The Host by Stephenie Meyer ♥

Two heads are not always better than one.

(I know, thats so not funny. :-p)

In The Host by Stephenie Meyer, we are introduced to a very different Earth than the one we are familiar with. An alien race has infiltrated Earth and humanity. Little by little they have taken over human bodies, calling them hosts and placing their own souls inside them. They believe that they can do a better job at inhabiting and bringing peace to Earth than the greedy, power-hungry, cruel humans had done, and so they have invaded and conquered. Or so it seems.

Small groups of humans have managed to keep their bodies from becoming hosts to this alien race, and Melanie, along with her little brother and the man she loves, was one of them.


Until she was captured and her body became a host to an alien called Wanderer. Unlike most other hosts, Melanie has managed to stay present, conscious, and is fighting for her life and her body, much to the chagrin of Wanderer. What ensues is a fierce mind-battle as Melanie tries to keep knowledge of the whereabouts of her loved ones from Wanderer, and Wanderer fights to keep the host she has inhabited and her own identity.

The Host is an exciting, suspenseful read by Stephenie Meyer, adored author of the Twilight series. Though much different than her previous books, The Host is just as wonderful in its own way.

I was somewhat doubtful at first (and sometimes even while reading it) that Stephenie Meyer would be able to top her previous books (Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse). Okay, so I still cant say she topped them, but I really was drawn into the plights of Melanie and Wanderer as the book progressed. The Host is told from the point of view of Wanderer, which confused me at first. Now Im pretty sure Stephenie Meyer is a genius when it comes to plot and character development. I finished this last night and am still thinking about everything that happened and about all the characters its that thought-provoking.

Im so glad that I own this because Ill definitely want to read it again. What else could I expect from this brilliant author, though? As with the Twilight series, were easily drawn into the characters lives and thoughts. The Host is well-written and original and unpredictable, which makes it another treasure that I cant wait to re-read.