Trusted Tablets Review: High-Trust Service with Affordable Price Policy

Self-Introduction of Trusted Tablets


Trusted Tablets is an online pharmacy with generic medications of different drugs. The main aims of this pharmacy online are to provide the access to the high-quality generic meds and to constantly develop to ensure the most outstanding service. This online service is supplied with the option to get the lowest prices for any kind of generic medications. The assortment contains more than 20.000 items. This company managers claim they will try to cope with any kind of problems professionally coping with them. You may rely upon this staff and start the treatment with meds online ordered via Trusted Tablets.

Assortment Diversity

This online pharmacy has the permission to sell generic medications. There are 36 drug categories presented on this website. The following drug categories may be found: Alcoholism, Alzheimer’s And Parkinson’s, Analgesics, Anti-inflammatories, Antiallergic, Antibiotics, Anticonvulsants, Antidepressants, Antifungals, Gastrointestinal tract, HIV, Hypertension, Men’s Health, Mental Disorders, Migraine, Muscle Relaxants, Neurological Disorders, Obesity, Osteoporosis, Respiratory Tract, Skin Care, Stop Smoking, Surgery, Urinary Tract, Women’s Health.

drug categories

You may choose any of the interested for you drug category and find the right medication for treatment. In fact, you may use other methods of medications: alphabetic search and search by the name. These two methods of searching are located in on the front page.

search by lettersearch by name

There is a list of bestsellers. It includes the following preparations: Generic Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Amoxil, Fildena, Ventolin Inhaler, Kamagra Oral Jelly, Cialis Strips, Zithromax, Kamagra, Addyi, Synthroid, Cialis Black, Propecia and others. The assortment is organized with dosages, price per pill, active component and short description for what this medication is prescribed. It looks in the following way:


We have found that this online store offers more than 20.000 items and the stock is constantly renewed. Such a diverse assortment may satisfy all customers from all over the world. This pharmacy deserves 5 points for this unit.

Prices Affordability

We will compare the prices for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra of generic etiology. Generic Viagra 25 mg*360 pills price is $0.69 per pill. If you buy such a number of pills you may save almost $250.00. Of course, it looks strange to buy such a great number of Viagra pills but if you want to reduce expenses and restore your sexual function you are welcome to order this ED medication.

generic viagra price

As to speak about generic Cialis price it is greater in comparison with medication containing Sildenafil as a main component. A 10 mg pill price is $1.30. The overall quantity is 360 pills. This price looks attractive because it is a common practice that Tadalafil cost is greater in comparison with Viagra. But this price looks reasonable. The savings count $467.95.

generic cialis price

Levitra price is $1.50. The dosage is 10 mg and quantity is 180 pills. Vardenafil has the highest price. But the number of pills in a package is reduced. It means if you are a fan of Vardenafil you are welcome to buy it online via Trusted Tablets. The majority of men suffering from erectile dysfunction may afford to buy this medication for its treatment.

generic levitra price

In fact, all the prices are reasonable and affordable. Every customer may choose one of these medications and buy it. Be sure your sexual life will be improved. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

Shipping Options

This pharmacy offers an international medications delivery except for some Asian countries. Unfortunately, there is no specification about to what Asian countries they do not provide a delivery. All the medications are delivered from India. Trusted Tablets provides 2 options of delivery for customers living all over the world:

  • Express International Mail;
  • Standard International Airmail.

shipping options

Express delivery fee is $30.00. The delivery timeframe is 5-9 days. If you prefer standard delivery you have to pay $10.00 and wait for 10-21 days. The tracking is present in case of the express international delivery only.

This online pharmacy will not be capable to deliver your parcel by Express International Mail if you define a mail forwarding address (e.g. PO box, General delivery, Poste restante, UPS store, APO/FPO), hotel or educational facility in your shipping address or if you give us a wrong telephone number.

If something wrong happens with your parcel during delivery you should contact the customer care department and explain the essence of your problem. After analyzing all this information this pharmacy will resend your parcel or refund you.

There is also a possibility to get free delivery. Your order will be delivered by standard delivery if your total is over $150.00.

free shipping

Our mark for the shipping options is 4 points.

Payment Options

We have defined that this pharmacy online offers only credit card as a method of payment. In fact, we have not found the exact types of credit cards they accept. The front page contains the icons of American Express and Bitcoin. But we haven’t found the confirmation to this fact. Unfortunately, we cannot give a high mark for this unit – only 2 points.

Technical Characteristics

Google Page Speed Data about the Website Loading

desktop and mobile versions

As you can see the data of technical characteristics provided by Google Page Speed is positive. Speed data of mobile version is defined as fast. The desktop version has worse indicators but average. Optimization is medium for both versions. There is a small risk to face any kind of technical problems. There should no problems with the website’ pages loading. Our mark for this unit is 4.3.

Mobile Version

mobile version

Trusted Tablets has a mobile version. It is the easiest way to gain access to the generic medications sold. More and more people prefer using mobile phones to buy any kind of goods online. This online pharmacy provides a user-friendly mobile version adapted to different smartphones. There is no scrolling which may prevent you from successful ordering, there are no problems with the text: it is readable and doesn’t run one on another. When commanding this service via any gadget you will successfully arrange any orders online and complete it. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

Is the Connection Secure?

secure connection

The connection is secure. Trusted Pharmacy protects customers’ personal data by means of Let’s Encrypt certificate. The encryption is carried out by 128-bit keys. Such a kind of encryption makes it difficult to gain an unlegalized access to the personal data left by customers. Unfortunately, the information about the company owner is hidden. But as a whole, it has no influence on the protection of personal data. Our mark for this unit is 3 points.

