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WorldTrustPharmacy.co Review: A 3,5-Star Rating High but Security Data – Low

Self-Introduction of WorldTrustPharmacy.co

worldtrustpharmacy-logonewWorld Trust Pharmacy is a global online pharmacy selling only prescription medications at prices reduced up to 95-%. The drugs allowed for sale are produced in the following countries: Canada, Germany, UK, New Zealand, Turkey and India. As a result, WorldTrustPharmacy.co was established to assist to find and supply every customer with the same prescription medicine available at a much more lower price. World Trust Pharmacy carries out an international delivery except for Canada because according to Canadian legislation, it is banned to deliver medications in Canada. Now we are going to understand all the essential details about World Trust Pharmacy online whether it is legit and safe, what about the reviews left by customers.

Assortment at World Trust Pharmacy

World Trust Pharmacy provides access to the prescription drugs only. People may arrange orders having a prescription list released by a legal specialist. We cannot fairly estimate the diversity of assortment because it is arranged not in accordance with drug categories but as medications in an alphabetic way.

prescription drugs

Almost every letter possesses more than 50 items. It means it takes too much time in attempts to find the required for treatment medication. But there is a convenient option known as “Search” by means of which you may fast carry out a search of a medication you need.

searchWhen choosing this or that medication you will see the following picture:

chosen drug

You have almost in-depth information about the chosen medications: brand name, generic name, strength, dosage form and route. Such a detailed information helps people understand what they do need.

There is also a list of best-sellers on the front page. The list includes the following medications:

  • Cialis;
  • Siligra;
  • Tadalafil;
  • Tenvir EM;
  • Viagra;
  • Viraday.

The prices for these best-sellers are defined on the front page looking like this:


We do understand that the assortment of World Trust Pharmacy is enormous and people may really find everything they need. There is some inconvenience with the absence of drug categories arrangement but it is non-threatening but the mark can be lowered down because of it – only 4 points.

Prices at WorldTrustPharmacy.co

If speaking about prices in online pharmacies people prefer to see the prices at lower as possible. World Trust Pharmacy tries to achieve this goal. We are going to compare Viagra prices: generic and brand. So that when entering Viagra medication on WorldTrustPharmacy.co we have found the following: World Trust Pharmacy provides the price for brand and generic Viagra. We are interested in Viagra 25 mg. Unfortunately, there is no brand Viagra 25 mg in stock that’s why we cannot compare its price. But generic Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate) 25 mg price is $0.91. The price for generic Viagra is average and may satisfy many customers from all over the world.

Viagra price

If you are an admirer of Cialis (Tadalafil), generic Cialis 5 mg will cost $0.89. This price is even lower in comparison with generic Viagra price. Unfortunately, brand Cialis is off-stock resulting in our inability to compare the prices with offered by other online pharmacies.

cialis price

Speaking for or against the prices at WorldTrustPharmacy.co, we are for such an innovation. Customers may save money while making orders online. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

Shipping Options

World Trust Pharmacy offers an international delivery to any country of the world. This online pharmacy utilizes USPS Express Mail. The delivery is charged $20.00 for one order. If your order total is over $149.00 then you may get a free delivery.

free shipping

The delivery is trackable by means of World Trust Pharmacy tracking portal. There are several ways to track your order:

  • Tracking online;
  • Tracking via email;
  • Tracking on the Go via a cellphone.

The delivery time varies from 8 to 21 days depending on territory removal and the post office performance capacity. It means that if everything goes without delays there is a chance to get your parcel within 8 business days. As pointed on the “Shipping and Delivery” page, there were cases when the delivery takes even 5 days but it looks like a kind of an exception. This information deserves even 4 points. 1 point is reduced because there is only one shipping option available.

Payment Options

The main payment options offered by World Trust Pharmacy is wire transfer, eCheck and Pay after delivery. The most attractive option is to pay after delivery because you do need to enter your personal data to pay for an order. Moreover, WorldTrustPharmacy.co offers to pay by means of cryptocurrencies such as:

  • Bitcoin Cash;
  • Ethereum;
  • Litecoin;
  • Stellar;
  • Ripple;
  • Dash;
  • IOTA;
  • Cardano (ADA);
  • Tron;
  • others.

payment options

Unfortunately, there is no possibility to pay for an order by means of credit cards: Visa and MasterCard. This is inconvenient sometimes for people not to have an opportunity to pay for an order by a credit card.

price match

As a very attractive option offered by WorldTrustPharmacy.co is a price match. If you find an online pharmacy with less price, site administration will reduce its own to provide a customer with the most affordable price ever. As a result, we may lower down the mark and get 4 points.

