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Thriftymeds.com Review: Risky Site Which Lacks Testimonials

What is thriftymeds.com?


Thriftymeds.com is an online pharmacy based in Canada. They claim to be a licensed pharmacy which sells prescription drugs worldwide. The company name seems to be Thrifty Meds Now but for some reason they are operating at thriftymeds.com by Ellis Pharmacy. According to the information placed on the site, they are offering medications approved by Canada’s Health Protection Branch which equivalent to United States FDA, and only ship drugs from Canada. They are licensed by the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba and belong to the Better Business Bureau and are proud to have a good long business history. The pharmacy promises cheap medications and no extra costs and claims to meet the highest standards and manufacturing requirements for pharmaceuticals. All drugs are said to be subject to the stringent approval and regulatory process and manufactured by very large and respected companies, such as Apotex, Genpharm, Novopharm and Pharmascience.

Thrifty Meds Assortment

Thrifty Meds Now offers drugs for any health condition based on the valid prescription. The online pharmacy offers both generic and brand name medicines. All generics available at the website are said to have the same high quality as the brand drugs. The catalog of the e-store contains 358 items, but every new dosage of the drug is considered a separate drug here, so the real number of drugs must be under 300 items, which can’t be considered a wide range. There is no category subdivision on the site but looking at the random products, we suggest that the pharmacy sells drugs from the following categories: Blood pressure, Antibiotics, Type 2 Diabetes, Men’s Health, Eye Care, Migraine Headaches, Osteoporosis, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Asthma and others.

The pharmacy lists the recent products on the front page:


We decided to find out whether the pharmacy sells the most popular drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment: Viagra, Sidenafil, Cialis, Tadalafil, Levitra, Vardenafil. It turned out that Thrifty Meds Now has all of these drugs in the catalog. So we may suggest the online pharmacy has the most popular ED drugs in its assortment. For this reason, the pharmacy gets 3 stars for this unit of our review.

Thriftymeds.com Pricing Policy

The major part of the drugs are generic products and they are cheaper than brand name drugs – due to this fact they usually offer good savings over brand names. We decided to check the level of Thrifty Meds prices for some drugs treating erectile dysfunction: Viagra and its generic, Cialis and its generic, Levitra and its geneiric. The results are the following:

  • Price for Brand Viagra starts from $11.17 per tablet (while other stores offer $9.11 per tablet);
  • Price for Sildenafil Generic starts from $7.5 per tablet (while other stores offer $2.55 per tablet);
  • Price for Brand Cialis 10mg starts from $17 per tablet (while other stores offer $4.03 per tablet);
  • Price for Tadalafil Generic 20mg starts from $3.3 per tablet (while other stores offer $1.65 per tablet).
  • Price for Brand Levitra 20mg starts from $13.25 per tablet (while other stores offer $4.16 per tablet);
  • Price for Vardenafil Generic 10mg starts from $9.42 per tablet (while other pharmacies offer $2.10 per tablet).

No doubts these are high prices for ED medication if compared to other online offers. Considering this, we give them 2 stars out of 5 for this point of our review.

Shipping Policy

Thrifty Meds Now claims to only ship drugs from Canada. Obviously, there is only one delivery option indicated on the site. No express delivery, no tracking option available. The shipping is offered worldwide for $10 on orders that are less than $100, while some other e-stores offer free delivery for all orders. Only orders starting from $100 are shipped free of charge here. According to the Shipping Policy, it will take 12 business days to deliver prescription medications to the USA cities and 6 – 8 weeks off of the continent. We consider such delivery extremely slow.

The sufficient drawbacks of this online pharmacy concerning delivery force us to give 1 star out of 5 for this unit of our review.

Thriftymeds.com Payment Options

Customers can pay for their orders using credit cards of Visa and MasterCard, money order and certified check and do not accept personal checks. It took us plenty of time to find this information – we managed to do it only after we screened the FAQs section and proceeded to CheckOut:

payment options

We consider this information should be placed on the front page of the e-store for the customers’convenience. Considering this, the company gets 4 stars for this unit of the review.

Technical Characteristics of the Website

Website Loading Speed

We checked page loading speed of Thrifty Meds Now using Google Page Speed:

Thrifty Meds Now page speed

These indicators are far from perfect and indicate that the website needs fixing: enable compression, reduce server response time, minify HTML, optimize images
and some other things. We consider this a sufficient drawback of the pharmacy. Not every shopper would wait for the website to finish loading. For this reason, we give the pharmacy only 1.7 for this point of our review.

