Trust Pharmacy Review: Online Store with Approved Security and Legitimacy

Self-Introduction of Trust Pharmacy

trust pharmacy logoTrust pharmacy is a well-known pharmaceutical brand which has various websites such as,,,, This pharmacy chain has a distinctive design labeled by a woman in the top of the website. This service is proved to be one of the leaders of distributing and dispensing medications worldwide. Trust Pharmacy Online specializes in brand and generic drugs of various categories. This pharmacy chain administration poses itself as the most affordable place for buying drugs online but we will try to put apart all special features of this online pharmacy.

trust pharmacy why choose

Assortment Diversity

Trust Pharmacy is a distributor of drugs belonging to different categories able to treat various health impairments. There are 27 drug categories including erectile dysfunction drugs, allergies, asthma, antibiotics arthritis, birth control, blood pressure, women’s health and etc. The drug categories are organized in an alphabetic way:

trust pharmacy assortment

Each category may be revealed showing available in this category medications already with the price. It is really convenient for people who surf different online pharmacy with the purpose to compare prices.

The major role in this online service popularity is played by bestseller section. The list of bestsellers includes the following preparations:

  • Viagra;
  • Cialis;
  • Levitra;
  • Amoxil;
  • Propecia;
  • Brand Levitra;
  • Sildalis;
  • Dapoxetine;
  • Kamagra;
  • Prednisone;
  • others.

trust pharmacy bestsellers

There are some other ways to find the required medication exactly search bar and alphabetic search. Just enter interesting for you medication and you will see all the affordable information about it.

search bar

As to estimate the overall assortment of Trust Pharmacy, we are going to give 5 points because every customer will be successful in finding what he needs the most.

Prices Affordability

As it is pointed out that Trust Pharmacy has in-stock either brand or generic medications, we will examine Trust Pharmacy Viagra and Cialis of the brand and generic production. Starting from brand Viagra which is included in the list of bestsellers. A customer needs to pay $0.27 for 1 generic Viagra pill when the brand medication will cost – $2.56 per pill. Such prices look on one point of view attractive but on the other, it is unbelievable to pay only $2.56 per brand Viagra pill. There is no ground reason for such price lowering down.

trust pharmacy generic and brand viagra priceGeneric Cialis per pill price is $0.68. Brand Trust Pharmacy Cialis costs $3.27. We may suppose that its administration has no certificates on brand medications that’s why their price is so small. There are so many questions relating to the price policy aspect.

trust pharmacy generic and brand cialis price

Finding no explanation for such a price reduction, we still hope this is achieved not by quality reduction. This store deserves 4 points for the price policy unit.

Shipping Options Available

Currently, it is offered two shipping options:

  • Airmail delivery lasts 2-3 weeks (the time may be decreased);
  • EMS Courier Delivery lasts 3-8 business days. However, the delivery can take a little longer because of the possible delays at customs.

The delivery is charged. If the parcel is delivered by Airmail, a customer should pay $9.95. If your total exceeds $200.00, a customer will be granted with free delivery. EMS Courier System will deliver your order for $19.95. The delivery will be free in case if you buy drugs for over $300.00.

trust pharmacy shipping options

Looking at the given information, we may proudly give 5 points for shipping options provided.

Payment Options

Trust Pharmacy Online payment options are not diverse but the most popular: Visa and MasterCard. It means that people may pay for their orders by means of these mentioned credit cards. According to the statistics, credit cards are the most sought-after methods of paying for a purchase on an eCommerce website. On the front page, you may find such icons like on the screen.

trust pharmacy payment options

There is an attractive option for customers who live not in the USA (because all the prices are in dollars) exactly the possibility to change the currency. The available currencies are: USA, EUR, AUD, CAD, GBP, CZK, PLN, BGN, HUF, DKK, NOK, SEK, CHF, JPY, RON, CNY. Such an option may help people living in any country of the world get rid of an unpleasant procedure to change the currency in a manual way.

Unfortunately, payment options are not diverse and its popularity cannot satisfy all customers’ satisfaction. As a consequence, our mark for this unit is 3 points.

Technical Characteristics

Google Page Speed Data

mobile and destop versions

Google page speed data leaves much to be desired. Mobile and desktop speed indicators are unavailable which means that site administration hides something. Optimization data looks better but not perfect. When comparing this data, we come to a conclusion that Trust Pharmacy should carry out optimization. Our mark for this unit is 1,3.

Mobile Version

mobile versionTrust Pharmacy provides convenient and user-friendly mobile version. People may easily arrange an order online by means of any kind of smartphone. Mobile version is supplied with everything required to make an order. We cannot find any proved condition which may prevent customers from commanding a mobile version: no scrolling, the text doesn’t run one on another, the text is readable. Our mark for the mobile version is 5 points.

Is Connection Secure?

Unfortunately, the connection is insecure on all the pages except a billing page. Of course, it is not so bad because you do not leave any personal data when entering the website.

insecure connection

The billing page is protected by 256-bit server by means of which it is possible to almost 100-% protect customers’ personal data. The certificate is verified by Comodo CA Limited. Unfortunately, the company owner information is hidden. It means that site administration tries to hide some information from the users and future customers. When analyzing all this data, it deserves 4points.

secure connection

Antivirus Presence

There is no antivirus on Trust Pharmacy. Be attentive because there may appear a danger of catching some viruses and other online threats. Your gadget may be infected by an unknown virus or Trojan horse. We cannot set anything but 1 point for antivirus absence.

