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TexasChemist.com Review: A Reliable USA-Based Pharmacy for Generic ED Drug Needs

What is Texas Chemist?

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According to the store’s information, TexasChemist.com a USA-based online pharmacy selling generic drugs. The store has been operating for over 12 years, which is a very good term for an online pharmacy. They claim that all of their medications are stocked in the USA but sourced from India and approved by the Indian FDA. The goal of the pharmacy is to provide US customers with safe and effective generic medications at cheap prices and with fast delivery. They also mention that their products fully comply with the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India 1940 and any other applicable laws and regulations. The seller is sure that all of the drugs available at this website will exceed expectations of customers. They guarantee that everything they do at TexasChemist.com is 100% legal.


What Can You Buy Here?

All the drugs available at the website are manufactured in India and approved by Indian FDA. The seller cooperates with only large manufacturers like Cipla, Ajanta, Sun Pharma, and others. The manufacturers have a Certificate of Analysis and comply with current laws for food and drug safety.

Texas Chemist only sells drugs for erectile dysfunction – the website has a single list on its left-hand corner. They sell famous generic analogs of famous ED treatments such as Sildenafil Citrate, Tadalafil, and Vardenafil, and various variants of the drugs such as oral jellies, soft, “professional” tablets, and others.

The list of drugs available in Texas Chemist includes Cialis, Cialis Soft, Classic Pack, Cytotec, Hcg Urine Pregnancy Test, Kamagra, Kamagra Oral Jelly, Generic Lasix, Levitra, Generic Priligy, Generic Propecia, Triple Trial Pack, Viagra, Viagra Soft, Xenical, Generic Zovirax, Viagra Super Active, Viagra Super Force, Generic Proscar, Cialis Daily, Cialis Professional, Cialis Super Active, Levitra Soft, Levitra Professional, Cialis Super Force, Viagra Professional, Viagra Oral Jelly, Avana, Levitra Oral Jelly, Wellbutrin Sr, Tadacip, Apcalis Oral Jelly, Eriacta. Some of them are placed on the main page:


Besides, the pharmacy also offers to buy Generic Xenical for weight loss.

Since the store has a rich assortment of ED medications, I give 5 stars for this unit. Other Internet stores have fewer treatment options available.


The website advertised very low prices for its drugs. Indeed, TexasChemist.com sells cheaper meds in comparison with offline city pharmacies, but the prices are high in comparison with online pharmacies. You can buy here Generic Cialis for $2.08 per pill for, Generic Levitra for $2.08 per pill, and Generic Viagra for $2.08 per pill. The highest prices were for the minimum orders (10 pills) while the lowest prices were for bulk order (120 pills or more).

See more prices for TexasChemist medications:


Besides, the store presents a special price for ED trial pack (Viagra + Cialis + Levitra). Today you can buy it for only $69.96.


Since the prices offered by TexasChemist were significantly cheaper than the city pharmacy prices for the brand-name analogs of these drugs but higher than prices offered by other web drugstores, I give 3 stars for this unit.

Shipping policy

The pharmacy ships its products within the USA only, using United States Postal Service (USPS).

The shipments are sent in discreet packaging so nobody will know what’s inside of the package. They even provide the images of what a parcel will look like:


The seller mentions that all orders placed before 8 pm will be shipped the next day while orders placed after 8 pm will be shipped the next business day.

Customers may also opt for the first-class mail delivery and receive their meds in 3-7 business days. However, tracking is not available.


The delivery fee is $35, however, if you order 90 pills or more, you will get a free shipping.


In the event your parcel does not arrive on time, you need to contact the pharmacy for more details. In general, refunds and product reshipments are credited by the store, so you may not worry about your drugs arriving damaged or not arriving at all. Sine the company only ships products across the USA and offers no free shipping on all orders, I give 3 stars for this unit.

Payment Options

Texas Chemist accepts 4 methods of payment: Visa, Mastercard, JCB, and Bitcoin. Once you proceed to the checkout, you will see all the options available.


The company receives 4 stars because other online stores offer much more payment options available.

Technical Characteristics of TexasChemist.com

Loading Speed

Site loading speed is an important element of complex optimization because 73% of Internet browsers say they regularly encounter sites that load too slowly, and about 40% leave sites if they load more than three seconds. There is also a study that confirms that if a site does not load literally in an instant, 400 milliseconds, then people lose interest.

