. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

LegitScript.com Data about Storesea.net Legitimacy

legitscript data

LegitScript.com estimates Storesea.net as “Rough” online pharmacy. It means that there is the greatest possibility that this online pharmacy carries out some clandestine practice. Your rights may be violated, your personal data may be stolen that’s why customers should be attentive while making orders via this online service. If you have an opportunity to order in some other online store, maybe it is better to do. Our mark for online pharmacy legitimacy is 1 point.

Reviews about storesea.net

Reviews on storesea.net

There are no reviews on storesea.net. We do not find any confirmation of the fact that people make orders via this online service. For us, it is the biggest minus and disadvantage. Customers should have an opportunity to estimate the number of satisfied customers. But nothing is better in this case than non-genuine and dishonest reviews. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

Reviews about storesea.net on Foreign Recourses

There are no reviews about www.storesea.net on foreign recourses. We do find nothing surfing the Internet. Customers do not leave reviews about StoreSea performance. We are allowed to give only 1 point for reviews about storesea.net on foreign recourses.

Storesea.net Coupon Code

There is no coupon code on Storesea.net. You cannot get discount of any quantity but there are ways to save money and get some bonus. If you pay for orders by means of Bitcoin, you will get 15% of extra pills. If you pay for your order by Western Union, you will get 10% discount (attractive special offer). If your order is paid by Easy Secure Online Payment, you will get 10% extra pills.

There is one more special offer available: if you buy medications total amount of which is equal to or over $150, you are able to get free express shipping. Due to all these aspects, irrespective of storesea coupon code absence, we may get Store Sea 3 points.

Contact Information

To be sure, online pharmacy is not a fake one, we need to have access to all contact information. Let’s analyze this unit and estimate how Storesea cares about its customers.

“Contact Us” Section

Contact information is necessary for undergoing verification as it is a real online pharmacy. Store Sea provides customers with contact form only. There is no opportunity to phone or fax if some questions appear.

contact form

This contact information is not enough for high trust. We can give only 2 points.

Customer Support Service

It seems that this online pharmacy has a live chat but in fact, it is ordinary contact form the same as in “Contact Us” section. We leave a message and wait for the response. But we do not receive anything. Live chat tells us the following: “Sorry, we aren’t online at the moment. Leave a message and we’ll get back to you.” Soon – it is when? So, we wait for long but in vain, our mark for this unit is 1 point.

Conclusion: Low Trust Rating – 2,4 Stars for storesea.net

2,4 Stars gains storesea.net for all the units. Really speaking, we do not want to recommend people to make orders via this online service and there are some arguments to this. They cheat people claiming that they sell generic Viagra for $0,38 but really its price is $0,81. It happens with the majority of medications. ScamAdviser.com considers this online pharmacy to be low trust and legitscript.com give “Rough” status. There is reviews on storesea.net on online pharmacy itself and on foreign recourses as well. We are not able to satisfy whether people really make orders via Store Sea Pharmacy. There is no contact information except contact form. We leave a message to them but have no answer. Site administration claims they require prescription but we were not asked to send it to them while making order.

The greatest plus in all this picture is registration. You may choose by yourself registering or not. You may arrange an order as a guest (one-time registration). This online pharmacy has higher than average indicators of Google page speed data and mobile version working almost without disorders. They offer customers a wide range of medications but they are organized in an improper way.

So, as you see the drawbacks prevail over advantages. A 2,4 Star rating is reasonable. People may make choice whether it is admissible for them to buy generic drugs via Store Sea.