Checking thriftymeds.com Mobile Version

The website mobile version is almost unusable and represents just a smaller version of the original website. The text is too small and we can hardly see the letters and it takes much time and effort to click on the necessary drug name. Besides, the right side of the website is cut off if we visit it from a mobile device. For these reasons, we estimate the mobile version of the site at 1 point.

Secure Connection Availability

The website uses a 128-bit encryption, which is verified by GlobalSign nv-sa:

secure connection

This means that the certificate presented by Thrifty Meds Now website is valid and can protect your privacy. Visiting this site does not threat by malicious software, as well as rogue and unexpected events. The third party can’t get access to your important data such as login, passwords and other private details. We give 3 stars out of 5 for this unit, as this security level is decent but not best here and every user wants to have the highest security level when making payment online.

Checking Antivirus on the Website

Thrifty Meds website has no antivirus protection, which makes ordering in this online pharmacy even more insecure. So, customers can not only lose their private information while surfing the website, but also catch viruses, worms, spyware, unwanted adware and even Trojans. The online pharmacy doesn’t take care of customers protection at all, and that is a big disadvantage. We give 1 star for this point related to the website security as well.

Convenience of ordering from Thrifty Med Now

Ordering from Thrifty Med Now claims to be easy – you may order online or order by phone. Ordering online here takes pretty much time, as customers must register and provide a lot of details, submit a signed release form, prescription, patient history and the doctor’s original prescription (for RX products only). We can’t consider this point a drawback, as prescription medicines should be purchased in this very way for customers’ safety.

Customers can search for drugs using Search by Letter or Search by Keyword. Unfortunately, there is no category subdivision on the website. If users enter the name of the brand drug in a search bar, they also see all generic versions of the original product, what is rather convenient.

Thrifty Meds Now placing orders

One more drawback of Thrifty Med Now: they indicate neither prices per unit nor the cheapest variant of the medicine. The dosage subdivision is also not very convenient, and the tables of the products seem to be organized in a disorderly manner: some lines indicate “mg” and “tabs”, others – do not. So it took pretty much time for us to orient in the prices and options offered by this e-store.

Thrifty Med Now website has a special section “How to Order”, where customers can read all the options available, including information about payment options and delivery rates, and this is an advantage.

Thrifty Meds Now how to order

So, thriftymeds.com has some disadvantages we can’t neglect:

  • No subdivision on product categories;
  • no subdivision on prescription medication and OTC medicine;
  • no possibility to choose the currency;
  • no price indicated per unit.

Considering this, we can give only 3 stars out of 5 for this unit of our review.

Thriftymeds.com Legitimacy

Website Rating at ScamAdvisor

Thrifty Meds website proved to be rated above the average level on scamavdiser.com – 67% out of 100%. The online service considers thriftymeds.com not totally bad, but it has some negative reviews and does not provide them.


ScanAdvisor suggests the website is operated most probably from Canada, but may also involve the United States of America. The site has not so many visitors, so the online pharmacy seems to be not so popular. The online service advises to review this information carefully and decide if it is as you expect. Domain age is 14 years, which is a good term for the website. All in all, ScamAdvisor considers that customers may have some risk ordering medicines from this pharmacy. For this reason, Thrifty Meds Now gets 4 stars for this item due to high trust rating on ScamAdvisor, but discrepant website origin.

Prescription Basis on the Pharmacy

The order process in thriftymeds.com is prescription based. Each medication’s page indicates whether it does or does not require a prescription.


The way the online pharmacy works is that they obtain customers’ prescription and on their behalf, get a Canadian prescription, fill it by a practicing Canadian pharmacist, pay, receive the medications and send them to the customers. According to the website, providing and delivering prescriptions to the United States takes about 12 days, and international delivery may take up to 8 weeks after the prescription is received. They mention in the FAQ section that they do not handle prescriptions for habit-forming narcotics. In Thrifty Meds Now customers can purchase up to a 6-month supply of medications if they have a corresponding prescription. Thrift Meds Now consult a local physician who orders a Canadian prescription filled by Canadian pharmacist. Thus, non only Canadian customers can buy prescription drugs from the pharmacy. All in all, if you want to purchase prescription drugs, you need to provide a release form, a medical history form, an order form and a valid prescription. Such an approach is explained by the fact that Thrift Meds Now pharmacists cannot see you in person and need to assess your condition and the potential drug interactions. If necessary, they may even contact your attending physician. Not every pharmacy is ready to do that. Thus, we give Thrifty Meds 4 stars for the responsible attitude to sale of medicines, but too much paper work.

Checking Website using LegitScript

The online pharmacy is rated as unapproved pharmacy by Legit Script, a trustworthy online service which determines whether a pharmacy is genuine or not. The good thing is that Thrifty Meds Now is not included in more alarming categories of rogue pharmacies.

