Review: Not Online Pharmacy but Conventional Drugstore

Self Introduction of Trust Pharmacy


Trust Pharmacy is established over 20 years ago to meet Yonkers’ needs. Being founded in 2003, this online pharmacy was created to carry out selling of prescription and over-the-counter drugs because people making orders in this online pharmacy have different capabilities. But from our point of you, we will do our best to get to know more about this Trust Pharmacy legitimacy, security and service provided to customers. But looking attentively at this online pharmacy, we understand that this service online provides only several aspects. It is a website of conventional drugstore but it won’t arrest us from grappling with main details of

Assortment of Trust Pharmacy

Surfing the website from top to bottom, we become possible to get to know that they offer either prescription or over-the-counter drugs. As to speak about the possibility to estimate online pharmacy assortment, you will fail because there are no drug categories defined, there is no search-bar devoted to easing this searching procedure. We found in the section “Services”, the following list of available products and services but all these points are not clickable which prevent customers from looking inside this category.

services providedAs you can see this pharmacy provides over-the-counter medications in the following drug categories:

  • pain relief drugs;
  • cold and allergy meds;
  • vitamins;
  • oral health products;
  • feminine hygiene products;
  • first aids items;
  • contraceptive aids.

If we are going to estimate this list of the available categories (we have no other way out), we may just hope conventional pharmacy obtains greater assortment able to satisfy all customers’ needs in New York. Unfortunately, we cannot give a high mark for this unit – only 2 points are deserved by Trust Pharmacy.

Prices on

There is nothing mentioned about prices on We cannot even envision whether they are overestimated or low enough to become affordable even for people with insufficient income. To our mind, when creating a website even of conventional pharmacy, it is mandatory to provide enough information to help future customers make choice whether this pharmacy is the only place for marking buying medications. Trust Pharmacy should offer to look at the drug catalogue together with prices. Our mark for this unit is 1 point because we cannot examine and value price policy provided by Trust Pharmacy.

Shipping Details

Regretfully, there are no concrete facts about shipping options available. There is one mention that they may deliver your order right to your home. But unfortunately, there is information about fee required to pay for a delivery. If they work only on the territory of New York, it is logical they do not provide any other type of delivery neither international nor alongside the US. It means that they may offer almost immediate delivery on the territory of New York. Trust Pharmacy treats their responsibilities to ensure sufficient information about delivery options and its charge.

home deliveryThe overall mark for this unit is 2 points.

Payment Options

We cannot be sure that Trust Pharmacy carries out shopping online that’s why, if we are right and this pharmacy is a conventional one, payment options cannot be estimated. It is a pity that people cannot make any decisions when looking at this pharmacy when surfing the Internet. Our point of view is that people should get as much as possible information because if a conventional pharmacy creates a website, the maximum information should be provided. deserves the lowest mark for payment option unit – 1 point.

Technical Data

Google Page Speed Indicators

google page speedAs to speak about website loading, we cannot speak about 100-% effectiveness. Desktop version deserves 71-% with status “Need Work”, Otherwise, the mobile version has lower indicators – 61-% with status “Poor”. Such indicators cannot provide sufficient level of performance. There may appear any kind of technical problems. It is mandatory to carry out improvement procedures required by Google Page Speed. When analyzing this date, it becomes possible to predicate what problems may occur when commanding service. Unfortunately, overall mark for this unit is 1,6. Site administration should find the way to optimize website performance.

Mobile Version of

mobile versionMobile version is an opportunity to arrange an order even on medications as fast as possible. Being working, or going in public transport, a user has an opportunity to buy whatever he needs. mobile version is operating on the level to make service work fast and convenient. The interface is user-friendly excluding insufficient information. Moreover, site administration offers its clients mobile app devoted to getting free access to any kind of information on this website.

mobile app

Such a situation may fast and improve website performance but we should remember that Google Page Speed recommends to carry out some optimization for better performance. But we do not see any visible drawbacks, there is scrolling, the menu is reduced, the text doesn’t run on one another. In general, the mobile version of Trust Pharmacy seems to look on the level. 5 points are merited by – great job.

Is Connection Secure on

secure connectionUnfortunately, the connection on is not secure. People cannot feel secure when commanding this service. Trust Pharmacy doesn’t bear responsibility if your personal data is thieved. If you have a desire to make orders on this website, there may appear problems with free access to customers’ personal data.

Antivirus on Trust Pharmacy

Unfortunately, there is no antivirus on this pharmacy website. People when surfing this website may come across with the problem infecting your device with viruses or other online threats having such a great distribution on the Internet nowadays. Trust Pharmacy should understand they bear responsibility for any problems which may occur with clients’ devices. Try to improve this service as quick as possible.

