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VgrAustralia.com Review: 2,9 Stars – Unreliable Statistically Average Online Pharmacy

Self-Introduction – vgraustralia.com


vgraustralia.com sees itself as one of the most reliable online pharmacies with great selection of medications available online. This online pharmacy is Australia based selling medical preparations. vgraustralia.com provides customers with international delivery. This online store specializes in erectile dysfunction treatment. The most popular drugs available for this are:

  • Brand Viagra;
  • Viagra;
  • Brand Cialis;
  • Cialis;
  • Brand Levitra;
  • Levitra;
  • Prilligy;
  • Avana.

At first sight, this online pharmacy seems to be reliable, but there are questions which we are going to examine. We will start with assortment and end with customer support service.

Assortment Diversity

As it was mentioned above vgraustralia.com specializes in erectile dysfunction drugs and this category of drugs is the only one allowed for sale. Assortment is diverse enough to cope with various types of erectile dysfunction and be suitable for almost all men around the world. All the medications are arranges in sidebar and distinguished according to the main medications sold:

  • Generic Viagra – contains 30 medications;
  • Generic Cialis – 17 medications;
  • Generic Levitra – 6 medications;
  • Generic Prilligy – 8 medications;
  • Avanafil – 2 medications.categories available on http://vgraustralia.com/

Each category contains various medication of brand or generic origin, of soft or regular. It is up to you to decide what to buy and to choose. So we understand that assortment is diverse and our mark is 5 points.

Prices on vgraustralia.com

vgraustralia.com price on brand Viagra per one pill is $8,21. This price is affordable and lower in comparison with other online pharmacies selling brand Viagra. Price for generic Viagra is little bit overestimated – $0,99 per pill. There are online pharmacies where you may buy generic Viagra at much more lower price. One more advantage here is that you may switch on currency: you may see price for medications in USD, AUD, NZD (New Zealand Dollar), SGD (Singapore Dollar), GBP (Great Britain Pound), Euro.

currency on http://vgraustralia.com/

It is very convenient to have such an option because people living in various corners of the world may imagine the real picture of price available in this online pharmacy. This unit deserves 4 points, 1 point is leveled down because overestimated price for generic Viagra.

Delivery Options Available on vgraustralia.com

vgraustralia.com provides quick, secure and safe delivery options to any country of the world determined by customers. The orders may be delivered within 1 -2 business days if you live in Australia. There are two delivery options available on vgraustralia.com are:

  • EMS delivery;
  • Registered Airmail Delivery.

EMS delivery (Express with Online Tracking)

For those customers who want to get quicker service vgraustralia.com/ can assure EMS delivery. Delivery normally takes 5-9 days from time customers’ order is dispatched. Dead line for this method delivery option is 14 days. Code for tracking will be given for all orders as soon as they will be sent out from our office.

Registered Airmail Delivery

Registered Airmail Delivery normally takes 14-21 days from time the order is dispatched. Dead line for this delivery method is 30 days. Here you cannot track the parcel delivery.
All orders received on weekends will be processed on Monday. You will be immediately informed via E-mail when your order is approved and shipped.
The shipping charge may be dependent on on shipping option you decide to apply, the country you live in, and the goods you order. To understand delivery charge, you should choose desired products and put it into shopping cart, and proceed to checkout.
So, this online pharmacy has 2 methods of delivery but their charge is unknown till checkout procedure. There is some kind of express delivery – 1-2 business days and due to it our mark is 3 points.

Payment Options

vgraustralia.com accepts Visa, MasterCard and eChecks to pay for your order as it is written on FAQs page. These are the main popular methods of order paying. Your credit card will be charged after the moment you fill in your personal data in the necessary fields. But there are other payment methods described on check-out page. This information is different from each other. It let’s get vgraustralia.com 3,5 points for this aspect.


Technical Statistics

Technical statistics includes in itself data relating to google page speed loading, mobile version presence, protection during transactions (https -protocol), antivirus presence and convenience of making orders online, in our case, via vgraustralia.com.

Google Page Speed Loading

mobile versiondesktop version

Each website should meet definite indications relating to speed loading. Mobile version of vgraustralia.com/ gets 61% out of 100% – as you can see on print screen#1. Mobile version is estimated as “Poor” by https://developers.google.com. Australian online pharmacy should cope with technical problems with page speed loading and everything will be better than it is now.
Desktop version of vgraustralia.com deserves higher percentage – 84%. Google speed page defines this percentage as vgraustralia.com/ needs work to optimize its performance.
Our common mark for both indicators are 2,2.

vgraustralia.com Mobile Version

Mobile version of vgraustralia.com/ exists, first of all, and secondly, organized in a proper way. We do not define any kind of drawbacks. Check-out performs its functions without delays. Presence of mobile version without noticeable drawbacks allows getting vgraustralia.com 5 points.

Security Connection

vgraustralia.com protects customers during check-out. It means that when you are in process of ordering you are protected by COMODO CA Limited. Your data is protected carefully while making orders. Administration of vgraustralia.com uses 256-bit server encrypting your personal data. It means that this pharmacy prevents from disclosing or trading your personal data and any hacker may not get access to your credit card number. This point will be estimated by 4 point.