Antivirus Presence

Regretfully, there is no antivirus. Be attentive and try to protect your gadget by antivirus from various viruses and other online threats. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

How to Make an Order Online?

Trusted Tablets ordering procedure is as simple as ABC. There is no need to undergo any kind of registration. In fact, you should follow a step-by-step instruction including:

  • Choose the product you want to purchase by clicking “Buy now” button;
  • Choose the amount of product you wish to buy;
  • Click “Checkout”;
  • Fill in the order information required;
  • Check all the fields, product quantity and press the “Submit transaction” button;
  • If the order is accepted you will see the notification on the screen and the order confirmation message will be automatically sent to the e-mail address you specify. This message is very important, in case you do not receive it within 10 minutes, let us know and we will resend it.

The shopping cart is convenient, readable and able to provide customers with all necessary information. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

Is Trusted Tablets Legit and Secure? about the Website Security gives 40% of security for this online pharmacy. There is some mass with website location and company owner. Probable owner company location is China. The probable website location is the United States of America. There are no other countries involved in the performance of this online company. The server is pure.

The domain age is 31 days. As a result, considers this website to be new. Such a short period of existence is not enough to gain a trustworthy reputation. When the time spends this online pharmacy will obtain a reputation necessary to attract more and more customers from all over the world.


We believe it is safe to order drugs via this service. The service provided will be outstanding and perfect. Our mark for this unit is 4 points.

Prescription Request

Unfortunately, there is no prescription required to complete an order online. Of course, it helps reduce the time spent for ordering but it is better to change this situation. The prescription requirement will attract more people because they will believe it is a sign of legal and high-quality business. But now, our mark for this unit is 3 point. about the Website Legitimacy has no information in the database. It doesn’t mean it is illegal, it means that there have no customers with a desire to check Trusted Tablets legitimacy. The legitimacy may be checked if you ask to make it. You are welcome to leave an inquiry and find out what level of legitimacy this website has. Our mark for this unit is 4 points because the chance of risky website is equal to it controversial side.


Reviews about Trusted Tablets

Reviews on Trusted Tablets

Trusted Tablets has collected the reviews. They tell everything about the experience got from other people. They are greatly satisfied with the service of this online pharmacy. They leave a feedback using the email. After that, they got a confirmation about the fact their review is published on the website. We have been confirmed that people appreciate this reliable service with high-quality generic medications. They are almost attracted by the timely delivery of meds. Our mark for this unit 5 points.

internal reviews

External Reviews about Trusted Tablets

Unfortunately, there are no reviews left by customers on the web. But we remember that Trusted Tablets exists for 31 days only. As a result, the reviews will appear a little bit later when the number of customers is increased considerably. Monitor and surf the Internet to find out more about this pharmacy. If you become its client you are welcome to be the first who leave a review on the external resources. But, regretfully we have to get a low mark – 1 point.

Trusted Tablets Discount Code

This online pharmacy has several special offers:

  • possible discounts;
  • take a friend and get a discount;
  • free sample pills.

There is a chance to get a 5% discount on your second order. The following orders will be accompanied by a 7% discount. The first order is not supplied with a discount but the further ones provide affordable conditions for shopping online.


The second possibility is a great chance to reduce your expenses. Take a friend and get a discount.

If you refer 1 friend you will get a 6-% discount. 2 friends will cost a 7-% discount and 3 and more friends – 8-%. In fact, you will win in any case. If you order for the first time via Trusted Tablets you may take a friend and get a discount.

tell your friends

The latest option offered to get a profit is free sample pills. There is a possibility to get free 4 Generic Viagra Soft pills to every order for more than 20 pills of Generic Priligy, Propecia or any ED drug (except brand Viagra, brand Cialis, brand Levitra).

4 free pills

Get 10 free Generic Viagra pills to every order for buying more than 60 pills of Generic Priligy, Propecia or any ED drug (except brand Viagra, brand Cialis, brand Levitra).

10 free pills

Get 20 free Generic Viagra pills to every order for buying more than 100 pills of Generic Priligy, Propecia or any ED drug (except brand Viagra, brand Cialis, brand Levitra).

20 free pills

As you can see, there are various ways to save money. We may easily get 5 points for this unit.

Contact Information

“Contact Us” Section

“Contact Us” section contains all the necessary for contacting information. There is an address where this online pharmacy is located. The main office is located in New York.


There are emails divided into the types of enquires. You may contact customers care department. Choose the necessary one and ask your questions.


There are also phone numbers registered in the USA and UK. There is a toll phone number available for the US citizens.

phone numbers

“Contact Us” section is comprised of the necessary information. You may be sure it is legal providing you an access to the contact information. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

Customer Support Service

A contact form is a way to find the answers to all customers’ problems. When you fill in all the necessary fields your message will be sent to the customer service. We have used this form to find the answer whether this pharmacy online really requires a prescription for buying drugs online. The answer was delivered to us within 10 hours. We have confirmed the fact that the prescription for meds is required. You have to send it to the customer support to get an order. Our mark for this unit is 4 points. Install the live chat and provide an immediate assistance to the customers.

contact form

Conclusion: High-Trust Service with Affordable Price Policy

Trusted Tablets is a pharmaceutical company achieving to get one of the leading places in the pharmaceutical market. This company provides a free access to the drugs devoted to various disorders treatment. The price policy is worked out in such a way to make shopping online more affordable in comparison with conventional drugstores.

The legitimacy and security prove the fact any customer may arrange an order online and be brought the parcel in the stated periods of time. In fact, the reviews show there are a lot of satisfied customers living all over the world.

You may grapple with this review and understand Trusted Tablets is one of the online pharmacies able to satisfy all customers’ needs. You are welcome to arrange an order online and wait for the parcel!