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TotalPharmacySupply.com Review: Seems Legitimate But Has No Reviews

What is Total Pharmacy Supply?

Total Pharmacy SupplyTotal Pharmacy Supply, Inc is a wholesale distributor of pharmacy supplies and healthcare products to independent, hospital, and long-term care pharmacies worldwide. The company claims to promote success and happiness for all customers, vendors, and employees by improving the customer experience through first-class distribution and pharmacy services. Total Pharmacy Supply aims to be a complete supply source for retail, compounding, and long-term care pharmacies. The company strives to foster an atmosphere of partnership, valuing personal relationships and integrity, and never sacrificing quality,  Their values are Trust, Progress, Stability. They claim to be the only true one-stop shop in the industry, which means customers can find all necessary supplies and much more under one digital roof. As stated on the website, Total Pharmacy Supply is offering better products and better service at a better price.

Total Pharmacy Supply membership

What Can You Buy Here?

Total Pharmacy Supply offers a varied selection of products. Their product categories include chemicals, botanicals, compounding supplies, equipment, prescription packaging, long-term care, medical supplies, sterile, and store supplies.

Total Pharmacy Supply products

They have a wide selection of multiple products, but If customers don’t find something they need, they can simply reach out to one of TPS representatives, and there are chances that the company can help track it down.

Compounding supplies and botanicals categories have the richest selection of health products.

The main page advertises the best deals of this month:

Total Pharmacy Supply special offer

The company does not sell any drugs but has a pretty good assortment of chemicals that are used in the production of drugs. The company wants us to know that they require a minimum purchase amount of $75, and offer a Net 30 credit line of $2500 to customers who provide a business license.

So, this online company can be the store where you can find all of the needed pharmacy supplies and healthcare products, so we give this online store 5 stars out of 5 for this unit.

TotalPharmacySupply.com Prices

TotalPharmacySupply promises to keep all of its prices competitive:

Total Pharmacy Supply prices

Since the company does not sell any medications, we took a look at pharmacy supplies and healthcare products. The prices seem acceptable and what we like most of all is that all products are divided into groups with different price ranges, so every customer will be able to the most suitable items:

Total Pharmacy Supply price

In addition, customers always have an opportunity to save on some products and purchase them at an, especially attractive price. Currently, Total Pharmacy Supply has an August sale: the most beneficial products are also listed on the front page – Progesterone, Estriol, Estradiol Hemihydrate and others:

Total Pharmacy Supply sale

Let’s sum up: Total Pharmacy Supply offers good prices for healthcare products. We did not find better prices for these items on the net, however, some customers may be disappointed that the minimum order amount is $75, so the company receives 4 stars out of 5 for its pricing policy.

Shipping Terms

On nearly all of the products, customers will have the option for same-day or next-day shipping:

Total Pharmacy Supply delivery

When placing orders online, customers may select either UPS Ground or Will Call. If customers need expedited shipping, they will need to contact Total Pharmacy Supply customer service department at (800) 878-2822.

The company offers free shipping on all Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Vials, Ovals and Ointment Jars. But for most products the delivery is fee-based and makes $16.99:

Total Pharmacy Supply delivery fee

TPS accepts international orders, but unfortunately, they cannot be placed online due to special shipping needs. For all international orders, customers will have to contact the customer service to place an order or send an email at orders@totalpharmacysupply.com.

Customers are offered to log into a personal account, where they can find their UPS tracking number with their order information.

Total Pharmacy Supply accepts returns of some products but notes that all returns require a Returned Merchandise Authorization, which is obtained by contacting TPS customer service. In addition, goods damaged in shipment or as a result of a company’ error, must be reported within two business days of receipt. The company wanted customers to know that some products can not be returned. These include products without a Return Merchandise Authorization number, hazardous materials, custom or seasonal items, special or bulk orders, refrigerated or frozen products, expired products, products not in their sealed, original packaging, products damaged, soiled, defaced or altered in any way, compounding chemicals and bases, capsules and some others.

Regretfully, we found no information about delivery terms. We give the company 3 stars for this unit.

