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ViagraBit.com Review: ED Online Pharmacy with Attractive Bonuses and Discounts

Self-Introduction of ViagraBit.com


ViagraBit.com is also well-known as Viagra online pharmacy. This pharmacy provides an access to the well-known and effective medications to erectile dysfunction treatment. The number of customers of this online store is 332,766. ViagraBit sells only FDA-approved generic medications from top Indian pharmaceutical companies. India is a leader in the generic production. The pharmaceutical companies try to meet all the quality requirements. This company claims they provide a 100 % guarantee. We are going to examine the service offered by this online pharmacy.

Assortment Diversity

ViagraBit.com offers generic erectile dysfunction medications. The assortment includes 30 preparations. They are Viagra Cialis, Levitra, Kamagra, Priligy, Tadapox, Super Zhewitra, Female Viagra, Avanafil, Modafinil 200 mg. Viagra is available in the following dosages: 25, 50, 100, 150, 200 mg. Cialis is available in the following dosages: 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 40, 60 mg. Levitra is available in 10, 20, 40, 60 mg. All the above medications have soft generic, for example, Viagra has Viagra Soft tabs analog.

ed assortment

There are bestsellers which are arranged on the front page. They are Generic Viagra 100 mg*200 pills, Generic Cialis 20mg*200 pills, Generic Levitra 20mg*200 pills. The bestsellers are specified with the prices already.


There is an additional option to find the right medication. It is the search the product arranged on the front page at the top. It is very convenient to ensure such an option for the customers as it reduces the time of searching. One more aspect speaking in favor is that you may buy ED combo which is comprised of three main popular ED drugs.


Finally, we believe people suffering from this disorder will be able to find everything they need. We may give the highest rating for the assortment diversity – 5 points.

Prices Affordability

ViagraBit.com offers ED medications at the attractive and low prices. They pose themselves as a wholesome trader that’s why the prices are as reduced as possible. As a result, we plan to assess the prices for generic Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

viagra online pharmacy

The first medication for analysis is generic Viagra (Sildenafil). ViagraBit offers Viagra for $0.89. The price is specified per pill. The dosage is 25 mg. The quantity is 200 pills. This price looks very reasonable and moreover, the number of pills allow every customer improves the sexual life for a greater period of time.

generic viagra price

Generic Cialis (Tadalafil) price is $0.79 per pill. The dosage is 2.5 mg. The quantity is 500 pills. The total sum is $399.00. This price is affordable and low if compared with generic Viagra. The number of pills is also greater. Moreover, Cialis effect lasts for up to 36 hours which means this number of pills may bring pleasure for the much greater time span.

generic cialis price

The latest medication proved to be one of the most effective and sought-after is generic Levitra (Tadalafil). The price per pill is $0.79. The dosage is 20 mg, the quantity is 500 pills. This price is equal to the price of generic Cialis. It seems very odd because Levitra price is always higher than Cialis.

generic levitra price

We cannot understand how such a low price is achieved by this online pharmacy. We understand they are generics but this price policy looks incredible. But it does attract customers from all over the world. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

Shipping Options

ViagraBit.com carries the shipping to the United States of America. They offer 2 trackable shipping methods which are arranged by means of USPS. They are:

  • Express shipping with tracking (7-10 days);
  • Standard shipping (10-18 days).

shipping to the usa

The first type of delivery costs $39. There is a free shipping in the case your order exceeds $150.00.

free express deliery

The standard shipping requires 10-18 days for a delivering a parcel. The fee is $29 which may become free if your order total is over $80.00.

Remember, there are cases when the delivery may be delayed because of the customs clearance. Sometimes, it takes 7 days to check the parcels. But in the majority of cases, the examination lasts for a day.

The time to dispatch the order is minimal – 2 hours after the payment is accepted. The tracking number is sent within 24 hours. The delivery carries smoothly in the majority of cases but when there is any kind of inconveniences or problems you will be able to expect for a 100-% money back guarantee.

money back guarantee

The money back is guaranteed in the following cases:

  • a customer doesn’t receive an item within 21 days;
  • a customer receives an item that doesn’t satisfy your needs.

For getting a refund, every customer should send an email specified in “Talk To Us” page which order number and email should be defined. Our mark for this unit is 3 points.