The convenience of Trust Pharmacy

To tell you the truth, we cannot find the way how to arrange an order on There is no sign of the shopping cart to where you may put the chosen drugs in. In general, this website doesn’t bring any benefit to online shopping and users because clients cannot see an available list of medications, prices and payment options. It is known only a list of drug categories which available on the website but we cannot look inside them to estimate a range of medications. In general, this online pharmacy cannot be named in such a way because you can just look at it but not buy. Convenience cannot be estimated and the mark is appropriate – 1 point.

Is Legit? about Trust Pharmacy Security

When checking Trust Pharmacy security on, we get the high rating – 95-% of security. But we cannot understand why this website gains such a high trust rating. Why is this site safe? There is no concrete information about website and company origin. Website location is the United States of America. There is no information about address together with the telephone number. So much absent information plays not in favour of Trust Pharmacy. We cannot understand why this pharmacy has such a high rating.


Of course, if estimating this unit, we should give high mark but level down because of the absence of detailed information – 4 points.

Prescription Request

There is information about the possibility to buy prescription and over-the-counter drugs. But as we mentioned above, this pharmacy has no shopping cart and any other sing of possibility to arrange an order online. Maybe, they require a prescription when buying meds in the conventional drugstore. But we cannot examine this aspect that’s why our mark for this unit is 1 point. Data

Unfortunately, there is no data about in If you have a desire to check this pharmacy, you are welcome to enter this website in its database. We believe this pharmacy may deserve appropriate status. Our mark for this unit is 4 point.


Reviews about

Reviews on

Regretfully, there are no reviews left by satisfied customers. We cannot estimate the level of Trust Pharmacy performance. If you have a desire to leave a comment there, you are welcome. Our mark for reviews on is 1 point. Site administration should optimize this option because reviews are the best opportunity to understand the level of pharmacy reliability and trustability.

Reviews about Trust Pharmacy Left On Foreign Websites

Having surfed the Internet, we have failed in finding reviews left about It is absolutely strange when you cannot find any sign of Trust Pharmacy. And our mark cannot be high, only 1 point – this unit is an absolute fail in trying to gain high-rating reputation. The Internet is a source of getting high-trust opinion shared by either satisfied or non-satisfied customers.

Discount Code on

safe money provides an opportunity $450.00 on top brand medications. You are welcome to get a discount if following three main steps:

  • select your medication;
  • select your dosage;
  • redeem coupon.

3 steps

When reaching step 3 “Redeem Coupon”, you will see the following coupon which should be printed to present a pharmacist in a conventional drugstore.

couponHaving such a coupon, it becomes available to save up to $60.00. When visiting a drugstore, you will be explained how much you can save when you have a desire to buy this or that medication. It is the only existing thing which you may realize on this website. Our mark for the discount on is 4 points because there is a tiny inconvenience with the aspect you should print this coupon to get the possible discount.

Customer Support Service

“Contact Us” Section

There is no separate page with contact details, but at the bottom of the website, there are:

  • phone number;
  • fax;
  • e-mail.

There is no mention about where headquarter is located. It is a known fact that this pharmacy has a license to work only in New York, but it is logical that clients should know where there are offices of Trust Pharmacy. There is also the possibility to find Trust Pharmacy in social networks – Facebook and Twitter. Maybe there you will be capable to find something more about This information is enough to contact but the address is a significant element in contact us information that’s why we may reduce the mark to 3 points. One more inconvenience is the neglecting of working hours.

contact us

Customer Support Service

There is no live chat or some other capability to come in contact with Trust Pharmacy support group. There is an e-mail address but we have failed to contact this support group. Customer support is the major element if some bothering questions appear. It is mandatory to improve this option because people, round-the-clock-come across with difficult situations coping with which people have to contact customer support service group. Unfortunately, 1 point is everything we may grant to

Conclusion: Not Online Pharmacy but Conventional Drugstore is a kind of website made to present a conventional pharmacy in the Wide World Web. There is no shopping cart, no list of available medications, no prices. The only thing present on the website is a possibility to get a coupon which should be printed before visiting a conventional drugstore. We do not observe any benefit because we cannot realize what people may make use of except coupon printing.

There are no reviews on the website itself and there is no mention about on the Internet. The number of reviews is unknown together with the number of satisfied and unsatisfied customers. gives almost 95-% of security but it should be mentioned there is no detailed information given. has no Trust Pharmacy present in its database that’s why it is rather difficult to judge the status of this online pharmacy.

As a result, we come to a conclusion that this website is a kind of an attempt to present Trust Pharmacy on the Internet but it is almost useless for the majority of people who get used to making orders of medications online.