COMODO CA Limitedsecure connection

Antivirus Presence

There is no antivirus on vgraustralia.com. It doesn’t add “medals” to collection. But check-out is supplied with two antiviruses.  Customers may be sure by making orders online via Viagra Australia. 5 points are appropriate mark for this unit.


Convenience of Ordering Procedure

To make orders via vgraustralia.com is easy because there is no need to undergo registration. You are not required to fill in long application form, you are not required to inform doctors about your personal medical information. It shortens time spent on registration and you may arrange an order within 5 minutes or even less. All men and even women may place an order on vgraustralia.com and start a new era of their sexual life. Check-out page is organized in a proper and simple way.

shopping cart

When seeing your shopping cart, you are able to get to know about delivery and its cost, amount of pills and total sum of money. You may choose delivery terms by yourself. Our mark is 5 points.

Is vgraustralia.com Legal?

Before making orders, it is logically to answer the question whether this or that online service is legal. We decide to grapple with this question.

Data according to scamadviser.com

scamadviser.com about http://vgraustralia.com/

As you can see, scamadviser.com gives only 12% of security to vgraustralia.com because of hidden location. As it is mentioned on website, this online pharmacy is Australia based but scamadviser claims that this website location is, probably, German but may be also China based. It should be considered while making orders online. Domain age is 2 years 318 days but it plays no role for scamadviser and for us as well – only 1 point for this unit.

Prescription Requirement on vgraustralia.com

This online pharmacy is free from prescription. All medications are sold over the counter and it doesn’t matter for them whether application of these medications is required doctors’ prescription. Of course, some people may say that it is very convenient, it takes not so much time to order but the other may claim that absence of prescription may be a signal of illegal online pharmacy that’s why our mark here is 1 point.

Legitscript.com Data

legitscript data

legitscript.com gives for vgraustralia.com status “Rough”. It means that this online pharmacy is likely working off the books. There is something suspicious for legitscript.com in vgraustralia.com performance. Our mark here is 1 point.

Reviews about vgraustralia.com

To understand properly whether some online pharmacy is reliable or not, it is necessary to read reviews. Reviews may show real picture about how online pharmacy operates. Let’s grapple with reviews about vgraustralia.com on site itself and foreign recourses.

Reviews on vgraustralia.com

We do not find any kind of reviews about vgraustralia.com performance on site itself. It invites the assumption that this website performance is tapped out and they have no customers at all. It seems to be suspicious why such a popular and trusted online pharmacy as vgraustralia.com has no reviews on website itself. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

Reviews about vgraustralia.com on Foreign Recourses

Surfing the Internet we do not find any reviews about vgraustralia.com on foreign recourses. It also make us thinking properly about vgraustralia.com performance. There are several scenarios of how vgraustralia.com performs its functions. It doesn’t let us grant this online pharmacy more than 1 point.

vgraustralia.com Coupon Codes

Coupon code is the greatest opportunity to save money as much as possible but vgraustralia.com cannot boast such an option. There is no coupon code available on site in particular or in the Internet in general. You do not find any possibility to save money and spend them on some other things. Only 1 point is preliminary mark for coupon code absence on vgraustralia.com.

Contact Information

Each online pharmacy should have definite location to make people sure everything will be in order. We are going to check this information immediately.

“Contact Us” on vgraustralia.com

vgraustralia.com gives no factual or even mailing address to customers. There is only phone numbers: AU: 1-800-109-585, US: +1-877-888-9761. It means that there is no opportunity to get to know whether this online pharmacy is real or not. Moreover scamadviser.com doubts about online pharmacy area of operation. Only 2 point is deserved by vgraustralia.com.

Contact Us

Customer Support Service

live chat

Customer support service, exactly life chat on vgraustralia.com works perfect. Our question was answered immediately. We did not wait even a minute to get the response. This outstanding services deserves 5 points.

Conclusion: Is It Worth Ordering via Online Pharmacy with 2,9 Stars Rating?

Is 2,9 stars enough to be considered statistically average? When reading this overview you may understand why we set such an estimation for vgraustralia.com.

First of all, we are going to list advantages of this online pharmacy:

  • life chat – the greatest opportunity to cope with debatable questions;
  • mobile version – thought-out and easy to use;
  • wideness of assortment – Ed drugs in diverse dosages and forms;
  • no registration – no time spent in vain;
  • prices for brand medications – acceptable for average class.

What about drawbacks, it is obvious they predominate over advantages:

  • absence of coupon code on vgraustralia.com – you cannot save money on the first order;
  • absence of reviews on vgraustralia.com and foreign recourses – you cannot see realistic picture of this online pharmacy existence;
  • scamadviser.com data – there is suspicion about online pharmacy location;
  • legitscript.com – “Rough” status;
  • no prescription – there is probability of illegal online pharmacy performance;
  • prices for generics are overestimated;
  • absence of secure connection – non-protection while transactions;
  • lack of antivirus.

We draw for you a real picture of how “effective and reliable” this online pharmacy is. It is up to you to decide whether you can order ED medications via vgraustralia.com or not. This statistically average online pharmacy is not recommended by our service. Be attentive!