Thrifty Meds Now LegitScript

The website of the company is considered unapproved due to not meeting some Internet pharmacy verification standards determined by Legit Script but the online service have very strict criteria of approving online pharmacies.  We could not find any further explanation below about the unapproved status of this website. For this reason, we can give the website 3 stars for this item of the review.

Thriftymeds.com Reviews

Customer Reviews on thriftymeds.com

We found no thriftymeds.com reviews or testimonials on the website itself. The site has no section where customers can leave feedback. This may alarm some customers, as a reliable pharmacy always gives customers an opportunity to share their positive experience of ordering online. So we can’t judge whether Thrifty Meds Now is reliable or not. We give only 1 star out of 5 due to absence of customer reviews.

Looking for Thriftymeds.com Reviews on the Net

Customer reviews about Thrifty Meds Now on outside websites and medical forums are extremely rare. This proves that the online pharmacy is not so popular among customers. The pharmacy website offers customers to see customers reviews at www.bbb.org. We found there only 4 reviews about the pharmacy (too small amount for 14 years of operating). All of them are positive, customers seem to be very happy and praise the wonderful service, low prices and prompt delivery.

Thriftymeds.com Review1

You can read all reviews here: https://www.bbb.org/manitoba/business-reviews/pharmacies/thrifty-meds-nowcom-in-manitou-mb-15506/reviews-and-complaints?section=reviews&reviewtype=positive. We consider these 4 reviews in one source are not enough to assess the legitimacy of the pharmacy. They all have 100% rating and could be made up by the pharmacy itself.

Screening the net, we also found out that the website has changed its domain name from www.thriftymedsnow.com for some reason. Perhaps, they ran into some troubles with their pharmacy which made them change the domain. We found no customer reviews about the previous domain. So, customer reviews about thriftymeds.com do not allow us to say whether the website is a good option to buy medicines or not. For this reason, we give them only 2 stars out of 5.

Thriftymeds.com Coupon Codes and Discounts

Thriftymeds.com discount codes or promo codes are not available anywhere on the internet. However, they offer some options to save. Some of their offers are listed below:

  • Refer a Friend. Thrifty Meds offer $10 bonus for the person who refers the website of the pharmacy to a friend with an additional $10 bonus to this friend;Thriftymeds.com Tell a Friend
  • Free Shipping for all orders exceeding $100.

The online pharmacy mentions that the customers can check back later for thriftymeds.com promo codes, coupons codes, discounts and special offers. We award the company 2 stars out of 5 for this unit of our review.

Thrifty Meds Customer Support

Contact information

The e-store provides many ways to contact them, including several phone numbers (toll-free and direct), an email address and a physical address, which indicates transparency of the pharmacy and gives more confidence to the customers.

addressphone number

The website operates from Manitou, Manitoba, Canada. The pharmacy gets 5 stars for the comprehensive information provided.

Ways to Get a Consultation at Thriftymeds.com

Unfortumately, the pharmacy offers no Live Chat for instant messaging on the website. However, they say it’s very easy to reach them through phone numbers or email. They promise to answer your calls from 8:00am – 5:30pm Monday to Thursday, 8:00am – 5:00pm Friday. They ask to leave a phone number and they will call back immediately. Fax and email are said to be available 24 hours per day. We tried to reach the representative of their customer support via email thriftym@mymts.net and specify the origin of their generic Viagra. We received an answer within 1 hour:

Thriftymeds.com Customer Support

Though there is no Live Chat on the site, we can give Thrifty Meds Now 4 stars out of 5 for fast enough customer support.


Thriftymeds.com seems to be legitimate as requires to fill out all of the forms and a valid prescription. Scam adviser indicated that the domain of the pharmacy has been around for 14 years. It is highly unbelievable that the e-store that been operating for so long and received so poor reviews and testimonials, but on the other hand, the company has not been considered a total scam for this period. In theory the website can be a good resource of medications, as customers can order up to 6 months’ worth if they have a valid prescription. However, it looks like that the e-store is losing its customers, since not many people are buying from the site right now.

The shipping rates and processing times may be unacceptable for some clients. Besides, Thrifty Meds Now does not accept personal checks and requires too much paper work. Security of the website is also on a zero level. And one more point we can’t neglect: the website’s design leaves much to be desired and needs so much improvement since it is very primitive and unattractive. The website uses different font size for information placed in one section and many images are not loading. All these factors make thriftymeds.com a poor option for buying medicines online or doing any financial transactions. For this reason, we can give them 2.6 stars out of 5 and recommend considering some other options for ordering drugs.