Payment Options

Total Pharmacy Supply accepts credit cards only.  Customers can set it up so that their credit card is automatically charged for any outstanding invoices each month. For this, you can fill out an online form and send it to ar@otalpharmacysupply.com.

We give TPS 1 star for this unit since most online pharmacies offer much more payment options to their customers.

Technical Characteristics of the Website

Checking TotalPharmacySupply.com Loading Speed

Page loading speed is a very important technical indicator of the website’s functioning. Poor loading speed can affect the ratio of customers, while a good loading speed can improve usability. When the website is loaded quickly, users can quickly move from one page to another and use the website without any problems. But when the website is loaded too slowly, they experience discomfort.

We decided to check how fast TotalPharmacySupply.com is loading using Google PageSpeed Tool:

Total Pharmacy Supply loading speed

It turned out that both mobile version and desktop version have very poor page loading indicators and require major optimization. Customers may be disappointed by such experience and search for other online suppliers, so the website gets only 1 star for this unit.

TotalPharmacySupply.com Mobile Version

The website seems mobile-friendly, which is a good thing, since modern customers often buy products online using mobile phones or tablets, and health care products are not an exception. The mobile website looks a bit different way, but the front page contains the same key information.

In addition, TotalPharmacySupply.com has successfully passed a Mobile-Friendly Test by Google tool:

Total Pharmacy Supply mobile version

We noticed no bugs in the website’s functioning, there is no unnecessary scrolling. For these reasons, the website receives 5 stars for this unit.

Checking Secure Connection

The website uses a 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption provided by Thawte, Inc:

Total Pharmacy Supply secure connection

That means that all personal data of the customers (login/password, banking information) are protected and won’t be stolen by the third parties. However, a 128-bit SSL provides the customers with the minimal security level. For better protection, other websites use a 256-bit SSL encryption and an Extended Verification Certificate. In this case, the address bar of our browser. contained no information about the website’s owner, which would have added more trust to this website. For all these reasons, we can give TPS only 3 stars for this unit. They need to improve the encryption level to receive a better score.

Protection from Viruses

TotalPharmacySupply.com uses no antivirus program, which means we are not protected from viruses, malware, and other threats when visiting this website. This makes ordering from TPS insecure. So, this company can’t be considered the safest place to order health care products. They need to take some measures to fix this drawback as customers always want to feel 100% safe. Only 1 star for this unit.

The Convenience of Ordering from Total Pharmacy Supply

Before placing an order, all customers need to pass a registration and create a personal account. The company offers no option for shopping as a guest. However, the registration will not take much time, since you need to fill only the basic information:

Total Pharmacy Supply registration

In general, TotalPharmacySupply.com website looks user-friendly. The website separated all of its products into several major categories which allowed us to orient ourselves better. We want to point out the division into price and color categories – you can hardly find such options in other online pharmacies. Thus, we company has taken any effort to make the search for a product as easy as possible:

Total Pharmacy Supply categories

In addition, customers can search for items using a standard option – Drug Search Bar available on the website’s front page:

Total Pharmacy Supply search bar

There are an image and description of any product displayed online when you click on the item, and at the bottom of the online description, you will find a link to more details on this product:

Total Pharmacy Supply products2

All first-time customers will receive a free product catalog. For this, they will need to contact Total Pharmacy Supply by phone to request a catalog.

There are some things that may disappoint international customers. TPS does not accept international orders online due to special shipping needs.

The ordering process at TotalPharmacySupply.com is simple, but we have to give the company only 3 stars for this unit due to some factors: compulsory registration, no currency options, no international orders online.

Is Total Pharmacy Supply Legitimate?

Checking TotalPharmacySupply.com Rating on ScamAdviser

Scam Adviser gave Total Pharmacy Supply the maximum safety rating – 100% out of 100. The website has lots of visitors and is popular by Alexa:

Total Pharmacy Supply scam adviser

According to Scam Advisor, the website is being operated from the USA, but the website origin is hidden. The domain age is relevant to trust this company – over 5 years. ScamAdviser found no reason to doubt this website’s legitimacy, and that is the reason for us to score Total Pharmacy Supply 5 stars for this unit.

Do We Need a Business License to Order Products from Total Pharmacy Supply?

