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SureViagra.com Review: A New Site with Low Prices but A Bad Rating

About Sureviagra.com


SureViagra.com claims to be a trusted online pharmacy that offers generic medications for impotence treatment to millions of customers all over the world. The company says to have many years of experience in this industry. According to the information placed on the website, the pharmacy’s main motto is “customer satisfaction” and “cost effectiveness”. SureViagra is proud to offer medication only from FDA-approved manufacturers at the lowest prices. They claim to be one of top online pharmacies recognized worldwide. In addition, the pharmacy enumerates the facts that is their option should be the decisive factors for choosing SureViagra.com: no long waits, friendly and quick customer support, privacy protection, timely delivery worldwide, special discount offers.

SureViagra Assortment

Sureviagra.com, as we can understand from its domain name, is a pharmacy specialized in drugs for impotence treatment. The pharmacy sells generic medicines only – analogs to the famous brands. The most popular medications include Generic Viagra and Generic Levitra. Unfortunately, we didn’t find Generic Cialis in the catalog, although there are some other version of Tadalafil tablets. SureVagra also sells such ED drugs as Silagra, Zenegra, Kamagra, Penegra, Caverta, and Edegra.


All these drugs contain Sildenafil citrate, just like the brand-name Viagra. All in all, there are 20 items of ED products on the website. On the website, customers can purchase erectile dysfunction medicines in different forms: usual tablets, soft tablets, jellies. So we can’t say the ED drugs assortment is large in the pharmacy – customers interested at generic meds for sexual health can select among several items, while other online pharmacies selling ED drugs offer 100 unit and more. We give the pharmacy 3 stars for a poor range of goods for impotence treatment.

Price Policy

SureViagra claims to provide the lowest prices for generic Viagra and other ED medications.

low prices

As they promise, the price will be suitable for everyone’s pocket. We decided to check out the validity of these words and compared SureViagra prices with those offered in other pharmacies.

  • Price for Generic Viagra starts from $0.77 per tablet (while other pharmacies offer $1.55 per tablet);
  • Price for Generic Levitra starts from $$1.37 per tablet (while other pharmacies offer $1.65 per tablet).
  • Price for Generic Kamagra starts from $$0.90 per tablet (while other pharmacies offer $1.4 per tablet).

As we can see, these prices are really low and beneficial. The prices become much lower on larger orders. Obviously, the pharmacy is a good opportunity to save.

Besides, sureviagra.com offers free ED Trial Pack for order starting from $150 and above.

There’s also the“price match guarantee”: if the customer finds any online pharmacy selling generic ED drugs at lower prices, he may contact Sureviagra.com, which promises to check this information, and if it’s true, they will sell the product at the same lower price with free shipping.

Price Guarantee

Such policy would be inappropriate if the pharmacy had high prices, so we can suggest that all SureViagra products have very low prices. They also provide various discount offers to the customers. For these reasons, the pharmacy gets 5 stars.

Shipping Methods and Delivery Time

The pharmacy offers shipping service for all over the world.

There are two shipping option available with different rates:

  1. Express Service ($20 USD) – delivery takes 8 – 10 business days. Using this shipping option, customers get a tracking number and can track the exact location of their order anytime;
  2. Regular Post Service ($18 USD) – delivery takes 10 – 20 business days.

The pharmacy seems to do their best to please the customer: if the customer needs this medicine urgently, he can place an order by 4 pm, and his order will be processed the same day:

Fast Delivery

Sureviagra.com pays attention that their customers usually receive their products even before the date specified.

According to the information placed on the site, all orders starting from $100 are sent with FREE Regural Shipping, all order starting from .$250 – with FREE Express Shipping:

free delivery

There are some shipping terms you should take into account before placing an order at sureviagra.com.

  • 500 gm is the maximum weight of order; if the order weighs more, it will be shipped in two shipments;
  • They do not ship to postal office box address, hotel address or university address.

In addition, SureViagra guarantees a 30-day money back: buyers who were unable to receive their order, received wrong products or damaged/broken products will get refunds from the pharmacy.

refund policy

If the product delivery gets delayed, customers are requested to get in touch with our customer support. If its found delay happened from our side, SureViagra.com refunds the entire sum. Though there is no free delivery for all orders, we give sureviagra.com 4 stars for several shipping options, money back guarantee, short delivery terms and the detailed information given on the website.