When assessing the speed of page loading, we should take into consideration various response data of the pages, speed and time of the download when using a PC or mobile devices. To measure the speed of individual pages or the entire resource, you can use special services that quickly perform an effective analysis. I used a Google tool for checking the speed of site downloading. Data are analyzed on “computer” and mobile versions. The displayed score on a scale of 0 to 100 reflects the current state of the resource. See the analysis results below:


I was surprised that TexasChemist.com has virtually perfect indicators for both page speed and optimization. This website’ developers worked hard for it. You should not have any technical problems while using this site. The score for this unit is 4.5 stars.

Mobile Version

Mobility is the reality of modern digital thinking. In fact, a mobile phone is more important than your desktop PC. Today, 51.3% of all Internet use is mobile. And this number will grow. So I decided to check the design of TexasChemist.com in terms of mobile adaptability.


Adaptive design allows users to have one site that changes depending on which device it is viewed from. Thus, those who view the site from a PC and those who view it on mobile devices will see the same site, but in different ways on each device. Sites with adaptive design are usually loaded faster than those designed for PC only, so here customers get a huge advantage.

TexasChemist.com adaptive site with unobtrusive pop-up windows is a modern standard for mobile devices. I give 5 stars for this unit.

Data Protection

The store claims that its website uses the standard SSL and advanced security technologies that will make shopping experience 100% safe. Indeed, I found out that the site uses an advanced 256-bit SSL encryption technology. The SSL certificate is verified by Let’s Encrypt:


The encryption level was good but since the website did not have a certificate with an extended verification (the owner’s name and address are not displayed in the top left corner of the browser), I give 4 stars out of 5 for this unit.


Fortunately, TexasChemist.com has McAfee antivirus, which makes this website a risk-free place for ordering drugs. There is a corresponding icon on the borrom of the front page:


It’s nice that the website’s developers paid much attention to the security of customers. After all, people submit very personal information to this site. You can use this online pharmacy without worrying about the risks of hacking. I give 5 stars out of 5 for this unit.

The Convenience of Using TexasChemist.com

This United States-based pharmacy looks great in red, white, and blue colors. The store has a product lineup, which is different from the random health products featured by other online pharmacies. I appreciate that this company mentioned the famous India-based manufacturers of ED products.

I noticed that customers do not need to register before placing an order for medications. Think saves much time and is appreciated by many people since they prefer to make orders online as fast as possible.

I also like the way TexasChemist arranged the product information: you can see all the relevant details in one table: dosage, price per pack, price per pill, saving, free shipping (when available):


To buy drugs on the website, you need to simply click the “Buy Now” button for your desired product and proceed to “Checkout”. You will be transferred on a safe billing page where you will need to fill out details in the order form and click the “Submit Transaction” button. You also need to choose the preferred payment and shipping options.

If you opt for a trackable shipping option, you can check the status of your order online by entering order ID and your email:


The pharmacy deserves 5 stars for this unit since the ordering process is simple and convenient:

Is TexasChemist.com Legit?

The Rating from ScamAdviser

Scam Adviser gave the pharmacy a 100% trust rating and reported that TexasChemist.com is a safe site. See the screen below:


ScamAdviser found no suspicious aspects about this store. This site is very popular and constantly refreshed. Its owner and location is the United States. Although the website is very young, it has already gained a good reputation. Not a single detail is hidden. For all these reasons, I give 5 stars for this unit and conclude that TexasChemist is a legit pharmacy.

Do We Need a Prescription?

According to the website’s information, TexasChemist.com required a valid prescription for certain ED medications. If a product is RX, a customer will be required the fax a prescription to +44-203-0025627 or scan it and email to support@get-sup.com. The pharmacy seems to operate in compliance with the international laws and regulations for dispensing prescription drugs and be a responsible seller. I give 5 stars for this unit.

The Status on LegitScript

LegitScript said it did not have any information on TexasChemist.com in its database. This may be due to the fact that this is a very new site. Since I’m not sure whether this online store meets some Internet pharmacy verification standards. I give 4 stars for this unit.

