Review: Avoid This Insecure Website with No Reputation

What is

logo is an online service that connects buyers with reliable sources of suppliers of generic and brand drugs. This is the team of professionals who want people to purchase the most affordable medications in the world. They also provide advice and guidance to all clients and a secure ordering procedure.

The service cooperates with the largest manufacturers of high-quality medications. All the health products are tested for quality and have the corresponding quality certificates. The company monitors customers’ feedback and reviews and dos its best to improve its services. They offer the best medicines from the most famous pharmaceutical companies from all over the world.

According to the company, client 100% satisfaction is the priority of; they also claim that all drugs have affordable prices, so customers will not have to search for other places to buy medications online. They also promise quick shipping, secure encryption, and an excellent customer support answering all inquiries and questions.

What Can You Buy Here?

The pharmacy offers a wide selection of drugs. Besides, they claim that all health products available on the website are high quality and come in its original packaging. The store offers to buy both brand-name and generic drugs, and the later ones have the same composition and effects as the original ones. According to the website, all generic medications are FDA approved.

The main page presents all drug categories available on the website. Here you can buy drugs for many health conditions such as Blood Pressure, Hair Loss, Weight Loss, Skin Care, Erectile Dysfunction, Allergy, Mental Illnesses, Cancer, Diabetes, Antidepressants, and many others. The full list of drug categories is presented below:


Since I’m mostly interested in pills for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. I decided to check the assortment in this category. I was surprised to see a vast selection of products you can hardly find on other websites. The range of ED tablets includes the most popular original tablets such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Kamagra, as well as generic options such as Viagra Professional, Depforce, Tadalia, Zudena, Kamagra Jelly, Viagra Super Active, Propecia, Cialis Professional, Megalis, Tadacip, Cialis Black, Eriacta, Red Viagra, Zenegara, Suhagra, and many others.

Other drug categories also include numerous treatment options so we may conclude that has a very rich assortment and buyers can find here medications for almost any health condition, generic or brand-name. Here you can also buy rare and specific pills for treating erectile disorders. For these reasons, the store receives 5 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Price Policy

The pharmacy guarantees the most affordable and reasonable prices for all available medications.

I decided the check this promise and looked at the prices for popular ED tablets available online, both original and generic:


  • Brand Viagra for $3.96 per pill;
  • Brand Cialis for $3.91 per pill;
  • Brand Levitra for $4.07 per pill;
  • Generic Viagra for $0.41 per pill;
  • Generic Cialis for $1.07 per pill;
  • Generic Levitra for $1.22 per pill.

It turned out that is truly able to offer the lowest prices for ED tablets you can find online. It’s difficult to find a cheaper offer on the Internet. Besides, you can benefit even more when you order a greater number of pills.

In addition to affordable prices, the website offers to buy ED trial pack and save 20% – this offer may be very attractive to those customers who have not decided yet which ED drug to choose: Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra:

save money

Let’s sum up: the pharmacy offers very low prices for both original and generic pills and also beneficial discounts. On this website, you can buy the cheapest ED pills on the net. For these reasons, the company earns 5 stars out of 5.

Shipping Terms guarantees a quick and discreet delivery of drugs to most worldwide countries. All orders are usually shipped within 1-2 business days. Customers may contact the customer service to specify the available delivery options for their location or find this information on the website.

The company also guarantees confidentiality and anonymity when customers place an order through this website. They send all orders in discreet packages without any inscription of the contents on them.

Currently, the online pharmacy offers 2 shipping options available:

  1. EMS delivery (with online tracking) is suitable for those clients who prefer a faster shipping service. The express delivery usually takes 5-9 days. The deadline for this shipping option is 14 days. With this service, customers get a tracking code as soon as the order is dispatched;
  2. Standard (AirMail delivery, no online tracking). This delivery option usually takes 14-21 days. The deadline for this shipping option is 30 days. The order is sent discreetly and left in the customer’s mailbox.

The company mentions that all orders placed during the weekend will be processed on Monday. Customers will get an automatical e-mail notification when the order is processed and shipped.

Large orders (exceeding 120 pills) will be sent in 2 shipments and may arrive on different days. Besides, you should know that generic and original drugs will be sent separately and may arrive on different days either.

