Review: 2,6 Stars – Doesn’t Deserve Trust Introduction

logo Canadian Drugstore is Canadian drugstore offering customers generic and brand medications sold with prescription and over the counter. This Canadian drugstore has been founded in 2000. This online pharmacy supplies customers from the United States of America with all kind of medications. We take up our mind to grapple with all the questions relating to online pharmacy –

Assortment Available on

We carefully examine assortment of and really it is rather difficult to estimate its diversity because drug categories and medications in them are organized in inconvenient way. It is hindered to find categories itself and they are arranged more to confuse customers. On Canadian drugstore home page, there are no medications sold, no best-sellers and it takes much time to find medications to order them. Really speaking, assortment is not so diverse, for example: “Erectile dysfunction” category contain only three preparations – Viagra, Cialis and Levitra in different dosages. This list of ED may be much more brighter. deserves only 2 points.


Prices of Canadian drugstore – prices are overestimated. If you want to save your money while making order via this online pharmacy, you will fail. Really? For one Viagra pill you should pay $10,99 – what? There are a lot of pharmaceutical companies online where you will be able to buy Viagra pill only for $0,41. Moreover the price for Viagra brand and generic on is the same. But we all know that generics cost less in comparison with brand medications. This online pharmacy loses points – only 1 we can give to them.

price on tcds

Canadian drugstore Delivery Terms

Canadian drugstore will use the most efficient method available, taking all the variants into account, to bring your parcel safely and quickly. In rare cases of shipment problem we will refund or reship policy within 15 business day. Ninety eight percent of orders is delivered within 2 weeks. This online pharmacy provides customers with free shipping but it is not clear whether Canadian drugstore offers its customers international delivery or not. It is also odd that customers do not have any idea of what kind of delivery this online pharmacy got to use. Free shipping is plus but lack of information is minus. Two many drawbacks that’s why 2 points are deserved.

Payment Options accepts Visa, Mastercard, cash transfer and personal checks. Personal Checks payment ensures you to obtain 4% saving on all orders. Canadian drugstore prefers to pay for orders by means of credit card. For payment options, we may grant 3,5 points because this information is not available for customers. It is rather difficult to be found.

Technical Data of

Each website should follow definite technical standards so that we decide to check for some criteria. We are going to describe some online services providing people with data relating to security and reliability of Canadian drugstore. according to Google Page Speed

There is online service known as Google Page Speed where you may see data relating to how fast site is loading. This indicator will have different meaning. If you want to see it just visit this website. We process in this service and see the following picture:


Mobile speed loading is 74%, it is average indicator showing that there are some problems but they may be solved fast enough no to spoil website performance.


Desktop data is also average but it is very important to have speed loading so that should cope with all technical problems determining by this online service. deserves 2,5 points for such data according to Google Page Speed. Mobile Version

Mobile version of Canadian drugstore is present and available for all people. Mobile version is developed on the level but there is scrolling a little bit but it is nonthreatening failure. Everything is readable and clickable so that we may give 4 points.

Security of Canadian Drugstore

Really speaking, we do not find any sings of security connection on It means that Canadian drugstore makes no efforts to protect your personal data from unlegalized access. It is exactly 1 point because no one will be sure that its credit card number will be disclose to the third parties.

Antivirus Presence

Antivirus is one more important aspect for secure connection and transactions and seems to understand it. So that we are not protected by https protocol but protected by antivirus – 5 point for antivirus presence on Canadian drugstore –


How to Make an Order on

It is rather difficult to make an order via because you should? First of all, register on the website, then send prescription to them and only after these procedures you will be able to make an order. All the procedure is described in “How to Order” section. You should estimate how much time it will take to arrange order on Canadian drugstore. There are a lot of online pharmacies where you will avoid this “unpleasant” process – 3 points is our mark.

how to make an order

Has the Right to be Trusted?

It is logical question whether Canadian drugstore has trusted by customers. It is very important to estimate the situation because it is ground to know what is – online pharmacy, how they operate and how you are able to arrange an order online.

Canadian Drugstore according to

Scamadviser is universal online service? Showing your any website reliability. We check and see the following results – 51%. The percentage is lowered down due to the following reasons:

  1. factual business location is Canada but real – is hidden;
  2. owner of the website is using a service to hide their identity.

The mark is high enough because of domain age – exists for 10 Years, 322 Days. It serves as evidence for people to trust to this website administration. We believe that Canadian drugstore is online pharmacy where you won’t be protected because of mentioned above facts, so that we grant this website only 3,5 points – not so bad really?

scamadviser about tcds

Prescription Request

Prescription helps people to rely upon online pharmacy and make an order there. Canadian Drugstore – obtains prescription drugs. For making an order you are to send them prescription list for them to be sure in relevance of your medication application. You cannot avoid this process so that for us it is great advantage – 5 points. Estimation


According to website is unapproved but it means that after some time they will be granted another status – approved when they meet all the requirements. It means that they have got license and have had all the rights to sell drugs. earns 2,5 points. – the Canadian Drugstore Reviews

The Canadian Drugstore Reviews

Reviews about Canadian drugstore are located on the website and they are absolutely positive. There are no unsatisfied customers and it is suspicious to see so ideal picture. People may think properly and make up their minds that the Canadian Drugstore Reviews – are fabricated. We cannot see the real picture with this online pharmacy. It makes people prevent from ordering via this online store. But we should be fair when estimating online store that’s why the logic will be the following – reviews about are present and 1 point is leveled down because all the reviews are positive and we cannot check their credibility. Our final mark is 4 points.


Reviews about the Canadian Drugstore on Foreign Websites

We found reviews about the Canadian Drugstore on and they are not pleasant really. All the reviews are negative saying about how dangerous it is to make orders via this online store. We advise you not to make mistakes and find another site where you will be able to order medications safely. Of course? Reviews on foreign websites are good and evidence that is functioning but their negative character create a panic – only 2 points.

review on foreign recourses Coupon Code Coupon Code is absent. There is no evidence that even there is any kind of coupon on this online pharmacy. There is section where you will see drugs sold with discounts but the number of preparations are limited. It results in the fact that you want save money and get the discount while buying medications online. We may only give them 1 point – it is flaw, great flaw when you want to attract more customers.

Customer Support Service

“Contact Us” Section on

telephoneYou may come in contact with by means of phone number given on home page: 1-888-372-2252. You may also find address of the Canadian drugstore office but there is a drawback here – you cannot come in contact with support group using e-mail. There is no connection in such a way that’s why we have a real chance to decline the mark – 3,5 points.

Support Service

We do not find any sings of Live Chart or even e-mail to which customers may send their questions. We find only form to leave feedback, but not questions. It is very important to provide customers with an opportunity to come in contact with support group of the website. neglects this responsibility. Only 1 point is deserved by for such inattention.

Conclusion: Does Deserves Better Reputation?

Our average mark is 2,6 points. We estimate each point and makes conclusion. We grant 5 points for antivirus presence and prescription request – these are advantages of the Canadian drugstore but together with advantages/ there are the greatest disadvantage for example: this online store offers customers too high prices and there are problems with delivery term not taking into account its free basis. We also may take into account questionable results of scamadviser and legitscript. Moreover reviews about the Canadian drugstore on website itself are absolutely positive/ there are no negative reviews – it is strange but foreign websites reviews about – the Canadian drugstore are absolutely negative – controversial data. We believe our mark is confirmed and shows realistic picture of It is up to you to decide whether you will make orders via this service or not, we do not trust in them.