The company seems to have a responsible approach to selling health-related products online. They explain that they only require business licenses for certain situations, such as opening a Net 30 credit line with TPS, purchase of active pharmaceutical ingredients, purchase of DEA or DPS controlled items, purchase of class II medical devices.

But the majority of items they sell do not require a pharmacy license. As long as individual consumers meet the minimum order amount of $75, Total Pharmacy Supply allows them to order non-restricted items from the website. We give 5 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Checking TotalPharmacySupply.com using Legit Script

Legit Script has not included TotalPharmacySupply.com in its base, but it does not mean that the company can’t be trusted. Perhaps, the reason is that TPS is not a pharmacy, but a supplier that can’t meet Legit Script online pharmacy verification standards.

Total Pharmacy Supply legit script

Considering this, we give this company 4 stars out of 5. If you find this website in Legit Script base later, please let us know by posting a comment below.

TotalPharmacySupply.com Reviews

Customer On-Site Reviews

The website allows customers to leave their comments for every product available on the website, but there are no customer reviews posted on the website. This means that the company somehow takes care of its customers and welcomes every feedback, but lack of on-site comments makes it difficult to assess the quality of service Total Pharmacy Supply provides, so we give only 1 star for this unit.

TotalPharmacySupply.com Reviews on Outside Websites

Unfortunately, Total Pharmacy Supply has no rating reputation on third-party websites and medical forums. It seems strange that the online store has not received any feedback over the past 5 years. This indicates that TPS is not so popular among buyers, though ScamAdviser indicated the other way around. As this store lacks customer reviews, we can’t as its legitimacy and say for sure whether the website is a good place to buy health care products online or not. For this reason, the company gets only 1 star out of 5.

TotalPharmacySupply.com Coupon Code

Most online stores offer some coupon codes, discounts, free bonus pills, or free shipping on all orders exceeding a certain amount. Total Pharmacy Supply has three special offers:

  1. Free shipping on Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Vials, Ovals and Ointment Jars;
  2. Customers can get free shipping on Fridays in August by using a promo code TPSFREE:Total Pharmacy Supply sale
  3. Customers can get $20 off for Topi-Click 35 ml by using a promo code AUGUST17:Total Pharmacy Supply sale2

Though the company offers some options to save money, there are no special offers for the whole Total Pharmacy Supply assortment, so we give 4 stars for this unit.

Customer Support Service

Total Pharmacy Supply Contact Information

The company provides the following contact information on the website: mailing address, USA toll-free phone number, local number, fax:

Total Pharmacy Supply contacts

The email address can be also found on the website: info@totalpharmacysupply.com.

Thus, customers have an access to all necessary contact information they need to make an informed order. The pharmacy gets 5 stars for this unit.

Ways to Get a Consultation at TotalPharmacySupply.com

Total Pharmacy Supply is proud of its licensed staff on call to answer any questions about techniques, formulations, billing and so on.

Total Pharmacy Supply’s working hours are M-F 8am-5pm They can be reached at (800) 878-2822, by filling in a contact form available on the website or by emailing at info@totalpharmacysupply.com.

Total Pharmacy Supply customer support

There is no live chat is available on the website, so we decided to send our query to the specified email address. Our purpose was to check the response time and find out how long it would take TPS to deliver an order within the USA. We waited for a couple of hours but did not receive a feedback. Tired of waiting, we have to give the company 1 star for this unit. Probably, customers will be luckier if they try to reach Total Pharmacy Supply by phone.


TotalPharmacySupply.com seems legitimate and has a rich assortment of pharmacy supplies and healthcare products. Serious medications and medical devices are available only through a pharmacy’s license, which proves the company’s professionalism and credibility.

The website has a perfect trust rating on ScamAdviser, however, it’s difficult for us to recommend this store to other customers since Total Pharmacy Supply has no reviews on the net. It is unbelievable that the company that has been operating for so long received no testimonials, but, on the other hand, the store has not been considered scam for this period. We suggest, TotalPharmacySupply.com could be a good resource for health-related products, but still recommend considering some other options with a well-established reputation. 3,1 stars out of 5 is a reasonable rating for Total Pharmacy Supply.