Technical Characteristics

Google Page Speed IndicMobile Versators

mobile and destop version

As you can see, the indicators of mobile and desktop versions are terrible. Speed data is almost unavailable. It means that WorldTrustPharmacy.co administration tries to hide something from the Google analyzer.  Optimization data seems also unattractive, the site administration should take all the efforts to improve the indicators. When analyzing all this data we come to a conclusion that the overall mark will be too low. It may spoil the overall reputation of World Trust Pharmacy. As a result, our mark is 1,75.

Mobile Version of World Trust Pharmacy

mobile versionMobile version is user-friendly and able to satisfy all customers’ needs. People having the access to the Internet plus different smartphones are eligible to arrange an order only at any time of day and night. There are no technical drawbacks that’s why every user may find something that attracts him the most while using the mobile version of World Trust Pharmacy. The text doesn’t run one on another and is quite readable. There is no scrolling preventing from a better understanding. The mobile version is satisfactory. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

Is the Connection Secure on WorldTrustPharmacy.co?

When you command the service of an eCommerce website, the absolute security should be provided. World Trust Pharmacy utilizes COMODO LA Limited certificate for carrying out the protection. The certificate verified ensures 128-bit encryption server by means of which customers’ personal data is protected as much as possible. As you can see, there are more effective means of protecting data. But in general, World Trust Pharmacy manages with security service providing. Our mark for this unit is 3 points but it may be improved if the company information will not be hidden.

secure connection

Antivirus Presence

Unfortunately, there is no antivirus on WorldTrustPharmacy.co. There is a high risk to “catch” online threats and other viruses having a wide distribution on the Internet. Be attentive and protect your gadget beforehand. Our mark for this unit is 1 point.

How to Make an Order via This Online Pharmacy

There is no need to undergo any registration to gain access to medications and their ordering. It shortens the time demanded an ordering procedure. When choosing the mandatory medication, you will be transferred to a shopping cart looking like this:
shopping cart

It means that you may continue shopping before you place a button “Submit an order”. When you press the button “Proceed to Checkout“, you are asked to register, it again takes too much time. To tell you the truth, when entering the website we cannot understand whether the registration is required or not. When you enter your shopping cart the customer support group representative will write you a letter coming for help if required.

If speaking about the convenience of the ordering procedure, we cannot say exactly it is so because the registration makes people waste time. But in general, except for this, everything seems ok. Our mark for this unit 3 points.

Is WorldTrustPharmacy.co Legit and Safe?

ScamAdviser.com about WorldTrustPharmacy.co Security

ScamAdviser.com gives only 19-% of security for World Trust Pharmacy. The website has the status: “Low Trust Rating. This Site May Not Be Safe to Use.” There is a mass when looking at website origin and company owner origin. There is too much-hidden information: possible website origin is the United States or India. Company owner location is also hidden. The domain age is 169 days, as a result, the popularity is unknown. Phone number and email belong to Indian location.


The server utilized for this website performance is involved in 1201 other websites performance. It means that this online pharmacy website may carry out some illegal business. The hidden information may be a signal of in-desire to get any kind of blackmailing but in fact, the site administration tries to hide as much information as possible from Google.com. Our mark for this unit 2 points.

Prescription Request

WorldTrustPharmacy.co requires a prescription for arranging an order for any kind of medications. There are several ways to provide customer support group with your prescription. They are:

  • email the prescriptionemail the prescription
  • doctor send the prescriptiondoctor sends the prescription
  • post your prescriptionpost the prescription

When you send the prescription be some of this method, you will be sent an email completing your ordering procedure. The prescription requirement is the sign of legal business. And moreover, the way they really ask the prescription is more valuable. Our mark for this unit is 5 points.