SureViagra Payment Options

Sureviagra.com accept only VISA, MasterCard and e-checks, while other pharmacies accept much more payment options. Although the most popular payment options (Visa and MasterCard) are available, some customers might have difficulties with paying for the products at this website. For this reason, SureViagra gets only 3 stars for this point.

SureViagra Payment Options

Technical Characteristics of the Website

Page Loading Speed

Google Page Speed helped us analyze Sureviagra.com page loading speed. Here are the results:

SureViagra google page

According to the online service, this website is not optimized and is likely to deliver a slow user experience. Both the mobile version and desktop are missing some common performance optimizations resulting in a very slow user experience. The pharmacy should definitely improve its website further to attract more customers. Considering this, SureViagra gets 1.5 stars for this point.

Checking the Mobile Version

SureViagra mobile version is estimated at 1 star out of 5, being just a smaller version of the original website size. Users will surely meet some problems when placing an order from a mobile device. The text is too small, the main page contains too much unimportant information which can’t be even read from the mobile phone, it’s difficult to click on the necessary item of the menu.

Encryption on the Website

SureViagra claims that customer’s privacy is very important to them and they keep all customers’ data secure at all costs. They are proud to have set the high security standards using 256 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) – the most advanced technology for protecting customers’ personal data. The secure encryption is verified by GeoTrust Inc.:

secure connection

This encryption is considered high but we found no information about the owner of the website which would guarantee the highest security level. Considering this, we give SureViagra 4 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Checking Antivirus

Unfortunately, the website uses no antivirus protection, which makes shopping in this online store even more insecure. All large trusted online pharmacies use antivirus programs. But at Sureviagra.com, you always run risks to catch something unpleasant on your computer. Considering this, the company gets only 1 star for this unit of our review.

Convenience of Ordering at Sureviagra.com

The pharmacy guarantees a simple and a few-steps ordering procedure. We decided to check it personally.

First of all, the customer is offered to register – without registration, he will not be able to order any goods. The home page contains a Log In section. We click on that and entered the details asked for. Our next step includes choosing the product we are looking for. The website contains no search took, because the assortment is not so wide and all of the items can be found on the front page.

The customer can get acquainted with all product dosages and prices in a convenient table. We can easy orient in prices for both new and regular customers, as well as choose the cheapest variant of the drug (price per unit indicated). Besides, the table shows which items will be shipped for free.

SureViagra placing orders

After selecting the drug we added it to the shopping cart and finally finished with the payment.

If all the steps are carried out successfully, the customer support staff sends the customer an invoice using email.

Once the order is dispatched, the customer gets the second email from SureViagra, containing an Order Tracking Number.

SureViagra offers two attractive bonuses:

  1. The customer can return the item within 10 days and get another one;
  2. If the customer can’t decide which product to choose, you can place 15% of the price as a deposit, and the pharmacy will hold it for 7 days. The customer will get it back if he changes his mind.

SureViagra placing orders2

Besides, the website administration has made it possible to cancel the order within 24 hours after placing an order. For this, you need to contact the customer support.

So, you see that it’s really easy to make an order at Sureviagra.com, however, registration is convenient only for regular customers who want to keep all their details in a personal account; but all one-time customers will have to waste much time on unnecessary work paper. One more drawback: the pharmacy charges in only one currency – US Dollar, though ships worldwide. For there reasons, the pharmacy gets 4 stars for this unit of our review.

Is Sureviagra.com Legit?

Website Rating at ScamAdviser

We tested Sureviagra.com profile using Scamadviser.com:


Unfortunately, Sureviagra.com has the lowest possible trust rating on Scamadviser.com – a 0% rating out of 100%. The report indicated that the website was only 181 days old instead of 15 years which may worry the customer – earlier, the pharmacy assured it had many years of experience. Besides, the website is located in the USA but probably operates from a high risk country – China. According to the online service, the website has been thread listed and can relate to virus/malware issues

Low trust rating does not guarantee that the website is a fake; everything may be as you expect but you should be extra vigilant and do some own research before placing an order at SureViagra. For this reason, we give sureviagra.com 1 star out of 5 for this unit.