According to, the shipping rates depend on the delivery method you choose, your location, and the medications you order. To learn the shipping rate, you need to add the chosen items to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. I found out that the delivery to the USA costs $10 (for Airmale service) and $30 (for Trackable service), which is rather expensive:


Clients should bear in mind that they may get a free express shipping with every order exceeding $150:

free shipping

The seller also specifies that if customers don’t receive their orders due to the incorrect delivery address they provided, the company will not offer money refund.
However, if customers are not satisfied with the medication or the delivery is late, they may return the parcel within 30 days. As soon as the pharmacy receives the returned goods, the refund procedure starts.

money refund

Let’s sum up: ships worldwide, offers 2 shipping options, an express delivery, the possibility to get a free delivery. Regretfully, a free shipping is available for large orders only and the only beneficial option is to order many pills at once, which is not suitable for most customers. Besides, orders are not processed on weekends. I know that many online stores offer much more favorable shipping terms. For this reason, the company receives 3 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Payment Options

The online store accepts the following payment options: Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB, Diners Club, Discover and E-Checks, however, the main page of the website illustrates only 2 icons with payment options available so it’s not clear whether a customer can pay using all the mentions methods or not.


Customers should specify the availability of payment options before ordering products online. The store receives 4 stars out of 5 for this unit.

Technical Characteristics of

Loading Speed

Page loading speed of the website is a very important indicator. If this indicator is low, then this can lead to quite unpleasant consequences. Visitors can refuse to work with this resource because it loads pages for a very long time. In addition, search engines, especially Google, take it into account when assessing the overall usefulness of a resource.

In order to understand how quickly the pages of load, you can use, for example, the service of Google PageSpeed Insights.


As you can see from the screenshot, Google PageSpeed Insights provided a comprehensive assessment. The speed of a computer browser and for a mobile version remained unknown. That is why the total score is very low. The website receives 1,7 stars for this unit.

Mobile Version

Initially, the websites were created and customized for computer monitors and, as it turned out, the usual technology of site layout is now absolutely not suitable for viewing them from mobile devices: the displays of laptops and smartphones are significantly different from those of a PC. In this regard, the pages may not be displayed correctly: the design and individual graphic elements of the site on mobile devices do not correspond to their original form on the PC, the text becomes almost unreadable, navigation and management of site elements that seemed so convenient and familiar on the PC are now completely useless and only prevent the search for necessary information, and elements that use additional plug-ins in the gadget’s browsers may not be displayed at all. If you were a visitor to such a website that was completely unoptimized for viewing on mobile devices, you would be disappointed. Search engines, in turn, notice that the website was visited, but the targeted actions were never completed. To avoid this, developers have learned how to create mobile versions of websites that allow users to get almost the same experience and benefit from using the site on mobile devices.

It turned out that has a mobile version that displays all the information correctly on mobile devices, the visitors can get a convenient navigation and management.

mobile version

So we may conclude that using this website you may get a convenient and easy access to drugs from all kinds of devices. For this reason, the website receives 5 stars for this unit.


Regretfully, does not use a secure connection that would encrypt the personal data of customers, that is why your credit card information may be easily stolen.


Considering this, I give only 1 star for this unit. The website’s owner needs to provide at least the minimal security customers in order to deserve a better score.

Protection from Viruses

On you can notice an icon of McAfee SECURE which might indicate that this website uses an antivirus program protecting customers from viruses and other online threats. However, I was disappointed to find out that this icon is not clickable which means that this website uses NO antivirus or it is expired, which makes this store even less secure.


All reliable online pharmacies provide an antivirus protection to its customers but does not seem a safe place for ordering drugs online. You risk catching unpleasant surprises on your computer. Considering this, the store receives only 1 star for this unit.

The convenience of Ordering from

To place an order on this website, customers do not need to create a personal account, and this saves them much time.

To place an order, you need to choose the desired medications by clicking “Buy now” button. Then you need to specify the number of tablets you want to purchase and then click “Checkout”. After that, you need to fill in the personal information required, check the application, and click on a “Submit transaction” button. If the order is accepted by the pharmacy, you will get a corresponding notification and receive an automatical e-mail. As soon as you click on a “Submit” button, the order information is transferred to the processing service which checks the data and your credit card is charged. When the payment is completed, the order is processed.