How to Make an Order?

To make an order via Trust Pharmacy is easy because there is no necessity to undergo a registration. People may start ordering at the moment they find the required medication. When you press the button “Buy Now”, you will be transferred to a shopping cart.

buy now

The order details are presented there – drug name, quantity, dosage and total for the order. When proceeding to the checkout page, you will be transferred to a billing page. The billing page looks like this:

payment and billing information

When filling in all the required information, you will get a confirmation email. If your credit card is accepted, your order will be dispensed as fast as possible. Our mark for this unit is 5 points, the absence of a registration is exactly what you need.

Is Trust Pharmacy Legit and Safe? about the Security

According to, Trust Pharmacy security level is 48%. The status of the website is “This Very New Site Has an Unknown Reputation” because the domain age is 15 days only. Probable website location is the United States but 88-% speaks for the hidden location of this unknown website. As it is mentioned above, the website existence is too short as a result, there may appear problems with defining its security.

scamadviser data

The popularity is unknown but look at the level of Trust Pharmacy security you will understand that 15 days is not a long period during which this online pharmacy is able to gain a vast number of customers. But taking on board that it is a pharmaceutical chain and there are a lot of other domains being a part of it. Maybe, another domain has more existence period. Our mark for such an ambivalent data is 3 points.

Prescription Request

Trust Pharmacy requires no prescription for arranging orders online. It means you have no necessity to send any prescription to customer support group to be eligible to complete the order. But the absence of a prescription may indicate that there may be carried out some illegal business.This pharmacy deserves only 1 point. about the Legitimacy

Trust Pharmacy legitimacy is not proved. grants the status “Rough” this eCommerce website. The status “Rough” means that some of your rights may be broken when commanding this online service. Maybe. there is a suspicion of illegal business provided. Our mark for such a verdict is 1 point. Try to improve your reputation which will contribute to customers number increase.


Trust Pharmacy Reviews

Reviews on Trust Pharmacy

Trust Pharmacy has a separate page with reviews left by customers. The number of reviews is 20 but they are not dated. We do not know when these reviews were left. Moreover, there is no feedback form by means of which it becomes possible to leave a comment about online pharmacy performance. The reviews do not contain too many details turning into uninformative sometimes containing several words. All 20 reviews about Trust Pharmacy performance are positive showing the opinion of very satisfied customers. For 15 days of the existence, there are 20 reviews left – odd? Our mark for this unit is 3 points.

trust pharmacy reviews

External Reviews about Trust Pharmacy

Regretfully, surfing the Internet for several times, we have no chance to find any word about its performance. It is reasonable because the domain age is not so long but remember that this is a chain of online pharmacies that’ s why this brand should be familiar to people who prefer utilizing this brand. As a result, we cannot give a high mark for this unit – 1 point, unfortunately.

Trust Pharmacy Coupon Code

Trust Pharmacy provides no coupon code visible to all. We try to find it but fail. We have stated this question to the customer support group and wait for the answer. But it provides special offers: Viagra (10 pills/100 mg) + Cialis (10pills/20 mg) only for $46.16. This price is reduced considerably what makes it possible to get two main ED drugs and save money as much as possible.

special offer

There is one more interesting option, people may get additional pills to every order. All the details are given when you complete an order.

bonus to every order

Of course, it is a pleasant bonus but coupon code is the constant opportunity to save money as much as possible. The absence of Trust Pharmacy coupon code is the reason to give only 1 point but additional special offers and bonuses give us the right to level up the mark up to 3 points.

Customer Support Service

Contact Information

Unfortunately, this store provides no contact information at all. We do not know anything about mailing address, phone number or fax. “Contact Us” page contains only a contact form by means of which you are able to come in contact with a customer support group. We have nothing to say that the mark deserved by Trust Pharmacy is 1 point.

Customer Support Group

The contact form is the only means for coming in contact with a customer support group. Only leaving such a message you will be able to get the response from customer support service. We have used this form sending the message:

customer support group

We do believe they will help us cope with this problem but waiting for 24 hours, we have got no response. We are disappointed because it implies customers cannot find a connection with Trust Pharmacy staff who can answer all the question about online pharmacy performance. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

Conclusion: Unapproved Security and Legitimacy

trust pharmacy labelTrust Pharmacy is a pharmaceutical chain (brand) aimed at selling the brand and generic prescription or over-the-counter drugs. The prices are too low. The reason for such a reduction is unknown. Shipping options are available. but charged. The international delivery makes Trust Pharmacy one of the most sought-after online pharmacies. The most popular payment options are offered – Visa and MasterCard.

Unfortunately, the picture is darkened by security and legitimacy data. gives only 48-% of security when status for Trus Pharmacy is rough. Moreover, the absence of a prescription is a sign of illegal drug sale. It is better to improve legitimacy and security indicators because they may influence the number of satisfied customers.

This contact data is absent absolutely. There is nothing except a contact form. But it turns out that waiting for 24 hours gives us no results as well.

When examining all this information our overall rating deserved by Trust Pharmacy is 3,4 out of 5. If you have a desire to command this service it is better to get acquainted with all the information found and existed twice. When commanding an online service, a customer should be sure he won’t be cheated.