Prescription Request

We found no information about requiring prescriptions on Sureviagra.com, so, obviously, customers can purchase ED medication from SureViagra with ease. However, a valid prescription is necessary to such drugs, and we may suggest that the pharmacy has an irresponsible attitude to selling medicines. Considering this, we give the pharmacy only 1 star out of 5 for this point.

Checking Sureviagra.com Status at LegitScript

LegitScript is also disappointed with sureviagra.com. The pharmacy has a Rogue status, since it does not meed LegitScript online pharmacy verification standards. We found no detailed explanation below. So the company gets 1 star for this unit.

SureViagra status

Sureviagra.com Reviews

Customer Reviews on Sureviagra.com Website

We found no section for customer reviews on the website. The customers could not leave any comments or discuss SureViagra services. Websites without any user feedback does not seem trustworthy if looking from a user’s perspective. Customers can’t evaluate sureviagra.com’s credibility, so they may easily veer away from it and search for other pharmacies with many positive comments. The pharmacy receives 1 star for this unit.

Sureviagra.com Reviews on Independent Websites

Since we found no customers’ reviews on the website itself, we decided to search for any comments on outside websites.

We found only several reviews on www.mmodm.com. They were very short, left during the period of 5 months (which might indicate that the pharmacy is 5 months old). The major part of comments were positive. According to users, SureViagra has a great service:

SureViagra reviews

However, there were some Sure Viagra complaints on this site. Two users were disappointed with the service of the pharmacy (though for some reason gave a 5 star rating to SureViagra):

SureViagra reviews2

We could not find any other reviews on the net, so we can’t say for sure whether SureViagra is a reliable store or not. Lack of customers’ reviews proves that the website is a new one. For this reason, we give 3 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Sureviagra.com Coupon Code

We didn’t find any Sureviagra.com Coupon Codes in the Internet. However, the pharmacy is proud to maintain long term relationship with every customer and offers several promotions.

SureViagra bonuses

  • Old customers have a 10% discount on all products;
  • The pharmacy offers FREE bonus ED pills for every order;
  • Customers can save up to $25 on shipping cost if their orders exceed $100.
  • The price match guarantee can also help save an amount of money.

Sureviagra.com offers good deals to every customer, whether new or old. Also, the pharmacy has seasonal discounts. To remain updated about all interesting offers, the customers need to subscribe. Although there is no coupon code, the company gets 4 stars out of 5 for offering good opportunities to save.

Customer Support Service

Contact information

No matter how hard we tried, we could not find the information about SureViagra location. The website mentions only email address and toll free phone number +1-888-663-2040.

phone number

Perhaps, the website’s owner want to hide its location for some reason, which may alert the customer. Besides, lack of the address may complicate the official request to the pharmacy. For this reason, SureViagra receives 3 stars, as the address is a very important information.

Trying to Get a Consultation

SureViagra guarantees an excellent customer service provided by trained staff that love discussing any queries and questions.  The customer can reach the customer support through call or email both.

According to the information placed on the website, they work day and night and answer question on any product or service.  We tried to contact a pharmacy representative and find out what payment options they have.

The pharmacy has a live chat on the website, but unfortunately the service was offline, so we had to use email.

SureViagra live chat

Regretfully, we waited for 3 hours but did not received an answer – a very long response from a 24/7 operation customer support service.

So, SureViagra proved to be not so user-friendly. For this reason, the pharmacy gets 1 star out of 5.


Sureviagra.com prices for ED medication are very low, and the special offers and bonuses are attractive too. However, there are no relevant customer feedback from customers. The reason may be the website’s newness – ScamAdviser detected that SureViagra domain age was 181 days only. Besides, the website had the lowest trust ratings on ScamAdviser and LegitScript – the online services did not recommended using it. 2,4 stars out of 5 is the appropriate rating for the pharmacy, from our point of view. We can’t recommend it to other users, although delivery options are quite nice. It is never a good idea to purchase medications from the store which has appeared a few days ago. Do you want to risk your health and take the questionable drug?