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Viabestbuy.com Review – A New Reliable Place to Buy ED Medications

Viabestbuy.com Tells about Itself

logotypeViagraBestBuy pharmacy is an online pharmaceutical facility offering best-quality low-cost generic medications for erectile dysfunction treatment. The website doesn’t provide any detailed information about its activity, but they claim to provide the best generics in the Internet and guarantee their quality and effectiveness. The pharmacy is exclusively engaged in erectile dysfunction treatment and offers various kinds of medications for this problem.

Assortment Variety

As the pharmacy specializes on ED medications it presents a wide range of drugs for erection enhancement. All the products are divided into numerous categories according to the drug name, each of which contains at least 6 dosages and combinations of the drug. You can see quite a wide choice of generics from you can pick the one that will satisfy your individual needs. All products are produced in India by reliable and proved manufactures and undergo mandatory tests and FDA approval.

Besides each categories devoted to one or another drug has short description of this drug features and instruction for use, which is very convenient and useful. You can choose necessary dosage according to recommendations or compare drugs with one another in side effects or contraindications, etc. Each drug page also provides its rating and comments of customers, which is really convenient.

In general the assortment is very diverse and allows choosing from numerous names, which for such narrow specialization is very impressive and earns to ViagraBestBuy 5 stars in this point.

Prices for Products at Viabestbuy.com

The pharmacy sells only generic drugs so prices for them are quite low, but still not the lowest in the Internet. Cost of the drug depends on the quantity you buy – the more you take, the lower the price is. So, the lowest price per pill for Viagra is $0.41, but in the case if you take the maximum possible quantity (3000 pills is a combo pack). If you take 100 pills of 25 mg of Viagra, the price per pill will be $0,99. The same thing is with Cialis and Levitra. Note, that the price is so low because of special offer – 50% off for this pack.

free samples

But the main advantage of this drugstore is that they offer you 10 FREE samples of Viagra, Cialis and Viagra Soft. If you want to try the pill and see if it works for you, you only add them to cart and order free of charge. However you will need to pay for delivery $29. So basically the order is not completely free. Still this is a great offer for those who never tried these pills and doesn’t want to spend much money on them before making sure that they are effective. Very few pharmacies offer such option, and the administration explains it by the fact that are completely sure of the quality of products they sell, so maybe if the drugs are so effective the price for them can be a little bit higher that in other pharmacies.

Considering all said above we can give ViagraBestBuy 4 points for this issue, as their prices are really attractive and affordable.

Delivery on Viabestbuy.com

Delivery terms are stated in special «Shipping & Payment» section. According to information given there your order will be shipped 2 hours after payment is cleared (impressive, isn’t it?), but you have only 2 options for shipping, both of which apply charge. You can choose Regular Shipping, which costs $29 and takes 10 – 18 days or Express Shipping for $39 and the order will be delivered in 7 – 10 days. Quite disappointing because this is a quite high price for delivery.shipping options

However you can still get free delivery if you order amount is more than $150 for Express Shipping and $80 for Regular Shipping. Besides the company provides tracking information for you to know where your order is at the moment. Also if you never got your parcel as it was lost or seized by customs, the pharmacy guarantees re-shipment of full refund. This fact inspires much trust to the company and its activity.

So for this point we can sure give Viabestbuy.com 3.5 points, for offering a chance to get a free delivery, and presence of express delivery which allows to get medications much faster.

Payment Variants on the Website

There is not special page explaining all options the pharmacy offer, but maybe this is because they are not numerous. You may find this information in the «Help Center» («FAQs») section.

Viabestbuy.com offers its clients several payment options. First of all you can use credit cards: Visa and MasterCard – this is the most preferable way to pay for purchases online for many people. Unfortunately, PayPal is not available as payment option as it doesn’t allow direct purchases of prescription medication from online drugstores. Also at the moment the pharmacy doesn’t accept payments via eChecks and Bank Wire Transfers. But you have a very attractive option instead – Bitcoin.payment options

The attractiveness of this method is that you save 25% by choosing this option. On the website there is a special section devoted to detailed explanation of what Bitcoin is and why it is a better way to pay for orders online. You can study this issue and save even more money on your purchase.

So summing up all the information about payment options, Viabestbuy.com deserves to get 4 stars for not so diverse list of payment options but such an attractive offer.