You can search for the product using a search bar, drug categories or a search by name:


I appreciate that customers have an opportunity to track their orders. For this, they may contact the pharmacy’s support team or check the delivery status through the website:

order status

I like the way the company organized the information about each preparation. In one place, customers can see the dosage, the number of pills, the total price, the price per pill, savings and available bonuses:


Another pleasant aspect is that visitors may change the currency and language on the site:


The ordering process on this website seems very simple and time-saving, however, there was one aspect that complicated the ordering process – too much information on the main page of the website could not be loaded. There is just too much black space on the page. Obviously, there are some serious technical problems with this online service. I give 2 stars for this unit.

Is Legitimate?

The Rating on ScamAdviser

Scam Adviser gives a 61% trust rating out of 100, which is a medium indicator. The website is listed as “a new site involving a high-risk country” – Sweden or Romania.

scam adviser

The website’s popularity is unknown, the domain age is 1,5 years. According to Scam Advisor, the website’s owner is using an anonymous service which makes it impossible to learn its real location. Besides, the verification service doubts the website’s legitimacy because it’s a new business which has not gained any reputation yet. I give 3 stars for this unit.

Do We Need a Prescription? does not require prescriptions for any drugs presented on the website but strongly recommends buyers to consult a doctor before taking any medications order from this website. So, you can freely purchase any medical preparation here. This approach to selling drugs is irresponsible since the store sells potent medications for serious illnesses. All legitimate pharmacies require prescriptions for such drugs which means that this store cannot be considered a reliable one. The online pharmacy receives 1 star for this unit.

The Status on LegitScript

Legit Script doesn’t have any info on in its database, perhaps because this website is relatively new. So we cannot say whether this store meets LegitScript online pharmacy verification standards or not. If you ever notice this seller in the database of Legit Script, let us now.

So far, this pharmacy receives 4 stars out of 5 for this unit. Reviews

Customer On-Site Reviews

Customer reviews are a very important indicator. I was interested not only in positive feedback but also negative. The website has a special section devoted to testimonials – I found about 40 reviews there. Unfortunately, I cannot 100% trust them because they are selected by the administration and have not dated.

Look what reviews are placed on the website:


Of course, all these reviews are from satisfied customers. They mentioned genuine products, timely delivery, informativу customer service, affordable prices, honest company, and others.

The pharmacy receives only 3 stars out of 5 for this unit since I suspect these testimonials are composed by the website’s owner.

Reviews on Third-Party Websites

I searched for any testimonials on independent websites but did not manage to find any of them.

Unfortunately, this online pharmacy is relatively new and has not gained any reputation yet. Or the absence of the reviews may indicate that is not popular among customers.

Since this service lacks customer reviews, I can’t give it a high score. Its reputation remains under question. For this reason, the pharmacy receives 1 star out of 5 for this unit. Coupon Code

Many online pharmacies attract customers with beneficial offers and coupon codes. Using them, users can save a considerable sum of money. Regretfully, this website does not offer any promo codes. All customers can get is a 50% discount on ordering 200 tabs of Viagra and a free delivery on all orders exceeding $150. Only a few customers will be attracted by such offers.


So you can benefit from using this website only in the case you buy medications in bulk. I give the store 1 star for this unit.

Customer Support Service

Contact Information

The company provided the following contact information: US toll-free phone number +1-877-888-97-61 and UK phone number: +44-203-608-13-40.


For some reason, the owner of did not mention the legal address of the pharmacy. E-mail address also remains unknown. Lack of this important contact information alerted me since this information is obligatory for all legitimate stores. Obviously, the store has something to hide. The online pharmacy gets 2 stars for this unit.

Ways to Get a Consultation

The pharmacy advertises that they are in touch 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Customers can reach the customer supper by phone, live messages, and a contact form. The store promises to answer all questions of the customers immediately.

We decided to contact the support team by using a live chat. The service сonnected me to the chat room very quickly. I was interested in the location of the company. The representative of customer support informed me it was Cyprus, which made this store looking even more suspicious. For some reason, the manager did not want to provide the phone number of the head office.


I have to give this online pharmacy 3 stars for this unit – the speed of response was immediate but I did not get all the information I was interested in.

Conclusion is a website you need to use with caution. Though the prices and assortment are attractive, I extremely recommend you to specify the background of this online pharmacy to be sure you will not lose your money. I found no evidence that the store is running in honest mode. I was not able to find any independent customer reviews about this company or its products. I suggest this store is operating from a high-risk country and can be rogue. Please, be careful and do not order anything on this website until you have any proof that this website can be trusted. The trust rating of is 2,6 stars out of 5.