LegitScript.com about World Trust Pharmacy Legitimacy

According to LegitScript.com, WorldTrustPharmacy.co has “Unapproved” status. It means that WorldTrustPharmacy.co doesn’t meet all the verification standards given by Legit Script. In general, the mark will be better in comparison with online pharmacies with “Rough” status which do not meet any of requirements. We believe in WorldTrustPharmacy.co legitimacy. Our mark for this unit is 3 points.


Reviews about WorldTrustPharmacy.co

Reviews on WorldTrustPharmacy.co

We cannot find the separate page with reviews, but when entering some pages on WorldTrustPharmacy.co you will be able to read reviews left by satisfied customers. All read reviews about World Trust Pharmacy are left by customers living in the USA. They are glad to command such a service. Unfortunately, there is no contact form by means of which customers may leave reviews about an online pharmacy performance. The second aspect to pay attention to is the absence of dates when they are written. We cannot understand how much time is left before these reviews appear on WorldTrustPharmacy.co.


When reading them all we understand that there are customers having a desire to share their opinion but we cannot estimate fairly their genuine origin. Our mark for this unit is 3 points.

External Reviews about WorldTrustPharmacy.co

World Trust Pharmacy offers a link to the website – trustedcompany.com where you may read different reviews left by WorldTrustPharmacy.co customers. The overall number of reviews is 14 dated 2017-2018. The rating of World Trust Pharmacy is 4,7 out of 5. The majority of reviews are positive but there are several negative as well. The customer support group of this website replies for the majority of reviews left about WorldTrustPharmacy.co performance. All the reviews do not seem to be so useful for people deciding to make orders or not.

world trusted pharmacy review rating

Unfortunately, we are confused by the idea that World Trust Pharmacy offers the link of this website itself. We cannot understand whether here there is some tick or not. We will leave the link for you if you have a desire to read the reviews and make some kind of decision. Our mark for this unit is 4 points.

Discount Code on WorldTrustPharmacy.co

We do not find any sign of the discount coupon on WorldTrustPharmacy.co. When asking the customer support group they claim us the following (quote): “They give the discount individually depending on some order details.” What are the details they are talking about we cannot understand? As a result, we understand there is no discount code as it is but there is an affordable “Price Match” option or free shipping. Such options make shopping attractive for people who decide using online pharmacies with the only aim to save money. Our mark for this unit is 2 point. One point is added thanks to free shipping and “Price Match” option.

Contact Information

“Contact Us” Section

“Contact Us” section is rich in the following information:

  • email;
  • contact form;
  • toll-free phone number.

contact formemailphone numberUnfortunately, there is no contact address but when examining the section “Prescription request” we have found the address in the USA to where customers may send a prescription for completing an order. But we cannot estimate whether this is the exact mailing address or not. The absence of an address, of course, influence the overall mark but not so great. Our rating is 4 points.

Customer Support Service

World Trust Pharmacy provides the most effective means for coping with difficult situations exactly life chat. People may get an immediate response. Customer support group works very well because the answer given to our question was relevant. We have asked how the procedure of payment after delivery works and the response satisfies us very much.

life chat

Moreover, being present on WorldTrustPharmacy.co for some time I have got messages from customer support group whether I need some help or not. Our mark for this highly effective unit is 5 points. The representative of customer support gives us all the answers to our questions.

Conclusion: A 3,5-Star Rating High but Security Data – Low

WorldTrustPharmacy.co is a worldwide distributor of generic and brand prescription medications. The strong points of this website are:

  • assortment over 6000 items;
  • prices especially on generic medications;
  • trackable shipping service;
  • external reviews;
  • customers support group – live chat;
  • prescription request.

It is very important for an online pharmacy to have a live chat to come in contact with every customer visiting the website. We have established a contact almost immediately. In general, we are satisfied with this online pharmacy performance after in-depth examination.

The weak points are:

  • security – ScamAdviser.com gives only 19-%;
  • legitimacy – LegitScript.com gives the status “Unapproved”.

ScamAdviser.com hesitates website security because there is too much-hidden information. The website origin and company location data are hidden. Possible website location is India or the USA. The phone numbers and email belong to India as well. Though LegitScript.com gives “Unapproved” status, there are some drawbacks which are not met by World Trust Pharmacy.

After examining WorldTrustPharmacy.co website, we believe that people may be quite satisfied with online pharmacy performance. We are hopeful that some aspects can be improved and the rating will increase deservedly. The overall rating is 3.5 out of 5.