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Walmart.com Review: Great History with Rich External Reviews and Complaints

Self-Introduction of Walmart Pharmacy


Walmart is a well-known online shop having different specialization one of which is an online pharmacy. If you do not have a spare time for visiting a conventional pharmacy you are welcome to command the service of Walmart pharmacy. You may arrange an order online and then find the closest department to get your order by yourself. This online pharmacy additional services are Care Clinics, Immunizations and Flu Shots, Vision Centers. We are going to estimate Walmart pharmacy legitimacy and security plus the diversity of assortment and price policy.

Assortment of Walmart.com/cp/pharmacy/5431

Unfortunately, we cannot estimate the complete list of preparations available on Walmart. The list of drug categories is not indicated.

meds for pets

But it is known that people may find pet drugs for the following disorders:

  • worm or parasite infection;
  • flea infestation;
  • skin conditions;
  • organ disorders;
  • wound care;
  • behavioral disorders;
  • arthritis relief.

The majority of thee medications are sold with a prescription. There are the brand or generic medications available online as well as in the store. The following non-prescription preparations available at Walmart pharmacy:

  • eye drops;
  • ear-care items;
  • vitamins;
  • probiotic supplements;
  • dental treats;
  • hairball-fighting food;
  • dewormers.

In general, we cannot value the range of the assortment offered at Walmart Pharmacy. The only way to find the required medication is to use a search bar.


When you enter the required medication, you will see whether it is present in-stock or not. When analyzing all this data we come to a conclusion that it is inconvenient not to see the complete list of medications available. Our overall mark for this unit is 3 points. We believe the stock of Walmart Pharmacy is wide but there is no proved evidence to this.

Price Policy

When describing the unit “Price Policy” we prefer to compare prices of generic and brand Viagra and Cialis. But when trying to find something like these in the Walmart Pharmacy we have failed. When entering Viagra in the search bar we have observed the list of unknown medications and books about Viagra changing sex in America. It is very strange that there is no strict division of books, for example from supplements.

After some surfing Walmart Pharmacy, we have found the medication proved to perform the same functions as Viagra. The medication is known as Vigrx Plus.

vigRX plus

When ordering 60 tablets, a client has to pay $1.38 per pill. The total is $82.98. This medication is a herbal supplement devoted to eliminating any symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

vigrx plus price

To tell you the truth, this price per pill is an average price for generic Cialis pill. As a result, we may grant 3 points for price policy unit.

Shipping Options

Walmart Pharmacy has conventional stores from where people may pick up the order. But in general, we can see the shipping options only when entering the ordered medications information.  We have used the same medication as in price unit – Vigrx Plus.shipping charges The delivery may take on average 10 days as we speak about free shipping available. If you need this medication faster you may pay $19.95 and get it within 3-4 days but if pay $29.95, the parcel will be delivered to you within almost 2 days.

The delivery is calculated individually depending on total price and location to which the delivery will be carried out. If there is a possibility to pick up the order individually, it will reduce the time spent on ordering. The shipping options information is not fully described but the individual calculation is given to every order. As a result, due to free shipping possibility, we give 4 points for this unit.

Payment Options

We do not have an idea of how people may pay for the orders. It is known that the credit cards are accepted but what type of credit cards is unknown. Moreover, if you install the mobile app, you may pay for Walmart Pharmacy orders by means of your smartphone. It is regretful that there is no presented information able to make people understand what is going on when you order anything at Walmart.com. Our mark for this unit is 2 points.

Technical Characteristics

Google Page Speed Data

mobile and desktop versions

When looking at Google page speed data, we may see that the indicators vary from slow to medium. There are some problems with mobile version speed of loading but the desktop version indicators seem to be better in comparison with the mobile version. There is a special formula by means of which the average statement is calculated. By means of this formula, Walmart Pharmacy deserves 3,1 points.

Mobile Version of Walmart.com/cp/pharmacy/5431

mobile version

Thre is a user-friendly mobile version of Walmart Pharmacy. People may arrange an order by means of this option. One more option is offered by Walmart administration exactly mobile app by means of which even payment for orders may be carried out. This app can be download in Google Play and App Store. We remember that Google Page Speed indicates some problems with speed but we have found no visible drawbacks able to prevent customers from commanding the service. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

Is the Connection Secure on Walmart Pharmacy?

Walmart pharmacy secures customers’ personal data by means of 128-bit encryption. The security certificate is given and verified by GlobalSign nv-sa. Unfortunately, the ownership information is hidden. It means that the site administration has something to hide from people. Of course, it is very good that Walmart Pharmacy uses the protection methods because there are cases when eCommerce websites have no security at all. The overall mark for security connection unit is 3 points.

secure connection

Antivirus Presence

Unfortunately, Walmart Pharmacy provides no antivirus for people comfort. Be attentive there is a risk to catch the viruses and other online threats having so great distribution on the Internet. Our mark for antivirus absence is 1 point.

How to Make an Order at Walmart?

There is a necessity to undergo a registration. The registration includes two steps, one of which is given in the screenshot:


The second step includes the information about your birthday, home address and something like that. When you have undergone the registration, you should download your prescription into your account to gain a legislative right for medication ordering at Walmart Pharmacy. The Walmart administrative provides the instruction for new customers:

how to make an order

In general, we do not like the ordering procedure, everything is mixed up and there is some confusion about how to pay for an order. There are online stores with more convenient ordering procedure. When entering the checkout page you cannot see what type of payment option may be used to pay for an order online. As a result, our mark for this unit is 2 points.

Is Walmart Pharmacy Legit and Secure?