Payment Options

This company accepts Visa, MasterCard & Bitcoin. After your credit card is debited your order will be dispatched with 2 hours. The payment processing gateways of ViagraBit are located in Europe and China because U.S. payment processors ban direct purchases for prescription drugs. Be sure if your transaction is declined by your bank it is better to connect it as fast as possible and try to make the payment one more time.

If you have no idea of how to pay by means of Bitcoin you are welcome to read the information given on the website. This online pharmacy claims Bitcoin is the safest, cheapest and most convenient way to pay for an order. The instruction for conducting such a payment is specified.

payment options

We do not appreciate the absence of the wire transfer or eChecks to pay for an order. As a result, ViagraBit.com provides one of the most popular means such as a credit card. Not every customer even hears about such a cryptocurrency. Since that, our mark for this unit is 3 points.

Technical Characteristics

Google PageSpeed about the Website Loading

Google Page Speed Insights assesses the technical performance of ViagraBit.com. Regretfully, this company has low overall rating only 1.3 points because of the following aspects:

  • page speed data is hidden in both versions;
  • low optimization of a mobile version;
  • medium optimization of a desktop version.

desktop and mobile versions

The screen confirms that ViagraBit.com hides the page speed data which includes DSL and FCP from the Google robots. The chance of delaying in the transactions and ordering procedure persists. There is no other reason to hide page speed indicators. The performance of this website may be low and ineffective.

Mobile Version

mobile version

This online company provides a user-friendly mobile version. We have examined the loading ability of this version and are satisfied with the result. There is no delay in the loading. There is no scrolling, the text is readable. This mobile version is adapted to various smartphone models. We cannot understand why Google PageSpeed Insights gives such low optimization data requiring to enhance the technical conditions of this website. We have nothing to level down the overall rating. It is 5 points.

Is the Connection Secure?

We appreciate ViagraBit provides a secure connection on all the website pages. The SSL-protocol is verified by COMODO CA Limited. The encryption key is 128-bit. The ownership information is not ensured. It means that the company owner prefers to be incognitoю It doesn’t speak in favor of this online pharmacy.

secure connection

COMODO CA Limited is a reliable SSL-protocol which is directed to ensure customers a 100-% security. Of course, there are much more efficient means to conduct the protection of the customers but it is better to have something than nothing. If the website improves the security it will improve the overall rating. But now, it is only 3 points.

Is the Websites Protected by Antivirus?

ViagraBit.com sets up an antivirus known as Buy Safe. The antivirus buySAFE Merchant is active since February 11, 2016. It is still active at the present day. Customers may be sure there is no risk catch viruses and other online threats. buySAFE is a part of Norton security which is apprised all over the world. While the antivirus is set up there is a chance for safe and secure connections and transactions. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.


How to Make an Order?

The creation of the personal account is not mandatory. You may create it on a voluntary basis. The ordering procedure is easy. There is nothing special to submit an order. The order is submitted when you enter all the shipping and billing details.

In fact, every customer should undergo the following steps to complete an order:

  • choose the right ED medication;
  • press add to cart button;
  • check the information given in the shopping cart (the screen is below);
  • press the “CheckOut” button;
  • enter the required shipping and payment information.

shopping cart

After entering the button “Place Order” you will get a message claiming your order is processed within a certain period of time. It means all the ordering procedure lasts several minutes in the case you are sure this medication is exactly what you need for treatment. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

Is ViagraBit.com Safe and Legit?

ScamAdviser.com about the Website Security

ViagraBit.com is estimated as a site involving high-risk countries in the performance. The security rating is 62%. There are 2 countries involved in the performance of this website. They are the United States which speaks for a possible website location and the Russian Federation as a company owner location. This information is confirmed by the contact data registered in these 2 countries. The phone number is recorded in the Russian Federation, the email – in the United States of America. The owner city is Moscow.

The domain age is 2 years 25 days. The last refreshed data is October 21, 2018. The email given belongs to the 5 known websites on the web. Of course, 2 years is enough to gain a trustworthy reputation and the rating higher than this one.

The server has 7 other domains which belong to the United States, United Kingdom and Romania. The only fact speaking in favor for the Russian Federation is the contact data.


Finally, the overall rating is average for the security provided by ViagraBit.com. It is 3.5 points.

