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Northdrugstore.com Review: 2,6 Stars – Unreliable for Ordering Online Pharmacy

www.northdrugstore.com — Self-Presentation

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northdrugstore.com or North Drugstore Canada holds itself out as a leading Online Prescription Service. They are trusted enough to attract thousands of customers year by year. Their skilled and experienced staff is delighted to answer any bothering questions about ordering prescription drugs from any of contractual international dispensaries. Customer care for www.northdrugstore.com is their prime objective. We decide to grapple with main questions relating to North Drugstore Canada exactly, whether northdrugstore.com is legitimate, whether it is a real online pharmacy or not, whether it provides customers with perfect service in general.

North Drugstore Canada Assortment

Really, we cannot accurately estimate whether assortment of North Drugstore Canada is wide or not because there is no broad picture of assortment wideness. There is no complete list of categories and medications available on www.northdrugstore.com. There is only list of 11 best-sellers including:

  • Advair;
  • Celebrex;
  • Cialis;
  • Flovent Inhaler;
  • Plavix;
  • Premarin;
  • Spiriva;
  • Ventolin;
  • Viagra 50 mg;
  • Viagra 100 mg;
  • Zetia.


You may find necessary for you medications by means of search bar only. When finding medication, you will see medication itself and its available generics. Front page of North Drugstore provides you with an opportunity to order meds for pets – all medications available are organized in alphabetic way. We do not know how to exactly estimate this point but 3,5 stars is average grade.

Price Policy on www.northdrugstore.com

Price policy on www.northdrugstore.com is adequate but sometimes controversial. For one pill of brand Viagra 25 mg you will pay only $10 – the price is lower than in some other online pharmacies. On pill of generic Viagra 25 mg will cost you – $1,05 – it is considerably high. All the prices are indicated in US dollars, you cannot switch currency. Our mark is 3,5.

Viagra price

Shipping Policy

North Drugstore provides customers with delivery charged US $10.00. When order is processed, delivery will take on average 7-10 business days. northdrugstore.com/ administration ensures that your order will be delivered within 21 business days – closing date as we understand. North Drugstore Canada is oriented to ensuring its clients with the most effective, well-timed and secure orders delivery.
There is also refund policy giving customers an opportunity to refund money in case of some problems happening with parcel. www.northdrugstore.com presents the following refund policy: “You are entitled to a refund for the unused portion of the product(s) you ordered. For example, if you have not used any of the medicine, you are entitled to a 100% refund. If you ordered 100 tablets and used 80 tablets, you are entitled to a refund of 20% of your order value.” This scheme seems like something strange and unbelievable how you can return 20 pills. In general, our mark is satisfactory – 3 points.

Payment Options on northdrugstore.com

North Drugstore possesses the following payment options:

  • credit cards;
  • automatic bank withdrawals;
  • e-checks;
  • international money orders;
  • personal checks.

Personal checks will be required to cash out before we can send out your order. www.northdrugstore.com/ also accepts international postal money orders. This online pharmacy claims that they will confirm your payment option after order is processed. It is not convenient so that our point is 3,5 because exact types of credit cards accessible are not defined.

www.northdrugstore.com Technical Indications

Each website should meet some technical requirements. We are going to examine www.northdrugstore.com/ according to google page speed loading, mobile version presence, secure connection (https-protocol), antivirus presence and convenience of making orders. Each point will be reasonable estimated.

Google Page Speed Data


You may see that mobile version indicator is poor coloured in red. We recommend North Drugstore to examine its performance and correct all the defaults.
Desktop indicator is little bit better – 66% and it is an average data but there’s still something to strive for. Our common mark is 1 point.

www.northdrugstore.com Mobile Version

www.northdrugstore.com/ mobile version is organized on the level. Everything is working well and available. You may easily place an order via mobile version of North Drugstore. There is no scrolling what makes mobile version performance more profitable. Mobile version of www.northdrugstore.com deserves 5 points.

Secure Connection

secure connectionsecure connection

Transactions on northdrugstore.com are protected by https-protocol with 128-bit server encryption. They protect its customers’ personal data but there are more effective security methods available nowadays that’s why our point is 3.

Antivirus Presence on www.northdrugstore.com

Really speaking, there is no antivirus on www.northdrugstore.com. North Drugstore Canada doesn’t keep watch over security connection. We think it is necessary to protect customers’ personal data as much as possible that’s why absence of antivirus deserves only 1 point.

Convenience of Making Orders via North Drugstore

To make orders via North Drugstore is rather inconvenient because you should register. This procedure takes some time and you should get them some kind of personal information to get an account there. The second drawback is that there is no full list of medications available. You should use search bar to find what you need. There is one more disadvantage in ordering information – you will get to know about payment method only after you submit an order. This information non-acquaintance may prevent you from buying medications via northdrugstore.com. Our common mark is 3 points.

order information

Is northdrugstore.com Legitimate?

It is a logical question whether online pharmacy is legitimate or not and it is a reasonable question, in our case, whether northdrugstore.com is legitimate? We have a plan to examine this side of matter.