ScamAdviser.com about Walmart Security

ScamAdviser.com gives to Walmart.com 90-% of security with a high-trust rating. This site looks to be safe for been used by people from all over the world. This security service doesn’t hesitate the website and company owner location and origin – the United States of America. The phone number and email are registered in the USA. The domain age is 23 years 4 days and popularity of Walmart.com is very high. There are a lot of reviews about Walmart detected: positive as well as negative.


Unfortunately, the overall rating is spoiled by the presence of other 13 websites installed on the same server involved in walmart.com performance. We remember that Walmart is a great chain of stores with a wide range of assortment from clothes to medications. In such a way, it is very important to gain as much information as possible when deciding to command this service. Our mark for Walmart Pharmacy security is 4 points.

Prescription Request

This online pharmacy department obtains the prescription and non-prescription medications in the assortment that’s why the prescription is required. There is a possibility to download the prescription online. If you are a customer of another online pharmacy you may transfer the prescription from there to Walmart and make any purchases. If you cannot provide a prescription from a certified physician you may choose the medications from the category of “Non-Prescription”. But remember, it is better to consult a professional even if you order non-prescription drugs. Our overall mark for the prescription request unit is 5 points.

LegitScript.com about Walmart Pharmacy Legitimacy


LegitScript.com grants the status for Walmart.com as Legitimate. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that Walmart meets all the LegitScript requirements but means that some other credible online service checks the reputation of this website and finds all the points necessary for satisfying this status. LegitScript.com doesn’t add Walmart.com into Healthcare Merchant Certification Program. As a result, this status calms people down who prefer ordering via this online store. In general, such a situation plays an important role in rating – our mark for this unit is 5 points.

Reviews about Walmart.com/cp/pharmacy/5431

Reviews on Walmart.com/cp/pharmacy/5431

Unfortunately, there are no reviews about Walmart.com on the site itself but there is a form by means of which you may leave a feedback for some foreign website. It is a very convenient option for people who do not get an idea on what foreign recourse to leave a feedback. Though such an option is present it is better to publish the reviews on the Walmart.com itself. Our mark for this unit is 2 points. The mark is leveled up due to the feedback form.

feedback form

External Reviews about Walmart.com

There are a lot of reviews about Walmart.com together with complaints left by customers. We have found almost 10 websites where you may read a lot of various reviews about Walmart.com. We cannot prove they are left by customers who order medications online but the performance of this online store is confirmed by a lot of reviews left.

If you open the website GlassDoor you may read a lot of reviews. The overall rating is 3,5 based on 33 reviews.
glassdoor reviews

These reviews are written by people who are still working or have worked at Walmart ever. In the majority of cases, the reviews are positive. You may read some of them:

positive review

There is a website which is full of complaints about lack of professionalism of Walmart.com staff. People wrote that they may spend too much time in attempts to call and speak with an operator. There are cases when the goods ordered have never delivered. More for complaints reading is here on ConsumerAffairs:

negative review

The most numerous reviews are found on the website SiteJabber.com. The number of reviews is 3,623. All of them are fresh dated 2018. The overall rating is 3,7. There are positive reviews together with negative.

sitejabber reviews about walmart

We have left the link for you to read more reviews about Walmart.com. They will help you decide whether this online store is a real thing for going shopping online. Of course, we cannot understand what reviews say about pharmacy department but the reputation plays a major role as well. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

Discount Code on Walmart.com

Walmart.com offers its customers to gain $25 off if you meet the following requirements:

  • apply and be approved for a consumer Walmart Credit Card account in-store or at Walmart.com;
  • make qualifying purchases totaling $25 or more the same day you open your account (excluding cash advances, gift card sales, money orders, and gas purchases).

Applicants who do not receive a credit decision the day they apply but are later approved will receive a comparable offer certificate in their credit card package.

For in-store approved applicants, offer certificate must be scanned at the time of check out and purchases must be made using your temporary shopping pass in the store in which you applied. For online approved applicants, purchases must be made online.

The Walmart MasterCard is issued by Synchrony Bank pursuant to a license by MasterCard International Incorporated. MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated. Our mark for this unit is 3 points.

25 off

Contact Information

“Contact Us” Section

There are a lot of departments of Walmart.com. When you enter the ZIP code, the available departments are identified. There is no concrete address given. There is toll-free phone number of Walmart.com – 1-800-925-6278.

phone number

Unfortunately, there is no mailing address but the departments near you will be given we have entered the ZIP code – 14202 and see the following map with nearby stores:

departments“Contact Us” page is not diverse. People may not find the information to contact customer support group or operators to cope with any kind of problems. Our mark for this unit is 3 points.

Customer Support Group

For establishing a contact with a customer support group, you have to undergo a 3-step procedure. The first step includes the choice of the question you want to ask, the second step is the question itself and the third is submission. We have undergone all three steps but the customer support group of interested for us department gives no answer. This aspect should work on the level of becoming closer to people. Our mark for this unit is 1 point

Conclusion: Great History with Rich External Reviews and Complaints

Walmart.com Pharmacy department is an online store where people may order the brand and generic prescription and non-prescription drugs. The assortment is unknown because there is no correctly arranged list of medications available. The price is affordable. Free shipping option is offered, if the express delivery is required, the fee is calculated individually.

The legitimacy and security are high. ScamAdviser.com gives 90-% of security. There is no hidden information about this online store origin. According to LegitScript.com, Walmart.com and its department Pharmacy has status “Legitimate”. The prescription is required by downloading online.

The reviews are the most enriched section. Unfortunately, there are no internal reviews but external show how popular Walmart is. People leave a lot of comments about website great or bad performance. There is an equal number of complaints and positive feedback.

Unfortunately, a customer support group fails in providing high-quality service. We believe this function may be improved by means of better Walmart support group performance. The overall rating is 3,2 out of 5. Read all the reviews and make the decision whether it is suitable for you or not to buy via Walmart or not.