Technical Characteristics of Viabestbuy.com

Test by Google Page Speed

When checking the website on developers.google.com we get not very optimistic results. The desktop version shows average indicators, but it really needs work and improvement – 65 is not the lowest result and the pharmacy can function normally (more or less). But the mobile tab shows us very sad results – 41. This is very bad and the pharmacy administration urgently needs to do something about it. Lots of work should be done and in the nearest time. But for now such figures can’t earn the pharmacy a high score – only 1 point.desktopmobile

Viabestbuy.com for Mobile Phones

The website has a mobile version and from the point of view of usability it is quite attractive and functional. Everything looks nice and all the pictures and text do not need to be enlarged – they are clearly seen – so the version doesn’t have such an option. The interface is user-friendly and no logs or errors were noted. So in general, despite the fact that technical indicators are very low, for this point we can give ViagraBestBuy 5 stars in this points.

Secure Connection

When it comes to shopping online everyone wants to be protected. Here we speak about personal data protection. It is very important to know that the company takes every possible effort to provide the most comfortable and secure service. For this purpose online store can use https:// protocol to encrypt your data, so that nobody could get access to it.https protocol

ViagraBestBuy.com fortunately provides such security and claims that they use 128-bit encryption to ensure the highest level of protection. Though we know that there a higher level – 256-bit encryption. Besides the website hides information about certificate owner, which is a minus for the company – we can see who gave this certificate and can’t check if the owner is reliable.


In general, the pharmacy provides protection on each page of the website, while some online store prefer to protect data only on payment pages. That’s why we can give Viabestbuy.com 3 stars in the rating for this point.

Antivirus on the Website

In the bottom left corner you can see icon of «Norton» antivirus which proves that the website uses antivirus protection. You can safely surf through the website not being afraid of getting some virus on your computer and your data won’t be damaged or stolen by some unwanted program. This is a big advantage as many other online pharmacies do not provide such protection for the clients. This allows us estimating Viabestbuy.com in 5 stars.antivirus

How to Order

Making orders is very easy on Viabestbuy.com. The main point is that you don’t need to register and create account. This simplifies the process even more and save your time.ordering

All you need to do is find necessary products, put them in your shopping cart. Then go to your cart and check if all items you have chose are correct and press «Checkout» button. After that you need to fill in your address and other necessary for shipment data and place the order. That’s all, after that you only need to pay for products you chose and wait for confirmation latter. Before you make payment, support group sends a letter reminding that you need to pay for the order. They explain all methods available on the website.confirmation letter

The pharmacy operates only online, so there are no other ways to place an order. But online ordering is the most convenient and quick in our opinion. The pharmacy doesn’t require any prescription which also makes ordering procedure faster and easier.

If you want to cancel your order «FAQs» section has a detailed explanation how to do it. If you haven’t paid for the order, then you don’t need to do anything at all. As you can see, the company doesn’t create any troubles and makes shopping as easy as possible for the clients.cancellation

Considering everything said above we can conclude that the process of placing orders is very convenient and overshadows many online pharmacies. Everything is organized maximally easy and not requiring much effort and time. That’s why we grant Viabestbuy.com pharmacy 5 stars for this point.

Is Viabestbuy.com Legit?

Credibility of the Website

We checked Viabestbuy.com for reliability on Scamadviser.com. The results were quite optimistic but with some notes. According to repost the pharmacy was registered recently – domain age is only 231 days. This is not the reason to think that the company is unreliable, but still you need to be cautious and check everything very well before buying staff there. The website also has no feedback, but this is OK for newly created facility.

Scamadviser.com has no suspicions that the pharmacy is located in the USA, which is a point in favor of the company. Unfortunately we can’t check if the address is real, because the website doesn’t provide any contact information.scamadviser

Taking into account the fact that Scamadviser.com give 80% reliability to this website we can give them 3.5 stars in this point.

Does Viabestbuy.com Require Prescription?

Viabestbuy.com is a website selling drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment and they do not require prescription. In most pharmacies you can easily buy Viagra and other similar drugs without prescription. Though you should consult a doctor before starting to take this pills to exclude any allergic reactions and contraindications.

However, medications for ED treatment a still considered prescription ones, so for selling them without requiring Rx list is wrong and dangerous for health of the customers, that’s why we can’t give Viabestbuy.com more than 1 star in this point.