Scamadviser.com Statistics

According to scamadviser.com, North Drugstore is low-trusted because, first of all, domain location. northdrugstore.com claims it is Canada based but, really, it is suspected to be located in the United States. Moreover this website is really visited. Contact information on the website itself and contact information given on scamadviser do not coincide. Our mark here is 1 point.

scamadviser.com about North Drug Store

Prescription Request

northdrugstore.com requires prescription and sells only prescription drugs. We undergo all the ordering procedure and at the end of which you are required to send prescription list. There are several ways to provide North Drugstore Canada with prescription list:

  • calling your doctor for prescriptions;
  • sending prescription by e-mail;
  • sending prescription by fax;
  • sending prescription by main;
  • sending us photo of your prescription list.

It eases the procedure of ordering prescription list. But here is there is no note – North Drugstore Canada poses itself as not online pharmacy but intermediator directed to find high quality and affordable medications in various online pharmacies but really they carry out all the ordering procedure itself without engaging third parties. We will give for this unit 4 points.

prescription request



According to legitscript.com www.northdrugstore.com has status “Unapproved”. It means that this online pharmacy, for some criteria, is not suitable for legitscript estimation. 3 points is the mark for North Drugstore Canada in this unit.

Certificates of Quality on North Drug Store

North Drug Store possesses CIPA cerification. northdrugstore.com is proved to be active CIPA member. They meet all the CIPA requirements exactly:

  1. dispenses Through a Licensed Pharmacy;
  2. requires a Prescription;
  3. company Address and Phone Number Provided on Website;
  4. promises Privacy of Your Personal/Medical Information;
  5. financial Information You Send Online Is Secure.


This unit deserves 5 points because CIPA certificate is considered to be the most reliable service proving online pharmacy legitimacy.

www.northdrugstore.com Reviews

Reviews on northdrugstore

There are no reviews on northdrugstore itself. We cannot imagine broad picture whether customers are satisfied or dissatisfied with online service. We may imagine two variants of sequence of events. First, North Drugstore online pharmacy has no customers at all and the second, its customers are constantly dissatisfied and do not leave reviews about www.northdrugstore.com. Our mark is 1 point here.

Reviews about www.northdrugstore.com on Third-Parties Recourses

There are not so many reviews about www.northdrugstore.com on third-parties recourses but in most of cases they are negative. We found review on trustpilot.com but it doesn’t provide us assurance of North drugstore credibility. It is up to customers to decide whether it is reasonable to order medications via such a “doubtful” reputation. For this unit, North Drugstore deserves 2 points.

review on foreign recourses

northdrugstore.com Coupon Codes

There is no coupon code available on northdrugstore.com. We do not find coupons by means of surfing the Internet. There is no opportunity to order medications and get 10-% off. Only 1 point is granted for northdrugstore.com coupon code.

Customer Support Service

Contact Information Available on northdrugstore.com

Contact information is comprised of:

  • address – North Drugstore, 2 Toronto St, Suite 462, Toronto, ON, Canada, M5C 2B5;
  • phone numbers: Toll Free Phone:1-866-940-3784 and International Phone: 1-647-258-6407;
  • fax: Toll Free Fax:1-888-551-3784 and International Fax: 1-647-258-5444;
  • e-mails: Customer Service: info@northdrugstore.com, Business Development: business@northdrugstore.com;
  • working hours: Monday to Friday – 7:00 am to Midnight (Central Standard Time)
    Saturday – 8:00 am to 6:00 pm (Central Standard Time)
    Sunday – 9:30 am to 6:00 pm (Central Standard Time).

Contact Us

Everything is ok here, but we remember that scamadviser suspects North Drugstore Canada in false location. We cannot judge fair about this fact falseness or credibility. People should be attentive while making orders via this online service – 4 points.

Customer Support Service Response

It turned out that North Drugstore Canada online pharmacy has no customer’ feedback. We send them an e-mail with routine subject-question but there is no reply delivered. It makes us possible to decline the mark to the lowest – 1 point. Try to get on with this issue and start communicating with your clients.

Conclusion: 2,6 Stars – Unreliable for Ordering Online Pharmacy

North Drugstore – www.northdrugstore.com is online pharmacy approved by CIPA. But we find so many drawbacks and inconveniences related to this online pharmacy performance. There is no full list of medications available on the website, you can use only search bar. Prices are reasonable for brand medications but overestimated for generics. But there is no opportunity to switch the currency – only US Dollars. One more drawback is absence of antivirus and not careful protection (only 128-bit encryption). Technical indicators are low and should be improved to get even satisfactory mark.
There are no reviews about www.northdrugstore.com on site itself but there are on the third-parties recourses but, in the majority of cases, they are negative. There is no opportunity to save money because there is no discount coupon codes on www.northdrugstore.com.
There is no opportunity to come in contact with North Drugstore administration. We do not get any response from this online pharmacy staff.
So, in conclusion, we want to recommend to cope with all problems mentioned above and situation in general will be changed.