TexasChemist.com Reviews

Reviews on the Native Website

I found numerous customer testimonials on the site of Texas Chemist. People wrote about receiving the goods within the promised period,  fast processing and low prices. Some former clients mentioned the effectiveness of ED products but some also reported mild and temporary adverse reactions, which were typical of ED medicines.


One customer thanked the pharmacy for the effective bonus Sildenafil Citrate pills. He thought they were of poor quality because not all online pharmacies are able to offer good freebies to their customers.

Another client wrote that the delivery was successful and added that it was an excellent experience with Texas Chemist. Most of the customers reported that they were regular clients of this pharmacy due to its excellent medications and service.

On more wrote that he received his order on time and the store exceeded his expectations.

Since I found not a single complaint on the testimonial page, I give 5 stars for this unit.

Reviews on Third-Party Websites

I wasn’t expecting to find any Texas Chemist online reviews because of this website is rather new, but I was surprised that the online pharmacy had good external testimonials from its former customers in spite of this. See an example below:

good reviews

Several clients gave a high rating to Texaschemist.com on an online forum. They mentioned a good drug quality. One client compared the products he received from this pharmacy to other Internet stores he used in the past.

One man ordered generic Propecia and he was happy because the drug came in good condition and the packaging had clearly printed expiry date. Besides, the customer was glad that he received the drug in just 3 days.

A user with a nickname Batman gave this pharmacy 5 stars and reported that the drugs proved very effective.

Bob trusted this drugstore and always used its services. However, he complained about being unable to get his order within 3 days. This delay, though, was not TexasChemist’s fault.

Texas Chemist external reviews proved its legitimacy and credibility as an Internet pharmacy.

The majority of the customers who have written reviews reported that they had received their meds in 2-3 days. It is nice to see good comments on third-party websites. They helped me to form an impression for this online pharmacy.

TexasChemist.com Coupon Codes

Texas Chemist did not offer coupon codes but there were saving options for its customers. The pharmacy offers special prices for trial packs (Viagra+Cialis+Levitra), allowing the clients to save money. They also offer a free shipping on all orders over $200. In the cart below, you can see that the clients purchase Levitra Professional which will be shipped free of charge. The system also provides a tip to help the customer to save more by buying Levitra Professional 120 pills which will cost $46.65 less than what 90 pills cost.

free shipping

Returning customers are rewarded with cumulative discounts on next purchases. 2nd timers will get a 5% discount while 3rd timers will get a 7% discount (all further purchases will also be awarded a 7% discount). Ths store asks clients to contact the customer support team for more details.


Besides, Texas Chemist offers seasonal and holiday discounts and asks clients to follow updates for coupons and discounts in the future. Since all the deals are very nice, I give 4 stars for this unit.

Customer Support Service

Contact Information

The website contains Texas Chemist phone number 1-702-965-3395, fax number +44-203-0025627, and email support@get-sup.com. They also mentioned that the pharmacy has been operating for over 12 years. They did not mention its legal address but according to ScamAdviser report, it’s definitely USA.

Since I expected to find a more detailed contact information, I give 3,5 stars for this unit.

Trying to Get a Consultation

The store offers 24/7 day customer support via live chat online, email support@get-sup.com, or phone calls to toll-free phone number 1-702-965-3395. There is also a contact form to be filled out for any questions, comments, or inquiries.


I tried to use the chat service but it was offline at the time I visited the website. Regretfully, I did not find their operating hours. The pharmacy offers other ways of contacting the customer care department, so you can try them. Maybe you will be lucky in reaching the pharmacy’s representative. Since I failed to get an answer to my question via live chat, I give 1 star for this unit.


Texaschemist.com seems a good online source for generic ED drugs even if it does not offer the cheapest prices on the net. It’s nice that the company has been selling mends for more than 12 years and throughout this period, no client has posted a complaint about its services. The pharmacy sells only FDA-approved products and customer reviews from third-party websites are all positive. This means that this store did the best for its clients. I like their good deals such as free shipping, cheap ED packs and discounts on reorders. I only was not able to use a live chat option for contacting their customer support service since it was offline. I hope their other ways of contacting Texas Chemist are working – I just had no time for further attempts. All in all, due to the long experience, a high trust rating from ScamAdviser, excellent reviews, affordable prices, and good website’ technical characteristics, I rate this pharmacy 4.1 stars out of 5. I recommend you to visit this online company for your generic drug needs.