Legitimacy of Viabestbuy.com

According to results of the test for pharmacy legitimacy via www.legitscript.com Viabestbuy.com is included in the list of rouge pharmacies. This means that tis company doesn’t meet www.legitscript.com requirements and cannot be considered legit. Such indicator is a very frustrating disadvantage for the pharmacy and earns to it only 1 point.legitimacy

Viabestbuy.com Reviews

Reviews on the Website

On the website testimonials are divided into several categories according which medication they concern. No comments about the service were found on the website. All comments are positive and it seems like there were no disappointed customers at all. Besides there are so many testimonials and the website exist for such a short period that it is just hard to believe that they are true.testimonials

We believe that pharmacy administration wrote these comments to make people believe that they have a great number of happy clients, but in reality these testimonials are fake. Besides when we search in the Internet for the similar testimonials on other website, we found one interesting thing – there is another website looking exactly like this one but with other domain, containing the same testimonials as Viabestbuy.com does. This can’t inspire trust and makes us think that this pharmacy is just some fake organization trying to steal your money.

Anyway, for lots of comments on the website and presence of special section devoted to them but considering all suspicious facts we give Viabestbuy.com 2.5 stars.

Other Websites about Viabestbuy.com

We looked for other comments in the Internet to see the real picture of this website activity, but we found only 1 comment. We understand that the website is new and there can’t be must reviews but still we wanted to find any Viabestbuy.com complains or positive reviews left by real people.

The comment we found is positive, but not revealing the work of the website. That’s why is can’t be relied on and can’t help to build your opinion about the service.comment

Given that there is no feedback on other websites and forums we have to give this pharmacy 1 star for this point.

Viabestbuy.com Coupon Code

Viabestbuy.com offers several opportunity to get a discount for its clients. First of all there is huge banner on the front page offering to buy 200 pills of Viagra at a price of only $179 (that is $0.9 per pill). Quite an attractive offer but not tempting so much to make a purchase right away.discount

But there is another offer that you can add to the first one – FREE shipping for orders more than $80 (if you take the first offer than you can have free express shipping as you order exceeds $150). And this is not all – also you can get 25% discount to your order if you use Bitcoin for payment. This is more impressive if you sum all these offers. You will have to pay only $134 ($0.6 per pill).

Also on the website you may find other promo codes for a $20 discount for order more that $100 and also you can get $30 off for your next order is you leave your feedback.discount code

No other discount codes were found on the website or in the Internet. But what a huge advantage for the pharmacy that they provide so many special offers, and you even don’t need to look for information elsewhere – everything you need is given on the front page. For such a convenience and attractiveness we grant ViagraBestBuy 5 stars in this point.

Customers Support on Viabestbuy.com

Contact Us Page

Unfortunately we didn’t find any contact information on the website – no address, no phone numbers, no live chat. There is simply no such section as «Contact Us». The only way to contact them is via contact form in «Talk to Us» section and that’s all.

This is a great drawback for the pharmacy, as customers don’t have opportunity to call to the support group and get consultation. Communication via e-mail only is not convenient and takes a lot of time to get all necessary information. It would be much easier if there were a live chat, where you can ask questions and get answers in real time. But we didn’t find that either.

So sadly for this point we can give ViagraBestBuy only 2 stars and we hope that in future the administration will eliminate this disadvantage.

Support Service for Customers

As it was said there is no live chat to quickly get consultations, so the only way is to use contact form on the website. You only need to fill in you e-mail, name and the question itself.

We tried to contact the support group to find out whether they provide and quality certificates or other documentation. After we pressed «Submit» we had to wait for the answer.support service

After you send a request almost immediately you get an automatic answer:support service

After waiting for several hours we got a reply for our request. The information was provided in full, so that complete eliminate any additional questions to the issue. They do not provide any documents, but provided a link in the letter where we can find more information about medications they sell.support service

In our opinion work of the support group is on quite a high level, though you will have to wait for some time to get an answer. In general we can give ViagraBestBuy 4 stars in this point.

To Sum Up…

Considering everything we analyzed above it can be said that Viabestbuy.com is quite a reliable place to buy medications. Of course there are some flaws in the work of the website, but as we remember it was only recently created and we hope that everything will be fixed and improved.

In general the interface is very attractive and easy to use. Though there are some things that spoil opinion about the website. For example, some information about the company is difficult to find or absent at all, to read about company or find «FAQs» section takes times, there are not icons or tabs for quick access to them. Also delivery options are only 2, and no free delivery for all orders – this is a great minus.

But despite all the bad sides we can give Viabestbuy.com quite a fair estimation – 3.2 stars out of 5 star rating. Not bad for a new website just beginning its successful activity.