Prescription Request

ViagraBit requires no prescription. This company sells generics over-the-counter. Even generics are dispensed with a private prescription even if it is an online store. The dispense without a prescription is an illegal affair. It is a mandatory condition for all the customers to display a private prescription given by a legal medical facility. The rating for this unit is low – only 1 point.

Is ViagraBit.com Legal?

Regretfully, ViagraBit.com is not detected in the database of LegitScript.com. This domain has no mention in this system. In this case, people may send an inquiry to examine this online pharmacy. We cannot understand what status this company may have because we have no idea what requirements of LegitScript.com may be met. Our mark for the legitimacy unit is 4 points. If you have a desire you are welcome to send a request.


Reviews of ViagraBit.com

Customer Reviews of ViagraBit.com

Regretfully, there is no page with the testimonials about ViagraBit. Customers have no opportunity to leave a review on the website itself. In fact, this company provides a link to the foreign reviews but they will be examined in the next unit. Firstly, the company should have a feedback form for the shortest access to the opinion sharing. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

Foreign Resources about ViagraBit.com

ViagraBit.com provides an access to the reviews on YotPo. Unfortunately, the latest review was left on 5 September 2018. There are only 2 reviews left 2018. There is one more aspect – all the reviews show the opinion of customers about certain drugs sold at the website. They do not explain the experience with cooperating with ViagraBit. All the reviews are devoted to the greatest effect of Viagra than how this drug was bought via this online service. Finally, these reviews look like:


The overall number of reviews is 889. They are unique but not informative. They can help people decide whether it is possible to use such a service or not. There is nothing said about the company itself. As a result, our mark for this unit is 3 points.

Discount Code at ViagraBit.com

ViagraBit.com offers a $25 discount for returning customers. When your first order has been successfully delivered you will get a code sent to your email by ViagraBit customer support group. If the returning customer leaves a feedback he will qualify for a $30.00 discount.

returning customer

The second attractive option is to pay for an order by means of Bitcoin. Choose Bitcoin as a payment method and get 35% off on every order. This is an attractive offer because such a discount is great enough to attract customers. But the only problem here is how to buy Bitcoin if you have no clue about Bitcoin as cryptocurrency used to pay for orders online. This option is suitable for “netheads”.


Moreover, every order is supplied by free sample pills. The order is accompanied by Free Viagra 100 mg*10 pills, free Cialis 20 mg*10 pills, free Levitra 20 mg*10 pills. So that, you may get 30 pills of the most effective ED medications: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra.

free sample pills

Our mark for this unit is 5 points because, in addition to these offers, there are free standard and express deliveries. If your order is over $80.00 free standard delivery is ensured, if your order exceeds $150.00 – your parcel will be brought by express delivery free of charge.

Customer Support Service

“Contact Us” Section

Regretfully, this online store provides no contact info at all. There is no physical address, there is no phone number. We do not guess where the main office is located. We know exactly all the medications are shipped from India. It is better to make all the contact information as clear as possible because all the eCommerce websites should provide the data by means of which it is possible to come in contact with them. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

Customer Support Service

The only way to address the customer care department is a contact form. We have filled the necessary fields asking where their company is located. But regretfully, this company gives no response at all. We have been waiting for 48 hours but everything has been in vain. The customer care department doesn’t perform its functions the main of which help people cope with any kind of troubles. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

Conclusion: ED Online Pharmacy with Attractive Bonuses and Discounts

ViagraBit.com is an online pharmacy selling generic drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment. This company offers the most popular ED drugs in various dosages. The prices are low attracting all the US citizens. The delivery is carried to the United States of America only. There is a possibility to pay for an order by means of MasterCard and Bitcoin.

Technical data is satisfactory учусзе for Google PageSpeed Insights. The part of the data provided is unavailable and the left part – low. The problems with the website loading may appear.

Security and legitimacy confirm the fact that sometimes it is possible to command this service. ScamAdviser.com gives 62% of security when LegitScript has no ViagraBit.com in the database. Finally, the prescription is not required what is prone to be an evidence to the illegal business.

The reviews are detected on the foreign resources which link is specified on ViagraBit. Unfortunately, the reviews describe the preparations not a performance of this online pharmacy. There are attractive bonuses and discounts specified in unit 5.

There is no contact data and customer support. As a result, it is better to decide not to use this online service and make up your plans using another online service.